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WAR INC. - mission 1

Mission 1
By Mr.Shhh

Lieutenant Cronenweth slowly opened her eyes. Her ringing ears and pounding headache made it clear that things had gone bad. The last thing she could remember was the insertion chopper being rattled by ground fire. Who knows what had happened since then – or to the rest of her team.
Glancing around, the beautiful Special Forces operative tried to get her bearings. She was in some sort of South American dungeon. The filthy, rat-infested shit hole was wet with pools of stale water and suffocating humidity. It had to be over a hundred degrees in the room. A single light bulb hung from the ceiling providing a dismal whimper of illumination.
It was at that moment that the Lieutenant realized she was a prisoner. Her hands had been clasped in large metal shackles hooked to the pipes in the ceiling. The heavy chains held her arms above her head.
With a rusty screech, a door opened and a handful of Columbian guerillas entered. The heavily armed grunts glared at her menacingly.
“Your companions are dead. You were the only one to survive the helicopter crash” A big, bearded man announced.
Lt. Cronenweth recognized the man speaking to her. It was her target, Alverez. The hugely muscled man was even more intimidating in person. She recalled the data in her mission dossier. 6’4, 250 pounds. Hair trigger temper, violent tendencies.
“Who are you?” The big man continued. “What is your mission?”
“Fuck you.” Cronenweth spat.
“Your accent… British?”
Cronenweth didn’t answer. Alverez turned to his men.
“Strip her.”
A pair of leering goons was all too happy to tear off the sexy Lieutenant’s combat fatigues. Everyone gasped at the incredible physique that lay beneath.
A saturated army tank top barely contained a hard body forged through unimaginable training. Sweat glistened across flawless skin stretched tight enough to snap. To call Lieutenant Cronenweth muscular would have been an understatement. While not nearly as bulky as Alverez, the lieutenant was painfully lean and cut. Every inch of her Olympian body was ripped to shreds and inhumanly vascular.
Cronenweth held her silence as the Columbians gawked at her. She could feel their eyes raping her hard curves. She was used to it. Women as gorgeous as her weren’t meant to join the military. Her short hair and smoldering features were complimented by a set of fat, swollen lips that begged to be sucked. To make matters worse, her muscular body had somehow retained all of its womanly curves. A huge set of DD breasts sat in stark relief atop her intensely striated pecs.
Such massive, bra-busting tits looked simply ridiculous on her borderline masculine physique. Her hard nipples were equally exaggerated. Each half inch bullet could be seen pressing through her wet shirt like two thumbs.
“With a body like that, you must be no stranger to pain.” Alverez continued, his eyes drinking in the busty bimbo’s impossible body. “That is good, because if you choose to remain silent, I will inflict much pain upon you.”
Again, Cronenweth didn’t answer. Alverez gave a nod and one of his men removed a wooden club. The Lieutenant gripped her chains as the goon hit her in the stomach. With each shot, her flexing abdominals became more pronounced. Dozens of veins snaked up and down her stomach covering her with a shocking roadmap of vascularity.
Only a few soft grunts escaped Cronenweth’s lips. Angered, Alverez gave another nod and the goon continued. Sweat flew from the British soldier’s body as she was hit again and again. Shots blasted her mid-section from all angles yet revealed no weak spots. Even her sides and back were inundated with hunks of deeply-etched muscularity.
The awestruck guerillas couldn’t believe the girl’s conditioning. As she jerked and spasamed, her every muscle displayed ropey, tendon-deep feathering. The veins that had painted her abs multiplied and mutated until they covered every ounce of skin.
Alverez motioned for his man to cease. Cronenweth hung limply from her chains, sweat dripping from her body. Her heavy breathing pressed her tits against the confines of her over-burdened tank top. Stitches had already ripped in several places and handfuls of wet flesh bulged over the edges. The guerillas noted that the girl’s nipples had grown substantially. Each one was now a cork-sized missile ready to burst.
“You were sent here to kill me, weren’t you? Tell me, whore!” Alverez shouted.
“…F…fuck.. you….” The girl muttered.
Furious, Alverez took the club from his underling. Walking behind the prisoner, he started beating her from behind.
The jagged shackles shredded Cronenweth’s wrists as she strained against them. With every hit, her body arched forward. Her seriously overloaded tank top started to split as her unyielding breasts were pushed into the sky by her thick pectorals. The guerillas watched the girl’s huge nipples strain over an inch past the swell of her rack.
Finally, one vicious hit arched her so far that her shirt finally gave up. With a loud rip, the British slut’s mammoth tits exploded through her top. Shredded material fluttered to the ground leaving the girl completely topless. The men in the room were floored by the big-breasted muscle-goddess. Never had they seen such a volatile mixture of unrestrained sexuality and beefy brawn.
