Saturday, April 11, 2009

THE HUNGER - prelude part 2

Below is an awesome fan story that was recently submitted by one Muscle Machine's anonymous readers. It takes place directly after the last HUNGER story and features some great writing. Enjoy!

Mercy continued riding down the road in the mid-day sun, her body still bulging and throbbing with engorged muscle. She was a vision of pure muscle fantasy, riding on a powerful steel horse down a long and dusty highway. She saw a small strip mall coming up ahead and decided to try and get some clothes for her naked body. The humming and vibration of the steel engine sent shivers up her muscle engorged clit and she started getting that feeling again. She saw a small store outlet that looked deserted and decided to try there. She parked her hog and hopped off. She opened the door to the small shop and a bell overhead rang her in. The clerk had her back faced to Mercy and didn’t see her come in. She was on a ladder stocking the upper shelves when Mercy walked in. Mercy looked up and saw long, lightly muscled legs that ran up a loose plaid skirt. The clerk had her chestnut brown hair up in a bun and she wore a light olive green turtle neck sweater and glasses. She kind of reminded Mercy of those shy nerdy girls in high school that use to hang out in the libraries all the time. Mercy stood near the ladder and cleared her throat. The clerk was startled and fell back off of the ladder right into Mercy’s strong arms. She felt as light as a paper weight to the muscle bound vixen. As the clerk readjusted her glasses and hair, Mercy was taken aback at the soft brown eyes of the teenager. The Clerk in turn was stunned at her saviours stunning super model face.
“Uh..t-t-thanks for catching me…” she whispered as she stared in awe into Mercy’s beautiful angelic face. Her voice had a soft and innocent quality to it that mesmerized and enticed the red-hot bodybuilder.
‘Um..n-n-no problem…” she stammered back. The clerk had soft full pink lips that were inviting and sensuous. Mercy found herself struggling to not lean in and kiss those beautiful lips.
“I’m Nancy” she said, introducing herself. Mercy inhaled her sweet essence that filled her nostrils and became light headed by the lingering fragrance.
“Hi, Nancy…I’m…” she paused; her eyes closed as she pulled Nancy closer to her and inhaled her perfume. Her B Cup sized breasts enthralled Mercy as her perfume climbed its way up to her, making the hard muscles bulge beneath the leather jacket. “M-m-m Mercy, I’m Mercy…” she said finally.
“I’m guessing you’re needing some clothes huh Mercy?” the bodybuilder opened her eyes from her reverie and blushed at the young teen.
“Oh yeah, sorry bout that” she put the young teen girl down on her feet. This time it was Nancy that gasped, she saw Mercy’s fully pumped muscle-bod engorged and throbbing, even more so now she had unwittingly enticed the massive bodybuilder. Nancy had always had a fetish for muscular men while she was growing up, but this muscle goddess put all her dreams to shame. Mercy was bigger and more vascular than anything that she could imagine, her legs were huge and defined tree trunks of pure muscle. Her calves were rock hard and shaped like diamonds and absolutely pumped to the max. Thick, hose-like veins ran up and down her muscular thighs giving her legs a monstrous, powerful look. Nancy’s eyes followed up to her steel abs that looked like muscle stuffed fists fighting for room on her waist, her stomach was shredded and looked like an anatomy chart. Mercy involuntarily flexed per massive pecs which crumpled like steel, creating 2 solid blocks of pure muscle. Nancy gasped as the muscle valley that her pecs created ran up to her thick, hard traps. The leather jacket looked like it was ready to burst, just like the orgasm that was building inside of Nancy. Mercy’s already heightened senses could smell the pungent juices building in Nancy’s crotch and had an idea.
“I’ll tell you what, let’s cut the bull shit. I need clothes and I know my muscles are turning you on. So how bout I hit a few poses for you in exchange for some threads?” she said cockily. The young girl stared at this she-stud speechlessly, too stunned at not only her bold proposal but also that fact that even tho she did not have a lesbian bone in her body this hard bodied muscle mare was turning her on more so than any of her magazine fantasies. She didn’t need anymore coaxing and quietly walked over and locked the door and lowered the shades so that they could not be bothered.
“Well…” she said as she slowly turned to face the leather clad bodybuilder, “if you want to put it that way…” she continued in a sensuous, sultry voice. Nancy took her glasses off and shook her long brown hair loose and let it cascade over her shoulders. Mercy gasped at her enticing and inviting brown eyes and was immediately wet with anticipation. Nancy knew she had the hulking female mesmerized and under her spell. “We’ll have to take some measurements first…why don’t you do me a favor first tho…” she said softly as she sexily sauntered up to Mercy. The bodybuilder could see the clerks hardening nipples tent her sweatshirt as she walked towards her. Nancy leaned in close to Mercy’s ear, letting her sweet essence invade the bodybuilder’s senses again. Her nipples lightly touched the heavily muscled chest and sent a shockwave of pleasure over the both of them, “its quite clear that your hard…ripped…powerful…muscles are definitely turning me on…”she whispered. Mercy’s senses were beginning to go into overdrive as she emphasized each word. “But what would definitely turn me on is to see you zipper up that leather jacket of yours and