Monday, May 26, 2008

Box Office Muscle

I had a request recently to repost some of my old Massive Productions art, so below is a link to a thread on Forum Saradas with the goods. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

NO CONTEST - Chapter 5

Chapter 5
By: Mr. Shhh

The entire auditorium fell silent as Krissy locked her hands on what barely resembled a set of hips. She found truckloads of unnatural, rock-shaped muscularity to hold onto in lieu of a girl’s hour glass figure.
Krissy could feel a thrilling sense of exhilaration rushing through her veins. Maybe it was the exhibitionist in her getting off on standing greased-up and topless in front of a thousand strangers. Maybe it was the confirmation that a 19 year old girl could be more man than the biggest beefcakes in the world. Whatever the reason, Krissy just wanted to start flexing her brains out.
Squeezing her waist, Krissy savored the violent surges of ropey muscularity that ballooned through her skin. As impressive as it was, she knew there was more to come – a hell of a lot more. The finely detailed textures of her muscles - sickeningly devoid of any body fat - were ghoulishly clear beneath every shredded surface. Beastly, inch-thick veins crisscrossed her shockingly-split bicep heads en-route to even fatter and more monstrous ones throbbing through her chest. Every ounce of her was so grossly jacked and stretched-out that she appeared ready to rip open at any second.
This is the moment you’ve been waiting for your whole life, Krissy thought. Time to show them what you’re made of
With a slow, deliberate motion, the supremely ripped she-beast began to spread her wings. Two tectonic plates of pure girl-meat started to spread outward, generating new and alarming continents of mega mass as they gobbled up space. The sheer, elephantine size of her back was alarming enough to rattle even the other competitors.
A Cheshire cat grin spread across Krissy’s face as she willed herself bigger. Don’t hold back, she thought. Show them all that big, brown beef you’ve packed on. Show them what a messed-up Frankenstein monster you are.
Krissy’s body began to shake. A dozen more snakes punched through her already veiny and tightly-stretched forehead. The power coming off her could be felt at the back of the auditorium as she poured enough strength into her pose to bend steel, only laser-focused on her pump.
One of the judges dropped her pencil. The others seemed frozen in place. As the teen bodybuilder’s monolithic lats expanded further, the true, unsettling breadth of her cartoonish physique became clear. Inch by inch, muscle by muscle, Krissy shed the skin of a shy college student and revealed the most twisted and unnaturally massive female body of all time.
Krissy couldn’t control her smile. The stunned reaction of the audience was feeding her muscle lust like nothing she had ever felt before. She could feel her body going crazy – her adrenaline pumping, her blood saturated with weird girl testosterone. Jesus Christ – was she was going to loose it completely?
The other competitors had long ago reached their maximum spread, yet Krissy kept growing and growing. It made no sense – how the hell was she so much bigger than everybody else? Her oak table of a back expanded until all but the tips of her elbows had disappeared behind it. By the time she finally hit her peak, she was a solid, mini-van brick of glistening brown beefcake.
Krissy tried to gaze at herself but there wasn’t room to move her fire hydrant neck as her traps had swallowed up most of her head. All she could see were the tops of her watermelon shoulders, and that was only because they had expanded into her field of view.
Holding her flex, the teen’s back covered half of the two competitors on either side of her. There was no question who was the most muscular – Krissy destroyed them all. She might as well have been facing children. She was twice the man any of them were – twice as butch, cut and scary as hell.
Out in the audience, Krissy was blowing minds and frying synapses. Most of the spectators were covering their hanging mouths. They wanted to see a champion, not an escapee from a genetics laboratory. She was just too much in every category – too big, too vascular and way too hideously sliced.
A shaky voice asked the contestants to display a side chest pose.
Krissy waited – her enormous, tit-less chest rising and falling as she relaxed herself. The musclemen around her grunted and wheezed as they tried to compete with the new pose. Veins popped through bronzed skin. Biceps peaked and split. It should have been an orgy of sinew, only it all paled in comparison to Krissy alone.
