Saturday, December 1, 2007

HARDBODY - the story so far

For all those who have inquired over the months where they can find older chapters of my stories, I proudly present the first ever MUSCLE MACHINE story compilation!

Included in the .RAR file below are the first 10 HARDBODY stories, plus a new piece of Jenna Steel art by the amazing FemXman (seen here). I've also made some slight alterations to chapter 7, which had previously ended with a totally unresolved plotline. A few extra paragrpahs have been added to provide better closure before the story moves on in chapter 8.

If people enjoy being able to download the stories in this way, I'd certainly consider doing future compilations. Let me know what you think.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

NO CONTEST - chapter 2

Chapter 2
By: Mr. Shhh

Sue stared at her sexy, bodybuilder roommate with an expression of complete surprise.
“Let me get this straight – you want to pass yourself off as a guy so you can enter some male bodybuilding competition and prove that a girl can be just as huge as the hugest men?”
Krissy nodded enthusiastically.
“I hate to break it to you Krissy, but you’re hot. You don’t notice ‘cause you’re so caught up pumping those bulging biceps, but guys salivate at the sight of you. You’re a total babe.”
“I was at the gym a half-hour ago and some guy had no idea I was a girl.”
“Maybe the guy needed glasses,” Sue shot back.
Krissy turned to the mirror and examined herself.
“You haven’t seen me really pumped since that time we went to the beach last summer. These last few months - preparing to go up against he male heavyweights, I’ve pushed myself harder than I ever have, harder than I ever thought possible. There were times when I hurt so bad I wanted to die. But something inside me wouldn’t let me stop. I just kept pushing harder and harder. But the really insane thing is how my body responded.”
“So show me.” Sue challenged.
Krissy looked back. Embarrassment washed across her face.
“I don’t know, Sue. I don’t want to gross you out.”
Sue picked up one of Krissy’s bodybuilding magazines from the floor.
“Are you kidding? No one’s a better judge of whether you can pull this off than me. I love that beefcake look. If you can turn me on then you’ll definitely be able to pull this off.”
Krissy bit her lip sheepishly.
“Or maybe you don’t think you’re beefcake enough?”
“Oh I wouldn’t worry about that.” Krissy responded, still hesitant.
“Then come on, show me what you’ve got!”
“Alright. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.”
Taking the bottom of her shirt, Krissy lifted it over her head revealing her entire upper body. Sue’s eyes nearly fell out of her skull as her cute roommate stood before her topless.
Krissy’s face went beet red. Her gargantuan torso was an unmitigated orgy of muscles. She’d shocked people before with her physique, but this was different. She was so big now she even scared herself. And while that may have been a turn-on for her, what would it be like for everyone else?
“Jesus Krissy…” Sue whispered.
Krissy’s huge, hulking pecs bounced involuntarily as she fidgeted like the awkward teen she was. Sue knew Krissy had always been flat-chested, but not like this. She didn’t have any breasts at all now - just the thickest, manliest pectorals she had ever seen. They looked like two meat watermelons gouged apart with striations.
“Does this look like a girl’s body to you?” The teen Adonis asked before lifting her humongous arms and hitting a double bicep pose.
Krissy’s already sickening muscle mass seemed to double in size. Veins like hotdogs popped out in every direction. Muscles tightened and feathered like knotted rope.
Sue’s heart pounded in her chest like a drum. She’s never seen so much brawn, so much hot, sexy muscle meat. The shape, the size, the conditioning - everything about Krissy was unrelentingly hard and masculine. All her curves were gone, replaced with razor-sharp cuts. Her waist had thickened-out to the point where it was wider than most men’s shoulder span. Her hips had vanished along with any trace of body fat.
Krissy brought her arms down in front of her and crunched out a mind-boggling most muscular pose. She looked like she was crushing an invisible beer keg in her grasp.
The girl from just a moment before now seemed like a gangly preschooler. Krissy’s overall shape became so bulbous and over-inflated that she almost seemed to be drowning in herself. Traps thicker than anything imaginable swelled past the tops of her ears. A chain around her neck snapped as her neck mutated into a veiny tree stump.
Krissy closed her eyes and crunched that pose with a terrifying intensity. Veins almost tore through her skin as her face became covered with vascularity.
Sue crossed her shaking legs to hide the wet stain appearing at her crotch. She felt like she was watching some sort of deep, twisted sex-fantasy come to life. Krissy was way past the point of beefcake. She was a testosterone he-man.
Body parts seemed to blur into one another as her muscle mass became hideously exaggerated. It was almost impossible to tell where her mega-sliced deltoids ended and her cut pecs began.
After a moment, Krissy released her pose and looked at Sue with an expression of utter humiliation. She seemed so ashamed of the Frankenstein monster she had turned herself into.
Turning around, she presented the Great Wall of China that was her back. The simple act of standing there almost blocked the room. From behind, she looked even heavier than before, and not by a little bit. Her lats were solid hunks of muscle-oak piled layers deep.
Slowly, Krissy flared her wings. Sue gasped aloud as her lats swallowed every other part of her body. By the time she hit her zenith, she was a headless, limbless mishmash of shredded back muscles.
Krissy relaxed and turned around. Her arms were now forcefully pushed out at a 45 degree angle. She was like an over-stuffed doll. Her pecs were close to touching her chin. Her traps were squishing her ears.
Sue gawked at her for a few moments before she found the will to speak.
“Forget passing yourself off as a guy…” She muttered. “You’re a Stallion!”
Krissy smiled lightly, her cute features looking even weirder than before on her outrageously macho body.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


By: Mr.Shhh

Steve loathed stags. He inevitably found himself at some sleazy strip club and tonight was no different. Being an English professor at an Ivy League university meant he wasn’t much of a party animal to begin with, but it was the cookie-cutter girls that really bored him to tears. He had met a few exceptionally beautiful or buxom dancers over the years, but for the most part they were all the same – skinny and fake.
After a mind-numbing 2 hours, he was ready to make a quiet exit when the DJ announced the club’s hottest new dancer, a girl named “Razor”. The crowd stared going wild – obviously they knew something he didn’t. Maybe he’d hang around for one last dance he thought, though he didn’t expect much.
The lights went down, plunging the room into darkness. Scorpions’ “rock you like a hurricane” came on and the stage exploded with pink and blue spotlights. The curtain flew open and a girl no more than 5’3 marched out dressed in a suit and skirt power outfit. The first thing that struck Steve was how gorgeous she was. With her hair back and a pair of glasses on she was really selling the working professional look, though she couldn’t have been more than 19 or 20. A pair of extremely high heels finished the package in a very pleasing manner.
Most of the audience had already gotten to their feet. Between all the yelling and whistling, Steve could barely hear the music. Okay, she was hot, but why the hysterics?
As the girl prowled the stage, Steven examined her closely. Her outfit was concealing most of her body; though it was clear she had one a hell of a chest given how far in front of her the jacket was stretched.
As the girl strode by Steve’s end of the stage, he got a better look. Jesus… she wasn’t just gorgeous - she was a red-hot heartbreaker. She had a half-Asian look about her suggesting some sort of exotic mix. She caught his stare and locked eyes with him. Her gazed was pure, unrestrained sex. It was so intensely erotic that he felt like she was going to blow him through the back of the club.
The girl brought her hand to her mouth and sucked on a finger. Her lips were out of this world – huger, plumper and more stupendously pouty than he’d ever seen in his life. Each over-inflated life-preserver struggled to find space on her face as she pushed them around. Finally, she released her glistening finger. A string of spit followed it until she licked it up with her tongue.
The girl walked away leaving Steve in a state of euphoria. She hadn’t even shown off the goods yet and Steve already had a boner a mile long. The combination of her short body, baby face and smoldering super-sex was beyond arousing. He watched her work the rest of the crowd into a state of pandemonium before taking a chair and placing it in the center of the room.
As the first song ended, a new one kicked off. The DJ returned and started getting the crowd ready for the main course. As if they needed it. He went so far as to warn anyone with a heart condition to leave immediately.
“Razor” sat down and faced the crowd. She worked her hands up and down her curves in slow, sensual rhythms. Her jacket was bulging over a foot past her collar bone. She must’ve been packing some serious sweater meat.
Suddenly, she grabbed the coat and ripped it open. Buttons danced across the floor as she revealed the most incredible set of tits Steve had ever seen. His jaw nearly hit the floor along with a hundred others. Her tits weren’t just huge - they were perfect, gravity defying sex missiles. There was no bra – none was needed as her tits hardly sagged – a seemingly impossible feat given their magnitude. Both mega-spheres exploded off her chest by more than a foot and a half. They literally doubled her width, and that was before you factored in the swollen red shot glasses that were her nipples. Each one was painfully erect. They were so long and thick, they might’ve given some men’s dicks a run for their money.
Slowly, Razor removed the rest of her top until the audience got their first look at her naked upper body. Already Steve had been floored by her, but nothing could’ve prepared him for what was next.
Steve’s eyes almost burst at the sight of the perfectly bronzed muscle-physique the girl was packing. She wasn’t a monstrous bodybuilder – rather she was more like the leanest, most strictly conditioned fitness athlete he’d ever seen. As she moved around to the music, Steve could see striations rippling beneath a layer of glitter. Her wobbling meat melons looked twice as ridiculous on such a tight, compact frame. In fact, aside from the gargantuan tits bouncing around with every step, she barely had any curves at all. Her extreme definition had left no fat anywhere on her small body to the point where every single angle was cut like a diamond.
Of course, no one in the audience seemed to care. Muscles or no muscles, this slut was one white-hot piece of ass. Steve noticed she did nothing to draw attention to her obvious muscle-mass. In fact, she seemed to avoid hard motions of any kind. But her body was simply too muscular for its own good. As she pulled down her skirt, her traps and shoulders flared with a shocking amount of definition. Straightening up, Steve could clearly see a six-pack any football jock would be jealous of.
As the skirt hit the floor, the awe continued. With her entire body uncovered, it was painfully clear that Razor was totally ripped. Her legs showed hardcore detail with even the slightest movements. Most telling was her ass. As the girl turned to walk back to the chair, her perfectly smooth butt-cheeks tightened into crumpled, highly-striated muscle balls.
Sitting back down on the chair, Razor took off her glasses and put one end in her mouth. Slowly, she spread her legs, revealed a micro-thong just barely big enough to cover her perfectly-shaved mound. Steve had to do a double-take at the hyper-defined ridges she sported from her crotch to her ribs. There were no rolls of fat – not even wrinkles of skin. Her skin itself was barely as thin as tracing paper and almost completely overwhelmed by the task of containing her muscularity.
Razor began gyrating her hips to the music in the most suggestive manner possible. Seemingly without her knowledge, veins began to appear all along her bumpy stomach. As she crunched and uncrunched her abs in a growing frenzy, her six-pack became an eight-pack, then a twelve-pack. Steve was so enraptured by her vastly swelling physique that he hardly even noticed her hand rubbing her panties.
The girl’s smoldering eyes closed into two black inkwells of mascara. Her lips puffed outward with uncontainable lust. She lifted herself off the chair sharply and pointed her ass to the crowd. Her giant tits hung at either side while she spread her crack.
Lifting her shoulders, Steve marveled at her back. She was deceptively wide, not to mention thickly layered. From behind it was even clearer just how jacked this girl could actually be.
Razor continued to pump her hips up and down. She threw her head around releasing errant strands of silky hair. She was building to a frenzy when the music ended. The lights dimmed and the DJ came on.
Steve sat at his seat for a long time. He didn’t hear what the DJ said nor did he register the screams and cheers of the well-frothed audience. He had just seen the most beautiful creature imaginable – a fantasy made flesh.
The determined English Prof spent the next ten minutes searching the club for Razor. He eventually found her near the back of the building. Before he could make his move, he realized she was in the middle of an argument with the club owner.
Steve picked up a pay phone and pretended to make a call. As he fumbled about, he listened intently to the heated argument taking place. He didn’t get all of it, but it seemed like the owner was upset with Razor’s increasing muscularity. The stunning stripper tried to defend herself. She told him that she had to keep in shape and that her body just reacted well to exercise. The owner maintained that guys don’t want to see girls with muscles bigger than theirs.
Steve couldn’t resist turning to get a better look. With Razor only a few feet from him, he picked up a lot more detail than he could see from the stage. She was even smaller than he had thought – hardly over 5 feet tall. Her skin was so well tanned that she almost looked brown. Her incredible definition was much more striking to the point where she could have been mistaken for a light-weight bodybuilder on competition day. Her shoulders and back carried a substantial amount of muscle-meat, giving her a slightly masculine appearance.
Suddenly, the owner shouted at Steve. Razor turned to look, giving Steve one good glimpse of her perfect face. Her beauty was staggering. Slutty sex oozed from every pour. But what really blew Steve’s mind was how tight her face was. It was only then that he realized the full extent of her inhuman conditioning. She was so painfully dieted that Steve could see veins popping through the skin of her forehead.
Before he could take in anymore, the owner called a bouncer. Steve was escorted back to the main area of the club, never to see his dream girl again.

