Thursday, January 24, 2008

NO CONTEST - Chapter 3

Chapter 3
By: Mr. Shhh

Krissy followed Sue through the busy shopping mall. Every guy in view was fixated on the cute bodybuilder’s overdeveloped body.
“Okay, first things first – you need a guy’s haircut.”
Krissy glanced at her reflection in a shop window. Her tremendous girth was poured into a tight blouse and skirt. She gazed at her long, silky hair.
“I was thinking something really butch – like a buzz cut.” Sue continued.
“I’m not getting a buzz cut!” Krissy snapped.

The barber pulled the cover sheet off Krissy and turned her around.
The two girls examined her new, boyish hair cut. Most of her sensual locks lay scattered on the floor around her. What was left were short, sexy bangs.
The chair groaned as Krissy got up. If her dress looked out of place on her before, it looked twice as strange now. The short haircut seemed to shrink the beautiful bodybuilder’s head while simultaneously thickening her neck and shoulders. Her head looked like a pea stuck to a veiny meat pillar wider than a fire hydrant.
“Wow. That’s a big step in the right direction.” Sue muttered, totally amazed.
The barber didn’t know what to say. Krissy somehow looked twice as muscular as before.
“Let’s get you some clothes…”

Sue waited while Krissy fiddled in the change room of the clothing store.
“I can barely move in here!” Krissy moaned.
“Quit complaining. Change rooms aren’t meant for girls with 20 inch arms.”
20 inches? I haven’t had 20 inch arms since I was 15.”
The door opened and Krissy emerged. Her dress was gone, replaced by jeans and a short sleeve baseball jersey. Neither item fit her very well – she couldn’t even get most of the buttons done up, which left a column of her absurdly tanned chest threatening to erupt at any moment. The jersey was so tight that Sue could see every one of the hundreds of inch-thick veins that covered her friend’s terrifying upper body. Her mutated muscle-traps and watermelon shoulders distorted the shape of the shirt to the point where the sleeves ended less than half-way across her delts.
Krissy had already removed most of her make-up - the final touch in her precarious quest to erase any trace of sexuality.
“My god, Krissy…” Sue gasped. Her amazement was palpable. “I didn’t think it was possible, but… you’re a total he-man!”

Krissy and Sue stepped off the bus in front of the convention center. They looked at the flashing electronic sign beside the road: “Mr. Testosterone bodybuilding competition – April 3- 5”.
“Well, this is it. Ready, Mr. Snow?”
Krissy nervously tightened her fists. Huge, rippling chunks of muscular detail flared through her veiny forearms.
“This is going to work, right?” The gargantuan man-girl asked, her sexy face red with embarrassment.
“Did you see the way those girls on the bus were looking at you? They wanted to rip your clothes off. Just play the part and your muscles will take care of the rest.”

The two girls entered the convention center to find a chaotic ocean of beefy bodies waiting for them. Krissy had expected the Testosterone to be a major draw, but this was ridiculous. It looked like every weight lifter in the country was lined-up to register.
As Krissy and Sue walked through the crowd, they were amazed at the level of muscularity on display. Maybe she’d become too accustomed to female competition, Krissy thought. These guys were on a whole other level. Some of them had arms that had to be over 30 inches. One guy’s head was all but consumed by his over-inflated traps.
Sue could feel the nervousness radiating from her friend.
“Relax, Kris. These guys have got nothing on you.”

After a long wait, Krissy arrived at the registration table. An unimpressed clerk greeted her.
Moment of truth. Krissy took out her driver’s license. She cleared her throat and dropped her squeaky voice as many octaves as possible.
“Sign me up.”
The clerk looked her over. Krissy tried her best to stay cool, but her heart was beating like a drum. A sheen of sweat had formed on her face, highlighting her sharp beauty.
As the clerk scanned her womanly features, he seemed unconvinced. On one hand, her face showed the ugly truth of her horrific, borderline masochistic conditioning. Veins pressed through not only her forehead and temples, but also her cheeks, nose and chin. Her skin was so tight and dry that thick muscles could be seen rippling through her jaw! Yet, even dieted to the point of madness, Krissy retained some inextinguishable spark. She was beautiful - stunning even, and there was nothing she could do to change that.
The clerk’s suspicions vanished as soon as he peered down at her body. His casual expression was severely shaken as he looked at a shirt so overloaded with muscle that it looked like Krissy was wearing Baby Gap. Her jeans looked like they had two beer kegs stuffed in each leg with over-inflated beach balls right below them.
“You’re going to be number 179…” The clerk began.