The beautiful girl-thing looked over her rivals and wanted to laugh. Slowly, the muscle-bound Krissy brought her arms into position. Locking eyes with the judges, she cut them in half with her grin and squeezed hard.
The men beside her could actually hear her skin screaming as her muscles went super-nova. It was the sound of sitting down in a leather chair – that gross, squeaky-groan of flesh being forced to its very limits. Her massively meaty pecs crumpled like a metal bumper in a car crash as she locked them into position. Striations tore apart her deeply tanned flesh in a lumpy, 3D profile of inch-deep gouges.
People couldn’t handle it. Even for a man she was a travesty of the human form. But this girl-in-name-only wasn’t done yet. She knew she could still do better.
The bulging teen dropped her hands and brought them back up. She yelled hard and she hit the pose again. Somehow, she flexed-up magnitudes of additional monster mass. Horrible anatomical detail, perverted and stretched and distorted, wrenched through her Saran-wrap skin. The harder she flexed, the worse she became. Her ears flattened as her traps crushed them mercilessly. Her deltoids added a thousand new cuts every second to the painfully defined, over-stuffed shoulder pads they resembled.
Krissy smiled harder - she was so proud and turned on that she couldn’t help it. Her posing suit, already overburdened with fistfuls of strange, bulging vaginal muscle, started to press outward noticeably. Big hunks of cut crotch-beef could be seen squirming out from the edges of the suit while the material itself became saturated with girl juice – which was a serious threat to her credibility as a muscleman.
Krissy hit the side chest pose a third time, this time reaching the unassailable heights of total and absolute freakishness. She was inhuman. One the judges lost his lunch right there on the floor. Another one made an attempt to regain control of the situation.
Front double biceps.
The poor, demoralized competitors moved into the new pose while Krissy wandered behind them. The men watched her nervously. They busied themselves with their own displays of strength, but a sense of impending doom filled the air. What else could she possibly do to their poor, steamrollered egos that she hadn’t done already?
Sweat had mixed with the oil on Krissy’s skin as she found a spot behind the very biggest of the men. She shone like an angel under the burning lights and for a brief second, the beauty of her chiseled and voluptuous facial features almost betrayed the gorgeous heart-stopper she was.
As she shuffled about, her movements were quite the opposite. So much heavy, weighty bulk gave her the manly swagger of a Norwegian strong man. It was weird and disturbing, but Krissy didn’t care – she’d happily sacrifice everything that made her a female to become the muscle god she knew she could be.
Standing directly behind the black, 6’5 Mandingo, Krissy’s unflexed shape outstripped his total width by a shocking degree. Every aspect of Krissy’s physique, from her shoulder span to her waist to the breadth of her barrel-thick thunder-thighs was double his size. Even being a full foot shorter, her juggernaught of a body was in every way superior to his straining, flexing physique.
Then she lifted her arms. As she held them out ready to flex, they dwarfed his fully peaked pythons. Krissy could feel the audience leaning in to see what they all sensed was about to happen. Licking her lips, she shut her eyes and tightened her face into a red, veiny mess.
Krissy’s ridiculous, mutant shape underwent a complete physical transformation. She whined in equal parts agony and ecstasy and forced her full, unrestrained potential screaming to the forefront. Arms that were thicker than telephone poles became double that in an instant, capped with inhumanly split heads the size of deformed basketballs. Her traps ballooned to the very top of her head and ate her entire bulldog neck and all the straining tendons it contained.
Pecs, abs, lats – they all mashed together and threatened to become indistinguishable save for her machine-like chiseling and perfect definition. Her poor posing suit was stretched into a reverse g-string by a sudden and violent eruption of volcanic crotch muscle.
Krissy was a human tank in size and shape. Her gigantic, monster outline swallowed up the massive black bodybuilder effortlessly and kept going. Here, at the full peak of her potential, she was as big as 2 or even 3 of the men put together, yet carved from marble. She was Hercules, Superman and Rambo all rolled into one. She was the winner of her lineup and the biggest stud on stage.