Thursday, July 24, 2008

WAR INC. - mission 4

Mission 4
By Mr.Shhh

“What the hell are you doing, Cronenweth?!” An angry voice crackled in the Lieutenant’s CODEC.
The undercover operative barely heard the noise in her ear over the sounds of snapping bones and cartilage. A 300 pound merc gurgled blood as the muscle-bound hard body brutally choked him from behind with her automatic weapon. Pumped-up biceps as big as cantaloupes tried to rip through sweaty, paper-thin skin that was already overwhelmed by dozens of inch–thick veins. Shoulders rippled with eye-popping detail and brutally distinct muscle heads.
With a teeth-clenched snarl, Cronenweth suddenly tripled the piston-like pressure. The small girl’s awesome back flared with such meaty girth that it surpassed the massive man’s total width. Dozens of stitches split open under an eye-popping surge of muscular girth – all of it ghoulishly lean.
The big, metal weapon actually began to groan as it bent under the British bombshell’s unyielding strength. Bolts and springs flew everywhere at the very moment the merc’s spine cracked in half.
A limp body hit the floor. Sweat dripped from the panting girls’ wet hair and etched Greek-goddess features. She didn’t waste a second swapping her useless gun for her brutalized opponent’s.
“You cannot engage the enemy!” The CODEC screamed. “There are two-dozen men in that tower!”
“I’m retrieving that guidance chip.” Cronenweth finally responded, her sizzling, phone-sex voice cool and emotionless. The men on the other end of the transmission knew that tone well – it was usually followed by millions of dollars worth of collateral damage.
“Do not engage the enemy Lieutenant! That’s a direct fucking order!”
“Suck my dick.” The operative spat.

Yazin shook hands with a stoic man with short-cropped grey hair. He was joined by a pair of well-armed bodyguards.
The man took off his sunglasses and looked over the large crowd. He seemed unimpressed.
“Do you have our merchandise?”
Yazin reached into his coat pocket and produced a small, plastic case.
The man took it and opened it. He seemed pleased by the small silicon chip inside. Yazin was handed a briefcase.
“That’s what I like about you corporate types.” The Egyptian smirked. “You’re all business.”
Just then, the entire building shook as if it was hit by an earthquake.
“What was that?” The serious man spat.
Dust sprinkled down from the high ceiling as another shock hit the building. The pampered guests paused from their hedonism.
A group of mercs pushed through the crowd and found Yazin. Their radios were alive with screaming.
“Mr. Yazin, we’re under attack!”
Yazin listened to the chaos. He caught a single, terrified voice through the chaos.
“-- Jesus, look at the muscles on her--!”
Slowly, realization filled his eyes.
“What did you do with the girl?” He shouted at the merc.
“The Girl! The bodybuilder! The bulging bitch!”
The merc had no idea.
Yazin snatched the radio from his shoulder.
“This is Yazin. All units converge on the atrium!”
The serious man put his hand on Yazin’s shoulder.
“What the hell is going on, Yazin? Who is this girl?”
“Just an annoying little fly begging to be squashed.”
Explosions shook the rear entrance to the room. Twenty new mercs joined the smaller group. The heavily armed men shoved guests aside and took up fortified positions behind whatever they could find. Two men set up mounted, chain-fed weapons locked on the entrance.
Tension was thick as the noises behind the door grew closer and louder. Gunfire, explosions, anarchy.
Suddenly, the doors blew off their hinges. The entire force of mercs opened fire, annihilating the wall around the smoking entrance. After 10 uninterrupted seconds or gunfire, the barrage ceased.
Yazin squinted through the hazy room. Even the terrified crowd leaned in with interest.
A pair of grenades appeared through the smoke and bounced along the floor.
Before anyone could react, the explosives blew three men apart and shattered one side of the floor to ceiling windows surrounding the atrium.
Cronenweth rushed the room – her ridiculous, porn star tits rebounding everywhere as she gunned down another two mercs with a clip of well-aimed shots. The rest of the room was in awe at the stunning, half-naked bodybuilder brazenly flaunting her impossible body.
The mounted guns opened fire on the over-inflated operative. Cronenweth rolled behind a huge stone pillar as high caliber rounds shredded everything around her. Chips of stone and wood cut her legs and arms and tore her tattered, cum-stained dress.
The two guns pinned the pumped-up professional behind a large Egyptian artifact – one of a series of museum pieces installed around the room.
Cronenweth looked to either side of her. Men were already reloading their weapons and advancing towards her.
“You’re finished you disgusting cow!” Yazin screamed from somewhere in the room. “Those freakish muscles won’t save you!”