Krissy arrived backstage and let out a girlish squeal of excitement. Sue tried to hug her, but it was like wrapping her arms around a minivan.
“Okay, time to put your game face on. How long have we got?” Sue asked.
“The clerk said I’m on in about an hour.” Krissy bubbled, forgetting her guy-voice.
“An hour?! You’ve gotta start pumping up right now!”

Sunday, January 6, 2008

TANYA DANIELS - Shop 'Til You Drop

By: Mr.Shhh

Tanya and her friends browsed the racks of the upscale clothing store while the room full of shoppers gawked at them. The three bubbly teens loved the attention their hard bodies garnered almost as much as they loved building them. The fact that they were the biggest sluts in town only added fuel to the fire.
Becka and Cindi had been Tanya’s friends since grade school and shared her twisted obsession with bodybuilding. The three of them were the same breed - shallow, rich kids with over-applied makeup and perfect, golden-brown tans. They all had trust funds and closets full of the hottest fashions and wouldn’t be caught dead anywhere without a French manicure and a Gucci purse. Yet underneath all the designer perfumes and Rodeo Drive couture, these immature girly girls were rippling Greek-goddesses carved out of living granite.
Becka, the baby-faced youngster of the group had a fitness-level body that betrayed the intensity with which she tortured herself in the gym. The flat-chested teen’s pig tails and frilly clothes looked positively bizarre stretched across an upper body that was sliced and diced within an inch of her life.
Cindi was a mouthwatering Asian sexpot with eyes that could melt steel. She was big enough to give any female bodybuilder serious career doubts, but what really set her apart was her spectacular chest. Thick pectoral plates provided the foundation for a pair of basketball-sized tits that launched into the stratosphere. Her every movement created a tidal wave of giggling flesh that threatened to pop out of her clothes at any second.
But as impressive as the two girls were, neither held a candle to the beastly mountain of muscles that was Tanya. The human Barbie-doll was a California blonde in every regard, only amped-up to 11. Her make-up was sluttier, her tan was an insane chestnut brown and her muscles simply were beyond belief. If Becka and Cindi were obsessive athletes, Tanya had crossed the line into Frankenstein territory.
Cindi flipped through a rack of clingy, barely there club-tops and pulled one out.
“What do you think of this one, Tanya?” She asked, holding the tiny top against the wide expanse of her striated pecs.
A glittery set of words read “Daddy’s Little Girl”. Tanya bit her lip.
“Ooh! I bet you’d look soooo hot in that!”
“You really think so?” Cindi agreed with a devilish gleam.
Without a hint of shame, the Asian teen unbuttoned her Catholic schoolgirl top and pulled it off. Her ridiculous tits jiggled in a bra that was just barely covering her cork-sized nipples.
The clerks at the cash register almost choked at the sight of the small girl’s over-inflated chest. Her body seemed to be at war with itself – unable to decide if it was a freaky bodybuilder or a balloon-titted porn star. Even Tanya was taken by her friend’s over-the-top rack.
“Oh my gosh, Cindi - your tits are soooo big!”
Cindi smiled coyly.
“Hee hee. I had them done again! I didn’t think they were big enough yet.”
“That was the third time!” Tanya exclaimed.
“Well I was already getting another collagen injection too, so I though why not? Check it out - my lips are almost as fat as yours now!”
The Asian Amazon pursed her unnaturally plump lips. They looked like over-stuffed sausages.
“Uh-uh. Mine are still waaaay fatter, see?”
Tanya licked her own juicy dick-suckers. They were so fat that she could hardly get her tongue across them.
Cindi huffed and pulled the club-top over her head. The crowd that was lingering watched in amazement as the dumb bimbo tried to stretch the garment over her meaty traps and shoulders. Amazingly, the tiny shirt expanded until she reached her tits.
Even on a body as muscular as Cindi’s, her breasts were way too big. They sat unaffected by gravity on her pecs like two jiggly basketballs. As the club-top hit those sweater pumpkins, it finally met its match.
“Why won’t it fit?!”
Cindi fought with the shirt trying to stuff her meaty tits into the shirt. It was a futile effort – her chest was beyond ridiculous.
As she struggled with increasing might, the top began to make painful noises. The clerks behind her watched the meat canvas of her bronze back ripple and flare with Herculean might.
With a loud tear, the top ripped in two. Tanya giggled loudly.
“It’s not funny,” Cindi whined. “I liked that top!”
“You should have thought of that before you got implants bigger than your head.” Tanya giggled.
“Shoot…” Cindi moaned as she gazed at her grossly-disproportionate upper-body in the mirror. Her enormous knockers stood out over a foot in front of her.
“Hey guys, check this out!”
The girls turned to find Becka bent over an underwear table. Half the store was staring up her mini-skirt at the firm little ass that lay beneath.
