Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Meet "Chloe".  She's a new character that I had the privilege of creating with the amazing artist, Ayanamifan.  This awesome pic of Chloe is from Ayanamifan's DeviantArt page, and the story below is our first crack at defining who she is.  Chloe's definitely a work in progress, but we're having a blast starting from scratch with her and trying something new (and something familiar - yes, the glasses are very Jenna). 

By Ayanamifan & Mr.Shhh

Chloe had almost finished her grueling arm routine when Jack came home.  Over the course of the afternoon, she’d worked her way through almost all of her intimidating dumbbell collection, and Jack noticed immediately.  Though massively muscular from head to toe, Chloe’s huge arms were absolutely throbbing.  Shimmering beneath a layer of sweat, her biceps were bloated footballs crawling with hugely, impossibly swollen veinage.
“Hnnnggg…!”  Chloe grunted as she dropped the 200 pound dumbbells she had in each hand.   They shook the floor and cracked the bare concrete beneath her.
Jack approached the beautiful, 20 year old bodybuilder as she gasped for air – her meaty, 100% masculine pecs swelling and rippling beneath a wet, girly-purple workout top.
“Looks like someone’s trying to put some muscle on those bread sticks you call arms,” Jack teased. 
Chloe smiled lightly from beneath a set of cute wire rim glasses.  Her big eyes and short, platinum blonde hair painted an adorable picture, while her fantastically thick lips and Olympian he-man physique were that of an insatiable sex-god.
“Let’s see how they look.  Flex for me.  Double biceps.”  Jack commanded.
Chloe turned obediently and raised her massive arms, wincing noticeably.  She had worked them so goddamn hard over the last several hours that she could barely lift them.  Despite the pain it caused, she flexed with everything she had and produced a brutal, gender-destroying pair of tendon-shredded biceps.    
Jack examined her Herculean pose without emotion.  Chloe dutifully held her flex, straining to smile despite the acid she was pumping through her shaking arms.
“Is that all?  Flex like you mean it!”   Jack barked.
Chloe bit her lip and shut her eyes.  Fighting to contain an agonizing scream, she lowered her arms, shook them out and then hit her pose again, this time with twice the Earth-shaking effort.  Chloe opened her eyes and willed herself to smile while her burning, veins popping from her forehead as her enormously ballooning biceps fought to tear through her own skin.
“They need more work I’m sorry to say.”  Jack concluded matter-of-factly.  He glanced over at Chloe’s largest, most intimidating set of dumbbells sitting undisturbed at end of the rack.  “I think you’d better start cranking out reps with those big ones.”
Chloe had relaxed her throbbing arms when Jack motioned her over with his eyes.
“R-right now?” She asked, surprised.
“We’re not getting any younger.”  Jack shot back, holding his gaze.
 With a glint of trepidation, Chloe took several floor-shaking steps to the dumbbells in question.  They were humongous and utterly intimidating, even to her.  A quick assessment put them in the neighborhood of 400 pounds.
Without hesitation, Chloe took both weights in a powerful grip.  Monstrous veins surged through her sinewy hands and twisted around her forearms.
                Raising her face to the sky, Chloe grunted painfully and lifted the weights off the rack.  Tendons surged furiously through her bulldog neck.   Her entire body exploded with straining, shredded definition, testing the limits of her stretchy workout clothes. 
“H-how many do you want?”  Chloe asked obligingly while struggling just to hold the dumbbells at her sides.
“Well since your arms are so puny, they’re going to need a top to bottom overhaul.  Why don’t you start doing reps until I decide out how much is enough.”
For a brief second, Chloe looked at Jack with disbelief.  Slowly she lowered her gaze to the huge weights.
With a window-rattling cry, Chloe willed the first barbell up, than the other.  Despite their sheer immensity, and her already exhausted muscles, her form was perfect - even machine-like.  To Jack’s amazement, she was soon pounding-out reps at a blistering pace, grunting and sweating, her massive arms swelling visibly larger with each pump. 
After a full hour of non-stop bicep torture, Chloe was somehow still going.  Sweat was pouring off her so profusely that the floor drain couldn’t collect it fast enough and the carpet in the next room was starting to get wet.
Jack had never seen Chloe so hideously pumped, especially her arms.  Even her normally beautiful face was contorted with effort and frighteningly pumped.  Tears were running between the pulsating veins and striated facial muscles that her full-body pump was bringing to the fore.
Despite how powerfully Chloe had completed her last two-hundreds of reps, she was starting to slow down.  This didn’t please Jack.     
