Monday, April 19, 2010

More great ART!

Some really fantastic art has made its way to me over the last few days. First up is a pic of Made-To-Order's supreme muscle girl MONSTRA by artist AYANAMIFAN.

I think this is a fearless and very successful picture. Monstra is an uncompromising mass of muscles and Ayanamifan renders her superbly. Lots of veins, lots of definition and loads of mass! Small details are paid attention to as well, such as her green eyes, short hair and rich, tanned skin. It takes a brave soul to draw veins in a girl's face (writing about it is different than seeing it), but while it detracts from her fundamental beauty, it adds a crazy, erotic intensity. Great stuff!

Check out more wonderful muscle art at:

Next up is a new pic by OZZY.

I'm a big fan of Ozzy's work. He's got a loose, cartoonish style that seems at odds with his intense subject matter, yet somehow he makes it work. In the breasts vs. pecs debate there's no question which side he lands on - SARAH (as the girl above is called) is all naked, sweaty pecs.

Ozzy shares my love of grueling, animalistic workouts and gender-smashing muscle mass. I love the balls-out masculinity of Sarah's physique. My only complaint is the somewhat David Lee Roth looking face and hair. Beyond that, this image is tops!

Check out Ozzy's brand new blog at:

Monday, April 5, 2010

More "Monstra" by TIGERSAN

About halfway through writing Made-to-Order, I approached CG artist extraordinaire TIGERSAN about doing some images of Monstra. These are the pics he delivered, which I believe speak for themselves.

While I definitely wanted her to be huge, I requested that Tigersan keep Monstra from being too "blocky". I felt that excessive mass would take away from the impact of Monstra's overall muscularity. I think he nailed the balance perfectly. She's obviously massive, yet remains athletic and macho.

More "Monstra" by TIGERSAN

Here's a great back shot. Tigersan does fantastic backs. He really sells how heavy and dense Monstra is in the best way possible. I'm reminded of the movie "The Cell" - there's a scene where Jennifer Lopez is stalked and attacked by Kim Chizevsky. That scene always blows me away because of how ridiculously thick Kim seems compared to the waify J.Lo. I'd love to see a shot like this animated so we could see Monstra's feminine walk driving all that mass. The idea that a woman is under there is hugely appealing.

More "Monstra" by TIGERSAN

This is my favorite image of the bunch. Monstra seems absolutely beastly here! While it's from a scene that ultimately got cut from the story (there seemed to be endless pages of working out without any forward momentum), Tigersan did a superb job rendering it. Her pecs in particular are just fantastic - huge and thick without losing a (somewhat) realistic sense of shape. Love the chain and weights - so primal and intense. Great stuff!

More "Monstra" by TIGERSAN

There's nothing more erotic than a female bodybuilder hitting a most muscular. The whole purpose is for men to inflate every body part at once into the most aggressive shape possible, something that flies in the face of feminism itself. Tigersan does a great most muscular - he isn't afraid to get really butch and frightening. Monstra's straining her brains out here, her veins popping, striations flaring. Her arms and legs look really cut. The only thing I'd add is a more intense expression. Otherwise, top marks!

As you can see, Tigersan delivers an extremely high-quality product. His prices are a steal, so if you've got some crazy image in mind, definitely email the man. Here's where he can be found:

Friday, April 2, 2010


Thanks to Tigersan for his amazing CG art. See more at:

