Tuesday, December 9, 2014

New HARDBODY artwork!

I was thrilled to receive a message from the talented female muscle artist AYANAMIFAN the other day announcing that he'd been commissioned to draw a set of pictures depicting Hardbody star Jenna Steele.  Even better, Ayanamifan was generous enough to provide his sketches for all Jenna Steele Fans to enjoy. I've attached them below along with the artists' thoughts on them.

"Image 1 is using a pose similar to a painting I did recently showing Jenna in her "relaxed" state. I wanted to create a picture like that to serve as a contrast to the nightmare of muscle that's unleashed as soon as she pumps up"

"Which brings us to the other two pics.  One is a direct follow-up and I hope that I managed to capture Jenna's muscle-crazed face there well enough."

"The last picture was actually the first I worked on but will probably be revisited as it is supposed to depict one of the key scenes in your breathtaking finale of the series"

What do you think?  Do these sketches do justice to your own personal image of muscle-bound Jenna?  I think that all three pics are fantastic and capture a great sense of colossal muscularity.  I particularly love Jenna's intense expression in the second picture.  

For anyone who wants to see more of Ayanamifan's artwork, be sure to check out his Deviantart page and his Patreon page.  For anyone who likes Jenna, his character Kira should be right up your alley!