Suddenly, the rusty door opened and a uniformed trooper appeared. Trying his best to ignore the sweaty, half-naked prisoner chained before him, the trooper addressed Alverez in Spanish. After a short exchange, the large man dropped his club and headed to the door. Along the way, he pointed to his men.
“You, guard the prisoner. The rest of you come with me.”
A moment later, they were gone leaving Cronenweth alone with the remaining guerrilla. She was almost too busy gasping for breath to notice.
Sweat poured down her body and face. Her stringy hair stuck to her forehead like she had dunked it in water. She had been put through the ringer before, but she didn’t have to like it.
Slowly, the guerrilla circled the girl like a panther. His gaze moved up and down her bulging body, examining her individually sliced delts and veiny, striated arms.
The totality of her physique was almost overwhelming. She possessed a v-shape even the biggest heavyweight male bodybuilder would have died for. The swell of her meaty back and broad shoulders was so exaggerated that she almost looked like a man – almost, since her monumental breasts could be seen from any angle.
Dropping his weapon on the floor, the aroused guard grabbed the girl’s big tits. He fondled them roughly, amazed at their cartoonish size and firmness. Beneath them, Cronenweth’s striated man-pecs rippled as she strained against her chains. He smelled like an outhouse, she thought.
Without a second’s hesitation, the guard ripped the girl’s pants down revealing her tiny panties. The sweat-stained material was stuck to her like a second skin, outlining the swollen bulges of her sex. Pulling out a knife, he cut the rest of her pants away and tossed them aside.
Cronenweth’s legs were just as spectacularly muscled as the rest of her – maybe even more so. Slabs of hyper-lean beef covered her thighs like armor plating. As the sweat rolled down her legs, it was funneled this way and that by the knotted texture of her muscles.
Enthralled at the playground of sexuality before him, the guard dropped his knife and focused on his own clothes. As he began to disrobe, Cronenweth clenched her chains and hoisted herself up. The startled guard looked up just as she slapped her legs around him.
Tensing her incredible body, Cronenweth began crushing the guard with the strength of a hydraulic press. The guard tried to scream but found his lungs instantly constricted. The sound of ribs snapping could be heard deep in his torso.
Throwing her head back, Cronenweth strained as her massive thighs reduced the guard’s body to pulp.
A dead body splashed down on the floor. The almost entirely naked prisoner stood over the guard, panting. Muscles rippled and flared menacingly.
Taking the chains in her grip, the Lieutenant pointed her fists to the floor and began to press. Veins exploded across her forearms and triceps like a tidal wave. The corroded pipes on which the chains hung creaked painfully as Cronenweth applied an increasing amount of force.
Through gritted teeth, the bulging British soldier cried into the heavens. Veins popped across her temples as she strained with all her might.
“Gnnnnngggggg!!!” She gurgled applying even more pressure. Her big tits lifted as the twitching pecs beneath them inflated with ridiculous mass. Shoulders and traps swelled alarmingly, threatening to swallow her ears.
Mortar sprinkled down on her hair as cracks started to form in the concrete above her. It seemed insane - the sweaty British muscle-machine was literally taking on the building itself.
“Arrrrrrggggg!!!!” Cronenweth cried, her eyes bugging out of her head. Sausage-thick arteries punched through her tight panties and up a stomach distended by sharp cubes. Sweat poured off her body as she pumped herself into an almost nightmarish state.
Above her, the cracks spread. Mortar continued to sprinkle down like rain. Finally, a steel support tore from its mooring. Cronenweth let out a savage, ear-piercing cry and yanked her arms downward, ripping the entire structure from the concrete.
Two entire pipes and much of the concrete around them crashed to the floor loudly. Cronenweth dropped to her knees, her exhausted muscles spasaming wildly. The extreme effort had pumped-up her physique to a level that should have been impossible for a woman.
After only a few moments, the rippling hardbody got to her feet. She’d have to ignore the heavy iron shackles still fixed to her bloody wrists. For most people, 20 pounds of rusty iron on each arm would have been a serious hindrance. For the brutish Cronenweth, it was an inconvenience.
The Lieutenant was fast to strip the dead guard of his pants. Before she could get to his shirt, the door behind her opened.
Three armed guerrillas entered the room to find the well endowed operative free from her confines. Before any of them could fire a shot, she attacked.