Monstra lead Brian down a long hallway through her condo building. The excited client could hardly see past her brick-wall back, which was an angry, roiling creature stretching and re-shaping before his eyes.
He still couldn't fathom what a gender-smashing she-stud she was. Walking along in front of him, the supposed "female" bodybuilder was a freight-train of hyperactive muscle growth. She was the pinnacle of man-destroying girl-brawn and she wasn't even pumped yet.
Brian had seen some masculine muscle women in his day, but Monstra was more than just blocky and butch. There was no sway in her hips as she walked, she was too broad and hulking - an ugly side effect of her all-steroid diet. Her stretched-out skin was an absurd bronzy oak and textured with knotted feathering. She looked perpetually strained, with half the blood vessels in her face squirming like wormy balloons as she breathed.
"We're here." Monstra announced in a weirdly sexy voice.
She opened a door and lead Brian into a cavernous loft apartment. Brian was wowed by the open space - it looked like the top floor of a warehouse. Everything was open concept, including a large, industrial-strength gym that looked like it belonged to the She-hulk .
"How do you afford all this?" Brian stuttered.
"The website, of course." The rippling bodybuilder answered, veins screaming through her chest in rhythm with her words.
"I thought you said you barely had any clients - because you're too muscular?"
"The website encourages me to reach my maximum potential. They provide me with whatever I need."
Brian looked around. Everything seemed like it was lifted from a shipyard. There was little flourish or comfort. Furniture was limited and decoration was non-existent.
Non-existent that is, except for the shrine to bodybuilding that dominated the largest wall. Thousands of magazine pictures were pinned up, all ugly, screaming weight lifters flexing to the max. Motivation, no doubt - though all of them combined wouldn't hold a candle next to Monstra's nightmarish physique.
A nearby shelf contained dozens of trophies and medals. Beside it, Brian found a series of framed pictures of Monstra . It was her muscular transformation captured on film. On one end was a stunningly beauty teenager - young, athletic and sexy as hell. As the pictures progressed, she became increasingly beefy and masculine. There were pictures of her standing triumphant on stage, often twice the size of the next biggest competitor. By the final picture, she was completely unrecognizable and obviously steroid-enhanced. Her every inch was 100% muscle shredded to the bone.
"This is your last chance, Brian." Monstra started, turning to face him directly. The light in the room dimmed as her humongous body blocked the window behind her.
Brian turned and shuddered involuntarily at the sight of her. Monstra's current state absolutely crushed the victorious he-thing in the final picture. He wasn't sure how long it had been since she was banned from competing, but it looked like she'd injected a tanker-truck worth of growth hormones. Her limbs could barely fit together and her veins were constantly popping. She appeared to be in an permanent total body flex - her every hotdog-thick artery seconds away from splitting her skin.
Monstra looked at Brian, her eyes brimming with chemically-amplified lust. Beneath her severely starved-down face was a misgevious grin.
"... Do you think you can handle me?" Monstra asked, running her finger along her sexy lips.
Brian swallowed hard. The vaguely girl-faced testosterone engine was completely horrifying. Veins were snarling through her face like swollen blue hoses. Her arms and legs were skinless tree trunks as thick as oil drums. She was a tendon-shredded, chestnut-tanned muscle-stud from head to toe, elbow to elbow.
But that's what made his dick into a flesh-colored flag pole - her muscles were utterly INSANE. She WANTED to be a muscle mass nightmare. She LOVED being called sick, demented, androgynous -these were her goals. She needed to build the buffest body on Earth - PERIOD.
Whether he realized it or not, Monstra was Brian's fantasy made unyielding flesh ready to flex her brains out.
The unbearably huge girl-hulk returned from her bedroom dressed in a miniskirt and tube top. Her short hair showed off the blunt thickness of her tree stump neck. She was wearing 6 inch platform heels that must have been made from titanium not to snap under her incredible weight. White knee-high stalkings slutted her up even more.
Brian almost shot his load at the sight of her chiselled , diet-starved face painted liberally with trampy club makeup. It was so wrong, yet searingly erotic. She was a white-hot club-ho built in a shipyard to suck cock and bench press dump trucks.
Monstra's clothes were deformed by her epic-V-shape to the point that they barely covered anything. Her explosively over-stuffed pecs stretched her top into a awkward band of cotton punctuated by her vein-wrapped nipple-missiles. Her miniskirt was barely visible between her softball-sized abs and tremendous thighs.