A month had passed since the night of the stag. Razor had been on Steve’s mind every minute of every day. He had returned to the club a few times but only saw her once. She was busy coming and going from the VIP section all night so he never got a chance to approach her. Still, his fleeting glimpses had revealed an obviously larger physique. She was still quite dainty, but that subtle sense of macho masculinity – the wide shoulders, the heaving back - was ever more pronounced. Even more surprising was how much leaner she had become. Steve had been floored by her flat-out cut appearance the first time, but now she was ripped to the guts. Veins were popping in abundance just about everywhere, giving her a shocking, hardcore look.

A few weeks later, Steve was asked by a colleague to cover his first year lit class while he was away. Steve grudgingly agreed and prepared for a day of fumbling through an unfamiliar lecture.
The morning of the fill-in class, Steve arrived and let the students into the auditorium. While he prepared his notes, he caught a glimpse of a smokin’ hot student in his peripheral vision. He instantly stopped and did a double take.
The girl was dressed in a tight sweater that did very little to conceal her incredible rack – a rack that would have easily extended to her elbows if she put her arms out. As she passed by on her way to her seat, he noted her absurdly rich tan and tight, flawless skin. Her make-up was also whorishly exaggerated. A slight sideways glance clinched it – it was Razor!
Steve’s dick sprung to life so fast it almost smashed through the podium in front of him. Razor was a first year college student!
He watched her walk up the steps and noticed her thick back straining the dimensions of her sweater. He could even see the bulges of her well-defined deltoids. Best of all, her tight jeans were doing nothing to hide the swell of her quads and her tight, well-cut glutes.
For the rest of the class, it took all of Steve’s effort not to gawk at her directly. Every now and then he was able to sneak a peek while she jotted down a note. She wore a pair of glasses and had her hair was tied in two short ponytails. It only made her even more sultry.
Finally, the class ended. While Steve collected his things, the class shuffled out. He watched the girl leave with the rest of the students, noting one more time how her steamy bod looked as good going as it did coming.

That night, Steve returned to the strip club. He asked the door man if Razor was performing. He told him she’d be on at ten.

Steve milked a beer for over an hour. He looked at his watch every five minutes until ten o’clock finally rolled around. The DJ came on and gave his usual introduction. Steve realized that the club had gradually filled with guys who’s sole purpose was to drool over the stacked Asian-American hard body. It was shoulder to shoulder on the floor to the point where he was sure they were violating the state fire laws.
The lights dimmed and the music kicked in. The curtain flung open and Razor marched out. Steve was ready for the explosion of screaming – yet instead of cheers and hollers, Razor was greeted with pin-drop silence. In fact, the only sound was a hundred jaws hitting the floor at the same time.
The gorgeous stripper had painted herself head to toe in green body paint – literally transforming herself into an Asian She-Hulk. She had on a skin-tight white and purple PVC unitard just like in the comic books. Matching thigh-high pumps and gloves finished the job. Her should-length hair was dyed green to match and tussled in curly waves.
The mind-melting sex-machine stopped at the edge of the stage and gave the audience a good long look at her stupidly hot body. She wasn’t She-Hulk – she was a sexed-up, fuck-slut version of She–Hulk – a version she pulled-off effortlessly. Her make-up was so sinfully exaggerated she made Carmen Electra look like a nun. Her explosive lips were wet, glistening, dick-sucking vacuums. Her eyes were swimming in black mascara. Her arms and legs were sprinkled with sensual glitter and shining beneath a layer of baby oil.
Steve blinked for the first time in a full minute. He had a boner so hard, it hurt. As the jade slut-fantasy paced the stage, Steve’s brain tried to comprehend her staggering dimensions.
Even the most perverted comic book artist had never drawn She-Hulk with a body like Razor’s. Her huge, gravity-defying tits erupted off her chest and past the edges of her body by a half-foot on either side. Amazingly, her breasts weren’t the heavy, watermelon-sized weights that most mega-stacked porn stars possessed. She looked more like a chesty anime character come to life, only chestier. Her tits were waaaay too big for her boyish figure, yet they were impossibly youthful and shapely. They protruded so far in front of her that a grown man could have kneeled beneath them and been sheltered from the rain.
As she walked back and forth, those over-stuffed milk-factories tested the strength of her costume. They bounced around so much that Steve was worried she’d knock herself out. Turning around, they swung past her chest and almost hit her back.
Yet as outrageous as her tits were, her muscles put them to shame. Razor stopped and put her hands on her hips. As her tits slowed to a jiggle, the crowd began to notice just how jacked she was.
From head to toe, Razor’s conditioning was downright obscene. Every muscle on her body was sliced and diced – every angle was hard as a rock and she wasn’t even straining yet. Turning around, she gave the audience an eyeful of her rippling glutes. Her thong unitard left her two shredded meatballs hanging in the wind. As she started back to the center of the stage, they rippled like a musician strumming a harpsichord. The shocking lack of any fat had shrunk them to half the size of a normal women’s ass while revealing every single detail of the underlying muscle and vascular systems.
Razor bent down and ran her finger along her legs. Her jagged calves looked sharp enough to cut her, even through her PVC boots. They tripled the thickness of her dainty ankles before dissolving into her powerful quads.
Up her leg she went, highlighting the beefy, vein-fueled muscle that was packed on her stems. She finished up at her hips. They were boney angles devoid of any womanly fat. In fact, the swell of her hips hardly changed from upper to lower body. She was like an I-beam.
Razor looked at her forearms. She twisted them slowly and a thousand muscles stretched her skin. She then brought that arm up to a 90-degree angle. An apple-sized bicep swelled outward from her skinny arm. Steve almost lost his shit right there. Where the hell did all that muscle come from? Tightening her fist, a second head appeared on the bicep, along with enough veins to drown in. Her shoulders sub-divided and swelled until her arm looked like it belonged to a middle-weight bodybuilder. This girl had incredible morphology.
The first song came to an end. The entire audience let out the single breath it had been holding for the last three minutes. Before the next song came on, Razor took a microphone from backstage and arched her back. She held it to her outfit, which was under siege from her unstoppable mega-tits. The entire room filled with the sounds of plastic stretching and straining. The girl took a deep breath and the outfit groaned in agony. It began making strange, desperate noises. Finally, with one loud riiiiiip, the front of her outfit tore open. Razor let out an orgasmic gasp as her unbelievable super-chest split the poor outfit right down to her belly button. The swell of her tits increased by another few inches as her bulging breasts effortlessly filled the extra space.
The next song kicked-in and Razor turned back to the stage. She walked to the middle and stopped at a large, velvety sheet. Neither Steve nor the audience had even noticed it there which was funny since it was the size of a phone booth. She pulled the sheet aside, revealing a huge set of weights. Steve’s heart nearly stopped at the sight of all that iron. This wasn’t the girly three pound dumbbells that most women toned with – these were hardcore, cast-iron monsters. The though that she’d even attempt to press some of that weight made him almost blow his load.
Razor rubbed herself against the heavy metal. Her big tits mashed against the steel like two bulgy pillows. It was the ultimate contrast – her beautiful body against the unyielding strength of the machine.
Oh so slowly, Razor picked up a stack of plates. She slid one over each side of a racked barbell and looked at the crowd. Her expression seemed to ask whether she should put more weight on. The response from the crowd was an enthusiastic “yes”. She slid on a few more plates. Steve marveled at her arms as they flexed to carry the heavy disks. As if they weren’t sliced enough before, all the work was bringing even the most subtle definition into stark view.
Again, the girl seemed to ask the crowd if they wanted more. The crowd cheered even louder. They couldn’t believe that this hot little slut was even going to attempt lifting that barbell. Razor wiped her brow in mock fatigue. Stretching to pick up another disk, Steve could see etched muscularity evident in her armpits. Her armpits!!
Razor eventually stacked a half-dozen disks on either side of the barbell. Steve wasn’t certain how much weight was on there, but it sure as hell was a lot.
Razor formed an underhanded grip on the bar. With her back to the crowd, Steve could see her strong back dancing with tense detail.
Then, she hoisted the bar off the rack. Lowering it, she began doing slow, sensual curls. Her back blew up to twice its previous size in an instant – every ounce of new mass popping with blood-engorged veins. Her shoulders went from being baseballs to cantaloupes. Even her neck thickened, giving her the enviable upper-body of a serious bodybuilder.
Razor turned to the audience so they could see how ripped her arms were becoming. She looked at her own body with intense, animal lust as she cranked out rep after rep.
Steve thought he was going to have a heart attack any minute. This bitch was off the charts! With every rep, her arms became more massive, more ripped and vascular. At ten reps, Razor let out a ragged breath. She was gritting her teeth now. Serious veins had started to pop through her face – signs of the intense strain she was putting herself through.
As she worked harder, she began to breathe heavily. Her well-defined pectorals lifted her super tits up and down like over-filled water-balloons. After only a few more reps, it became clear that she was in pain. She looked at the crowd again, somehow maintaining a sexy smile while her arms trembled to hold the weight at the halfway point. Again, her expression seemed to ask whether she should continue. The crowd was almost climbing on the tables. They were screaming to see her finish pumping that huge hunk of iron.
Keeping her eyes on the crowd, Razor started cranking out more reps. Her shoulder and biceps detonated with gigatons of detail. Veins were now running up her chest and around her neck. She did three more reps with the bar shaking loudly before pausing again.
Somehow, the hyper-ripped bimbo kept her smile while she egged on the audience. She was straining so hard that even the guys at the back of the room could see the veins in her face. She wanted to know if she should do more.
Steve got to his feet so fast he knocked over his drink. He started screaming at the top of his lungs for her to push herself to the limit. He must have been pretty loud because Razor turned her gaze and zeroed him out. Her smiled faltered as she instantly recognized him. Steve’s heart stopped upon seeing her embarrassed reaction.
Razor didn’t have time to worry about being recognized by a school faculty member. Instead, she lifted her head to the sky and blasted a half-dozen super-fast reps. The audience was floored at the inhuman strength this mega-chested Asian goddess was displaying. Her arms were a blur as she pound out curl after curl. Her unitard started to split open at he chest and shoulders as her now disgustingly ripped physique outstripped its ability to contain it. Stitched popped open shooting bits of material into the air and revealing harder, denser chucks of anatomy.
Finally, Razor racked the weight. She quickly turned around and grabbed the top of her outfit. With one savage pull, she tore the damaged unitard off her body. It dropped to the stage floor leaving the huge-titted powerhouse naked save her gloves and boots.
Panting like a marathon runner, Razor looked directly at Steve. She lifted her arms above her head and crunched out the most mind-boggling double bicep flex the planet Earth had ever seen. No one had the combination of perfect beauty, animal muscles, anime super-tits and distilled, liquid sexuality that this girl possessed. It was like her flesh and blood body couldn’t fully contain her.
As Razor stood there flexing her brains out, she was literally all breasts and muscles. Her tiny little head was all but consumed by an overwhelming tide of perfect, green-tinted flesh. She was the kind of woman that didn’t exist in the real world – an actual She-hulk come to life.