The pig-tailed teenager got up holding the smallest bikini-bottoms any of them had ever seen. Their eyes lit up like firecrackers.
“These are so cute!”
Becka hiked-up her skirt and showed off her childish Hello Kitty underwear.
“I’ve been looking for a skimpy bathing suit to show off my glutes. Isn’t this just the tightest butt you’ve ever seen?”
Everyone in the store gazed in amazement at the perky high schooler’s chiseled rear. Saying she’d put some work into it was a serious understatement. Her glutes were brown balls of vacuum-sealed muscle completely at odds with her jail-bait appearance.
“You call that an ass?” Cindi challenged. “Check this out.”
The half-naked Asian unbuttoned her plaid skirt and pulled it down over her stockings. She had on a silver g-string underneath that was barely wide enough to cover her perfectly shaved sex. The puffy lips fighting to burst free were a sharp contrast to the diamond-cut angles of her nearby 12-pack.
The crowd gasped as she turned around and tightened her butt into a demented block of teen-beef. She wasn’t quite as lean as Becka, but she made up for it with pure muscular development, not to mention a tan that was a deep shade of oak. The thong wedged up her crack only served to accentuate her brute power.
“Ha, ha. Sorry girls, but I’ve got you both beat.” Tanya grinned.
The steamy blonde undid the ties of her pink stretchy pants. Even before she pulled them down, everyone could see several dozen hose-like veins running up her intensely-browned belly. Both her tan and her vascularity were off the charts, yet still mere suggestions of the lunacy that lay beneath.
Lowering her pants slowly, Tanya revealed a micro-thong that would have fit comfortably in a thimble. Both her friends licked their lips as she presented her crotch for the entire shop. Muscles feathered all throughout the space between her hips - proof of the severe training she had put herself through. Her color was the deepest brown imaginable.
With a shy wink, Tanya turned around and pulled the stretchy pants past her butt. People throughout the store gasped aloud. Mutters and curses could be heard all over.
The over-sexed schoolgirl flexed her glutes, tightening them to such a degree that her skin actually groaned. Her ass was a combination of Becka’s unearthly conditioning mixed with Cindi’s mega-mass, only jacked-up to “11” on pump-pills and growth hormone. Each cheek was mind-bogglingly ripped, yet filled to bursting.
“Holy crap, Tanya. Your glutes are unreal!” Cindi drooled, her pulse quickening.
“That’s nothing. Watch this!”
Tanya looked up at the ceiling and tensed both legs with stone-crunching intensity. Her butt detonated like a steroid-fueled nuclear missile. The total size of her glutes shrank by 50% as they constricted into two hyper-dense muscle boulders. At the same time, the number of striations multiplied until her ass cheeks were nothing but freaky gouges. Veins began snaking out from her ass crack and running across her stretched-out skin.
“Shit. You’ve gotta have the hottest butt in the whole world!” Cindi continued, rubbing her legs together. “You’d better stop or I might lose it right here!”
With a giggle, Tanya released her flex and pulled her pants up. Even with her clothes back on the veins and striations could be seen through the cotton.
“No fair, Tanya!” Becka cried. “Everybody knows your body packs on muscle like crazy.”
“She also works out 10 hours a day, pipsqueak!” The Asian hard body shot back.
“I work out hard, too. Just last night I blasted my biceps until I couldn’t even bend my arms! By the last set, I was screaming so loud that my Dad came in thinking I was dying.”
Just then, a loud, digital beeping interrupted everyone. The teens looked at their watches.
“Oh boy! Time to juice-up again, girls!” Tanya exclaimed. The others licked their lips with excitement as they went into their purses and removed three bottles of pills.
Cindi was the first to down a huge handful of mysterious capsules.
“Popping pills always gets me so jacked!” She moaned, tensing her heaving pecs. Her gigantic rack lifted up an inch and a half as her muscles constricted. “I wish I could just start pumping iron right now!”
The lustful schoolgirl turned to Becka, who’s mouth was stuffed with pills.
“Whoa, Becka - learn to chew your supplements.”
“Oh poo…” Tanya pouted.
Cindi turned to find her gazing at a solitary pair of capsules in her hand.
“What’s wrong?”
“I’m out of growth hormone already.” Tanya answered sadly.
Becka finished chewing her meal and chimed in.
“Didn’t you just get that bottle yesterday?”
“Holy crap, Tanya. Did you down the whole thing in one day?!”
A blush washed across the teen’s guilty face.
“I didn’t mean to! I worked out for like 11 hours yesterday and just kept taking bigger and bigger handfuls.”
“You can have some of mine, Tanya.” Becka offered, tapping a dozen more pills into her friend’s hand. Tanya smiled and swallowed them.
“You what this means, don’t you girls?” Cindi bubbled, barely able to contain her enthusiasm.
The girls all looked at each other before crying out in unison -

