Tuesday, December 9, 2014

New HARDBODY artwork!

I was thrilled to receive a message from the talented female muscle artist AYANAMIFAN the other day announcing that he'd been commissioned to draw a set of pictures depicting Hardbody star Jenna Steele.  Even better, Ayanamifan was generous enough to provide his sketches for all Jenna Steele Fans to enjoy. I've attached them below along with the artists' thoughts on them.

"Image 1 is using a pose similar to a painting I did recently showing Jenna in her "relaxed" state. I wanted to create a picture like that to serve as a contrast to the nightmare of muscle that's unleashed as soon as she pumps up"

"Which brings us to the other two pics.  One is a direct follow-up and I hope that I managed to capture Jenna's muscle-crazed face there well enough."

"The last picture was actually the first I worked on but will probably be revisited as it is supposed to depict one of the key scenes in your breathtaking finale of the series"

What do you think?  Do these sketches do justice to your own personal image of muscle-bound Jenna?  I think that all three pics are fantastic and capture a great sense of colossal muscularity.  I particularly love Jenna's intense expression in the second picture.  

For anyone who wants to see more of Ayanamifan's artwork, be sure to check out his Deviantart page and his Patreon page.  For anyone who likes Jenna, his character Kira should be right up your alley!  

Saturday, November 8, 2014


Legendary female muscle artist FX-Man recently updated his blog with a bunch of free sketches, including the shocking, disturbing and incredible masterpiece on the left.  For those into hardcore female muscle, this pic is about as hardcore as it gets.  

I found the depicted character so frighteningly realized and so fearlessly extreme that it inspired me to challenge my own writing.  

FX-Man has some other pics for sale that run along the same lines as this one so definitely go check them out... if you dare.   