Monday, November 5, 2007

HARDBODY - chapter 9

Chapter 9 – Pray for a growth spurt
By: Mr. Shhh

If Linus had been asked whether he felt Jenna could get any bigger, he would have answered in a heartbeat – no way. Particularly after the ridiculous muscle meat she had packed on during grade 11, it seemed impossible Jenna could get any thicker. Hell, she already looked like she ate steroids for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Yet, there she sat – an 18 year old, muscle-engorged monstrosity. Every single skin-stretching muscle group seemed to be pumped to bursting with human growth hormone. Forget thicker - she had added the muscle mass of three hardcore male bodybuilders to her hyper-ripped physique. Six months of god knows what kind of excruciating, non-stop gym torture had transformed her into something that obliterated even the super-human she-beast fresh in his memory.
As Jenna got up, Linus could hear the floor of the classroom groan. How much weight could one body possibly hold? He estimated her bodyweight at over a ton - not in the figurative sense, but literally. She looked like she weighed as much as a SMART car, but without an ounce of cheating fat.
A hush fell over the room as she nervously collected her papers. Walking to the front of the class, Linus watched her gigantic, bulbous calves swell like two angry lions. Each grossly deformed planetoid was bigger than a basketball; their span and swell making her already thickly muscled ankles look like toothpicks. They were so disgustingly over-inflated that they crushed against each other whenever she moved.
Again, Linus marveled at Jenna’s flawless skin. Her tan was crazy. Rich browns painted flesh stretched thin enough to display the actual ropey texture of the muscles beneath. Veins pulsed with fury, strangling her ankles, calves and even coking out most of her knees.
The teacher waited as Jenna prepared her notes. A few of the students giggled at the sight of the ridiculous teen Hercules. Her all-encompassing muscularity threw her proportions completely out of whack. A tremendous, beer keg neck started at her ears and tripled in thickness by the time it reached her collar bone. Her poor head looked like a pea crushed between two malformed traps reaching several inches higher than her earrings.
Somewhere buried in all that veiny beef was a gold chain dug deeply into her skin. A simple swallow would have snapped it. Fat veins obscured much of its length while the stone on the end was forced straight up by the unrelenting pressure.
Standing in front of the teacher’s desk, Linus realized that Jenna’s ogre-like shoulder span was almost a full foot wider than the table. Each beach ball-sized deltoid was actually 3 globe-shaped slabs separated by a chest that looked like the next stage in Human evolution.
If Jenna had spent 10 thousand hours in the gym building her monumental physique, it looked like 9 thousand of them were spent on her pecs alone. Those bursting meat balloons were simply off the charts. Forget tits. Everything was just severely shredded muscle-meat. Striations cut every ounce of flesh like a razor, causing her to ripple with the slightest breath. Veins tore through her skin and covered everything from her armpits to her nipples.
Jenna had chosen a smart dress shirt / skirt combo to presenter herself in, but even her 5th generation custom-made fat girl clothes could barley contain her animal brawn. Her endless man-muscles stretched her clothes in a thousand directions at once. The cotton material of her shirt was fully transparent from the strain, revealing her hard nipples in shocking detail. Every swollen vein from her thighs to her neck could be seen struggling to rip free.
Linus noted that Jenna’s striking features had been accentuated with a liberal coating of makeup. Her sumptuous, overflowing lips were wet with gloss and outlined to give them even more unneeded definition. Mascara and eye shadow enhanced the smoldering eyes beneath her cute glasses. Even her hair had been tied back into pig tails leaving only a single strand falling across her face.
While Jenna’s goddess-like sexuality was undeniable, it was even more amazing given her ghoulish lack of body fat. Simply put, Jenna was hideously, disgustingly ripped. She was shredded to a level that seemed totally impossible. Her poor face was alarmingly gaunt, almost zombie-like. Months ago, Linus had begun to notice ugly, bluish veins appearing along her forehead and temples. As the weeks passed, dozens more developed just below her features. Today, though, Jenna’s face told a terrifying story of obsession taken past any reasonable limits. Her delicate face was leaner and more vascular than most bodybuilder’s entire physique.
Brushing her hair aside, Jenna began her presentation. She was so cute, so feminine. Her soft, squeaky voice was a complete contrast to her crushing brawn. Small, girly movements betrayed her rock hard exterior. She looked silly - like a 14 year old doing the motion capture for the Incredible Hulk.
Linus could tell she was nervous. She continually glanced up at the dozens of judgmental eyes fixed on her. She could feel their disgust – most of them couldn’t hide it. Some of her classmates couldn’t even bare to look at her.
As her presentation continued, Jenna’s breathing became increasingly labored. A blush washed across her face as she soldiered on, but something was wrong. Her heavy breathing didn’t help her clothing situation. With each breath, the structure of her shirt groaned loudly. Kids at the back of the room could hear the stitches straining. Small tears appeared as her rippling shoulders and back started to split the seams.
Jenna fixed her hair again and adjusted her glasses. She could feel her heartbeat making her blood flow. That was bad news.
Cotton weaving frayed at her shoulders, revealing slices of thick deltoid. Then a button shot off her chest. Heavy mounds of pulsating girl-muscle burst forth. Jenna didn’t seem to notice, but the class sure did.
A sharp breath sent another button flying. Linus felt his already stiff dick go diamond-cutter hard. He half-expected the teacher to shut down Jenna’s presentation, but a quick glance backward revealed a woman too hypnotized to act.
A third button shot off. Foot-deep hunks of vein and muscle tore outward. Most of Jenna’s deformed pectorals were exposed now. Horrified gasps broke out across the room.
Never in his wildest imagination could Linus have imaged a chest like that – particularly on a beautiful high school girl. It looked like it belonged on some juiced-up, Neanderthal muscleman twice her height. Her sickening pecs tightened as she lifted her arms, reshaping themselves from fat, bubbly mounds to jagged muscle-rocks.
Glancing down, Jenna finally clued into what was happening. Panic instantly shot across her face. She attempted to cover herself with her arms, but that only managed to flare her ludicrous back. With an ear-splitting rip, the entire back of her shirt tore down the middle. Hundreds of pounds of dense muscle mass exploded into the air.
The teacher finally sprang into action, rushing to the front of the room to help Jenna cover up. It was too late. The class broke out into vicious laughter.
“What’s the matter, Jenna? Eat too many ‘roids this morning?”
“Flex the rest for us!”
In the midst of all the chaos, Linus could only stare. His mind was in meltdown. He had just witnessed his ultimate fantasy come to life - a cute, bodybuilding geek girl shred her clothes with nothing but her over-the-top muscularity.

Linus opened his locker and grabbed his math textbook.
“Dude, did it really happen like they say?” Dean asked, fidgeting with his glasses.
Linus tried to ignore his tubby friend.
“What are people saying?” Linus muttered, avoiding eye contact.
“That the bulging nerd actually ripped right through her shirt and ended up topless! They said she’s so crazy jacked that she doesn’t even have any breasts – just disgusting veins and shit.”
Linus clutched his books angrily.
“Would you leave her alone? So she works out. What’s the big deal?”
“Works out?” The pudgy Dean continued. “The Rock works out. Jenna’s a steroid freak. She’s juicing it like there’s no tomorrow!”
“So now you’re an expert on fitness?” Linus spat, his ire rising.
“Hello? I sit beside her in English? I swear to god her biceps are bigger than my entire head! I wouldn’t be able to get both hands around even one of her arms. And did you happen to notice that she’s like five foot nothing? You think it’s natural for a girl that small to carry around 900 pounds of muscle mass? I’m telling you, she’s freakin’ injecting gallons of that stuff. Look at the veins popping out of her face. She‘s one twisted bitch.”
“Shut up, already!” Linus suddenly barked, slamming his locker.
Dean stepped back. After a moment, a sly grin appeared on his face.
“No way. Are you crushing on her?” He smiled.
The embarrassed Linus didn’t answer.
“Holy crap, you are! You’ve got a thing for Conan the librarian!”
Panic hit Lenny like a freight train.
“I-I do not…!” Came his feeble response.
“That is messed up! Seriously! I mean, Jesus – she’s practically a man, dude!”
Linus felt sick to his stomach. His shameful secret had somehow slipped out. After years of hiding his obsession with Jenna and her massive muscles, the high schooler has suddenly been thrust into his worst nightmare.
“What, do you fantasize about her lifting weights or something?” Dean continued, laughing. “That’s like the gayest thing ever.”
Linus grabbed his bag and stormed off. He could hear Dean’s taunts following him down the hall.
“I’ve got some baby oil at home if you want to oil up Ms. Arnold Schwarzenegger while she poses for you!”

