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THE CLUB - chapter 3


Chapter 3

By: Mr. Shhh

It was high-noon on stage.  Right before Mark’s eyes were 3 supremely-developed she-studs ready to square off with their monstrously-muscled physiques in a brutal, no-holds barred battle for ultimate bodybuilding superiority.  There were no guns on this battlefield, just soccer ball biceps, beer keg thighs and enough girl testosterone to fuel a hundred pro football leagues.

The tension in the room was almost as thick as the hormones on stage.  Already, a parade of increasingly jacked female bodybuilders had challenged the limits of Mark’s muscle fetish culminating with a naked, heaving girl-thing named Tanya flexing through every stitch of a sexy cheerleader’s uniform.  She was pretty much the living embodiment of Mark’s dark, twisted id torn straight from his brain and birthed in deeply-tanned flesh.  But the night was far from over, and for the first time in his life, Mark worried that the beefcakes ready to throw down might stand a chance of actually becoming gross abominations.  The rush was electric – equal parts fear and excitement.  Was there such thing as being too ripped?  Could these rippling mountains of monster mass become too freaky and huge even for him?

Looking over the 3 jaw-droppers, he could scarcely imagine an additional inch of muscle squeezed onto any of their maxed-out frames.  Hell, they could barely stand straight with so much grade-A beef packed everywhere.  Each girl’s arms were already forced awkwardly away from their bodies by their big, bullish lats.  Tanya’s two challengers, Krissy and Sun, were as swollen and jacked the biggest bodybuilders in the world at the peak of their flex yet neither had so much as raised a finger.  What the hell would the pose down to come turn them into? 

 “You’ve got a nice pump going… Tanya.”  Krissy started, her eyes analyzing the naked blonde’s hideous, mutant shape.  The sheer number of veins strangling each oak-brown limb was simply ludicrous, as was their alarming, throbbing girth. 

“…For a girl.”  She finished.  Was that an insult, Mark thought?  Didn’t they realize that they were girls?

“Hee hee.”  Tanya giggled, looking down at the limited anatomy her humongous pecs allowed her to see.  “You call this a pump?  I was just playing around.  Better stand back, I wouldn’t want to push you off the stage with my muscles!” 

The juiced-up bimbo bit her lip and started flexing herself into a storm.  A half-dozen crab flexes tripled the striations in every part of her body with alarming speed.  Skin screamed like bending metal as it struggled to contain her volcanic growth.

After a solid minute of grinning, straining crunches, Tanya lowered the Roman columns she called her arms.  Her sweat-sheened face now looked like something out of a horro movie, a weird combination of sultry beach bunny looks and jagged, Frankenstein angularity.  Veins were popping through her skin and snaking up her hairline in bunches.  Her eyes were crazed and lustful.

She had virtually no neck to speak of, just a stunted, vein-wrapped trunk twice the width of her head.  She was a solid, bulletproof anvil of girl steel from her ears down carved in bizarre, inhuman angles.  Everywhere were striations tied directly into her pecs, which themselves were two chemically amplified man-cannons disturbingly out of place on a young girl’s body.  They blasted-off from her bumpy profile like rock-hard flotation devices and ended capped by her inch long shot glass nipples.

The rise and fall of Tanya’s labored breathing made everything move – tendons, ligaments, blood vessels.  She was perpetually shifting and reforming ever tighter and more layered.  Mark thought it impossible for the other two to possibly match her sheer, hysterical conditioning, or even want to.  Tanya was in essence a photo-morph of male bodybuilder parts, amplified and exaggerated to disgusting extremes and capped with a pretty teenager’s head. 

He was almost right.  Any other bodybuilder would have been running for the hills at the mere sight of her.  To everyone’s surprise, Krissy and Sun only took Tanya’s sick achievement as a challenge. 

“That body might do okay in the women’s division, but Sun and I are used to facing men – and winning.” Krissy smiled.

