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Update: though I'm now using Deviant Art as my primary site for new stuff, the adult content restrictions there mean that I'll continue to use this blog to post any sexually-explicit pics.  Such as...

... This pic of Jenna all hot and bothered (yes, this rippling mountain of muscle-meat is Jenna) by artist extraordinaire Ffuffle.  Nothing gets good-girl Jenna thinking naughty thoughts faster than a hardcore workout - well, maybe showing-off her hulking muscles too - and making strangers' jaws drop - and flexing through her clothes in public - and... wait a minute, I'm thinking Jenna isn't really the goody-goody she thinks she is!

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Hey everyone, in the last few months I've begun transitioning to using my Deviant Art page as the home of my new content.  I simply find DA easier to use, plus it's more directly tied to a lot of other creative people whom I follow and collaborate with.  That said, I'm not sure whether I will post new stories to both my DA page as well as this blog.  Case in point: this collaboration story between myself and Ffuffle was posted on DA several weeks ago, and though I intended to post it here as well, it ended up falling through the cracks.  I guess better late than never, but if anyone wishes to see new pics and stories as they (slowly) appear, my Deviant Art page is the way to go.  

Also, not sure what to do about all the old content on this page.  I've always wanted to organize it better, but reposting a million stories to DA sounds pretty time-consuming.  I might try a few test-runs and see how it goes.  

by Ffuffle & Mr.Shhh

Timmy Timmerson‘s stern parents cast shadows of poorly-concealed judgement over the nervous 10-year-old. 

“Come on Timmy - you expect us to believe that a muscle-bound superhero swooped down and saved Mr. Barkypants from a tree?”  Mr. Timmerson interrogated.

“I told you that watching all the Marvel movies in one weekend was a bad idea…” Mrs. Timmerson muttered under her breath.

                What had started as an innocent Timmerson family outing to the park had gone awry the moment the family’s lovably dim-witted dog had spotted a squirrel.  Darting after it like a heart-seeking missile, the leash was torn from Timmy’s grasp and the family could only watch as Mr. Barkypants bolted after the squirrel into the distant tree line. 

Their plans then collapsed into a hard-target search for their furry troublemaker.  Mr. and Mrs. Timmerson split off to the east and west of the park to cover maximum ground, while Timmy was directed to search the north.  He was happy with this decision, as the Captain Swirly ice cream stand just happened to be in that direction.

                Admittedly, Timmy felt a tinge of guilt as he prioritized buying an extra-large ice cream cone over starting his search in earnest.  As he wandered the park calling Mr. Barkypants’ name, his guilt gave way to concern.  Why wasn’t Mr. Barkypants answering?  What if something bad had happened to him?  Timmy lost interest in his ice cream as panic seeped into his cries. 

It was then that a young girl’s voice called out to him. 

                “Are you okay?” She asked with a soft, inviting warmth that momentarily soothed his worry. 

                Timmy turned to see a monstrous teenaged girl bodybuilder filling the totality of a nearby bench.  She lowered a paperback romance novel, revealing the bright, heavenly, yet intensely-muscular face of an angel.  Two playful dirty-blonde pigtails flanked a pair of big, round glasses and even bigger, prettier eyes.  Her lips were spectacularly plump and lustful, almost looking like she had weight-trained them at the gym, complete with popping veins.  Her chin was incredibly strong with an adorable cleft, but it was dwarfed by a barrel-width jaw packed with frightening hunks of muscle.  In fact her whole face was like a flexing bicep – all definition and veins, yet somehow despite that she was the prettiest creature he’d ever seen.   

He fell in love instantly.  

                “Sorry, I don’t mean to pry.  You just sounded like you’re in trouble.”  The gorgeous muscle-hulk asked compassionately, not noticing the cartoon hearts in Timmy’s eyes. 

                Timmy held up Mr. Barkypants’ leash.

                “Oh my gosh - have you lost your dog?   That’s terrible!”

                Timmy nodded extra-dramatically.

                “Why don’t I help you find him?  I bet if we work together, you’ll have him back in no time.”  The girl offered with a playful wink (did he actually see muscles on her eyelid?!).  “My name’s Jenna by the way.”

                An ecstatic Timmy was about to offer his own name in return when the air was sucked from his lungs.  As Jenna got to her feet, she was waaaaaay more muscular than he had first realized.  Timmy faced the hugest, most ferocious, most shredded muscles he’d ever seen in his life!  Jenna looked like a ripped comic book superhero ready to win the superhero Mr. Olympia – even more muscular than that! 