"Do you like my tight body?" Monstra asked seductively, swaying in a weird, girly way. Her face was lightly blushed, which surprised Brian and turned him on.
Brian nodded weakly. He was so erect that his dick ached.
"Think of me as a bulging piece of meat for you to play with." Monstra cooed, her fists tightening up. Veins surged with blood and bulged powerfully, becoming disgustingly fat. "You can do anything you want with me."
Brian licked his dry lips.
"I- I want you to pump-up." He stuttered. "I want you to get as jacked as you can!"
Monstra rubbed her legs together and moaned with lust.
"Ohhh, you have no idea what kind of a freak I am, Brian. I can get sooooo jacked...!"
She lifted her huge arms and flexed hard. For the first time, Brian realized that the barbaric, man-crushing bodybuilder he'd been drooling over all morning was just a watered-down preview of the real thing. The true Frankenstein flexed into existence before him and almost burst his eyeballs.
Hundreds of muscles solidified in carved, concrete relief, surging and smashing together with such ferocity that her though they'd snap her neck. The most mundane veins became throbbing arteries popping through her skin in three dimensions.
"Oh fuck..!" Brian whimpered. He almost lost his mind, and it was just the first flex. Monstra was like a god damned muscle volcano! Her enormous chest hung in space like a steel I-beam casting a humongous shadow over her stomach and legs. Her outrageous lats reached for the walls.
"This is nothing, Brian." Monstra whined, her lips twitching with effort. "These are pathetic baby muscles compared to how pumped I'll get for you. I'll get so huge that you'll faint at the sight of me!"
Monstra bent and cranked her arms back. She roared with strain as she hit the most incredible crab flex in human history. Brian didn't even hear her top snap over the shriek of stretching flesh. She instantly became a mutated anatomy chart that hurt his eyes. Her face was horribly strained and red, clogged with more vascularity than a pro-bodybuilder's entire physique.
"Oh yeah! GNNNNN!!! " She grinned, grunting and straining like a bull. She revelled in the perverted horror of her excruciating muscularity.
Slowly, Monstra released her flex. She was topless now and taking on a sheen of sweat. Her chest was two boulder-formations popping with unprecedented vascularise. Her nipples were tiny wine-corks stuck on like decorations.
Brian was so weak that he could hardly form a whimper.
Monstra smiled and sauntered across the room, her Sherman tank weight shaking the floor below her. Brian stared at her ass peeking out from her mini-skirt and couldn't believe it was real. Her could see striations as thin as human hairs strumming with each step. Dozens of veins snaked out of her butt-crack and ran across her glutes into her lower back. He'd never seen vascularity in a woman's glutes before. They looked like they were grown in a lab.
Monstra spent two minutes loading a barbell with 50 pound weights. It was a workout unto itself. By the time she was finished, the ends of the bar were sagging to the ground.
"Go ahead" She said, nodding to the bar. "Lift it."
Brian moved in behind the bar and took an underhanded grip. He strained every muscle in his body trying to pick it up, but he couldn't even get it off the rack.
"Fuck!" He exclaimed. "It's like it's bolted to the ground!"
The sweaty testosterone factory lay down on the bench beneath it and took hold. She filled all of the space between the weights and the bench with blocky meat. Her abominable mega-chest pressed painfully into the bar and almost lifted it by itself. Veins traced her fingers and knuckles betraying the hydraulic pressure of her grip. Her tensed forearms were just bone-deep layers of knotted, veiny tendons.
"Now that you know how heavy it is, tell me how many reps you want. " Montra asked, her voice aching with hunger. She grunted with brute effort and hoisted the mammoth weight up. "H-hurt me, Brian. Abuse me. Don't hold back!"
Brian could hear the bar creaking under the lunatic weight of the load. Monstra held it straight up and waited for his answer, her veiny knuckles shaking.
"15 reps!" He blurted.
Monstra started pumping right away, her eyes crazed and bulging. Thick blue hoses split her forehead within seconds of the first rep - a signature of the Herculean effort she was forcing from her body. Her teeth were clenched tight enough to crack, her expression pure, distilled fury. Each and every rep was agonising pain inflicted on every nerve ending in her body.
"Oh my god, Monstra - you should see yourself!" Brian blurted. He couldn't believe his eyes. Every new rep was injecting her with unbelievable, rock-quarry mountains of huge, meaty muscle mass.
"Keep pumping, Monstra! Your muscles are going crazy!"