Linus burst out the front door of the school into the afternoon sun. His mind was spinning. What was wrong with him, he thought? Was Dean right? Was he some sort of weirdo for liking Jenna’s giant muscles? There was no doubt that her body was extreme, yet the freakier she got, the sexier he found her.
Suddenly, Linus collided with what felt like a brick wall. The crowd of kids around him turned as he tumbled to the ground face first.
Shaking off the blow, Linus quickly found himself face to face with a pair of girly white panties. As bizarre as that was, what was even stranger was how tightly stretched the panties were. It looked like someone had taken them and forced them across the back of a Mr. Olympia. There were muscles everywhere, bulging through the material like boulders. In fact, there was so much thick, rippling sinew, he could barely tell what was what.
Then it suddenly dawned on him. It wasn’t a brick wall he had run into. Looking up, he found Jenna flat on her back in front of him. His head was right between her legs, giving him an unobstructed view straight up her skirt. Jenna gazed back at him, simultaneously surprised and humiliated.
Looking back down, Linus stared at the beautiful teen’s hyper-muscular crotch. It was grotesque. Her deeply etched abs bled right into a swirling vortex of tendons and striations. Even the smallest muscles were so ridiculously developed that they ended up mashed against each other in a nightmarish jumble of anatomy. With every twitch of her body, muscles rippled and flexed like a symphony of sinew. Her poor panties had already split in several places, suggesting that even simple day-to-day activities put an unrelenting strain on her underwear. Tremendous slabs of musculature pushed with incalculable might against the thin material, threatening to obliterate it any second.
But most disturbing was the pumped-up muscle-thing that sat square in the center of her panties. Linus was far from sexually experienced, but he knew what a woman’s vagina was supposed to look like. The beastly creature straining against Jenna’s undies was something else entirely.
Barely restrained within the struggling underwear, Jenna’s sex was so overdeveloped that she could barely be classified as female. Linus could see layer upon layer of striations competing against each other. Where there should have been smooth, fleshy lips, he only found more muscle, harsher muscle – huge, mega-defined hunks of beef more extreme than any girl should ever possess. Her cunt looked like it could crush steel.
Veins roiled and swelled just beneath her panties, making it look like she had shoved a garden hose down there. A dozen tubes held the edges of the material an inch off the rest of her body as they funneled blood from every part of her to feed that brutal animal.
Suddenly, Linus was grabbed by his shirt and hoisted up. Ed Scott glared at him furiously.
“What are you, some kind of perv?”
“Huh?! No, I --!”
Linus looked down at Jenna, who started to get to her feet.
“I’m so sorry!” Linus pleaded. “I wasn’t looking where I was going and --!”
The large, brawny Ed lifted his balled fist.
“You’re gonna be sorry alright.”
But before Ed could deliver his punch, Jenna grabbed his wrist. Ed’s arm stopped instantly, unable to move so much as an inch in the embarrassed teen’s steel grip.
Both Linus and Ed looked at Jenna. Her outstretched arm was terrifyingly huge. It made Ed’s well muscled limb look like a child’s.
She had changed since the incident in the classroom into a dangerously stretched football jersey. It wasn’t even close to containing her gigantic body. The sheer overwhelming girth of her torso meant the shirt barely even covered her chest. The majority of her stomach was fully revealed in its ugly, vein pumped glory.
“Leave him alone, Ed.” Jenna spoke, concern filling her voice. “He said it was an accident.”
Linus gazed at Jenna and instantly forgot his precarious position. Those luscious lips. Those smoldering eyes. That incredible, superhuman body. She was a goddess.
Ed looked back at Linus. His lip twitched with anger.
“It’s your lucky day, wimp.”
The tall jock dropped him and pushed him away.
“C’mon, babe. Let’s go back to your place. We’ve got something serious to talk about.”
Linus watched the pair walk away. Ed tried to put his arm around Jenna’s shoulder, but only made it a small way across her aircraft carrier back.

Ed followed Jenna up the steps of her front porch. A few houses away, Linus watched from behind a tree. As soon as the pair entered the front door, he darted out from behind his cover.
Creeping along the side of the house, he heard noises from inside. He quickly found a small window and peered in.
A half-closed shutter limited his view, though he could make out a few details. The basement was harsh and dingy. The concrete floor and walls looked like something out of a snuff film. He caught the edge of what looked like industrial grade gym equipment. It was intimidating as hell. Stacks of 100 pound plates lined the wall beside it from floor to ceiling.
Jenna and Ed walked down the stairs and turned on a single hanging light bulb. Linus listened carefully.
“We need to talk about us.” Came Ed’s voice, full of pompous swagger.
“I don’t understand. Are you unhappy?” Jenna asked.
“Yeah, I’m unhappy. I’m unhappy about you and your so-called muscles.”
Jenna seemed taken aback.
“When I met you, I told you I was into serious bodybuilding.” Ed continued. “You’re real big, babe. But you’re not cutting it anymore.”
Linus’s face tightened with anger. What the fuck was this asshole talking about?!
“I- I can get bigger, Ed! I can get as huge as you want me to be! I want to be your muscle fantasy!” Jenna pleaded.
“I don’t think so baby. I think you’re as big as you’re gonna get.”
Jenna seemed to fly into a panic. It was as if Ed was confirming her worst fear.
“No! I can work out harder! I’ll drop out of school and train non-stop! I’ll lift twice as much weight, three times as much! I’ll max out on every single exercise!”
Jenna rushed over to a weight bench and grabbed a staggeringly massive pair of dumbbells. She immediately started working her shoulders harder and faster than Linus had ever seen. Linus caught a glimpse of her face. She was nearly in tears. She was in sheer agony as she worked those monstrous weights like an animal.
Both Linus and Ed watched Jenna literally transform right in front of them. Her body swelled with horrible, unnatural muscles. With every torturous rep, her body became even more ripped. After a half minute of furious pumping, Jenna’s shirt split open at the shoulders. The deltoids that poured out were mutated beyond description. Veins pulsed and throbbed like they were alive.
Finally, Jenna dropped the weights. The entire house shook.
Sweat was running down her face, funneled this way and that by the fat, ugly veins popping out of her face.
Jenna looked like a total freak of nature. She was pumped and swollen to an impossible degree. She was nothing but veins and muscles now with a tiny little head fighting to be noticed.
“I’ve w-worked… so h-hard …” The teenager panted, her computer-monitor pecs crumpling into fists of sinew with each breath. “This is… all for you….”
Ed looked her body over.
“Stop embarrassing yourself, Jenna. You’re a skinny little bitch and you know it.”
Linus couldn’t believe what was coming out of Ed’s mouth. It was idiotic, yet it seemed to cut Jenna to her core.
Ed took a package out of his backpack.
“Because I’m a nice guy, I’m going to give you one last chance. Open it”
Jenna took the package with shaking hands. She sniffled and wiped the tears from her sweaty face.
Opening it up, the rippling bodybuilder discovered a gigantic black evening gown. It looked like it was designed for an elephant rather than a human being. Holding it out in front of her, it hung like a circus tent.
“The prom is in 4 months. I want the most muscular girl in the world on my arm wearing that dress. Put it on.”
Linus fidgeted desperately to get a better view. He could see Jenna peeling off her already enormous clothes. She stepped into the black dress and nearly vanished.
Ed looked at the beautiful muscle teen with a devilishly grin. The dress was outrageously large. To his amazement, Jenna filled it out better than any girl on Earth, but it was still a tarp on her.
“What a surprise, your puny little body barely even registers. I guess you’ve got a choice then. Either you hit the iron with a vengeance and build a body that can actually fill out that dress or it’s quits for us.”
With that, Ed grabbed his bag and headed to the stairs. Linus heard the door close a moment later, leaving Jenna buried in that monstrous mound of material. She dropped to her knees and started crying.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

NO CONTEST - chapter 1

Chapter 1
By: Mr. Shhh

Krissy Snow abruptly entered her dorm room to find her roommate Sue sitting at the computer. The busty undergrad looked up from her work to see a nervous Krissy holding a letter in her shaking hands.
“Oh my god Krissy, is that…?”
Krissy took off her coat, revealing her abnormally broad shoulders and thick, pit-bull neck. Sue stifled a gasp – no matter how many times she saw her, she never got used to her friend’s unbelievable size.
“I’m so nervous,” Krissy giggled, her soft, feminine voice contrasting her extremely dense shape. “All this work convincing the board to take me seriously and I can’t even bring my self to open it. Here – can you read it?”
Krissy passed the letter over. Sue tore it open and read it aloud.
“Dear Ms. Snow, we congratulate you on expressing such a singularly dedicated interest in the sport of bodybuilding. The achievements you have presented us are, for a lack of a better word, remarkable.”
The cute young bodybuilder kept her fingers crossed. So far so good.
“However, we regret to inform you that we must turn down your request to compete with the male bodybuilders at the heavyweight level, or any level within the federation. We hope this decision does not discourage you from continuing to compete as you are surely an inspiration to the many female athletes within the international federation of blah blah blah…”
Sue crumpled up the letter and tossed it into the garbage can.
“Screw them, Kris! They’re just trying to keep you down. Those assholes know you’d blow away all those swinging dicks out there.”
Sue watched her friend’s jovial expression disintegrate. Slowly, Krissy reached down and picked up a coiled resistance trainer. She took each end of the item and began doing angry reps.
“I don’t get it…” Krissy thought aloud. “I meet every single qualification that a man would need to gain admittance to the same contest.”
“Hell, you destroy most of those stupid requirements.” Sue added. “You’re big enough, heavy enough – you’ve won every single female competition there is. Even the most juiced-up girls look like twigs next to you. There’s not a woman on earth who’s even in the same ballpark.”
Krissy continued working the resistance coil. As she pulled the heavy spring apart, Sue could see her massive chest swelling in size.
Faster and faster the beautiful young bodybuilder worked the coil. Veins began to snake up her neck and temples.
“Uh… Kris, are you okay?”
Krissy didn’t answer. Her face was now tight with anger. With each rep, she was pulling the coil to its very limits. Her chest swelled larger still, until the two girls heard a loud ripping sound.
Just then, the resistance coil snapped. Metal and screws flew everywhere as Krissy’s hands shot apart.
Sue looked at her friend with unbelieving eyes.
“Damn…” She muttered.
Krissy’s gigantic football jersey had ripped open at the traps and shoulders. The rest of her monumental upper body had filled it up to the point where it looked like spandex.
“Crap. That was a triple XL.” Krissy noted.
The huge muscle girl walked over to her closet and pulled out another parachute-sized top. Sue bit her lip as Krissy pulled the torn jersey off, revealing a back that was beyond description. Heavy, ultra-cut muscle mass was piled on top of itself in seemingly never ending layers. She was so wide, Sue couldn’t see most of Krissy’s arms or head. She looked like a meat refrigerator.
Krissy pulled the new top over her shoulders and turned around. Sue caught a fleeting glance at her overdeveloped six-pack before it was covered up. Even if she had an hour to stare, it wouldn’t have been enough to take in all of the roiling detail that covered her.
“I’m going to the gym.” Krissy stated as she grabbed her bag.
“Kris, I know you’re upset – but take it easy over there.”
Krissy looked at her concerned friend.
“Don’t worry. I won’t hurt myself.” She smiled.
“Actually, I’m more worried about the equipment!”