The sexy white tank-top she was wearing was pulled, stretched and drowning in hysterically over-developed, boulder-sized girl muscles.  Instead of boobs, Jenna only had thick andro man-pecs with giant nipples that were so muscular in their own right that it looked like she was smuggling two Coke bottles.  He could’ve grabbed each one with both hands, and imagined the feeling of her hot, playfully twitching nipple muscles in his grip. 

What should have been a long pleated skirt was pulled so wide and tight by the angry crags of her shredded hips and 12-pack gut that the hem ended somewhere near her panties.  He could even see a meaty, grossly-veiny pouch of over-stuffed pink cotton peeking out at him.  

Timmy suddenly felt a little funny, like when that cute girl had kissed him at the school dance.  Amazingly, the more he stared at Jenna, the prettier and simultaneously more obscenely-muscular she became.

                Jenna kneeled down before Timmy with a patient smile and he swore he heard the sound of stitches tearing.  Meat upon meat, sliced and shredded to the bone, striations and sinew all surged so violently from Jenna’s every crevice that Timmy instinctually recoiled.  Massive veins stretched her skin everywhere, bunching up in deeply-piled wads every few inches.  Timmy became entranced by one monstrous leg-sized vein that ran all the way from the inner part of her forearm, over her bicep and crisscrossed her striated pumpkin shoulder like a fire hose. 

                “You’re not all that talkative huh?  That’s okay.  I happen to like the strong silent type.”  Jenna joked.  Her natural warmth did wonders to put Timmy at ease, and soon he was taking Jenna’s densely-muscled hand.  It felt like a beefy steel vice wrapped in veins and tendons.          

“C’mon.  Which way do you think your dog went…?”


As Timmy and Jenna walked the park hand in hand, Timmy felt like he was accompanying Wonder Woman on a date.  Though she wasn’t particularly tall, Jenna’s outrageous muscle-mass dwarfed him utterly.  Her enormous pectoral mountain range blocked out his view of her head, turning her into an inhuman meat-bunker.  In hindsight, he probably should have been helping Jenna call Mr. Barkypants’ name, but he was too busy ogling her insane full-body vein-bloat.  He could actually see her monstrous arterial network crawling beneath her tank top, its girth so substantial that her veins were like whole new muscles on top of her muscles. 

He’d also forgotten about his ice cream cone, which he noticed again only because it was melting down his hand.  But as he was about to lick it, Timmy heard a familiar whimper.  He stopped in his tracks and Jenna’s iron grip nearly wrenched his arm out of its socket.

                “Oh goodness!  I’m so sorry!”  Jenna apologized, immediately rubbing Timmy’s sore shoulder like a concerned parent.

                Scanning the area, Timmy pointed sharply to the sky.  Jenna traced his signal and found troublesome Mr. Barkypants hanging from a tree branch by his leash.

                Timmy dashed over to the base of an old-growth oak tree and looked up.  Mr. Barkypants was at least 20 feet off the ground like a furry PiƱata.  How the heck had he gotten up there?  There weren’t even any low branches to climb.

                Jenna came up behind Timmy, her SUV-sized shadow blanketing him.  She struggled to crane her beer-keg neck against the veiny, forehead-height traps bulging all around it.

                “Wow.  He’s really up there!”  She exclaimed.

                Timmy wasted no time attempting to scale the tree, but there was simply nothing to take hold of.  He couldn’t get past the first 5 feet.

                Behind him, Jenna held her handsome squared chin in quiet contemplation.  She sized-up the tree from top to bottom, side to side, and did some quick math.  Sometimes being a huge math-geek paid off.  So did being a weight-lifting female Mr. Universe.

                “I think there’s only one way to get him down from there.  Stand back.”  Jenna ordered protectively, adjusting her glasses above a tightening expression.

                Timmy watched Jenna position herself before the intimidating tree and bend her knees – itself no small feat as her humongous, flexing thigh muscles - already suffocating for space - swelled into themselves like rival bulldozers.  Jenna adjusted her stance and her skirt rode up revealing a shredded muscle-butt made out of steel cables. 

But what was she doing?  Surely she wasn’t going to attempt what it looked like, right?

                Wrong.  Jenna reached out and hugged the tree trunk, grasping its huge 5-foot diameter with her almost equally-thick arms.  Unbelievably, her back was so large that it surpassed the dimensions of the trunk by a wide margin.  Her tank-top stretched painfully, becoming nearly transparent and sharply split down the middle exposing a hundred pounds of deep, bronzy beef.