The three freaky airheads marched through the mall with single-minded purpose. If there was one thing they loved more than clothes, it was the gear. Since their first year of high school, all three girls had been shoveling anything and everything down their insatiable mouths. Tanya in particular was an absolute fiend for performance enhancers. It was common knowledge that she’d suck-off anyone who could get her the latest shit. One story went that she gang-banged the entire football team while they shot her full of illegal Chinese growth hormone. Apparently when the principal caught them, the cum-drenched bodybuilder was so jacked that she was mistaken for a juiced-up linebacker.
As the girls approached the mall’s nutrition store, Tanya could feel her panties getting wet. Just the thought of pumping herself full of insane chemicals made her muscles swell out of control. Veins pressed through her top with a mind of their own. Her body NEEDED to get pumped and she was all too ready to satisfy it.
The teens walked in and found themselves the immediate center of attention. Even in the midst of a dozen local beefcakes, the three sexy schoolgirls stood out like the Amazons they were.
“I just want to buy everything!” Cindi cried, her voice drenched with muscle lust.
Tanya ground her legs together as she browsed the aisles. Her panties were fast becoming a squishy mess.
Becka examined a bottle of fat-burners when a tall meathead approached her.
“You wanna leave those for us pros, cutie.” He started.
Becka turned to find his eyes roving her hard little body.
“I don’t know, mister. I’m not sure I’m ripped enough. What do you think?”
Becka lifted her shirt and showed off her inhuman midriff. Her muscle-stuffed stomach was nothing but concentrated veins and striations.
Becka twisted her hips, amplifying every single detail. The meathead’s gum fell out of his gaping mouth. Her conditioning was painful to witness. She didn’t just have a six-pack, she had a six-hundred pack. The meathead’s own impressive stomach looked like a joke by comparison.
Elsewhere in the store, Tanya found herself interrupted by a familiar voice.
“Damn, girl. You’re like the incredible Hulk without a dick.”
The muscular blonde discovered one of the store’s employees gazing at her.
“Oh gosh - Brett Bremner! I didn’t know you worked here!”
“I’ve been here two years.”
“Really? I guess I never noticed. Hee hee!”
“What are you chicks doing? Shopping for supplements?”
“Uh-huh. Can you recommend something really serious?”
The handsome employee gave a sly grin.
“How serious are we talking?”
“About this serious…” Came a flirty response.
Brett turned around to find Cindi behind him. The busty sex-bomb leaned against a table, thrusting her breasts forward. Mountains of tanned-tit flesh tested the limits of her shirt. Enough chest meat for any three girls ballooned out over her neckline.
Brett gazed at the massive triceps that held Cindi up. Each one was jagged with skin-stretching detail. Shit, this girl was ripped!
“Can you help us out, Brett…?” Tanya purred. Her stretchy top was fighting a loosing battle to contain a gigantic he-man physique that was almost beyond belief. It looked like the slightest flex could destroy her entire outfit.
Brett’s eyes widened as she slowly unzipped her top, revealing a few inches of the most insane pectoral development he’d ever seen. The space between each meaty planetoid was so deep that it disappeared into complete darkness.
“I- I’ve got some stuff we don’t advertise… you know, for special customers. It’s just about the scariest shit I’ve ever seen.”
“Oooh, that sounds perfect!” Becka added.
“Do you think we could convince you to give us some?” Tanya asked.
“Meet me at the loading dock behind the store in 15 minutes!”