As Krissy walked across the busy campus, she ignored the dozens of boys staring at her. Krissy was the kind of girl who was too caught up in her own world to realize how drop-dead gorgeous she was. Her long, brown hair framed a face that could sail a thousand ships. Deep blue eyes, strong cheekbones and a set of fat, succulent lips made her a stunning creature of pure sexuality. It was ironic then that while any girl would have killed to look like her, she would have killed to look completely different.
It wasn’t that Krissy was uncomfortable with her looks – she was fine with her features. She just wanted muscles. Huge, bulging mega-muscles. Ripped, vein-popping freak-show muscles. She wanted to be an Adonis – a he-man – a total mass-monster. In her mind, girly things like breasts and curves only got in the way of big, hard biceps and heaving pectorals. She wanted to become a beats, and nothing was going to stop her.
Which brought her back to today. Her goal since high school had been to get big enough to complete with the men. Her last dozen professional victories had made it clear that she already put the biggest women in the world to shame. She’d even been involved in a few illegal, unregulated competitions where she was up against some really butched-out muscle freaks. These were the girls who had roided so hard that they had jaws like Dick Tracey and sounded like Randy the Macho Man Savage. Some of these so-called females were seriously gigantic, yet Krissy absolutely murdered them. In one pose down, Krissy pumped herself into such a flurry that one of the girls burst into tears.
Now, here she was in the best shape of her life. For the last six months, she had worked herself harder and longer than ever before. She had turned herself into a living, breathing muscle factory. Her conditioning bordered on the obscene. Her face was tight and gaunt like she hadn’t eaten in weeks. Veins pulsed through her forehead whenever she spoke and when she actually exerted herself, forget it – she looked like someone had injected her with snakes. Her skin was thin like tissue paper and stretched tight enough to snap. She hadn’t had a period in months.
Had it been all for nothing? Now that the official bodybuilding federation had shut down her request to challenge the men, what was left for her?

Krissy pounded away at the weights with a terrifying intensity. She grunted and screamed as she threw around enough weight to crush an elephant.
Just then, a voice snapped her out of her daze.
“Hey buddy, are you going to hog that machine all day?!”
Slowly, Krissy lowered the weights and looked back. She found an angry jock glaring back at her.
“Yeah, I’m talking to you, dick head. You’ve been on that thing for like an hour.”
A puzzled expression washed over Krissy’s face. She turned to the mirror and realized that she had tucked her hair under a baseball cap. She never wore make up to the gym, and her big, baggy muscle shirt was hardly what one would classify as girly. Factor in her extremely masculine physique and could it be that this guy had mistaken her for a man?
Slowly, the sweaty, pumped-up muscle girl got to her feet. At 5’2, the angry jock towered over her by over a foot.
“Jesus…” The jock muttered, stunned by Krissy’s hideously muscular body. Even at the best of times, Krissy was ripped as hell. In her current state of pump, she was downright terrifying. Veins were popping everywhere – her chest, stomach – even snaking out from her crotch.
Krissy watched the jock’s flabbergasted expression and realized he still hadn’t clued in. How far could she push this?
Clearing her throat, the over-inflated bodybuilder lowered her voice as many octaves as she could.
“What’s your problem, jerk?” She barked, sounding more like a twelve year old boy than the brawny beef cake she appeared to be.
The jock took a step back.
“Uh – sorry dude. I-I didn’t know you were a bodybuilder…”
Krissy tightened her face.
“Yeah, that’s right. I’m a bodybuilder. A big, beefy… MAN… bodybuilder.”
The jock’s face wrinkled with confusion.
“Yeah. I can see that…”
Krissy pulled her baggy muscle shirt down and flexed her chest.
“Look at these pecs. Do you see any breasts anywhere?”
The poor, overwhelmed jock watched her pecs crumple into two over-striated balls of veiny meat.
“Okay…look, I’m sorry dude.”
Krissy lifted up her arms and went into a mind-numbing double bicep flex. Her body exploded with a completely obscene amount of muscularity. Her neck vanished, as did any space between her shoulders and fists. Her lats became so wide that they looked like a pair of meat wings.
“Crap! Please don’t cream me man! I’m a bleeder!”
Krissy tried to stifle a laugh. Lowering her huge arms, she pulled off her hat and let her long hair fall out.
The jock’s expression changed again as he suddenly saw her in a new light. She pursed her lips and gave him a kiss.
“Thanks for cheering me up!” Krissy squeaked in her normal, high-pitched girl voice.
The jock dropped his things and ran off.

Krissy returned to her dorm room like a whirl wind.
“Sue, you have to answer something.”
Her roommate turned to her with a puzzle look.
Krissy fixed her long hair and posed sexily.
“Do I look like a girl to you?” She asked.
Sue didn’t know what to say. With her big coat on, Krissy mostly looked like a normal teenager.
“Are you kidding? Kris, you’re… you’re totally hot.”
Krissy smiled. She immediately took off her coat, revealing a skin-tight tank top painted over her heaving upper body. She pulled her baseball cap from her bag and tucked her hair beneath hit.
Turning back to sue, she struck a dramatic tough-guy pose. Her shoulders feathered with huge, bulbous muscles. Her chest expanded by a half-foot until it was the size of two watermelons.
“What about now?” Krissy asked, deepening her voice again.
Sue’s mouth opened in awe.
“What’s this all about?”
“Krissy Snow isn’t allowed to compete with the heavyweight male bodybuilders at the up coming Mr. Testosterone competition – but Kris Snow can.”Sue’s mouth nearly hit the floor.