The hulking brunette lifted an arm as thick as a man’s abdomen and flexing it right in front of Tanya’s face.  Her god-given genetics responded with unprecedented enthusiasm and a triple-headed pumpkin bicep surged skyward.  The other arm came up next and joined the first in a symphony of growth.  Muscles crumpled together and revealed their true, nightmarish potential.  Each crunch inflated the pretty teen beefcake more and more like a chestnut-tanned zeppelin.  Veins that had been millimeters thick became half-inch monstrosities.  Shoulders went from basketballs to beach balls.

A smile as big as the world masked the agonizing effort fueling her brutal transformation.  Krissy’s gorgeous face tightened noticeably with each pump, gradually looking less like a stunning college co-ed and more like an anabolic overdose with eyes.  Veins started at her forehead and spread to her temples and cheeks.  It wasn’t long before she was all pumping, throbbing vascularity trying desperately to strangle herself.

Mark’s heart was a pounding drum.  This was every secret fetish he had coming to life before his eyes.  There seemed to be no stopping these girls or their crazy desire for muscles.  They were totally out of control - God bless ’em!

Krissy was really going nuts, lost in her desire to prove herself to the others.  She turned and started crunching bigger, harder poses - her fists white-knuckled hammers of concentration.  Grunts and whines escaped her curled lips as she demanded her body to grow huger at any cost.  And grow it did to her orgasmic delight, her disturbing pride in that beastly body beaming like rays of light.

“Hannnnggggg!!!!   Grnunnnnggggggggggg!!!”  She spat through grit teeth, her lips stretched pencil-thin.  Her traps were two sausages as high as her ears abuzz with steel-tight tendons.  Her shoulders were football pads of solid mass.  They were impossibly shredded and detonating with huge, heaving vascular systems.

Finally, Krissy seemed satisfied enough to stop and turn to the others.  Impossible as it seemed, Krissy had not only matched Tanya’s jaw-dropping pump but surpassed it by miles.  Standing proudly for all to see, the previously human brunette was shredded beyond comprehension and choked from her face to her ankles with the most extreme vascularity outside of a medical journal. 

“…H-how do I … look… now?”  She gasped as her body twitched and spammed like it was electrified.

How did she look, Mark though?  Like steroid abuse on steroids.  She was gruesomely defined, lean and dry, yet absolutely buried in an avalanche of mass.  Her face was shrink-wrapped and veiny like some dried out mummy - her natural beauty stomped, smashed and pissed on.  She was a complete car wreck - yet somehow the demented extremity of it all made her hotter than hell.  That she supposedly belonged to the female gender amplified the twisted contradiction tenfold.  Her lipstick, blush and eyeliner were grossly unwelcome amidst such hydraulic-strength masculinity.  She was Hercules juicing on Popeye’s spinach after being blasted by Gamma Rays.    

This time it was Sun’s turn to take up the gauntlet.  Amazingly, the short Chinese girl delighted at her two rival’s twisted transformations. 

“Oh my goodness, you two are the hottest things ever!  Just looking at your jacked-up bodies makes me want to pump my muscles as hard as I can!  But how can ever hope to be as strong and beautiful as you…?”

Beautiful?  Hot?  Was this girl serious?  Mark almost knocked over the guys in front of him as he shouted and waved with an enthusiasm he’d never know before.

“You can do it!  Show them you can get bigger than everyone!!” 

A small portion of the crowd seemed to agree, though it was clear that most were paralyzed by the demented state that Krissy and Tanya had whipped themselves into.

Sun giggled.  A shy blush crossed her cheeks – ridiculous on a man-destroying muscle furnace like her.

“That’s sweet!  But I think I’m going to need some help…”

Without warning, Sun reached out a grabbed Tanya by the legs and shoulders.  Holding her smile, she flipped the 500 pound blonde beefcake onto her shoulders and lifted her up over her head.

“Hey --!”  Tanya blurted.  She didn’t get to protest before a demonstration began.

Jaws hit the floor from the back of the room to the front.  Without hesitation, the Chinese muscle prodigy started crunching Tanya up and down like a human barbell.  Each rep forced a painful noise from her twitching lips like someone was sticking her with a knife.  Her men’s posing suit – the only article of clothing hiding any bit of shame – started to disappear rapidly beneath increasingly humongous slabs of over-stimulated crotch muscle.  Before long, it was a black thong from both front and back desperately trying to contain the fistfuls of sex muscle churning beneath it.