                Timmy could hear the wood creak as Jenna began to apply pressure to it.  She looked like Hercules attempting to tear down the columns of a Greek temple.  Soon it was clear that her efforts were pumping her up, her veins swelling frighteningly and surging blood into her rapidly growing shoulders and lats.  Her deltoid heads shredded apart with such intensity that Timmy could see the grainy texture of their underlying musculature.  Jenna’s super-thick neck bloated even wider, shaking tendons strained and enormous blue veins snarled all the way up her throat into her jaw, which itself looked like two striated footballs were trying to tear through her skin.

                “Gnnnnnnnnng…..”  Jenna groaned through clenching pearly-white teeth.  Timmy came around to the back of the tree and gasped.  The big vein in the middle of Jenna’s forehead was pulsating like an alien tentacle and had swelled thicker than a sausage.  Her beautiful face was fully-flexed like she were performing a neck-up most-muscular, the strain making every muscle and tendon totally roid-out.  Big muscles ripped from her chin.  Hunks of muscle-meat exploded off her flushed cheeks, around her mouth.  Striated beef even thickened her pert nose.  Her temples beefily throbbed, and Timmy gawked at the sight of huge veiny muscles bulging across her skull and wrenching her pretty pigtails apart.   

                “H-hold on Mr. Barkypants….”  Jenna’s increasingly labored voice continued.  “Gggggonna…. Get you…. Out of there….!  GRRRRRRRRNNNGGGGGG!!!!!”

                Jenna flung her head back and doubled her crushing strength. 


The whole back of Jenna’s shirt tore wide open in an eruption of demented hormone-mass.  A whole new layer of slab-like foot-thick muscle, hideously alive and veiny, burst forth from her shrieking, stretch-marked flesh.

Above them, Jenna’s inhuman-strength shook the branches causing leaves to flutter down like rain.  A confused Mr. Barkypants whined and rocked back and forth on his leash.

                From the back, Jenna was an unreasonably wide, genderless block of muscles the size of an industrial refrigerator.  Her only sense of human shape was the dramatic V-taper from a shoulder span wider than Timmy laid on his side, to her exposed, beyond-taut shred-butt.   Her skirt had finally torn open at some point, and Jenna was flashing her over-capacity, glute meat-stuffed panties to the world. 

                Just then, the ground beneath Timmy’s feet began to shake.  Chunks of grass undulated and then burst forth, followed by the start of the tree’s root network. 

                “W-w-ish we didn’t…. have to… hurt mother n-nature… gnnnnnnnggggg—!!“ Jenna spat through straining, frighteningly-shredded muscle-lips.  Between breaths she had trouble just closing them together as the volume of throbbing veins covered their entire inner surface.   


                Jenna’s huge thighs began to lift – all their hundreds of striations exploding, veins going crazy.  More roots tore from the ground and the entire tree rose by a foot.

                “…N-no… other…”

                Deeper roots that had never seen the light of day were wrenched out of the soil.  The tree lifted another few feet.


                With one last power-blast, Jenna flexed every single one of her ultra-swole muscles.  Her physique orgasmed muscle-mass to an insane degree.  Her legs locked fully-straightened and the musclebound teenager tore the whole tree from the ground with nothing but her raw strength.

                Timmy watched Jenna hold the entirety of the great oak aloft in her bulging he-man hug, all the while more and more shirt seams were split open by her massive meaty pecs.  Finally, she angled the top of the tree downward before gently placing the 25 foot-long oak down on the ground.  Or at least most of the way to the ground. 

Jenna suddenly roared in tendon-searing agony and released her grip on the tree with some 12 inches before pay-dirt.  The giant oak crashed to the grass in a cloud of dust that shook the entire park for a mile in every direction.  

                “G-goodness…”  Jenna gasped, wiping her wet brow but otherwise taking no time to rest her heaving, sweaty muscles. “I hope I didn’t frighten him too badly.”

                Not taking much stock of her shredded tank top and skirt, Jenna’s compassionate nature urged her to search-out Mr. Barkypants without pause. 

                Timmy watched like a frozen statue, not even noticing his further-melting ice cream coating his hand.  Jenna soon returned, her shape so much huger than before that she looked like she’d transformed into another person entirely.  She had a big smile and a shell-shocked Mr. Barkypants in her grasp. 