Monday, October 22, 2007

WAR INC. - mission 3

Mission 3
By Mr.Shhh

It took two men to pick up Cronenweth’s limp body and slam it against the wall. The battered, cum-stained Brit cried sharply.
The four heavily-armored mercs gathered around her, three of them pinning her bulging arms while the largest man looked her over.
Damn. She was stupidly hot. None of them said it out loud, but this cum-drenched ho-bag was far and away the sexiest piece of ass any of them had ever laid eyes on. Her exaggerated, porn star features were almost ridiculous. Add to it those unbelievable, gravity defying tits and you had a one in a billion fuck toy built for hardcore sex.
But that was barely even the beginning. Moving to her body, everywhere the merc’s eyes went, he saw the same thing – muscles. He simply couldn’t believe it. She was freakish - inhuman even. Everything was cut to shreds. Veins were popping absolutely everywhere – even from her tits and face. And she wasn’t even straining.
The men watched rivers of sweat drip through the saturated cloth of her dress; a dress barely able to cope with her macho physique. Every pained motion caused hard, swollen flesh to rip another stitch. Soft breaths wrenched seams apart. She was simply too muscular to stay in that dress for much longer.
“Can you believe this bitch?” One of the mercs asked while feeling the deeply cut blades of her mutant delts. “Look at these fucking striations! You ever seen anything like her?!”
“She’s gotta be juicing hard. No one can get this ripped without drowning in steroids.”
“Shit, then she’s gotta be taking ‘em by the truck load. Her arms have to be 20 inches, easy.”
The merc in front of her took a fistful of wet hair and lifted her head.
“How about it sweety pie – you think you’re some sort of tough guy with these muscles? Or do you just want to be a man?”
Cronenweth’s lip quivered. The mercs leaned in to hear her soft voice.
“…m-more man… than you…”
The big merc flared with anger.
“FUCK YOU!” He yelled, delivering a crushing blow across her face. Her sensual lips ripped open, spraying blood across her face.
The other mercs laughed as the big merc picked up his rifle.
“What a tough guy!”
The big merc turned the gun around.
“Let’s soften her up a bit.”
With a brutal motion, the massive man smashed the butt of his weapon into Cronenweth’s gut, lifting her a foot off the ground. Spit flew as she gurgled in agony.
As the men laughed, the bloodied warrior grit her teeth. Straightening herself up, she tightened her stomach defiantly, forming a diamond-etched 12-pack that could be seen pressing through her dress.
“Is that… all you cocksuckers… have got?” The operative gasped, through her swollen, sweat-slicked lips. “I get… a better workout… fingering myself.”
“She wants more!” One of the mercs crowed.
“I’m going to fuck you up, tough guy!”
Another shot to the gut sent Cronenweth into the wall hard enough to crack the plaster. The ripped muscle girl cried out before re-flexing her mid-section even tighter. To the mercs’ disbelief, her abs seemed to double in size and definition. Each one looked nearly as big as a fist. Her dress became so skin-tight that it might as well have been naked.
Another shot and another, both as hard as the big man could muster. He should have been pulverizing her guts. But the huge-titted hardbody kept tightening her abs to the point where muscles and veins were literally exploding off her torso.
The big merc roared with anger. He threw everything he had into one final blow.
Cronenweth screamed and flexed her stomach into a truly horrifying, mega-ripped super-nova. Her abdominals became so defined, so disgustingly hyper-exaggerated that they barely even resembled abs at all. The other mercs could only stare in awe at the garden-hose veins that strangled every towering peak and valley. They glared at the demented level of definition that cut every individual muscle to the tendon.
“N-no one’s that ripped!!” One of the mercs gasped, shaken by the girl’s frightening brawn.
“Who is this sick bitch?!!”
Cronenweth clenched her fists and began to pull against the men. Everyone watched as her arms suddenly swelled, sending gigantic, sharp biceps rising from her sleeves.
”What are you three assholes doing? Hold her down!” The big man ordered.
To the others’ astonishment, they could barely contain the mega-titted fuck toy.
“Fuck, s-she’s strong!!” One of them yelled, pouring all his strength into holding her arms back.
Meanwhile, Cronenweth’s face went blank. It looked as if she had gone into some kind of trance. Two of the mercs glanced at her and saw her lips twitching, hinting at the unimaginable willpower that was fueling her strength.
As the three mercs fought to hold her down, the huge-chested Amazon literally began to hulk-out before their eyes. Massive, purple veins started popping through Cronenweth’s face. The harder she strained, the worse the vascularity became until she put even the most butched-out Ms. Olympia to shame. None of the men could believe they were looking at the same girl. There were now more veins criss-crossing her face than in a fully-flexed bodybuilder’s entire chest.
Letting out a pained moan, Cronenweth doubled her strength. The big merc watched as the sleeves of her dress expanded to their absolute zenith in a futile attempt to contain her huge guns. The other men continued to fight with everything they had, swearing and yelling through clenched teeth as their arms were forced back one inch at a time.
“She’s f-fucking unstoppable!” one of the men panicked.
“Do something!!”
The big merc was now in a full panic. He gave Cronenweth another shot to the gut, but this time it barley dented her two-inch deep abdominal fortress. In desperation, he wound up and kicked the straining freak right between her legs. Cronenweth’s lips tightened, stifling an invisible cry.
A half-dozen loud tears split her sleeves as her ridiculously peaked biceps surged higher. With her arms now at a 45 degree angle, she had fought her way to a full-on double-bicep pose. It was painfully clear that she was stronger than all three mercs put together.
The terrified merc gave her another swing to the crotch. With a wet smack, heavy rubber hit flesh. His steel-toed boots should have pulverized her bulging camel-toe, yet even the pumped-up cunt straining against her g-string was exploding with veiny muscles.
Another kick and another. The big merc was hitting her with everything he had. The stupendously-built operative flailed her head, fighting through the pain and flexing her body harder than humanly possible.
Material shredded all over her body, releasing eruptions of bronze girl beef exploding outward in every direction.
The remains of her sleeves finally gave out, revealing her tremendously wide shoulders. The gigantic masses were so revoltingly cut that she looked like she had three deltoids on each arm.
Turning her head, Cronenweth locked her eyes on her right arm. With a thunderous growl, she flexed her shaking limb into an absolute flurry. Her skin screamed in protest as the top of her bicep actually pressed against her own fist.
Releasing her other arm, all of the mercs jumped on her single, mega-pumped limb. Cronenweth’s eyes nearly bugged out of her skull as the combined strength of four 250 pound men challenged her impossible brawn. But there was no stopping her now. She threw her head around in a furry of muscle lust. Her demented man-bicep almost tore through her skin as she lifted her arm in one strong motion.
All four of the men were picked up off the ground and thrown across the room. They hit the wall on the other side, cracking the concrete.
Cronenweth immediately collapsed to her knees, her muscles spasming uncontrollably. She gagged towards the floor as her body punished without mercy.
On the other side of the room, one of the mercs got to his feet. He unsheathed a knife from his boot and charged at the rippling muscle-beast across from him.
Cronenweth struggled to her get out of the way, but caught a slash across her giant tits. The dress tore open further releasing a fistful of sweater meat.
The merc came at her again and again, slashing wildly. Cronenweth cried as he cut her a half-dozen times on the triceps and delts.
Suddenly, Cronenweth caught his arm. The two combatants locked eyes for an instant. The merc gazed at his enemy’s furious porn star features. Her bronze face was almost totally covered in disgusting purple-blue veins popping through her temples and forehead. He’d never even seen a man as pumped as this big-titted she-hulk before him.
With a sickening crunch, Cronenweth forced the merc’s arm backward 90 degrees like she was bending a barbell. The knife dropped from his grasp.
Sweat flew from the blonde Brit as she delivered four punches to his mid-section. Thousands of tendons flared with detail as she jack-hammered his body with enough force to crack his armor. The sound of each impact was like thunder shaking the building. Cronenweth screamed, spit and cum flying as she destroyed the merc’s ribs with her fists.
Finally, the half-naked girl warrior tightened her right leg and kicked the merc square between the legs. Her thigh tensed with what looked like a hundred pounds of sliced muscle mass as the defeated merc screamed in anguish, his groin obliterated.
Before the big merc’s body had even hit the ground, the rest of the men were back on their feet. The snap of a clip alerted Cronenweth to the rifles behind her.
The muscle-bound operative dove for the bathroom just as the other mercs opened fire. The back of the room exploded with a thousand rounds of ammo. The destruction traced Cronenweth’s path as she rolled out of the way, debris slicing her meaty back and shoulders.
She made it to the safety of the bathroom. Her huge tits and striated pecs heaved as she analyzed the situation. She was trapped. She could hear the mercs swearing and reloading their weapons.
Glancing around, she spotted a large antique bathtub against the wall. In an instant, she grabbed it and poured all of her strength into ripping it from the floor. Tiles immediately cracked, revealing a dozen steel bolts beneath.
The sides of Cronenweth’s dress began to split apart as her ultra-masculine back swelled to challenge the metal. Veins forced the stitches apart as her lats tripled in thickness, eclipsing her arms and neck until she looked like a block of brawny meat.
Shots rang out from the next room and tore through the walls. The bathroom exploded all around the straining beef cake.
“Gnnnnnnnnngg!!!!” Cronenweth cried, her face twisted with vein-popping effort.
The steel bolts groaned loudly. Two of them shot out of the floor. But the others held firm – they were clearly rooted to the structure of the building.
Cronenweth’s skin looked like it was going to split open. Spit bubbled through her teeth as she strained even harder. Her shoulders ballooned into hideous, freakish masses. Her very shape became distorted as she flexed herself into a disgusting fury of sinew.
With an ear-piercing crack, the bathtub tore free from the ground. Plaster and tile flew through the air. Four solid, 50 pound chunks of concrete came with it, adding to the already tremendous weight. Ignoring her exhausted muscles, Cronenweth lifted the tub upright.
The mercs were already coming into the room when Cronenweth turned to face them. The leading man couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the sexy, cum-covered sexpot holding the entire bathtub with nothing but her veiny arms. His moment of hesitation allowed the muscle-bound operative to bring the tub in front of her like a shield. The merc quickly opened fire, but most of his shots failed to penetrate the cast-iron center of the tub. Cronenweth charged at him as he continued to blast away, ramming him with the heavy shield and pushing him across the room. He finally hit the wall so hard that she drove the tub 2 feet into the drywall with the merc’s body buried somewhere beneath it.
Before Cronenweth could turn around, she was hit across the back with a heavy rifle. The British operative cried out, but was cut short as the gun was hooked around her neck. A merc behind her dug his knee into her back and began to choke the life out of her. Another merc came around and smashed his weapon into her tits.
Cronenweth reached back and grabbed the man behind her and flipped him over her shoulders. She held him upside down in a bear hug - his full weight supported by her shredded, beer-keg thighs.
The other merc backed up, but was quickly grabbed and pulled into Cronenweth’s grasp. Locking her incredible arms, she began to squeeze them like a vice.
The two men howled in pain as muffled cracks filled the air. Their body armor was the first thing to collapse under the unrelenting pressure. Hardened plastics that could resist a bullet crumpled like aluminum.
The desperate mercs struggled with all of their might to break free, each pitting the strength of their entire bodies against Cronenweth’s over extended arms. What was happening should have been impossible – there was no way this 5’5, double D blonde should have been able to hold both heavily armored men aloft, let alone crush them with her bare hands.
The harder the super-operative squeezed, the more the space between them filled-in with pumped-up girl beef. Soon, even the men’s faces were being squeezed between her big tits and her even bigger muscles.
The two mercs clawed at her arms, their nails digging bloody gouges in her tightly-stretched skin. Cronenweth stifled a whimper and lifted the men higher. The increased pressure on her shoulders and lats caused them to overreact with a veritable avalanche of super-dense musculature. The top half of her dress all but vanished beneath the mountains of meat pouring forth.
Suddenly, the undercover slut’s 6-inch fuck-me pumps snapped under the immense weight. The tattered lower half of her evening gown ripped loudly as her knotted, thoroughbred thighs flared with mind-boggling might. Every inch of flesh became an ultra-strained, vein-engorged nightmare. There was nothing sleek or smooth about her legs now. They looked like 40 inches of knotted rope covered by bratwurst-sized vascularity.
Clamping her eyes down like steel shutters, Cronenweth screamed like an animal. She whipped her head from side to side, her wet hair slapping against her monstrous man traps. Tears mixed with oceans of sweat as the inhuman she-thing tightened every muscle in her body with hydraulic might. Deep, internal veins became horribly externalized as she reached a previously unheard of level of pump. Everything from her ass to her hips feathered with criss-crossing striations. Material split open and spat an unstoppable wave of pure muscle mass into existence.
The mercs’ agonized cries were cut short by a sharp, stomach-churning crunch. It was the sound of their rib cages compressing – their spines snapping in a half-dozen places – their shoulders and elbows dislocating violently.
Almost instantly, the room went quiet save the sound of furious panting. Cronenweth released her arms and the two mangled bodies flopped down like human rag dolls.
Sweat dripped like rain from the shaking girl’s soaking wet body. She looked at a mirror in front of her. The cum on her face was almost gone, as was her smeared eye shadow and makeup. Blood was running from a multitude of cuts and slashes all over her skin. She looked at her arms. They were completely bare now. Even if they weren’t, it would have been impossible to cover those terrifying girl cannons at this point.
It now seemed like a joke to Cronenweth that she had even attempted to present herself as a woman. She had the face and tits of a goddess, but the rest of her body was pure, unrestrained testosterone. She gazed at herself with a volatile mixture of pride and disgust. The promise she made a lifetime ago had been fulfilled, but at the highest price to her femininity. She was a hideous freak built to destroy – period.
A fist smashed the glass, spider-webbing her reflection. Cronenweth ignored her bloody fist and turned to the downed men. Like a robot running a program, she methodically collected the weapons of her slain enemies. There was no need for secrecy now. Now she could take the kid gloves off.
The British operative strapped her bulging body with belts and pouches. She threw one weapon after another over her shoulders until she had 250 pounds of heavy metal on her back.
Only the top half of her dress had survived, and just barely. The lower half was now less than a miniskirt, but Cronenweth was beyond caring. She took a handful of ammo clips and shoved them into the front of her underwear. Her thong dug deep into her ass crack, splitting her striated glutes into two tightly-coiled meatballs.Finally, she locked and loaded a heavy rifle. Her biceps surged with terrifying, vein-gorged power as she gripped the weapon hard enough to break it. It was payback time.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I opened my email today to find a pleasant surprise - my commission from FMF had arrived! To give you an idea of what I was going for, here's the description I gave:
A beautiful young bodybuilder, totally obsessed with her muscles, is working out like a demon. She's pushing herself so hard, she's shaking. Her teeth are clenched, eyes bugging out in agony, sweat pouring off her skin. Her hideously pumped muscles are ripping her gym outfit to shreds. She has no breasts, just swollen, striated pecs. Veins are absoultely everywhere. Massive artieries are popping through her face. She's inhumanly ripped. Every striation is visible through her skin.