A painful cry escaped Montra's lips as she passed her 5th rep. The dozens of weights on either side of the bar clanked loudly as they rattled in her shaking hands. She roared furiously, spit flying and continued on, unwavering in her determination. Her face was snarled and savage like some mindless beast. She was unrecognizable beneath a horrible fright-mask of straining, screaming veins on the verge of rupturing her face.
As the barely-female mass-machine pressed the bar upward a 6th time, her stupendous body just kept growing. The swell of her lats gobbled-up more and more space until she was so dense and thick that she could've been a small car. Brian watched Monstra's steroid muscle-gut tense with each press of the bar, each time pumping fatter, meatier veins across her belly. Wormy veins clogged the deep notches and grooves between her towering hills.
The reps became slower as she neared the end - the sheer, overwhelming weight radiating like thunder. The last two reps were high-grade octane shot straight into her veins, pushing her way over the line of female hyper-muscularity into sadistic, hormone-mutation territory. Sloppy, screaming agony followed the bar up to the rack and ended her inhuman set.
Monstra lay still for a moment save the towering rise and fall of her burning lungs. It took an incredible effort to sit up and turn her strained, purple face at Brian.
"Do you want to feel my body?" She gasped, as massively turned-on by her grotesque monster-muscles as Brian was. The gender-smashing mega-stud seemed to revel in the expression on Brian's face. She lived for the shock and awe.
Brian slowly approached her, equally afraid and aroused. Standing mere inches from her hot, dripping skin, he was reminded how much shorter she was, and yet her beefcake width could easily swallow him whole.
Monstra presented her naked, 100% breast-free chest for the shaking muscle admirer. It seemed beyond perverted - this walking orgy of brawn whoring her bulging body for nothing but Brian's erotic pleasure.
As Brian brought his hands up, he could fully appreciate the staggering grooves of definition carved into her beefy chest. His hands were tiny as he touched each coiled, planetoid mass. They were so painfully defined that they looked like thousands of barely contained steel suspension cables. Monstra's skin itself was hot to the touch and hard as granite. Her rich copper tan made his pale skin seem colorless by comparison. It was like a mortal standing in the presence of a goddess.
Monstra looked up and their eyes locked. Her gaze was liquid lust. Even with all of the brutal veinage snarling through her mummified face she was beyond erotic. He peered at her fat lips, glistening and wet and wanted to suck on them. God, she was every single fetish he had cranked to eleven.
Monstra moaned softly and balled her fists. Thousands of straining blood vessels exploded through her skin with such ferocity that Brianed jumped back. Her sweaty, laser-cut physique tightened like creaking leather, her muscle fibres multiplying beneath the powerful pumping of her heart.
Brian continued to feel-up the studly bodybuilding Frankenstein as she flexed with sweaty, teeth clenching fury. She hit one pose after another, each time growing huger still.
Monstra slowly brought her arms around Brian's shoulders. As her biceps hovered beside his head, he realized how truly humongous they were. Forget bigger than his head, each one was bigger than a basketball! As she pressed into him, he became completely enveloped in a womb of hot, sweaty muscles.
Brians' exploration continued down to Monstra's stomach. He shuddered at the swollen baseballs she had stuffed in her mid section, each one agonizingly forged by a hundred thousand inverted sit-ups. His fingers met the top of her miniskirt and he gasped at the squirming, bloated veinage struggling to get into in her panties.
"Go ahead..." Monstra whispered. "Take it off."
Brian looked at her. She was almost drooling with fuck-lust.
Brian took the hem of her skirt and yanked it down. His eyes widened at the sight of her slinky silk g-string and the massive, muscle-stuffed pussy-thing contained inside it.
"Oh my GOD!" He blurted. Monstra almost had an orgasm at sound of his amazement.
The space from Monstra's hips to her ass crack was somehow even more muscular than everything she had shown him so far. It was as if she'd purposely left the biggest and best for last. He instantly imagined her shoving hoses full of of growth hormone straight into her vagina. It couldn't have been far from the truth.
Her outmatched panties were cruelly stretched into a skinny sling-shot by the bear strength of her terrifying power-crotch. It seemed like every vein in her body thickened and converged at her pussy in some kind of vascular super-orgy. Somehow, Monstra has transformed her meticulously shaved snatch into the supreme, mega-muscled epicentre of her entire, steroid-pumped physique.
"This is how hardcore I am, Brian. There's absolutely no part of me that isn't hard, huge and ripped ." Monstra boasted as she lifted her hands and cupped them behind her head. "I've weight-trained my pussy so viciously that I can flex it as hard as any muscle in my body."