The three muscle-crazy schoolgirls found the loading dock a short time later. A pair of workers were busy unloading a semi-truck full of appliances. They stopped to gawk at the three hotties’ beefcake curves.
Brett appeared through a back door. He unzipped a duffle bag and tossed Tanya a large jar of pills.
“Try a few of those. My guy swears they’re fucking nuts. I can get you a regular supply for a good price.”
Tanya unscrewed the cap and poured half the bottle into her mouth.
“What the-?!” Brett exclaimed.
Her cheeks ballooned as she crunched away loudly.
“T-that’s a 2 month supply!”
Tanya swallowed hard and poured a second batch down her throat.
“Tanya! Save some for us!” Becka moaned.
Brett watched in disbelief as the two other sexed-up hard bodies divided up the rest of the bottle. The empty container dropped to the ground.
“You bitches are out of control!”
Tanya finished her meal and let out a burp. She blushed and held her mouth.
Cindi and Becka finished chewing their doses. By the time they were done, their lips were smeared with white powder.
“That was good!” Becka chirped, flexing and unflexing her impressive biceps. Her brightly colored top stretched to fit the unnatural baseballs rising from her arms.
“Is that all you have, Brett?” Cindi asked, running her hand up her muscle-stuffed stockings. Brett noticed several tears where her beer-keg quads had already split the material. They looked like two caged beasts desperate to break free.
“Yeah, Brett. We were hoping you’d have something really strong.” Tanya agreed.
Brett looked at the cute muscle-maniacs with an expression of disbelief.
Slowly, he reached into his bag and produced a large zip lock bag. The teens gazed longingly at a collection of syringes.
“What’s that?” Becka squeaked - her high-pitched voice dripping with anticipation.
“I don’t know. The guy who sold it to me didn’t even know. All he said was it was smuggled out of some seedy South America drug lab. It’s totally undiluted – we’re talking industrial-strength muscle-fuel. He also said it was as about as safe as injecting Drain-o.”
Tanya felt a ripple of pleasure rack her body. She almost lost control of her legs as her muscle lust shifted into high gear.
“Oh Brett… please… you’ve gotta to let us try some!” Tanya begged.
“Sure you can have some… after you put on a show for me.”
“Yeah. Why don’t you sluts start by examining those strong, hard bodies of yours….”
Tanya turned to her friends. Cindi and Becka looked back at her with lusty gazes.
“That’s it…” Brett encouraged.
The girls began to grope Tanya’s unbelievable dimensions with their eyes. Tanya could almost feel their arousal.
The two workers unloading the semi slowed to a stop and watched with increasing interest.
“Oh gosh, Tanya – you’re hotter than any guy in the world.” Cindi gasped, hardly able to contain her longing. Her breasts were testing the limits of her shirt with every breath. “You’re such a crazy mass-monster!”
Tanya looked at her fuck-machine friend. Her chest was absolutely insane. She had enough tit meat for an entire classroom of girls her age, while her punishing lack of body fat made them stand out even more. They were literally the only soft spot on a body carved from living granite.
Cindi reached out and held Tanya’s neck – or at least as much of that 2-foot thick tree-trunk as her small hands could hold. She could feel steely tendons roiling beneath her skin. The two girls drifted towards each other and surrendered to their over-heated desires - their lips mashing together in a loud, wet maelstrom of sucking and kissing.
Cindi’s chest flattened like a pair of water balloons against Tanya’s unyielding pecs. The two girls lost their minds as they devoured each other’s mouths. It was noisy, sloppy, savage lust – a lust amplified by the nightmarish cocktail of chemicals that polluted their bodies.
After a solid minute of frenching, Tanya broke away. Strings of saliva hung between their faces as they gasped for air. Cindi’s snatch began dripping at the sight of the veins pressing through her friend’s tight forehead. Even Tanya’s FACE was built!