As you can imagine, I'm more than satisfied with the finished product. It may not be to everyone's taste, but it's exactly what I was going for - so much so that I'm already wondering what character I should have drawn next. For anyone interested in getting their own commission, head over to

And hey, let me know what you think of FMF's art on the comments page.

Saturday, September 29, 2007


Run, don't walk to the newest fem muscle art site on the web, FEMALE MUSCLE FACTORY. While you're at it, order a drawing - you won't regret it! The pic to the left is a request the creator did of Jenna Steele a while back and still stands as one of my favorites. It isn't often that one finds an artist who's tastes run parallel to your own, but the art at FMF hits a lot checkmarks for me:
Cute girls with muscles - check.
Shredded, contest physiques - check
Insane veinage - check.
Bursting clothes - check.
See all the awesomeness for yourself at

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

WAR INC. - mission 2

Mission 2
By Mr.Shhh

Lt. Cronenweth stood in the elevator watching the numbers light up above the door.
“Control…” She spoke, holding her finger to her ear.
“What’s your status?” A voice responded over a coded radio channel.
“I’m in the building. On my way to the penthouse.”
“Remember your mission parameters, Lieutenant –“The voice crackled. “You’re not to take any action until you have secured the guidance chip. This isn’t a demolition op, so holster that over-developed trigger-finger of yours. We wouldn’t have even considered you if it weren’t for the fact that you match Yazin’s particular tastes.”
The beautiful blonde looked at her reflection in the stainless steel wall. Her ultra-stacked muscle-body had been poured into a slinky, Geisha-style evening gown that was just shy of pornographic. The shiny silver material stuck to her like a second skin, outlining every inch of her overdeveloped body.
Cronenweth hated these kinds of missions. She had joined the military to get her hands dirty, not to be painted up like some jiggly Playboy bimbo. Examining her face, she found her stunning features buried beneath a pound of blatantly slutty makeup. Everything had been exaggerated for maximum sexuality - her thick, juicy lips were now glistening dick-sucking machines - her jade eyes were black pools of mascara. Even her richly tanned skin had been given dabbled with glitter, contrasting her newly dyed, and platinum blonde hair.
She looked beyond stunning. Everyone knew that Cronenweth was the hottest piece of ass in the service, but poured into a sexy dress instead of her usual combat fatigues, she was absolutely cock-hardening.
“Tell me again why I look like a total prostitute?” She asked, noting how impractical her 8 inch fuck me pumps were. If the point was to make her melon-sized calves look even sharper, they were working wonders.
“The guy’s got a thing for women bodybuilders, so use those bulging muscles of yours to get close to him. Find out where the missile guidance chip is located and secure it.”
“You think he’s going to buy me as an amateur bodybuilder?” Cronenweth asked, lightly flexing her arm. A double-headed, softball-sized bulge strained against her sleeve.
“Have you seen yourself lately? Your shoulders are wider than a linebacker’s. Just try not to flex through your clothes. They’re designer.”
“I’m flattered. Security?”
“Air-tight,” The voice crackled. “Yazin has a private army guarding him – easily 2 dozen professional mercs carrying the latest firepower plus extra personal for the party, so don’t even think about engaging them unless you want your tight little ass handed to you. You’ve got no backup on this one.”
A ding signaled the sexy operative’s floor.

The elevator doors rolled open, revealing a team of four heavily-armed mercs working the door. They all froze in place at the sight of Cronenweth.
The jaw-dropping Brit stepped out and walked towards them. Her dressed covered the majority of her body, yet it did nothing to hide her potent mix of massive man-muscles and stripper curves.
Even wrapped in tight fabric, the density of her hyper-muscular body was obvious. Her broad, masculine shoulders and meaty lats lead down to a sleek waist that gave her a supremely attractive shape. The high slit in her dress revealed the lean, veiny detail of her hips before dropping the atom bomb that was her legs.
The brown flesh of her thighs was incredibly thin, almost transparent. It was clear Cronenweth carried a body fat level that was extremely dangerous for a woman. She looked ready to step onto a contest stage. Everything could be seen beneath the surface of those huge monsters. Ropey muscles rippled in waves. Striations were everywhere. Her stems were brutally developed, plain and simple.
The cute blonde was quickly stopped by the closest merc.
“Invitation,” He snorted from beneath a dark goatee.
“Oh – of course.” Cronenweth answered, adding her best air-head giggle.
The merc took it from her and examined it.
Just then, another voice drew everyone’s attention.
“Wait.” The gravely, accent-heavy growl ordered.
The mercs froze in place.
Cronenweth turned to see a frightening mountain of a woman appear from the next room. The operative had to crane her head just to reach her face, which sat high atop a mutant, 7 foot body carved from living granite. The gigantic Frankenstein woman was more like an ogre than a human being. Every limb was disturbingly oversized and packed to bursting with unimaginable muscularity.
The voice in Cronenweth’s ear chimed-in.
“Olga Damanov -Yazin’s head or security. Word around the intelligence community is that she’s the product of a Russian special breeding program from the end of the cold war. Gene splicing, radiation treatments, steroids, growth hormones – you name it, they used it on her.”
Cronenweth noted dozens of brutal scars across her neck and arms. They hardly had an affect on her butch looks, which could barely be classified as feminine.
The towering warrior-woman stopped in front of Cronenweth. The height difference was astonishing. Cronenweth’s face barely reached Damanov’s heaving man-pecs.
The freakish Russian analyzed the smaller Brit’s impressive bulges. Cronenweth could see her teeth grinding with jealousy.
“Frisk her.” Damanov grunted.
“Spread your legs.” One of the mercs ordered, holding up a metal detector.
Cronenweth did as he asked, simultaneously spreading the generous slit in her dress even wider. The other goons grinned at the sight of her lacey panties hugging the bulging lips of her sex. The mercs turned her around.
Lifting her thick arms, they pushed her against the wall. The stunning operative’s huge, defiant breasts mashed outward between her chest and the hard concrete.
Holding her wrists, the metal detector ran up and down her muscle-packed arms. The silver dress, which covered her arms from wrist to neck, was clearly under an incredible amount of strain. Her arms were shockingly large and detailed, even beneath the material. Her shoulders looked like two bowling balls split by three clear heads of muscle. Her beefy biceps and triceps tested the limits of the material without the slightest flex.
As the merc continued to scan her, he pushed her around roughly. Cronenweth diligently took the abuse. She could feel Damanov’s eyes smothering her body.
The metal detector ran across her open back. Behind her, the others commented on her rippling mass. None of them had ever seen a back like that, not even on a man. She was cut to ribbons.
Pulling her up, the merc reached around to scan her chest. As she arched her back, her DD tits pressed out from her body to a ludicrous degree, capped by two cork-sized nipples threatening to rip through the cloth.
The merc’s security check quickly became a sexual assault as he filled his hands with as much tit flesh as possible. Cronenweth tried to stifle a moan. Even the merc’s big hands could barely grasp all the sweater meat Cronenweth had stuffed in her dress.
As he squeezed his hands, Cronenweth barely noticed her thighs rubbing together. To the merc’s surprise, he felt her giant nipples stiffen noticeably.
Continuing on, the metal detector traced the tightly packed coil of muscles that made up her ass before pressing into her crotch.
Again, Cronenweth held back a moan. The other mercs came closer to see the obvious outline of her lacey g-string beneath the tight dress. Turning her around again, Cronenweth was back to facing the guards.
“Spread ‘em wider.” The merc ordered.
The undercover operative reluctantly moved her legs apart. The slit on her dress opened up completely, fully revealing her entire crotch.
The guards were utterly floored by the insane degree of muscularity evident around her underwear. Even Damanov was taken aback.
An inhumanly sliced 8 pack lead down to a carved set of rippling obliques. Even the minor muscles in Cronenweth’s hips and crotch were hyper-defined and pumped to bursting. A dozen finger-thick veins stretched her panties as they ran up her stomach or down her inner thighs.
“Enough.” The stoic Russian barked.
The mercs immediately released Cronenweth. Damanov signaled her to enter the party.
As the muscular operative walked away, she felt her Russian opposite’s eyes still clinging to her. Grinning slyly, Cronenweth brushed the lower half of her dress aside and gave her ass a tight flex. Her womanly glutes instantly erupted into two hyper-striated meatballs. Veins snaked up her ass crack and joined a writhing network covering each rippling brown cheek.
Damanov glared furiously.


