Thursday, July 8, 2010


A little while back, artist Ayanamifan asked me to do a short story featuring a character of his named KIRA. Since he had generously gifted me with an awesome Monstra drawing a few months back, I was happy to oblige (also, I have a soft spot for stories featuring sexy, muscle-bound girls lifting heavy objects.) I've also attached a piece of art he did after I sent the story to him. Enjoy!

Moving Day
(Characters created by Ayanamifan)

            Egon heard a loud knock at the door.  It sounded like a Rhino was ramming the house. 
            "I'll get it!"  He shouted as he crossed the family room. 
            He opened the front door to find a human brick wall blocking the entire entrance.  His first thought was that some meaty Norwegian weightlifter had arrived at the wrong address.  That was until he saw the familiar blonde braid draped down the stretched-out sweater.
            Kira turned around and beamed at the slender student.  "Morning, Egon.  We ready to do this?"  She spoke, her voice warm and confident to the core.
            Egon simply stared at the beautiful teen beefcake in front of him.  He'd known Kira for years but the sheer spectacle of her super-sized physique always blew his mind.
            "Um... can I come in?"  She asked, a small grin pursing her beautiful lips.
            "Oh!  Yeah, of course!"  He opened the door wider but it wasn't nearly enough.  Kira turned sideways to fit through, her intense chest and dense, heavy back scraping paint from the edges of the doorframe.
            She arrived in a chaotic room filled with boxes.  A grey-haired man with a cane appeared in a nearby doorway and glared at her.
            "Who the hell are you?"
            Egon scrambled over.  "Dad, this is Kira.  She's going to help us load the moving truck."
            The man's eyes tightened.  "We need strong backs Egon, not your cutey girlfriend."
            "I already told you Dad, Kira's really, really strong."
            The old man examined the blonde's blocky body.  A blue track suit was visibly stretched across abnormally powerful dimensions.
            "Fine.  We need everything loaded into the truck by lunchtime."  He spat.  "You think you can handle that, sweetie?"
            Kira looked at Egon and smiled knowingly.  "I do love a challenge."                  
            The beautiful teen proceeded to unzip her top and peel it off revealing a staggeringly muscular upper-body packed into a tiny, midriff-baring tank-top.  Neither Egon nor his Dad could believe the outrageous magnitude of Kira’s rippling, veiny physique.  Her thick neck, shoulders and arms were as impressive as the strongest muscle-men they’d ever seen and seemed even more cut.  Her chest was a dense plate of ripped pectorals with only the slightest, saddest little boobs seemingly in danger of being flexed out of existence.
            Kira enjoyed the men’s stares as she stretched.  She produced ghastly striations across her triceps and delts like strumming guitar strings.
            “Don’t try to keep up.”  Kira advised kindly.  “I wouldn’t want you to get hurt.”
            First up was a three-seater couch.  The incredible female bodybuilder reached down and picked it up with a throaty grunt.  Egon gawked as her visibly straining back swelled like a surging wave of meaty muscle mass.  She easily carried the couch out the front door and placed it in the van.          
            She returned in the blink of an eye and looked at an easy chair.  She quickly decided to scoop-up a stack of nearby boxes and place them on the chair before lifting all of it together.  Egon could hear the stitches of her shirt creak loudly under the strain of her swelling lats and chest.
            Within 45 minutes, Kira had emptied the entire house.  As she returned to the family room, she struggled to get through the front door without smashing it down. 
Egon and his Dad could barely believe their eyes.  Kira was dripping with sweat - her hard nipples poking obscenely through her wet, clingy top.  Her entire body had become so awesomely pumped that it seemed impossible.  Her arms and chest specifically looked almost twice as big as they had been less than an hour ago.  Bloated, purple-blue veins were surging across her bicep heads and snaked across her deeply-sliced shoulder blades.
“Geeze, Kira.  You’re really getting a workout...!” Egon stuttered.
“I wish.  You don’t have anything heavy enough to give me a challenge.”  The brawny beauty replied.  It was remarkable that she’s remained as sexy and attractive as a runway model despite the angry, monster-sized muscles threatening to explode through her skin.
“Well, there is still the piano.”  Egon injected cautiously.
Kira opened the garage door and peered at an old, dusty piano in the corner. 
“I thought it was gonna be too heavy to move so I figured we’d sell it.”  Egon explained.