flex those powerful muscles out of them”. The very thought of this drove Nancy almost to the breaking point, her breathing became heavy in anticipation of what was about to come. Mercy flexed her massive biceps and could feel them roaring under the tight leather jacket, wanting to break out and tear the thick fabric to pieces. Mercy reached out for the young clerk’s waist and pulled her in so that their bodies were touching. Nancy orgasmed right there as she felt Mercy flex her entire muscled body, she could feel her power and strength which turned her on even more. Mercy couldn’t hold herself back any longer and pulled Nancy in close and planted a deep, passionate kiss on her sensuous pink lips. Nancy felt an electrifying rush of pure ecstasy shoot right thru her body and down to her dripping wet labia. Nancy’s body began to shake and tremble from the surge of hormones and she began pressing in harder onto Mercy’s rock hard, muscular body, feeling the unbelievable hardness of her super pumped muscles. Mercy's tongue invaded the young clerk’s mouth with total abandon as her body began to react to the increased sexual excitement.
Mercy broke the intense kiss and locked eyes with the clerk. Still holding her by her waist with her left arm, she straightened her right arm out and looked lustily in her eyes. Now it was Nancy’s turn to be enthralled as she watched the thick black leather sleeve that covered Mercy’s arm throb and bulge as the red-hot she stud began to pump her arm with muscle by opening and closing her hand into a fist. She hadn’t even begun to flex hard yet as Nancy noticed the leather that covered her forearm begin to stretch out as if it were nothing more than a thin sheet of plastic. Mercy kept going, feeling the blood pump thru her veins, wanting to not just simply flex and tear the leather fabric but wanting to destroy the leather with her muscles. With each pump she visualized her forearm getting harder and more ripped, she pictured in her mind that she wanted it to be the most ripped and shredded forearm in the world. She turned and watches as the bulge of her sleeve began to grow inch by merciless inch, her biceps becoming infuriated at being contained within the tough piece of cow hide flesh, seeking release from its leathery prison. It wasn’t long that Mercy could feel the leather about to explode when she stopped and held her hand open, ready for one last flex, and looked at the helpless young clerk “If its muscle you want babe, then its muscle you’ll get!”
With one final, all-powerful flex of her hand the leather sleeve literally exploded as if it was made of rubber. Her incredibly muscled arm had destroyed all remnants of the leather sleeve, bits and pieces of it on the ground. Nancy was staring at the most muscular arm in the world; veins crisscrossed her forearms like the lines on a well worn map. Her arm throbbed and pulsed as if liquid steel was being pumped into her muscles, her biceps took on the look of an uncut boulder, and she hadn’t even begun to flex yet. A single, hose like vein that had to be at least 3 inches thick ran from her wrist all the way to her lats, separating her mountainous bicep from her sharply defined tricep. The young clerk was utterly mesmerized by the display of muscularity that this steel she-stud was showing. She stared at the massive monster, wanting nothing more than to feel its strength and power between her legs.
“Go ahead…touch it…feel the power…you know you want to…” Mercy whispered to the enthralled teen. Nancy was literally quivering with anticipation as she slowly reached up and put her hand on Mercy’s bicep. It felt hot to the touch, as if it just came out of the oven, the skin paper thin, made the bicep look like it was ready to explode. Then Mercy clenched her fist and began an excruciating slow flex. A soft moan escaped Nancy’s lips as she felt the monster bicep come alive with power. She ran her right hand all over the hard, defined muscle, desiring nothing more than to run her own rock hard nipples over the monster. Her bicep began its agonizingly slow ascent, rising inch by massive inch, becoming more defined by the second. Nancy’s breathing became shallow and labored as she felt the muscle began to peak under her hand, even at only a 45 degree angle she guessed it was near 30 inches already. This made Nancy’s already swollen clit quiver with anticipation, while her left hand kept itself busy feeling the powerful, pillar like neck muscles that bulged and hardened under her sensual touch. Mercy focused even more strength and power into her flex as the monster bicep continued to take the shape of a chiseled boulder, becoming even more defined than any bicep on the planet. Finally, in full flex, Mercy turned to her young captive and whispered, “Well, you wanted to get some measurements…” she let go of the young clerk so that Nancy could begin to measure her bicep.
Nancy reached for the measuring tape, her hands shaking in anticipation of what was about to happen. She took the tape and wrapped it around the monster and almost orgasmed at the number. “Well, what’s it measure babe?”
“T-t-thirty-Nine…i-i-inches…” she said in excitement. She had never been this close to a real live muscle specimen and here she was living out her deepest fantasy with a muscle bound goddess.
“Thirty-Nine? Gimme a sec…” Mercy responded. She gave two more powerful pumps and flexed again. “Now what does it say?”
“oh…my…god…F-f-forty Two…”, that was it. Nancy’s orgasm hit her like a mack truck and she screamed in ecstasy and started falling backwards. Mercy caught her with her right arm just before she hit the floor and held her easily as she would hold a doll.