Cronenweth entered the posh dinner party to find a bourgeois crowd of hundreds mingling among a towering glass penthouse. The sultry British muscle-machine eyed the security among the guests. Pairs of mercs were all over the place. Many of them didn’t even try to hide the fully automatic machine guns they carried.
As Cronenweth moved through the crowd, she drew the attention of everyone in the room. Few of them could believe the size of her thick arms or wide, masculine back. Others marveled at the twin chest boulders testing the limits of her dress. Her hard nipples, engorged from the rough handling outside the elevator, were still painfully erect.
Yazin spotted her almost instantly. He quickly excused himself from his other guests and made a beeline towards her.
“Can I offer you a drink” The suave Egyptian started.
As Cronenweth turned, Yazin was floored by her mixture of beauty and brawn. He didn’t know what was more arousing – the sight of those fat, overstuffed lips or the seemingly superhuman strength flowing in her massively pumped arms.
“Thank-you, mister…”
“Aresh Yazin. I thought I knew everyone on my guest list.” He answered.
Yazin snatched a pair of champagne glasses from a passing server and handed one to Cronenweth.
“Chrisy Rain. I’m friends with one of your guests.” Cronenweth explained, sipping her drink.
“Forgive me if this seems too forward, but you have one of the most impressive physiques I have ever seen.”
Cronenweth giggled.
“Only one of?” She toyed, lifting her arm.
Yazin’s jaw dropped as the sexy blonde flexed her right bicep. A dense ball the size of a grapefruit strained against her sleeve. The billionaire could see the outline of several veins struggling to tear through the material.
Yazin swallowed hard.
“You are a bodybuilder, obviously.”
“I compete in England,” Cronenweth toyed. “I haven’t won a show yet. All of the judges think I’m too muscular. What do you think, Mr. Yazin?”
Yazin scanned her powerful body. He could make out every individual lump of her pool ball abs through her dress.
“I must admit, I’m something of a bodybuilding enthusiast – I believe there’s nothing more arousing than a powerful woman.” He answered.
Cronenweth smiled, her eyes locked on his. Yazin could feel her overwhelming sexuality burning a hole through him. He noted the small veins running up her forehead – suggestions of the inhuman conditioning waiting beneath her dress. They did little to spoil her staggering beauty.
“My dear, would you like a tour of my little abode?”
Cronenweth’s earpiece crackled.
“That’s it. You have him, Cronenweth. Now do whatever you have to and locate that guidance chip.”
“What about your other guests?” The agent toyed, playing with her glass.
“Let them wait”
Cronenweth strolled beside her target through the impressively sprawling penthouse.
“This place must cost a fortune.” Cronenweth cooed.
“When I find something that pleases me, I take it.” He answered smugly, his arm wrapping around the agent’s wide shoulders.
“What exactly do you do, anyway?” She pressed.
“I sell stolen military hardware on the black market.”
Cronenweth seemed taken aback by her host’s candor.
Opening a door, Yazin guided Cronenweth into a large master bedroom. To her surprise, several mercs were already waiting inside.
“Now my dear, I would very much like to see that powerful physique of yours.” Yazin spoke as he closed the doors. He locked them and pocketed the key.
Cronenweth looked at the men alarmingly. They openly gawked at her big tits and protruding nipples.
“Don’t be intimidated, Ms. Rain. Behave like a woman and there won’t be any trouble.”
Yazin walked towards Cronenweth. He ran his hand down her smooth cheek.
“So beautiful. You truly are perfection.”
Taking her chin firmly, he pressed his mouth into hers. Cronenweth struggled as he sucked and gnawed on her oversized lips.
With a crackle, the voice in Cronenweth’s ear returned.
“Stay calm, Lieutenant. Don’t blow your cover – repeat, do not blow your cover.”
Finally, Yazin broke his forced kiss. He gazed at her stunning features with lust.
“Take off your dress.” He commanded.
“Mr. Yazin, I don’t know what you think –“
The tall Egyptian interrupted Cronenweth with a hard slap to the face. Shock hit the blonde like a bucket of water.
“You westerners… all the same. Prancing around like whores, cheaply flaunting your bodies to anyone willing to look”
Another slap. Blood smeared across Cronenweth’s cheek.
“Perhaps I need to teach you obedience.”
The British agent watched with alarm as Yazin undid his pants.
“Please me, whore.”
Cronenweth looked at the mercs. They got to their feet, clutching their weapons menacingly.
Slowly, Cronenweth kneeled down. She reluctantly reached into Yazin’s underwear and removed his large, semi-hard penis.
“Good…” Yazin moaned.
Parting her overstuffed lips, Cronenweth ran her tongue down the entire length of his member. Saliva oozed down his flesh. As she pulled away, a long string of spit hung from her mouth. She looked up at him like a depraved whore, her mouth wet and sticky.
Taking him in her hand, she smeared her wetness all over his shaft. It wasn’t long before he was fully erect, his cock a supremely impressive 12 inches in length.
“Take me in your mouth.” Came another command.
Cronenweth did as he asked. Inch by inch, she swallowed his giant rod.
Suddenly, Yazin grabbed her head and smashed her into his crotch. Cronenweth gurgled as his thick pole plowed all the way down her throat. Two buttons popped off the neck of her dress. Looking down, Yazin could actually see the girth of his huge cock painfully deforming the shape of the operative’s neck. Her eyes were tight with pain.
“All that effort to build your body, all that pain – and here you are, reduced to a cock-sucking whore.”
Pulling her head back, Yazin slid most of his member free from her burning esophagus. Spit bubbled out of Cronenweth’s mouth as she gasped for air.
Crushing her head tightly, Yazin wrenched her down his cock even harder. Cronenweth gagged loudly as another button popped off her neck. She clenched her fists, sending waves of throbbing vascularity squeezing against her clothes.
Yazin’s humongous dick was now buried more than a foot down the gagging operative’s throat. Veins strained against her neck as his monster pole threatened to rip through her skin.
“Don’t you realize how pathetic you are? No matter how much iron you pump, you’ll never be as strong as a man.”
Saliva poured down Cronenweth’s chin. Her lips were stretched so pencil thin that they almost ceased to exist. Even her jaw looked ready to unhinge.
With one cruel motion, Yazin pulled Cronenweth off him completely. He looked down at her thick, muscular body. The sight of her on her knees made his dick surge.
“I want you to swallow every drop of my seed, you disgusting cow.”
With that, he yanked on her hair and rammed himself down her throat one more time.
Cronenweth was literally impaled on his shaft when he finally went off. A potent blast immediately filled her devastated throat. Squeezing her poor head with all of his might, he fired a tidal wave of cum into her.
Cronenweth struggled weakly, making sloppy gurgling sounds as she literally drowned in cum. Eventually, the ridiculous volume was too much. Yazin’s juice flowed up her wind pipe to her mouth. The seal around his cock was so tight that his jizz was forced through her nasal cavity and out her nose.
After another 10 seconds, the torrent finally subsided. Slowly, Yazin slid Cronenweth’s head back. Cronenweth immediately barfed up a mouthful of slime. He released her and she dropped to her hands.
Her dress was ruined. The panting operative’s cloth-encased breasts were covered in spit and love-gunk. Her face was a mess. Cum was dangling from everything – her nose, mouth, chin. Her whorish make up, now a smeared mess, made her look more depraved than ever.
“Jesus…” was all the voice in Cronenweth’s ear could muster.
Suddenly, one of the mercs grabbed a fistful of sweaty blonde hair.
Cronenweth was yanked to her feet. The large man holding her began to painfully knead her impressive rack. She grabbed his hand out of anger.
“Now, now. Don’t be rude, my dear,” Yazin toyed. “Surely there’s enough of you for everyone.”
It took every ounce of her being for the cum-drenched Brit to fight her instincts to dislocate the merc’s shoulder.
Soon, the other mercs were fondling her. She could feel their hands roughly squeezing her muscular curves.
“Jesus, she’s built!” One of the men exclaimed, barely able to dent her steel-hard physique.
Two of the men marveled at her exposed back. She looked like a human anatomy chart, only wider and meatier than any girl had a right to be.
The largest man held her throat in a suffocating grip. To his surprise, he could barely get his large hand around her thickly muscled neck.
“I don’t care how jacked you are - you don’t breathe unless we say so.”
Cronenweth gurgled as the man squeezed harder. Cum bubbled out of her mouth.
One of the mercs already had his dick out. He pulled Cronenweth down and began to flat out face fuck her. He held nothing back.
The overwhelmed operative moaned as her mouth was smashed into the merc’s crotch. The hard plastic of his armor pulverized her lips. His large erection felt like a fist being rammed down her bruised throat.
Behind her, another man pulled out a combat knife and began to cut away the lower half of her dress. He grinned at the sight of her long, powerful legs. Each brown pillar was a rippling orgy of sinew. Veiny tendons flared as the rest of her body was assaulted from all directions.
Yazin grinned at the sight of his men viciously assaulting the erotic young bodybuilder. In a few short minutes, they had reduced a proud athlete to an overly-muscled cum repository.
The man at Cronenweth’s rear cut away the last bits of material covering the girl’s tight ass. Her dress was now the world’s shortest mini-skirt, with her dental-floss g-string almost completely exposed. He wasn’t sure what sexier, her inhumanly tanned ass cheeks or the virtually non-existent piece of t-bar fishing wire she had wedged up her crack.
“Damn! You are one slutty ho!” The merc exclaimed, yanking the skinny sliver of underwear skyward. He could see the bald lips of her pussy bulging obscenely through the patch of material. To his disbelief, dozens of rippling striations surged outward from her sweaty sex.
“Oh god!” The first merc yelled, blowing his load down Cronenweth’s windpipe. “Shit she’s hot! Fuck!”
No one cared that the ultra-buff muscle babe was virtually drowning. As soon as the first merc was done, another one pulled her face off him and shoved an even thicker dick in her. A cock head the size of an orange violently stretched her mouth and burrowed its way deep inside.
“Look at her neck.” The man at the back commented. Every vein in her horribly stretched throat was straining to the max. The unprecedented monster lodged past her trachea looked ready to split her open.
“Think she’s got room for one more?” The third man asked, unzipping his pants. Another giant meat missile flopped out.
“Who cares – shove it in her.”
The third man forced his fingers in her over-stretched mouth and pried it open even father. Cronenweth stifled a cry as he powered another giant dong into her ravaged hole, right beside the first one. Her jaw was on the verge of being violently dislocated. The muscles in her cheeks burned like they had been injected with acid.
To everyone’s astonishment, the unbelievable muscle slut took it all. Screaming through all the meat in her mouth, Cronenweth grabbed the carpet below her. Her dress creaked as her arms swelled frighteningly large, veins forcing a disgusting, crisscrossing outline through the massively over-burdened material.
Somehow, Cronenweth kept taking every inch of cock being forced into her. Her throat was positively deformed. Every vein in her neck was horribly externalized. It looked like someone had shoved a 2 liter Coke bottle into her.
“Fuck! This bulging bitch is unreal. I’ve never seen a slut like take this much meat!”
The two mercs were now ravaging the spectacularly-muscled operative’s face. The man behind her had begun to shove the barrel of his rifle into her bulging sex. To his amazement, the rougher he man-handled her, the wetter she got. It wasn’t long before he had rivers of juice pouring down her rippling inner thighs.
“Oh shit! Oh shit…!”
The first two mercs let out a sudden, simultaneous howl. With fistfuls of hair in their grasps, they smashed her face into their armored crotches as they blew their loads straight into her stomach. Wave after wave, jet after jet, the two men ruthlessly filled the British mega-whore like a cum swimming pool.
Cronenweth flopped to the ground gasping and panting. She was drenched from head to toe in sweat, which glistened off her freakish muscles. Cum gurgled out of her ruined throat into a large puddle beneath her.
Yazin stood over the fucked-out operative and gazed at her dripping body. He watched as dozens of thick muscle-slabs twitched uncontrollably across her meaty back. Somehow, she seemed even more muscular now that when he had first met eyes on her - as if the savage mouth-fucking had actually gotten her pumped.
Even lying limp on the floor, her shoulders were like twin basketballs. The giant hunks of beef that covered her back were now exploding out of her dress to the point where she was more uncovered than covered.
Just then, the roar of a helicopter stole everyone’s attention. Yazin and his men turned to see a heavily armed transport helicopter buzz the window. Yazin walked to the glass and watched the chopper circle the building.
“Well my dear, it seems my business partners have arrived.” The Egyptian cooed, fixing his tie. “I’m afraid this is where we part company.”
Yazin turned to his men, who had mostly recovered from their assault on Cronenweth.
“Do what you want with her, but make sure you dispose of the body when you’re finished.”
A moment later, Yazin was gone.