Monday, February 6, 2012

A few years ago I did a post about my 10 favorite FX-Man pictures.  For those who aren't aware of FX-Man or my unhealthy infatuation with his artwork, check out the original post here

Fast forward to a few months ago and FX-Man has updated his Deviantart page with a megaton bomb of awesome: he's going to do all new renditions of my entire top ten list!  Now like all artists, FX-Man's abilities are constantly improving, so the notion of seeing his old art remade in his new and improved style is akin to an HD remake of a classic video game.  Here are the work-in-progress images he's posted so far, along with a few of my thoughts.

Right off the bat I think this is a huge improvement over the already fantastic original.  There's so much more pop to everything.  The sexy military girl is slightly less wiry in this new version and has an overall more solid feeling about her.  Being a big fan of the contest-ready look, I love the increased vascularity.  I also think she's a bit cuter now too.  This remains a character I'd love to see more of in the future. 

I loved the intensity of the original and FX-Man has managed to retain that in the new version.  This one makes it pretty clear just how much FX-Man's anatomical rendering has improved.  Like with all of the preview pictures, he's packed on more mass and really amped-up the vascularity, which is exploding off her arm.  I do miss the snapping shirt though.

I think this one was a tough pic to update.  The original has a density about it that makes the absurd muscularity work.  While I don't think the new version quite hits that mark, it more than makes up for it by piling on even huger mountains of muscle.  I've always love the audacity of FX-Man's artwork - how there's no such thing as too much.  The new version is that concept in a nutshell.  

Last but not least.  I think this one is my favorite of the bunch.  FX-Man has brazenly reinterpreted the somewhat plausible physique of the original girl as a hyper-masculine steroid fantasy.  With her hulking shape and heaving, naked man-pecs, FX-Man's pushed her to the extreme, yet skillfully retained the girl's feminine beauty and enticingly mousy persona.  Love that crotch thong.

So there you have it.  FX-Man has stated that the entire 10-picture set will be available to purchase on his website as soon as they're ready.  If like me, the notion of seeing even crazier versions of those awesome old pictures gets your blood pumping, then make sure to let him know.  It's the enthusiastic comments that keep us artists going.