Cronenweth looked up at the artifact – in fact a 20 foot high solid stone obelisk detailed with hieroglyphics. Crouching down, she dug her back into the face of the artifact and grit her teeth.
Looking blankly into the sky, the rippling, vein-engorged she-stud began pushing against it with the full power of her unbelievable body. Her wet, naked thighs immediately detonated with a megaton of hyper-trophied detail. Every overblown muscle group in her legs, from her ankles to her crotch tightened into a striated super-orgy of definition. Ropey striations pressed through her screaming brown skin bringing with it what seemed like every last artery and vein in her legs.
Cronenweth let out an earth shattering scream. It was her body versus the colossal, multi-ton obelisk. In ancient times it would have taken dozens of men to move it, yet this big-chested piece of ass was determined to do it herself.
Cronenweth’s face quickly went red from the nightmarish effort. Popping veins spoiled her good looks as she applied every ounce of her unyielding will.
“GNNNNGGGG!!!!!” She gurgled, sounding more like some deep-throated animal than a big-titted bimbo. Her bulldog neck was alive with dangerously swollen vascularity and steel-tight tendons. More of her battered dress split open under wave upon wave of swelling pec meat and monster mega-traps.
A small trickle of tears rolled down her face as she pushed herself to the very limit of human endurance. Her body was convulsing uncontrollably. Every muscle in her already super-lean physique took on a freakish level of definition. What tenuous grasp she had as a member of the female gender literally evaporated as she hulked-out into a beastly, horrifically-muscular man-thing.
Then, a crack. The entire obelisk shook and Cronenweth felt herself move an inch backward. There was no time to celebrate as a pair of mercs appeared beside her. She caught their silhouettes through the smoky air and snatched a heavy machinegun in each hand. Still battling the artifact at full power, the butched-out she-stallion opened fire on both advances at once.
“HNNNNNGGGGGAGAA!!!!” She cried, her voice dripping with lustful fury as she poured on the killing power. Her vein-covered face looked ready to burst as it went a disturbing shade of purple. Another pair of men came up behind the first two and were gutted by a hundred steaming rounds.
CRACK! Hairline fractures advanced further along the base of the stone. The remaining gunmen unleashed a hellish barrage of fire that nearly deafened the savage operative. A wave of destruction tore apart the room behind her and began to chip away at her cover. She wouldn’t last much longer pinned-down. It was now or never.
Gripping her weapons with bulldozer strength, Cronenweth flexed herself in what could only be described as an all-out muscular orgasm. Whatever tiny bits of her dress remained were utterly obliterated beneath a savage eruption of elephantine girl-mass.
“GGRRRRRRAAAAAAAAGGGGGGG!!!” Cronenweth roared as her body mutated into something both more than human yet shockingly subhuman. She was nothing more than a throbbing, pulsing collection of veiny sinew. Delts to biceps, pecs to lats, everything mashed together in a grotesque frenzy of hyperactive growth.
The entire base of the obelisk finally cracked all the way through. Everyone in the room gasped as the towering hunk of stone began to tip like some drunken, lumbering giant.
Yazin and the grey-haired man dove out of the way as the obelisk came crashing down around them. With a booming thunderclap, the massive stone tower drove right through the floor, crushing the rest of Yazin’s security forces in the blink of an eye. A cloud of smoky debris poured through the room.
Cronenweth moved through the shaken party guests with laser-focused intensity. She had a mission to complete and didn’t seem to care that she was naked from head to toe save a skimpy g-string stuffed with ammo clips. The guests gawked at her ludicrous double Ds and out of control steroid physique in total shock. She was a sultry, sexed-up fuck toy and monstrously-muscled war machine in equal measures.
“Get to the exit behind me. MOVE!” She barked, picking up shaken men and women and pushing them roughly to safety. “Keep your heads down! Don’t look back!”
One guest grabbed the operative’s bulging arm.
“My husband’s trapped! Please – you have to help him!”
Cronenweth followed the panicked woman to a man pinned beneath a heavy steel girder. Three other guests were already trying to lift it up, but it was too heavy.
Cronenweth slung her guns over her shoulder and pushed the 3 guests aside. Everyone watched in awe as the gorgeous, sweat slicked blonde crouched down and took an underhanded grip.
Muscles shifted and tightened across the girl’s tremendous, brick wall back. Her muscular ass shrunk into a steel-hard grip of inch-deep striations that looked absolutely bullet proof. As she leaned forward, her ridiculous tits squashed against the steel and pushed into her face.