Brian didn't know what to say to that. He didn't have time to collect his wits before Monstra let out a an Earth-shattering roar and hit an outrageous new pose that blew his mind to bits - the full-frontal cunt flex.
The inhuman muscle-machine glared at him with shrivelling, single-minded ferocity and strained herself to the limit. Veins tore through her forehead and neck , her shoulders and chest detonated into ghastly striated subdivisions, but nothing compared to what happened between her legs.
Like a proud bodybuilder flexing his guns, Monstra tightened and ignited every muscle in her grotesquely muscle-packed pussy. Silk stretched forcefully across her chemically amplified sex-organ as her panties were strained to their very limit.
Brian could see every single muscle group in Monstra's crotch flex with more size, girth and contest-cut definition than any other part of her body. It was so totally mad that he had to step out of the moment for second just to make sense of what he was seeing.
The soft and sensual lips, the folds and small surrounding muscles of her pussy transmogrified before his eyes into blade-sharp mega-hunks of striated hulk-meat thicker and more shocking than even her biceps or triceps. The thickest, gnarliest veins he'd ever seen dominated every inch of her sex, roiling and pumping in and out of her snatch.
"T-this is for you...!" Monstra whispered, her face vein-clogged and ugly with unimaginable strain. She cranked her bulldog neck back and screamed into the sky, tendons bulging like crazy.
Brian's eyes were pulled back down by the loud ripping of stitches. He saw her brutalized underwear, now but a pencil-thin line of color bombarded by her sex-muscles, split apart beneath a tsunami of vein-choked cunt-striations. The panties finally tore in half and were swallowed under all the raging crotch beef.
Monstra released her flex and lowered her arms. As she stood there gasping, arms stuck out like the Neanderthal muscle-man she was, she was so jaw-droppingly jacked that she was a stranger to him. Her purple face was buried beneath ghoulishly lean, pain-twisted skin and alien vascularity. Her heaving, Hummer-sized shoulders utterly consumed her tiny head. She was all traps and chest, all multi-layered runway back. Only her high heels and sweat-soaked stalkings, most of which had torn open under the pressure of her pump, remained to remind him that she was a girl.
Then the soft voice, ragged from effort, oozed out of her mouth like silken sex. She looked him in the eye with more lust than a thousand strippers in heat.
"Fuck me, Brian." She commanded. "Fuck the most muscular bodybuilder on Earth."
She approached him menacingly, heat radiating from her skin, and grabbed his neck. She pulled him in and attacked him with wet, tongue-filled kissing. He was powerless to stop her but he didn't care. He let her conquer him, her arms, chest and lips eclipsing his body.
After a minute of pornographic Frenching, Monstra pushed him onto a weight bench. Brian looked at the vaguely vagina-like muscle furnace between her legs and saw it dripping girl-juice. He grabbed his pants and ripped them open.
Instead of mounting him, Monstra went over to the weights behind her. He watched as she unhooked a half-dozen pins from a tank-sized weight-stack blocking sight of most of the room.
Finally, she climbed over him holding two industrial-sized hand-holds above her. Thick chains ran from the holds to the ceiling and finally to the shipyard weights.
"W-what're you doing?" Brian asked meekly.
"You asked me to get as jacked as I can. I'm not even close yet."
Brian almost blew his load right there. With the devil in her eyes, the muscle-obsessed girl-gorilla pulled the chains. The entire room groaned and shook. The weights rattled behind her so loudly that it hurt.
Monstra slowly lowered herself on her body. Her juicy muscle sex swallowed his dick with a wet sucking noise. Brian moaned uncontrollably as his cock tunnelled deep into her iron love canal.
"You're the only man who's ever taken this much muscle, Brian." Monstra cooed. She licked her lust-swollen lips as if she were about to eat a meal. "You're almost as muscle-crazy as I am. But nobody can take me at full pump..."
Brian wanted to know what she meant, but he was too deep in his sexual euphoria. Monstra's bulging love-canal felt like a dozen hydraulic pistons expertly manipulating his dick. He knew she could crush him in an instant - she could crush marble with her frightening power-pussy - but it didn't matter. She felt so damn good.
Monstra closed her eyes. Her face went blank as if she were entering some deep trance. She was about to begin the workout of her life - her unmatched muscle-power about to be let off the leash to pump-up as huge and as mental as her twisted heart desired.