Cronenweth’s giant tits bounded about wildly as she grabbed the first guard. A punishing right hook sprayed his teeth in the air like Tic Tacs. With arms like hers, one shot was all it took to removed him from the equation
The second guard grabbed the comparatively short opponent and held her in a bear hug. The third guard delivered a vicious kick deep into the girl’s gut. Cronenweth buckled. A half-dozen strong blows pummeled her face. Both men were surprised when the girl spat out a mouthful of blood and grit her teeth.
Flexing her massive guns, Cronenweth easily broke the guard’s hold on her. Another punch came from the third guard, which the sweaty she-hulk caught in mid air. She was now holding one of each of the guard’s arms.
The two guards struggled to break her grip, but it was like steel. Neither could help but stare at her outstretched biceps, each the size of a grapefruit. It was terrifyingly clear that she was more man than both of them put together.
With one hard grunt, the flexing muscle girl lifted both men into the air. She held them a foot off the floor before launching them in separate directions. Each man hit the wall on opposite sides of the room. Neither got back up.
Taking a pistol off one of the bodies, Cronenweth slipped out the door. She started up a long staircase, unconcerned about by her bloody lips or huge, naked breasts.
Another gorilla guarded the door at the top of the stairs. Cronenweth appeared from the shadows behind him and locked him in a brutal choke-hold. The guard’s face was crushed by her thick, veiny bicep. A muffled snap signaled the end of his existence.
A small corridor lead to a motor pool filled with half-fixed vehicles. A quick headcount found 20 men in the area with countless more outside. She’d need some heavy weaponry if she was going to complete her mission.
The muscle bound operative found an armory further in the complex. A chain-fed M-60 was a start. This particular model had been designed to be mounted, not carried by hand. It easily added 75 pounds to the already substantial weight she had locked on her wrists. Still, it wasn’t enough firepower for what she had in mind.
Grabbing a roll of duct tape, the determined soldier fixed two M1A rifles with mounted grenade launchers to either side. The final, 140 pound monstrosity was nearly as big as she was. Add to it a ten thousand round chain belt plus grenades and she might as well have been carrying a fully loaded barbell.
Hoisting up the gun, Cronenweth’s terrifying arms erupted with detail. Her intensely swollen biceps pressed against the weapon. She looked like she could rip through steel.
Outside, the intense mid-day sun glistened off the operative’s wet skin. The heat made the gun feel twice as heavy. Cronenweth didn’t care about the pain. She was hungry for some payback.
Unpinning a set of grenades, the Lieutenant tossed them around the camp. A few seconds later, all hell broke loose.
Explosions rocked the ground like a dozen earth quakes. Bodies went flying as fuel barrels and volatile cargo went up in a chain reaction.
Almost immediately, a claxon sounded. Dozens of men began to pour out of the main building. Cronenweth met them head on. Opening fire, the big-titted bimbo screamed as she savagely butchered everyone in sight. Tits flapped around wildly as she poured on the fire. The ejecting brass shells poured out the machine gun like water.
Walking through the complex, the massive-chested killing machine sprayed an endless stream of 50 cal. Vehicles were sliced apart like tissue paper. Wood splintered. Tires exploded.
Sweat gushed down the girl’s inhumanly shredded pecs as she annihilated everything in her path. The wanton destruction only seemed to drive her boiling muscle lust. She could feel her intensely masculine arms straining against the M-60. Her abs were an orgy of exploding sinew. Her glutes were almost flexing through her skin.
Further into the complex, a truck arrived carrying reinforcements. Gunfire began immediately driving Cronenweth behind cover. Splinters of wood and stone sliced through her skin. She barely felt it through the pumping adrenaline.
Rolling out into the open, the ripped she-warrior fired off a grenade from her secondary guns. The truck disintegrated and a shockwave blew over half the men. She followed it up with more grenades. Two building blew apart, spraying debris across the battlefield.
Walking through the burning hell, Cronenweth fired off grenade after grenade. Building by building, she systematically destroyed the entire complex.
Suddenly, an armored personal carrier appeared through the fire. Cronenweth spotted it just as it fired its main gun. Diving out of the way, a shell exploded mere feet behind her. Her body was thrown aside by the concussion.
The vehicle was quick to press the advantage. The shaken operative was barely recovered when it fired again. Her body crashed through a stack of crates and skidded across the concrete.
Through blurred vision, Cronenweth saw the APC coming back at her. Another shot hit a warehouse. She yelled as a half-dozen shards of wood stabbed her. She landed in the dirt and rolled to her feet. Bullets ripped through the ground as she made a bee-line for cover.
Ducking behind a concrete structure, the wounded muscle girl found a brief moment of refuge. She looked like hell. Her dirty breasts were scraped and cut to hell. Her shredded pants were almost completely gone leaving her in little more than a wet thong.