Everyone watched her already grossly masculine physique erupt with more over-stuffed vascularity as she powered the solid steel girder off the man. Her tits dropped free and jiggled around as she held the hunk of steel aloft.
“Get him out of there…!” The hard body ordered in her out of place girl voice.
The others slid the injured man free and Cronenweth dropped the girder like a used tampon.
“T-thank-you!” The woman gushed, holding the stunning super-girl’s hot, wet skin.
Before Cronenweth could respond, a weird, blade-like weapon cut through the hazy atmosphere and sliced her shoulder. Blood sprayed across the woman’s face as operative screamed.
A thick chain shot out of nowhere and wrapped around Cronenweth’s neck. Before the operative could react, she was brutally yanked off her feet and flung into the girder.
The gagging lieutenant tried to get a grip on the chain. Again, she was wrenched off her feet and tossed like a rag doll. She was thrown through a series of plate-glass windows before landing hard on the rubble-strewn floor.
The battered blonde tried to gasp for air, but the chain was choking the life out of her. Her face was a gross, purple mess.
Then at once, the chain unhooked. Her skin was rope-burned as it whipped back to its owner like a snake.
Through blurred vision, Cronenweth looked up to see a gigantic, towering figure standing before her. She quickly recognized the manly features and military haircut.
“Olga…. D-Damanov…” The Brit gagged, blood oozing from her luscious mouth.
The gargantuan Russian clung to 2 deadly blades mounted at the ends of heavy, navy-grade chains. To Cronenweth’s surprise, the terrifying woman slowly lowered them to the ground.
The room went unnervingly quiet save the noise of scattered fires. It was like some strange vision of hell – a ruined paradise hot with sweaty tension.
With a flick of her big hands, Damanov ordered her opponent to her feet. Cronenweth fought her pain-wracked body and stood up before the Russian beast.
The size difference between the two women was unreal. At 5’5, the small Brit looked like a child next to the Russian’s skyscraper-like 7’5. Damanov also had hundreds of pounds on Cronenweth and looked every bit of it. The bigger woman’s lumbering, rhinoceros swagger was truly terrifying.
Damanov ran her eyes up and down her opponent’s naked flesh. There was no doubt that even the colossal Russian was impressed with Cronenweth’s mind-boggling muscles. She jealously fixed on the gently wobbling tits that were so ridiculously out of place on the girl’s steel-hard physique.
Bringing her Herculean arms out in front of her, the bunker-thick Damanov locked her fists and flexed hard. A crazed grin formed on her face as her uniform tightened to its limit. With another flex, the seams of her outfit burst one by one.
Cronenweth’s eyes widened as the genetically altered Russian bear literally exploded out of her clothes. Her already brutish shape filled-out with heavy, microwave-sized blocks of human concrete.
Damanov roared like an animal and shook with brutal power. Her pale, heavily scarred skin screamed as hundred-pound muscle slabs filled it to bursting. Arms thicker than men’s entire bodies stretched and groaned. Shoulders like medicine balls split into individual heads.
Spit dangled from the crushing teeth of the Russian super-freak. Her face bubbled with twisted heaps of vascularity fed through a neck that was almost totally consumed within the rest of her torso.
Damanov lowered her arms at her sides and flashed a shit-eating grin. It was a throw down - she was literally pitting her own science-lab physique against Cronenweth’s substantially smaller mega-body. Did the British beauty have what it took to compete?
Silence filled the air as the hulking girl-things stared each other down. Naked from the waist up, it was brutally clear that Damanov’s bulldozer-body was an affront to nature. Every weird, mountainous inch of her was a poster-child for irresponsible science bent on ultimate muscle-mass at any cost. No one could compete with Damanov – she was a single-minded semi-truck of violent physicality.
But Damanov hadn’t counted on the over-sexed piece of blonde fuck meat that stood before her. Cronenweth could already feel her pulse rising to the impossible challenge. Her veins were filling with enough super-concentrated girl testosterone to drown an entire gym of beefcake bodybuilders.
With steel-crushing strength, the naked muscle-slut tightened her fists into diamond-hard hammers. Her freaky, sweat-soaked forearms groaned like leather as they inflated with eye-opening thickness. The longer she held her grip, the more brute-size poured into her. Veins multiplied by a factor of ten, pulsing and snaking up her arms in surging waves. Inch by inch, everything became utterly consumed by those fat, purple blood-hoses until she was totally devoured by them.
Cronenweth didn’t notice or care about her bleeding arm, raw neck or the two-dozen other gashes and cuts. She could’ve given a fuck about beauty or tits or curves. Her entire essence was now machine-focused on showing the ballsy Russian cunt-stain who had the better body.