Spit flew as Tanya suddenly dove into Cindi’s heaving cleavage. Cindi cried out an instant before the buttons exploded off her shirt. Her bra held on for another few seconds, but one more inhale snapped it in two. Cindi’s tits revealed their full, unrestrained size as they bounced around all over the place. If they looked crazy on her before, they looked downright impossible now.
Tanya didn’t waste a second attacking those fake fun bags. Before Cindi could blink, she had one of her thumb-sized nipples stuffed in her mouth.
Behind the two girls, Becka was fingering herself furiously. Muscles rippled across her arms as she worked herself into a sticky mess. Her skirt was already pushed aside revealing her wet undies and glistening thighs. Her shirt was next to go. Peeling it off, she left herself completely bare-chested. Her v-shaped torso could have easily been mistaken for a teenage boys’. As she dropped her shirt beside her, tense muscle groups rippled across her well-developed pecs. Simultaneously, her stomach crumpled into dozens of jagged abdominal bricks.
The workers stared bug-eyed at the unbelievable orgy unfolding in front of them. Who the hell were these butched-out bitches? Neither man could believe the muscles they had.
Tanya pulled Cindi’s skirt down. She followed her friend’s stunning12-pack to the silver g-string just barely covering her crotch. To the teen’s surprise, she found a large nub pressing through the center of her underwear.
“Oh my gosh, Cindi! Look at your clit!!”
Tanya could see the freaky appendage tenting the g-string like an inch-long cock. A blush shot across the Asian’s face.
“It’s the steroids! The more I take, the bigger it gets! It’s almost the size of a dick!”
Tanya pulled the underwear off and stared at the fleshy appendage. It was standing up straight at attention. She grabbed it and Cindi cried out like a banshee.
“Oh Tanya! Jerk my huge clit!”
Cindi lay down as Tanya did just that. The hot Asian teen quickly began to thrash about. To Tanya’s amazement, the clit swelled in her hand to almost 3 full inches.
“Fuck my girl cock, Tanya!”
After a minute of concentrated stroking, Cindi lost it. She flexed her arms as she screamed into the air. Her humongous breasts rolled over her face as she arched her hips. Streams of hot girl-spunk spat from her pussy. Tanya’s arms and legs were instantly hit as she sprayed what seemed like a pint of liquid.
“Ahhhhhhhhh!!!” Cindi wailed while her body tightened into a concentrated ball of tits and muscles. Every inch of her was sweaty, unrestrained sex.
Finally, the Amazon cum-factory flopped to the ground. She lay in a spunky heap of rippling muscles. With every breath, her body effortlessly displayed a staggering array of cuts and veins.
Tanya licked the girl-spunk off her hand.
“Mmmm. You taste sooooo good, Cindi.”
“S-Show me your… m-muscles…” Cindi moaned, somehow still horny after her messy orgasm.
Brett and the workers leaned forward in anticipation. Becka finished removing her outfit and sat totally naked ready for the show.
Tanya licked her lips in anticipation. She loved having all the eyes on her freakish body. Had her pants not been completely drenched already, she would have surely soaked them right then and there.
Slowly, the cute blond adjusted her shoulders. Each watermelon mass tested the seams of her top. Stitches split along the joins of her chest as a startling mass of veins pressed through the top. The rest of her shirt creaked as it was forced to stretch to a degree it was never meant to.
As Tanya fed more and more blood into her muscles, the bottom of her top slid up her belly revealing a hideously-stuffed midriff that look more animal than human. Her pool-ball abs were at war with each other for the limited space on her stomach. As she moved about, entire muscles vanished beneath the overwhelming girth of the others only to burst forth even bigger as she turned another way.