Chapter 1

Our flight arrived in Fort Lauderdale around 11am.  We were already half-in-the-bag when we caught our transfer to Miami.  This was the type of party trip we’d been talking about since college.  Just the 4 poon-hounds, Brett, Dave, J.M. and me on a 7 day cruise to the Caribbean full of drinking, hook-ups and dirty sex.  Every fine female with a pulse was a potential target locked in our crosshairs and already things were looking good.  The cruise terminal was chock-full of fine ladies lined-up to disembark.  Brett and J.M. wasted no time chatting them up when I noticed something that made my heart skip a beat.  Far across the terminal was a hugely muscular figure like nothing I’d ever seen before.  I mean, maybe it was the distance but this guy looked like the Hulk.  Even on the internet I’d never seen this kind of muscle-mass.  It was really obscene.  Of course someone sporting that kind of drug-crazy muscularity couldn’t possibly be a woman but at a second glance I realized that holy fucking shit, it was! 
This barely-a-girl hunk was with a group of 4 or 5 cute women and completely dwarfed them in size.  I’d never actually seen a female bodybuilder in person before but even I knew that this was a special kind of freak.  She was wearing a stretchy cotton top with tights so she wasn’t showing any skin but her shape was pure beefcake.  Unfortunately, before I could get a better look, her line started to move up and they entered the ship.
My heart was still racing long after they’d gone.  It was the thrill of a lifetime to see a female bodybuilder in the flesh, even if it was from 100 yards away.  I was even more excited that this magnificent creature was on our ship.  I was determined to find her and soak in as much detail as I possibly could.   
I was bummed when I didn’t see her again for the rest of the night.  During the ship’s departure I stood on deck with the guys, quietly scanning the crowd to no avail.  I didn’t see her at dinner in the main dining hall or in the casino later and was pulled into drinking with some sluts for most of the night. 
About midnight I went out for some air.  The upper decks were quiet in the moonlight and the ocean breeze almost blew my drink out of my hand.  I was busy replaying her image in my mind when I spotted someone jogging on the deck above me.  I immediately knew that it was her.  She was in a Lycra jogging suit almost bursting to contain her Herculean body.  I wasn’t much closer to her than last time but I could definitely spy some addition detail. 
Firstly, I realized that this girl was even BIGGER than I’d first thought.  I simply couldn’t believe my eyes.  Every part of her was outrageously butch.  In fact, I began to question whether she was actually woman when I noticed the faint color of lipstick and an auburn ponytail.  She also had big, over-sized balloon tits that bounced up and down with every step – quite literally the only piece of female anatomy on her entirely masculinized body.
I was frozen in place watching as she stopped to check her watch, visibly panting and wiping her brow.  Then she was off again and out of my sight.  I snapped out of my daze and dashed after her, desperate to find the stairs to her upper level.  By the time I did, she was gone again. 
All of my thoughts that night were of the bodybuilder.  To my surprise, I rebounded between my initial excitement and a creeping dread.  Sure, she was built, but maybe there was such a thing as TOO built – a notion I’d never subscribed to until today.  With muscles as big as hers she was almost certainly on steroids.  What if she was a shriveled-up hag with chest hair and acne? 
The next two days were scheduled to be at sea as we cruised to our destination.  That suited my friends’ fine as they could play the field.  By breakfast I’d long forgotten about regular women.  Despite my trepidation I still wanted to meet the mysterious muscle-girl.  I tried to temper my expectations.  At the very least, I’d get a few wonderful eyefuls of her tanned and chiseled she-muscle.
I had no luck finding her during the morning but at lunch, Brett appeared excited about a group of hot ladies he’d met.  He described them as 4 twenty-somethings hot to trot, all with sexy bods except for their mannish, muscle-bound friend.  I perked up as he described her as “no joke, twice as ripped as The Rock”.  I laughed along with everyone but I was secretly elated.  It had to be her.
We found the girls on the pool deck.  The party was raging and the girls were in a crowded Jacuzzi sipping mixed drinks.  As we approached them, I scanned the area.  No sign of the female bodybuilder.  My friends introduced themselves and in no time we were rubbing up with the girls in the tub.  My friends were all over the girls and they seemed totally into it.  I tried to engage the conversation such as it was but all I wanted to know was more about their muscular friend.  I injected a few questions here and there – how long did they know each other, where were they from, etc.  One of them mentioned college but that she’d known Tina since grade school. 
“Tina?”  I asked.
“Yeah, you’ve probably seen her around.  She’d hard to miss.”  The girl answered.
I played along and asked why.
“Cause she’s a bodybuilder.”
Another friend chimed-in and added that she made Arnold Schwarzenegger look like Kate Moss. 
I was kind of amazed that the girls seemed genuinely proud and supportive of the bodybuilder.  In fact, when Brett dubbed female bodybuilders “tranny freaks”, the friends came to her defense. 