Damanov watched the blonde muscle-machine grind her teeth together, forcing pectoral-like striations to press through her jaw. Veins popped through her temples in fat, flexing wads thick enough to hold. Breathing became painfully labored as the operative’s body demanded oxygen to fuel her unprecedented pump.
The furious fembomb brought her massive arms together in superhuman flexation, literally becoming a walking muscle-factory pumping out pure, unrestrained monster-mass.
“Gnnnnnnnnnngggg!!!!!” She growled; spit bubbling through her teeth as she ratcheted-up the intensity. Her pecs tightened into beefy, iron-hard balloons as big as any 3 steroid abusers’. Steel-cable striations ripped apart her stretched-out skin and fought for space against her bulbous, planetoid delts.
Fury bubbled within Cronenweth’s outraged opponent as the impossible took place before her eyes. Somehow, this jiggling bimbo half her size was actually pumping-out muscles big enough to rival her own genetically-altered gorilla physique.
With an earth-shattering roar, Damanov stomped her feet and powered out a colossal crab-flex. Her eyes were insane pinpricks devoid of restraint, mindlessly fixed on ultimate mass. Car-crushing power forced the hideous Russian monster to go nuclear, detonating with a literal ton of industrial-grade muscle beef. Her pea-sized head and GI JOE buzz cut almost completely vanished beneath the all-consuming tidal wave of girth threatening to fill the entire building.
At this point, both women were out of control. They were terminally locked in a twisted pose-down of epic proportions. Any reasonable sense of restraint was smashed as each skin-stretching, testosterone-pumping girl-abomination gave in to the oceans of muscle-lust flowing through them.
Cronenweth looked at the battleship-sized monstrosity across her with stupid, pig-headed determination. Her wet eyes spewed defiance. Fuck you, you man-bitch – they seemed to cry. You think you can out-flex me?
“HHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!” The naked Brit beefcake wept - sweat flying everywhere as she flexed her guts out. Her arms rattled in a full-on double biceps that sent her shape into the stratosphere. Lats like sides of beef blew out to retarded, wings-like dimensions. Biceps subdivided into multiple heads stacked as high as her shaking fists. At the zenith of her fury, the blonde’s overburdened panties finally gave up under a high-pressure, crotch-meat overload. With a sudden snap, Cronenweth’s frighteningly developed muscle-vagina flexed its way to freedom beneath an all-or-nothing surge of vein-engorged muscularity.
“GGGGGGRRRRRRNNNN!!! HHHHHHRRRRRNNNNGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!” The girl boiled as liquid testosterone powered her to superhuman heights. Her stunning good looks became completely buried beneath a nightmarish car wreck of face-stretching effort.
Damanov was livid. While the jiggling Amazon still couldn’t match the Russian for pure size - proportionally, it was now clear the smaller girl utterly destroyed her. Even more so it was her glistening, vacuum-sealed definition that made the muscular Russian look like a flabby water-balloon. Every twitching, steel-tight muscle group was excruciatingly chiseled and inflamed beyond any limit. Damanov simply couldn’t match her ridiculous mixture of hulking, he-man thickness and vein-ripped conditioning.
Finally, the gorgeous blonde lowered her heavy, bloated arms. She was breathing uncontrollably now. The tremendous rise and fall of her watermelon breasts made a wet smacking noise. Sweat washed down every jagged surface and dripped off her weird, bulbous dimensions. Standing there completely naked, she looked out of her mind with ferocious, muscle-fueled strength.
Cronenweth’s eyes focused on Damanov like weapons of mass destruction. Both women knew there was no contest - not anymore. Cronenweth was almost too muscular to believe. She was sickeningly jacked. Even looking at her, Damanov couldn’t accept a girl her size could possess such a lunatic physique.
A window-rattling roar welled up from the genetic experiment’s humongous chest. In an instant, she broke out into a charging attack. Before Cronenweth could react, Damanov plowed into her and drove her through the wall behind them.
A mass of sweaty, naked flesh crashed into the smaller room. Damanov wrapped her oven-mitt hands around the smaller girl’s neck and whipped her back outside.
Cronenweth cried as she scraped along the ground. Damanov was back on her in a flash and wrenched her up. The huge Russian locked the battered operative in a hydraulic-strength bear-hug that buried her entire body in muscle-meat. As the heaving girls thrashed about, they became an indistinguishable mass of writhing anatomy. Biceps, pecs, abs, glutes, calves – it was all just twisted definition.