A wild-eyed grin formed across Kira’s sweaty face.  “Oh yeah - this’ll be fun.”  She exclaimed.    
Egon watched the stunning muscle-brute approach the piano and bend down.  She wrapped her fingers beneath the bottom and bent her head back.  Veins popped through her forehead as she strained to lift – her skin groaning like a submarine hull.  The piano rose off the ground, one side first. 
Egon was astounded.  The thing must have weighed 500 pounds.  Kira’s head disappeared behind a rapidly expanding back build like a bomb shelter.  Vascularity snaked through her wide anatomy with furious, spider web purpose.
The other side of the piano lifted and Kira began to rise.  Muffled huffs and strains escaped her red, veiny face.  She straightened all the way up and leaned the huge thing back, the height of it rising a half-dozen feet above her head.  She turned and looked at Egon with a frightening, snarling smile. 
“Where do you want it?”
Egon pointed to the van and Kira stomped past him with slow, lumbering steps.  He could see the massive shape and detail of her flexing legs right through her over-burdened pants.  Her arms were terrifying Roman columns as thick as his whole body. 
She finally dropped the piano down in the van with controlled piston-power.  Egon looked at her as she wiped her dripping face. 
“That was fun.”  She laughed through deep breaths.  “I don't suppose you have anything else like that?”
Egon shook his head.
“Aw.  Too bad.”  
As the muscle-bound beauty climbed out the van she noticed one the vehicle's tires sagging.
“Hey, I think you’ve got a flat, dude.”
The small teen peered at the limp rear tire.
“Ah man.”  He sneered.  He rushed over to house and shouted through the door.  “Dad!  The truck’s got a flat tire!  Where’s the jack?”
Kira kept her gaze on the tire, letting her mind churn.  She glanced up at the contents of the tightly-packed truck and felt a bolt of excitement shoot through her.
“Forget the jack, Egon.”  She suggested politely.  “Just get the spare ready.”
Egon wasn’t sure what she meant until he saw her kneel down at the bumper of the truck.
“No way...”  He muttered.  Even Kira wasn't THAT strong.
As if focusing herself at proving him wrong, Kira’s youthful face tightened into a wrinkled, ragged mask of laser-focused concentration.  Her stunning looks momentarily vanished as she grunted and spat with super-human effort.  Egon heard the truck shriek as its colossal weight shifted to the rear – square onto Kira’s mutant muscle-ball shoulders.
“Gnnnnnnnnnnnggggggg!!!!”  The gleaming, muscle-stuffed beefcake snarled.  Her bulldog neck thickened alarmingly, doubling in width and snapping a necklace she had on.   Her arms vanished behind a limbless meat-shield back that began to pop stitches. A rapid earthquake of horribly bloated back beef suddenly burst her tank top wide open.
Somehow, Kira actually lifted the back of the huge, fully-loaded cube-van an inch off the driveway.  It was the most incredible feat of strength Egon had ever seen.  His father walked outside and his jaw dropped.  He stared unbelieving at his son’s grotesquely muscular friend pressing the whole van up all by herself.
Kira shifted her humongous thighs, sending waves of striations in all directions.  Her pants simply couldn’t handle the overload of excited girl meat and abruptly tore open all the way to her knees.  Eye-popping slabs of hyper-developed muscle burst forth like crazy, bronze tsunami.
Readjusting her grip, Kira looked to the sky with bloodshot eyes and let out a beastly roar.  Her arms detonated with the most demented, gag-inducing vascularity imaginable and the truck rose higher.  She actually had to widen her hands to allow her inflating muscles room to grow.  By the time she finished lifting the entire back end of the truck to waist level, she had transformed into a literal Frankenstein’s monster right before Egon’s eyes.
“O-okay... !” She muttered softly.  “You can change the tire now!”
It took Egon and his Dad 7 long minutes to get the tires switched.  Kira kept the truck held high the whole time without a word of complaint, though the loud rattling of the contents inside reminded them of her extreme effort.  By the time they finished, she was so purple and veiny that she was virtually unrecognizable.
With an Earth-shaking crash, she dropped the truck back to the ground.  Egon could only stare at the soaking wet girl-thing panting before him, huge and ugly with muscles that defied description.  Her wet hair was stuck to her neck – her clothes mostly destroyed.  A tatter of her once-proud tank top covered the pathetic sliver of breasts and nipples that seemed like a cruel joke  on her testosterone-fed chest.
"Whew..."  She breathed, seemingly unaware of her utterly inhuman pump.  "That everything?"
The father and son nodded weakly. 
"Cool.  I feel like hitting the gym."