Krissy could only watch as Sun snarled and grunted like the animal she was, spit running down her chin through her grinding teeth.  Her skin groaned endlessly, yet somehow continued to cope with the parachute-dimensions it was forced to cover.

“HHHHGGGGG!   GGGRRRRRRGGGG!  “ RRRRRRAAAAAAAA!!”  She screamed as the endless reps mutated her awesome physique into something vulgar and terrifying.  At the top of her rep, each of the girl’s arms were easily the thickness of Mark’s shoulders.  Each individual blade of her tremendous deltoids was as large as his head and growing by the second. 

“HHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGG!!!!!!” She screamed, her dainty voice becoming alarmingly coarse.  After about 30 power-packed lifts she held Tanya aloft at her apex.

Mark could hardly believe his eyes.  In this fully engorged state, Sun obliterated even Krissy’s frenzied contest condition.  The Amazon’s sexy face was now totally crushed in a vice of abominable he-brawn – veins surging wildly, eyes bugging, skin seconds from snapping. 

For the first time ever, the notion hit Mark that these crazy chicks were actively trying to purge their facial beauty the same way they had eradicated their breasts.  Like those extinct mounds of fat, feminine beauty was a sign of weakness, a soft, girly roadblock on the way to unyielding bodybuilding perfection.  There were no curves anywhere on Sun’s brutish physique, nor hips, a neck, a vagina or any shape other than an aircraft carrier flight deck.

“My god, Sun… you look incredible!”  Krissy cooed, her unnervingly female voice seeming transplanted into her androgynous man-body.  That her college-aged rival looked like the entire WWE shoved in a blender only seemed to turn her on more.  Sun’s poor face, straining to hold a smile, looked like so much striated pectoral muscle.  But Krissy was right – impossible as it seemed, Sun was more red-hot sexy than ever.  

The showdown wasn’t done yet.  In a surprise turn, Tanya hooked her gargantuan legs around Sun’s massive boulder shoulders. 

“I guess this means the warm-up round is over.  Now we can start pumping up for real.  Time to separate the girls from the bodybuilders!”

Tanya straightened up and grabbed hold of a large pipe on the ceiling. 

“Here it comes - pure mega mass – pure beefcake.  The biggest muscles… EVER!”

Tanya closed her eyes and started doing wide-arm chin-ups while simultaneously cranking out ab crunches using Sun as dead weight.  What was immediately clear was that Tanya was out of her mind with determination.  She was like a tween fixated on a boy band, only pointed inward and laser focused.    Mad muscle lust was virtually dripping from her pores as she whipped herself into a virtual orgasm of flexation.

“YYYYYEAAAAAHHHH!!!!”  She cried, her eyes like two beady dots in a bloodshot ocean.  Tears began to stream down her face joining the foamy spit gushing from the corners of her mouth.  Her neck and traps almost totally swallowed her head in just a few quick reps leaving her earless and misshapen. 

Mark was beside himself.  His shaking hand was covering his mouth.  He didn’t know what the hell he was witnessing – no one did.  There had never been a meeting of muscle-bound maniacs like these three girls.  Champion male bodybuilders were like children next to them.  Tanya was a bulging freight train about to fly off the tracks completely. 

Guttural snarls escaped here and there.   “…G-Grow b-bigger!!  G-get… huge!!  G-g-get … MASSIVE!!!”

Like a slave to her darkest whims, her body did all that she commanded and more.  Her shoulders kept mutating – knots of definition growing sharper and deeper.  Her pecs continued to tighten while simultaneously swelling in total, overwhelming volume.  Her arms, now thicker and meatier than even Sun’s gigantic girl pipes, filled the space between her fists and mid-abs.  Everything was so grotesquely disproportional that muscle groups blurred into one another becoming an endless dimension of sinew.

Finally, she let Sun go.  After struggling through a few more reps, Tanya dropped back to the ground like a solid block of dead weight. 

As she straightened up, more than one audience member fainted.  Wet and glistening from an ocean of sweat - pumped out of her mind and overdosing on hormones, she looked totally insane.