“It’s barely been an hour and you’re fading already?”  He taunted.  “You might as well throw in the towel now!” 
“No!  W-won’t… s-stop!”  Chloe spat apologetically before letting out the deepest, scariest, most masculine roar Jack had ever heard.
Unleashing some deep, monstrous rage, Chloe flexed with all of her might, causing her entire upper body to absolutely detonate like a steroid nuclear weapon.  Her massive pecs – already cut to shreds and surging veins, swelled so massively that her soaked-through top exploded to shreds. 
Standing before Jack topless and hideously hormone-jacked, the beyond-masculine muscle freak resumed churning out reps at her previous tendon-burning pace.
“Much better.”  Jack nodded.  “Now be sure to keep up that rhythm while I have some dinner.  Watching you pump those weights has really worked up an appetite.”
 Midnight.  Chloe’s endless agonized cries filled the deep, darkened gym as she continued to pump the two massive dumbbells.  Alone in the hot, sweaty darkness, Chloe continued to complete bicep curls, though at a substantially slowed pace. 
Her pumped-up physique was simply beyond belief - an indescribable orgy of hysterical, hose-sized veins and flesh-shredding monster striations exploding everywhere.  Every inch of her was disgustingly, preposterously swole and absurdly man-shamming. 
How many bicep-bursting reps had she completed?  A thousand?   Three thousand?  Yet she soldiered on, fighting through inhuman agony to crank out one more slicing, razorblade cutting curl after another. 
Jack appeared at the edge of the darkness and peered in at the truly monstrous muscle-beast. 
“You’re doing great, Chloe.”  Jack congratulated.  “Keep it up and we’ll see how those biceps look in the morning.”
Chloe barely managed the strength to swallow her horror at the torturous thought of all the reps still ahead of her.  And yet something sexually monstrous twitched with excitement in her over-stuffed workout panties, straining them unnaturally.   
Jack turned off all but a single light above Chloe’s rippling, golden-bronzed body and went to bed.
It was 7am when Jack emerged from the master bedroom.  Chloe’s screams and roars, her sobbing and crying had been there when he left untold hours ago and to his amazement, immediately greeted him upon his return to the gym.
Collapsed onto her knees in an inch-deep pool of her still-raining sweat – the tatters of her destroyed top littered around her – Chloe was impossibly, somehow still clutching the gigantic 400 pound dumbbells. 
Her obscenely bulbous, watermelon-sized biceps and ankle-thick veins were splayed out over her thighs and looked far bigger than them, while the weights in her hands mostly rested on the ground as she still fought with every molecule of her being to curl them. 
Jack hardly recognized the muscle-monster before him.  Chloe had worked herself to horrible level of grotesque muscle-pump the human body shouldn’t have been capable of.  He watched her, obliviously fighting against her own broken body to move the weights, her bloodshot eyes beady and wild.  Even her face was jacked full of ugly, flexing muscularity. 
“5 more reps, you pussy.”  Jack announced, revealing his presence.
To his delight, Chloe’s immediate reaction was unlike anything he could imagine.  There was no breaking Chloe, and certainly no stopping her.  Instead, her veiny, muscle-pumped lips slowly curled with twisted delight at her master’s command.  Her muscular tongue brushed across her lust-swelling lips as she opened her eyes widely. 
All of the air was sucked from the room as Chloe charged-up a mighty battle-roar.
“HHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGG!”  She screamed in the most guttural he-man bellow imaginable.  It was as if Chloe’s veins had been injected with a mix of Nitrous Oxide and testosterone.  Jack was amazed she didn’t sprout a chest full of body hair right there.  
Flexing to the size of overgrown pumpkins, Chloe’s biceps surged with terrifying power.  Veins thickened even huger as she willed her arms to action and rose up from her knees bringing both massive weights with her.
Veins absolutely exploded through Chloe’s furious, hyper-flexed face as she crunched out 5 perfect, powerful reps.  In fact the only thing that stood in her way were her own unbelievably bloated biceps, which were so pumped that they restricted her own range of motion. 
The giant dumbbells dropped to the ground with the weight of twin bank vaults.  
Chloe’s enormous steroid pecs rose and fell like pulsating meat-microwaves as she sucked in air roomfuls of air.  Her arms hung hilariously outward from her sides – a ridiculous cartoon exaggeration of the world’s most pumped-up muscle man. 
“W-what...”  Chloe spat between labored breaths.  “… N-next?”