Monstra started to pull the chains towards her. The weights didn't move - they had thousands of pounds and gravity itself on their side. Small, pained sniffs and grunts escaped Monstra's shaking head as she fought harder. Her body began to rattle. Everything around her groaned and creaked. Her visually stretching skin screamed beneath a monumental attack of violently swelling muscularity.
"GGGGNNNNNNNN.....!!" She strained, her voice becoming deeper and more aggressive. Veins started to multiply on top of veins, colliding and criss-crossing. Her muscles condensed into tighter, striated coils of strength.
Her eyes shot open and a tidal wave of concentrated fury poured out of her. She fought harder, raging and spitting, her every inch mutating into something more than human.
Fatter arteries popped. Her shoulders and arms swam with hideous tubes of vascularity. Her face surged with the thickest, most horrible veins he'd ever seen.
"GGGGRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAA!!!!!!!!" Monstra roared, her voice now that of a deep-throated he-man. She had to be double the size of when she began and was rapidly becoming too horrible to describe. Still the weights sat shaking and straining - she couldn't get them up. Maybe she was human after all, Brian wished.
As if intercepting his thoughts, Monstra simply lost her mind. Screaming so loud that it knocked Brian's head back, Monstra's freakish body went nuclear. Her shoulders grew into deformed, medicine ball masses cut into blades. Her chest filled all of the space between her arms and hit her chin.
Brian blew his load like a geyser. He was amazed he'd lasted this long, but seeing Monstra go so far over the top was too much for him. She literally destroyed the most perverted Photoshop muscle morph he'd ever seen and made craziest female bodybuilder look like a fashion model.
The weights finally rose behind her and Monstra started crunching out agonizing reps. She couldn't speak - the pain was too intense. Maybe her brain had shut down or words required too much energy. Instead, she made the gut-wrenching noises of a primordial creature.
Looking back, Brian could finally see the weight she was lifting. It wasn't just a half-dozen refrigerator-sized plate-stacks - there were chains piled on top, weights hanging and clanking together. She'd loaded it with everything but the kitchen sink and was actually pressing it. The balls she had!
Brian felt his dick go steel-hard again. He was getting weak in the face of Monstra's all-consuming intensity, but she wasn't even close to slowing down. His lower half was gone, eaten up by her ridiculous crotch and thighs. His prick felt like it was a mile inside her. The pressure on him was getting more severe. All he could do was ride it.
HHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!" Monstra bellowed, drool flapping across her chest as she crunched out a titanic giga-rep. Her neck was as thick as a TV set and pulsing like an alien. She had no ears anymore - they were buried under bloated sausage-traps reaching as high as her hair.
Brian came again. He pumped gallons of cum into her. Looking up at her, his jaw dropped open.
"Jesus...!!" Is all he could muster.
No matter where he looked, all he could see was veins and meat. The room was gone, blocked by something so irreparably muscular that it could scarcely be called a body. She was distilled, machine-like instinct blotting out feeling or logic - pumping fierce, rippling muscle-mass into invisible skin.
Brian couldn't image a bodybuilder any bigger or more hideously conditioned . Her face was gone from his vantage point, blocked by her abominable he-chest. Her abs and obliques were stupidly huge and didn't fit together right. Her lats were building-thick meat-wings without end.
All noise was guttural, snarling pain - shrieking gears - banging iron. He couldn't take anymore. His mind was racing and dizzy. She was too much - he was having a panic attack from the sight of so much god-damn girl beef!
"S-stop... too big... !"
The world went dizzy. Monstra somehow heard him and released the weights. They smashed down so hard that the entire building shook to the foundation.
Sweat rained down on him from the wheezing, gasping girl-stud above. She slowly looked at him, her horribly strain-mangled face unrecognizable.
"This.... is... f-for... you....!" She smiled, weak and exhausted from her impossible effort.
Leaning back, she brought her sadistically massive arms up and hit a screaming, crazy-eyed double-biceps. It was more muscle than Brian's feeble brain could possibly consume and he blacked out.
A week later, Brian was still having wet dreams about that incredible night. He emailed Monstra a half-dozen times, desperate to see her again. She finally responded with a provocative response:
I have an unregulated, unisex bodybuilding contest in eight months. I'm training harder than I've ever trained in my life so I can blow them all away. Meet me when It's over and we can have some fun. Hope you can still recognize me.
-XXX Monstra