                “I think someone’s happy to see you.”  Jenna spoke in a voice octaves-deeper than before.  Her tremendous, physiology-changing pump had flooded her body with so much testosterone that it had man-pumped her muscles completely, including her muscular vocal cords.  

Timmy shakily reached out and took hold of his equally shaky dog.  Wrapping Mr. Barkypants in his free arm, Timmy finally remembered the cone in his other hand and robotically offered it as a reward.

                “Awww…” Came Jenna’s masculinized babysitter voice from somewhere beyond all her inhumanly-bulging, mostly-naked muscles.  “For me?  That’s so nice.  I normally don’t eat sweets.  But since you’re being so thoughtful …”

                Jenna leaned down and her natural eroticism was immediately still apparent within the shockingly, insanely ripped and vein-puffed muscle-face before him.  Timmy became momentarily lost in Jenna’s beautiful green eyes, perhaps the only part of her visage not frighteningly swole as hell.  She was close enough for him to smell her perfume mixed with the salty scent of her hot, sticky sweat.  Earrings dangled against her redwood-thick, hideously tendon-pulsing neck.  She was an intoxicating muscle-beast.

                Jenna opened her lustfully bee-stung lips - their pillowy masses so outrageously muscle-jacked that they erupted from her face like over-inflated floatation devices.  Striated muscles feathered and rippled through her literally bursting lip flesh.   Veins popped so skin-rippingly hard that there were small, obvious tears in her skin.  Her lips looked like satin sheets stuffed with biceps.

                And as if in slow motion to Timmy’s impressionable eyes emerged Jenna’s hot, thickly-muscled tongue.  Timmy stared as Jenna strained to open her mega-lips wide enough to release the dense meat slab.  It looked like 50 pounds of shredded pec-muscle.  Veins as thick as his own tongue bloated up and down the cut and defined muscle bellies, and all of that awesome she-meat was glistening with delicious, copiously oozing saliva.

                Jenna gingerly ran the smallest portion of her humongously-jacked tongue along Timmy’s ice cream cone.  He gazed longingly as her heavy, muscle-packed eyelids closed and her beautiful eyelashes fluttered. 

                “Mmmm…..” Jenna moaned in delight.  “Soooooo delicious.”

                A crooked smile wrapped along Timmy’s face from ear to ear.   Jenna found it utterly adorable and bit her bulging lower lip playfully. 

                “Now it’s my turn to give you a little reward of my own.” 

Jenna pursed her lips, literally flexing them like a bodybuilder.  Her glossy pink lipstick was pulled sharply and painfully taunt by an absolute, unprecedented volcanic eruption of ultra-craggy lip muscles and bubbling, swollen-to-rupture veins.

                Timmy froze as Jenna leaned in and gave him a kiss on the cheek.  All he could feel were the pulsating monster veins and soft yet rock-hard muscle-sinews pressing against his skin.   It was all jagged and concrete-hard, wet and warm and wonderful.   


                Both Jenna and Timmy looked down to find that he’d absent-mindedly tilted his ice cream cone and dropped the last scoop on the ground. 

                “Did you just drop that because of me?” Jenna pouted, her lips somehow getting even more crazily muscular.  “Shoot.”

                Timmy didn’t know what to say.  Or how to feel.  Or even remember to breathe.


                “Superhero…. Really Timmy. ” Mr. Timmerson fumed.  “You can forget about seeing the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie this weekend.

                “He’s turning into a real fibber, this one.”  Mrs. Timmerson remarked.

                Timmy’s parents started to cart him off like a junior criminal when a voice called out to them.

                “Timmy, wait -!”  A weirdly deep, muscular yet youthfully-feminine cry rang.

                The family turned to see Jenna’s titanic bodybuilding ultra-mass coming their way, the pretty teen’s muscles so ferociously huge that her tank top and skirt were little more than desperately-clinging strings of shredded material crushed between sweaty, ripped-up comic book muscles. 

                “I bought you a new ice cream cone!”  Jenna excitedly-offered, extending a fresh triple-scoop cone in her hand like a peace offering.

                The family took one look at Jenna’s impossible-to-comprehend beefcake muscles, and then at each other.                 

                “See?  Superhero.”  Timmy beamed. 

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"CUTE LITTLE MUSCLE BLOCK" by Fatfoxlower (aka Ffuffle)

Jenna's looking THICK in this new pic by Fatfoxlower (aka Ffuffle).  Check out his wonderful artwork at:

Also, there's finally a new Jenna story in the works (yay) by the two of us - just a fun little side-story thing.  This pic is sort of a "proof of concept" for that.