“Who wants to compare arms?”  Tanya panted, before lifting her stupendous super-guns and flexing her brains out.  The skin on her face was pulled back like Suran Wrap in an industrial press as she strained with demented glee.  She was more shocking now than either Sun or Krissy - twice as dried-out, three times as vascular - gaunt, angular and ghoulishly ripped.  By all accounts she was a full-on horror show, but even that couldn’t stop the diamond-hard boner that was ready to tear a hole through Mark’s pants.  Somehow, these grunting, hulking, man-destroying muscle beasts were hotter than all of the centerfolds on Earth.  Even better, they were getter nastier with every flex. 

Tanya looked like she was going to blow her load right then and there.  No one could match the ridiculous biceps she was packing and she knew it.  She could barely fit them under her fists as she held her pose.  But the topless challengers refused to be beaten.

“You win the arms race, Tanya.”  Krissy smiled.  “But I’ll bet neither of you can match my big, hard muscle tits.”

Sun and Tanya watched as Krissy walked to the side of the stage and easily lifted a barbell loaded with two hundred pound weights.  Instead of curling it, the beastly brunette began straining against it.  For the first few seconds, no one could figure out what she was trying to do, though it was clear she was putting forth a hell of an effort.  Her neck and traps exploded with veiny tendons. Her shoulders became big balls of inch-deep striations.

Then a whine from the barbell gave it up - she was trying to bend it. 

Grunts and moans filled the air.  Sweat dripped off her chin into the Grand Canyon groove that clearly separated her pecs.

“Gnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggg!!!!”  She fought, ignoring the tears rolling down her shaking cheeks. 

More noises, like metal in a press.  Then the bar began to bend, but by now no one was looking at the bar – they were instead fixated on the twitching, ultra-ripped slabs of meat that were her pecs. 

Under the incalculable pressure she was applying, her chest blossomed into something truly unnatural.  The idea of breasts was a half-remembered fantasy.  Even her nipples, erect like sharpened steel bullets, were totally lost amidst the titanic volume of muscle mass.  Those twin-cubes of bloated testosterone filled the entire space between the bar, her biceps and her chin.  As she flexed with all her might, they shredded into a thousand living suspension cables.

“Huuuunnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!”  She cried, her face spasming with pain. 

The bar continued to scream as it was crushed without mercy.  Krissy’s pecs flexed harder still, the striations doubling and re-doubling until they were uncountable. 

“HUNN! HUNNN!!  HUNNNNN!!!! HUNNNNNNNN!!!” Came the co-ed’s breaths, each more tortured than the last.  Her chest was out of control.  Each muscle looked as big as Mark’s entire upper body.  They blasted from her profile by almost two feet like giant-sized cinderblocks. 

The bar finally gave way a few seconds later.  Krissy finished twisting it into a “U” and dropped in on the floor.

Standing there in the aftermath of her superhuman effort, her lungs rose and fell with heaving, titan-sized gasps.  Her naked chest mountains continued to ripple with menace long after she had ceased commanding them.  As Mark gawked at her, he noticed they were so huge that they cast a shadow over everything below them. 

Krissy placed her hands on her chest and felt the burning sinew.  She lived for the thrill of those boulder-sized meat-plates.  Her dainty paws were lost in the epic expanse of tanned-brown muscle like orphans in a storm.  No bra could possibly contain her button-bursting monoliths.  The notion of ever wearing a bikini again seemed like a cruel joke.

“Pam Anderson… eat your heart out. “

Not to be outdone, Sun returned to the front of the pack. 

“You girls might have the bigger upper-bodies, but I guarantee none of you can beat my love-muscle.”

Putting her hands behind her head, Sun began tensing her sculpted abs.  A few good crunches turned each billiard ball mini-mound into a swollen, sinewy softball.  Detail increased with each breath until her entire 12 pack was as feathered and vascular as her thunder-thighs.  Calling her stomach 3-dimensional would’ve been a serious understatement as each individual muscle actually challenged her pecs for sheer depth.

But as magnificent as her stomach was, Sun had something bigger in mind.  Spreading her legs apart, she started flexing lower along her thick mid-section while simultaneously tightening her legs.        