But it was the wooden shrapnel in her shoulder that gave her cause for alarm. Several jagged chunks were embedded in her musculature inches deep.
Somewhere behind her, a voice echoed through the military base. Cronenweth recognized the target .
“Round and round we go little girl…” Alverez taunted. “But there’s no escaping me now. Sooner or later, I’ll hunt you down and end our little game.”
The military ring-master scanned the yard from the belly of the APC. She was out there somewhere. Hurt. Desperate.
Blood flowed down her obloquies as the shaking Lieutenant gripped one of the shards. Clenching her teeth, she slowly pulled the hunk of wood out of her body. Veins flared up her chest and neck as it inched out of her. A huge scream erupted when it finally came free.
Even through the roar of his vehicle, Alverez heard the cry. He zeroed in on it and fired a punishing artillery barrage. A substantial piece of real estate was instantly vaporized.
Just then, the Columbian ringleader felt his vehicle shake. Glaring out the slot, he found Cronenweth behind holding the back end of the APC.
“What do you think you’re doing you whore?” He barked, astonished by her tenacity.
Planting her legs wide, the butch mega-bimbo began to lift the back of the 2 ton APC. Her battered, sweat stained muscles exploded like an atom bomb as the vehicle somehow began to rise.
In a panic, Alverez stepped on the gas. He only managed to spray mud on the unstoppable Brit’s hulking chest. The wheels were already an inch off the ground.
Focusing her incredible strength, Cronenweth fell into an almost trance-like state. Outwardly, she was calm - yet the boiling veins pressing through her face and shoulders suggested an unimaginable agony.
Pushing her unyielding tits against the vehicle, the raging beast girl pumped herself into a violent frenzy.
“HHHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” She cried, her face turning purple. The vehicle was soon over a foot off the ground. She had stopped Alzerez cold, but what now?
It was at that moment that the Columbian realized what she was trying to do. It was ridiculous – beyond ridiculous. It was impossible.
Then suddenly, Alverez felt himself sliding to side. Impossible! IMPOSSIBLE!!
Cronenweth gagged and choked, her body’s pain tolerance reaching the point of meltdown. With the vehicle in the air, she was now pressing with everything she had to tip it on its side. What was even more amazing was that she was doing it.
Slowly, a third wheel lifted off the ground. Somehow, this hyper-muscular super girl was lifting three quarters of the APCs total weight.
From behind, it looked like she was easily capable of such a feat and more. The swell of her back, at least the width of a doorway, was meatier than most people’s entire bodies. The sheer amount of vacularity feeding that monstrous muscle slab was sickening. Her ass was even worse. The tight balls of muscles were cut, shredded and striated to the point where she could hear her skin ready to rip.
Looking into the sky, the inhuman animal let loose the most terrifying scream imaginable.
A final burst of Herculean strength pushed the entire armored carrier over. The tremendous vehicle crashed down on its side in a cloud of dust.
A side hatch popped open and Alverez stumbled out. The dazed enemy found Cronenweth slumped on the ground, exhausted to the point of complete physical collapse. Her twitching, sweaty body was so supremely pumped that he could barely tell what was what.
“Looks like your little plan wasn’t so clever after all.” He grinned.
Grabbing the smaller girl by her neck, the towering Columbian slammed her against a concrete wall. He grabbed her mud-blackened panties and tore them off. With a tight fist, he punched her hard right between the legs. Cronenweth squealed.
“So many muscles, “ He commented, referencing her veiny, muscular crotch. “Do you want to be a man?”
More shots, this time across the face. Blood squirted from the girls’ torn lips and nose.
“You were so full of attitude earlier. Where is it now?”
Cronenweth suddenly grabbed the largest hunk of wood in her shoulder.
“In your face, motherfucker.”
With one sharp motion, she ripped it from her gushing arm and stabbed him in the eye. He dropped lifelessly. Both combatants collapsed into a pile on the ground.


The NATO chopper could see the smoke from the burning camp on the horizon.
Bringing the bird down, the pilots found a clear section amidst the destroyed complex. It was like something out of Dante’s inferno. What could have caused such complete and total devastation?
From out of the smoke, the massively ripped Cronenweth appeared. The pilots could only stare at her completely naked form, save the thick shackles locked to her arms. Her unbelievable breasts pressed almost a full foot from her deep, muscular cleavage. Everywhere they looked, muscles covered muscles while an armada of veins ran from her feet to her face.
Neither pilot could find the words to describe her. She was pure sex and unrestrained testosterone rolled into one.
Stepping onto the ship, the rippling British super-warrior gave a hard salute.
“Lieutenant J. Cronenweth, reporting. Mission accomplished.”

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