Spit flapped from Damanov’s mouth as she applied enough forced to shatter granite. Cronenweth’s muffled voice could be heard somewhere inside the cube of flesh that was flinging sweat everywhere. Anyone would have been liquefied by the pressure, but the Russian seemed to be unable to crack the bulging Brit.
Slowly, Damanov felt a piston-like force begin to pry her open. Steel-hard bulges pressed against her body as Cronenweth’s muscles swelled with alarming intensity. Damanov poured on even more chemically-enhanced strength but still found herself relenting. No one was that strong!
Then the giant Russian felt her opponent’s hands clamp down on her wrists. She seemed powerless to stop the blonde Brit from wrenching her car-crusher grip wide open.
Cronenweth held her opponent in a painful crucifix, cruelly forcing Damanov to drink in a long, punishing eyeful of her over-the-top muscularity – from the veiny maw of her mutant muscle-cunt to the hulking, side of beef lats that were on the verge of swallowing her up. She might as well have stabbed a knife in the Russian’s heart – there was simply no comparison who had the better body.
A rush of panic hit Damanov as she suddenly felt her arms continue to pull apart. Her struggle to break Cronenweth’s iron grip became increasingly desperate until she was thrashing about like an animal. First, her joints reached their apex – both shoulders and elbows. Pain flowed into her like syrup as the room filled with muffled “cracks”.
Had her cold war masters been here to witness it they still wouldn’t have believed her, yet here she was being taken apart by a sexy young slut less than half her bodyweight. Damanov was at the mercy of Cronenweth’s impossible brawn, but there no mercy for her tonight.
Every vein in the Brit’s Amazonian body surged to the max as she applied all of her incalculable might. Her menacing V-shape finally outstripped Damanov’s total width and seemed to reach the apex of her awesome potential. Her ass was just clenched striations of high-tensile steel. Her shoulder and arms were terrifying tree trunks with peaks on top of peaks.
With a horrible sound, the struggle between strength and limbs was unequivocally decided. Cronenweth was doused with blood as Damanov’s arms tore free like thick tubes of meat. The giant Russian was kicked backward through one of the few remaining windows, which shattered spectacularly and sent her plummeting to her death 50 stories below.

Cronenweth emerged on the rooftop of the building moments later. She was a ludicrous sight to behold - naked and wet from head to toe with a mixture of sweat and blood. Her incredible tits bounced all over the place as she rushed up the stairs into a swirling vortex of wind.
A military helicopter was already lifting off across from her. She quickly spotted Yazin, who threw her a cocky salute before sliding the door shut.
The Brit wasted no time opening fire. Bullets danced up the tail of the chopper like fireworks. Veins tore through the girl’s biceps and chest as she poured her screaming fury into the weapon. Slugs hit the fuselage and a trail of smoke poured forth.
Slowly, the chopper arced around and locked its sight on the pumped-up bodybuilder. Cronenweth was quickly outclassed by the chopper’s heavier guns and dove back down the stairs as a trail of destruction tore past her. As she got back on her feet, the chopper came back around for another pass. The operative ran for the door as the entire stairwell exploded in gunfire.

Back inside, Cronenweth knew she didn’t have much time. A second later, the helicopter came down beside the windows. Floodlights blinded the bulging blonde as it hovered at her level. Wind was blowing debris everywhere. Squinting through the chaos, she spotted a pair of missile pods on either side of the chopper.
In an instant, she broke into a sprint. The chopper unleashed both pods at once, utterly obliterating the building behind her.
The destruction followed her as she ran with every bit of speed her massive legs could give her. As she came up on the end of the room, she reached down and scooped one of Damanov’s chain blades.
Without missing a beat, Cronenweth smashed through the window and out into the sky an instant before fire consumed the building behind her.
With a hard throw, she managed to catch the blade on a neighboring building. The chain went taught and the muscle-bound mega girl swung on a wide arc and crashed through the window of another skyscraper.
A startled couple lurched up from their bed to witness the naked, mega-buff bombshell land on their floor. She lay on the ground amidst a pile of glass catching her breath.
“Who the hell are you?” The guy shot.
Cronenweth got to her feet and glanced at them. They both gasped at her ridiculous man muscles and porn start breasts – not to mention her piercing, erotic beauty.
Turning back to the city, the operative could only watch as the helicopter flew away in the distance. She tightened her fists until her forearms were so fat with muscularity that they started making leathery noises. The terrified couple gawked at her swollen arms and massive, meat-packed back.
“W-what do you want…?”
Veins snaked menacingly up the blonde’s big biceps and into her violently shredded chest.
“That son of a bitch,” Cronenweth hissed. “Dead.”