 Again, the audience was confounded until the effects of her targeted flexing began to take shape.  Something the size of cooked ham was coming alive beneath her overburdened posing suit, writhing and straining with uncontainable muscularity. 

Veins fattened all the way up her inner thighs pumping blood by the gallon directly into her straining underwear.  Similar sausages flared along her stomach by the hundreds until it looked like her entire vascular system was being funneled directly into her churning crotch.  

“Unn….! “  Sun groaned in painful ecstasy.  “If only my parents could see me now… they were always disgusted by my big muscles.”

More flexing interrupted her feverish words.  Her face became intensely flushed and sweaty as she whipped her demented sex mound into a frenzy.

“…But they have no idea how bad I wanted to be huge… how big I’d make myself… EVERYWHERE!”

Throwing her head back, the muscle-bursting Sun grasped the back of her head with all of her crushing strength.  A wave of inhuman striations erupted through her chest, down to her abs and finally into her pulsing, rippling hips.  The sudden influx of multiplying muscularity was so tremendous that half the stitches in her posing suit split open at once.  The strangled material pulled tighter still, revealing a massive, double-fisted muscle-vagina into which it became effortlessly swallowed. 

But there was no relief from the destructive pressure her demented anatomy was forcing upon the poor garment.  With every new flex, the suit met the concrete-hard lips of Sun’s mutant vagina-thing.  It was an unyielding man-devourer, a grinding, steely crusher impossible to resist.  Even Krissy and Tanya couldn’t believe the insane amount of knotted muscle beef the titanic Chinese girl had stuffed between her legs.

“HHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!”  She cried, her head shaking uncontrollably - twisted and distorted like the nastiest muscle-freak imaginable.

One final, Earth-shattering super-crunch took out the entire posing suit in an epic avalanche of Amazonian fuck-beef.  The man-sized Speedo was reduced to a cloud of shreds fluttering to the ground.  What was left in its wake was a naked sexual organ that defied scientific classification.  Sun had effectively trained her immaculately-shaved vagina and surrounding muscles with the same focused, lunatic dedication as the rest of her anatomy resulting in an industrial-grade monster-maw.  It was literally nothing but veins, striations and absurdly bloated muscularity from her belly button to her upper thighs.  Nothing else remained at all. 

The dripping wet Asian relaxed her flex and peered down at her own ridiculous achievement.  What was should have been soft was a serrated mountain range of jagged angles.  The actual entrance to her womb to her body was crushed shut by nearby muscles too gigantic for the space provided.  Nothing fit together right -  everything was just too big and too gross.

            As if Sun hadn’t already made her point, she then turned around and displayed her naked ass for everyone to marvel at.  Even before tensing it, Sun’s muscle-butt was the smallest and most tightly-coiled ball of beef Mark had ever seen.  It didn’t even resemble an ass at all, man or woman’s.  Rather, it looked like a pair of shredded triceps surgically implanted where her glutes should have been.  Then with one hard flex, it transmogrified  into something a thousand times harder than diamond.  The millimeters of smooth flesh between the abundant feathering suddenly revealed even more cuts - her definition seemed endless.

Sun looked back at the crowd, her eyes barely able to see past her own watermelon traps.  They were deep pools of simmering lust aroused by her own juggernaut sexuality.  She could’ve literally fucked a man in half. 

Ms. Frost broke the silence that had filled the room. 

“It appears each of these slaves has something unique to offer their new master.  The question is: who will be the brave soul to take passion of these three muscle-bound beauties?”

Mark felt his parched throat contract, snapping him back to reality.  What if all of the disappointments he’d been through had been leading to this moment?  What if he was to get Tanya, Krissy and Sun all to himself?

At that exact moment, Mark’s erection could’ve smashed through solid rock.

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No Contest by Ozzy

Here's a fantastic piece of artwork by regular reader and muscle girl artist extrordinaire OZZY. To see more of Ozzy's stuff, check out this thread on Amazons:  http://amaz0ns.com/option,com_smf/Itemid,135/topic,7317.0/  
Hopefully we'll see more original artwork from this fine artist gracing the site in the near future.