Suddenly, Tanya leapt up and grabbed hold of a pipe running along the ceiling. Taking a wide, underhanded grip, she smiled excitedly and began cranking out smooth, robotic chin ups.
“Oh yeah, Tanya! Work that body!” Becka yelled while she fingered herself like an animal.
Everyone watched in awe as Tanya’s half-ton body rose and fell with perfect rhythm. Her poor shirt began making strange noises as the swelling muscle teen began to show her true potential. After only 15 reps, her rapidly growing upper-body began to snap stitches.
Soft, determined grunts escaped the proud blonde’s spit-smeared lips. Her overall shape widened with every chin-up until she had was forced to move her hands apart just to maintain her grip.
At 30 reps, the back of her top split right down the middle. Tanya giggled through labored breaths as a titanic volume of muscle burst free. Only an obsessive lunatic jacked on a truck-load of steroids could’ve possessed a back like hers. Not an inch of space existed that wasn’t twice as ripped as even Becka’s super-lean physique. Everything was so tight and vascular that she looked ready to burst.
More seams tore open as the unbelievable teen-beast continued to push herself. She could barely contain her rapture as she became more and more butch. Her bowling-ball biceps were easily thicker than Cindi’s entire arms. Her shoulders and traps were the stuff of science fiction.
At 40 reps, the strain on Tanya’s face was increasing. She held her smile, but her face had started to shake with effort. Sweat was now running down her naked man-chest. It gave her the gleaming appearance of an oiled-up bodybuilder ready to step on stage.
Just then, Becka got to her feet and rushed over to Tanya. Like a practiced gymnast, she leapt up onto the bigger girl and flipped herself upside down. She ended up clinging to Tanya’s gigantic body in a 69 position. Her well-muscled legs hooked around Tanya’s lower-chest while her arms held onto her waist.
The naked muscle brat wasted no time pulling Tanya’s pants down and going to work on her friend’s dripping snatch. Tanya let out a surprised gasp, not only from the 130 pounds of added weight, but from the incredible sensation in her crotch.
In a heartbeat, Becka’s face was soaked with pussy juice. Her hair became saturated as Tanya’s pussy belched out a fountain of goo that ran down her head.
All the while, Tanya continued to pound out reps. She tried to hold her perfect smile, but her face was twitching violently. The added weight had proven she was human after all, though the nearly incomprehensible state of her physique suggested otherwise.
Finally, after another minute of rapid chin-ups, the hyper-built Barbie doll began to slow. Tanya started alternating between guttural roars and soft, orgasmic cries. Little Becka’s strong, muscular shoulders rippled defiantly as she hung on, all the while eating out her brutish he-friend like a girl possessed.
Tanya’s flesh shrieked like ripping leather as her unrelenting muscles stretched it to its very limits. She was all but translucent as those mutated masses of strength expanded beyond what her body seemed capable of containing. Her every tendon, vein and artery was on the verge of bursting free.
Tanya’s teeth clamped shut in a furious growl. Her entire face compressed into a concentrated grimace of determination as she struggled to power out another rep. Her beautiful features, already perverted by the veins covering her temples were suddenly overwhelmed as a 10-megaton detonation of vascularity tore through her face.
“HNNGGGGRRRRRGGGG!!!!!” Tanya snarled, spit flying. Her body began to rise faster than before as she seemed to find new determination.
It was clear to the pale-faced onlookers that what they were witnessing went beyond mere willpower. The bubbly air-head seemed to possess a resolve that was super-human.
“GGGGGRRRRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!” She screamed as she fought through another rep. She was literally foaming at the mouth.
Another rep followed, then another. Tanya’s bronzed body had become bright red. Her face was an unhealthy purple. The gorgeous California blonde they all knew was long gone. In her place hung an over-stuffed muscle-monster.
At that moment, Becka hit the jackpot. Tanya’s eyes shot open and a high-pitched shriek filled the air. Her body responded by popping ever single vein in her body into exaggerated prominence. The monstrous mega-athlete pressed herself to the peak of her chin-up as if she was trying to launch herself into flight. Cum blasted from between her legs, dousing Becka like a fire hose.
Tanya’s orgasm seemed to last an eternity. When she finally released her grip, she was soaked from head to toe.
Becka flopped down on the ground. Her naked body was a wet, panting mess.
Tanya giggled through exhausted breaths and flexed her body. Her muscles crumpled into shiny, over-striated blocks. Her terrifying size was matched only by her unearthly conditioning. Her head was almost completely swallowed-up by a solid mass of muscles that started at her ears and didn’t stop until it reached her crotch.
“…So,” Tanya started, looking back at Brett. “Can you… shoot me up… now?”
Brett couldn’t bring himself to answer. His brain was fried by Tanya’s positively unnatural muscularity.
Tanya walked over to the awe-struck teenager and hit a side-chest pose. The volume of her sweaty, pumped-up pecs multiplied until they hit her chin.
“What’s the matter? Don’t you want to see me get even huger?”
Brett finally snapped out of his daze. He fumbled to open his Ziploc bag. The others looked on as he stuck a needle deep into Tanya’s arm and shot the entire volume into her.
“Yes! Yes!!” Tanya cried, her girly voice seeming like a sick joke coming from that ogre-sized body.
“M-more, Brett!”
Brett shoved another syringe into her. It barely seemed to faze her.
“I’m still hungry! Give me more! Fill me up until I burst!!!”
Brett pulled out the last three needles and stuck them one after another into the over-stimulated beefcake. He injected her with enough liquid to fill a Pepsi can.
“HUHHHH!!!” Tanya yelled, doubling over with a jerk. Her heaving lats flared like a meaty cape as her system was hit full bore with Brett’s mystery cocktail.
Striations flattened along her shoulders and pressed pulsating veins through her invisible skin. Her back spread wider and wider until it was over 5 feet in diameter.
“HHH… Huunnnnggg…..!!” The teen moaned. The others watched, unsure of what was happening to her.
Finally, Tanya began to pull her arms together. She looked like a headless ball of sinew as she tightened her torso. Her back was like an oak conference table, only twitching uncontrollably.
Slowly, she rose up. Nobody could believe what they were witnessing as she proudly revealed her steroid-pumped giga-physique.
“Oh yeah!” Tanya cried, licking her lips in satisfaction. “Muscle city!”
Her body had gone crazy. She was nothing more than a living mish-mash of striations. Veins were actually pulsating across a chest that was grossly disproportionate to her head. Vascularity as thick as sausages wrapped around her neck and ran straight into her face.
“Check this out, boys!!!“ She bragged, before crunching her arms together like a She-Hulk version of Charles Atlas. Her entire body shook as she flexed with enough power to crack cement.
“Aren’t…. I j-just the…. cutest little… thing?!”

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Since the site has been quiet for a while, I figured it was high-time for an update. If all goes well, there should be a new story posted towards the end of the week. It marks the return of a character we haven't seen in a while (and whom some people have been asking for).

Also, artist FemXman has updated his blog with brand-spankin'-new artwork. It should be pretty obvious to anyone who frequents this site that I'm a HUGE fan of FemXman, so this is totally awesome news! Fem draws the craziest muscle babes in the biz, bar none. Check out his site and see what all the fuss is about!