As the afternoon wore on, I continued to ask various girls questions about “Tina”.  I tried to keep it subtle but I noticed a knowing smile between 2 of the girls.  When I asked where she was, they told me she was working out. 
“She’s always working out!”  They laughed.
Tina was constantly training for one show or another they explained to the point where she had to keep a strict diet and schedule even on vacation.  Glancing at her phone, one of them told me she’d be along shortly.
A dozen drinks later, we all had a good buzz going.  I kept looking at my watch, hoping that Tina would finally show.  J.M. told me to stop fidgeting and go after one of the girls.  I laughed nervously and sipped my drink.
I was running out of optimism when the girls looked over our shoulders and lit up.
“Tina!”  They exclaimed to a huge figure approaching.   We all turned to find a living temple of pharmaceutical overkill drawing stares from all over the deck.  I must have gasped out loud because the girl beside me giggled. 
The mountain-sized steroid-hulk was still largely covered in a Lycra hoodie and sweats but it didn’t matter.  She was a fucking bull-stud.  No longer a distant figure, it was clear that I’d massively underestimated her.  She was way, WAY more freakishly muscular than even my previous night’ impression.  For the first time in my life, I felt a sickening fear fill my heart in the presence of such demented obsession. 
She came over to the pool and the girls urged her to join us.  As she sat down at the edge, they introduced my friends and we all just stared, barely able to accept just how grotesque this bodybuilder was.  Even the hardcore muscle fetishist in me found it unsettling.
Tina joined the conversation and I was immediately struck by her voice.  It was much deeper than the other girls and just shy of man-like.  Worse, she was hidden behind a pair of big sunglasses which made it hard to get a read on her age.  What a blind man could tell though was how lean she was.  I mean, this girl was gruesomely shredded.  She was so ripped that it had drastically affected her face, which was an anabolic nightmare of caveman features, dried-parchment skin and hyper-vascularity.  It looked like she’d been injecting HGH right into her face.
Over the next half-hour I kept trying to steal perverted gazes at Tina’s physique.  She was so God damn humongous that I struggled to believe my own eyes.  Her back seemed as wide as any 5 of us and her arms were Roman columns.  Her wrist and hands were covered in rippling tendons and big, bloated veins that resembled garden-hoses.  Even her tan was insane.  It was a deep bronze so intense and artificial that her teeth look like they were glowing.
 I really didn’t know how to feel about Tina at this point.  Her gorilla muscle-mass and hyper-androgyny were genuinely ugly, to say nothing of her drug-ravaged face.  So why did I have a hard-on?
I snapped out of my daze long enough to notice Tina’s friend whispering in her ear.  They looked at me with a giggle.  J.M. quickly leaned in to warn me that “Mr. Muscles” was checking me out.  Before I could feign a response, Tina got up and turned to me.  With an assured directness tinged by some unexplainable sex appeal, she asked me if I needed a drink from the bar.  It was my opening to join her, but was I going to take it?  Did even a muscle-nut like me want a butched-out ‘roid-bull that may well have been a hermaphrodite? 
With the most conviction I’d ever felt in my life I told her “yes”.  I couldn’t believe it was happening but off we went together - me and the she-man bodybuilder. 
Walking with Tina made me feel like a scrawny teenager.  Despite the fact that I was taller than her she totally eclipsed me.  Christ, she was a fucking mass-freak.  Her traps alone were as wide as my shoulders.  Her delts looked like shoulder-pads and were easily the size of beach balls.  I actually shuddered as I realized that each of her upper-arms was thicker around than my entire body.   
Her walk was about as undignified and ogre-like as I’d ever seen.  It was as much her lack of femininity as the ridiculous jumble of meat bulges grinding against each other.  It was no joke that her lats forced her arms out like she was carrying 2 beer kegs. 
We sat down at the bar and started to chat.  I was so nervous I could hardly form a coherent sentence.  Tina picked up on this quickly. 
“Have you ever met a female bodybuilder before?” She started, mercifully pointing out the elephant in the room
I replied “no” and she told me that most people got very awkward around her.  That helped me to relax and I was quick to apologize for me friends’ behavior.  With a smile Tina explained to me that she was accustomed to negative attention and that it was actually a big turn-on for her.  She told me that the only real downside of her physique was that it was hard to find nice guys – even hardcore muscle-admirers – who were into muscles as “envelope-pushing” as hers.  She then asked me point-blank if I was turned-on by muscular women.
I admit I was thrown-off by her bluntness and very nearly went to my stock “denial” line – a tactic I’d become comfortable with over the years when confronted by acquaintances.   But it dawned on me that Tina wouldn’t judge me the way a friend or a parent might.  Hell, she might’ve been the only person I’d ever met who I could share my fetish with and not feel like a total weirdo.    
With a deep breath, I admitted that I’d secretly been into female bodybuilders since my teen years.  Man, it felt strange to say that out loud but I immediately felt a great sense of relief.  I told her how I’d seen her in the cruise ship terminal the other day and almost lost my shit.  That made her laugh and it was clear that she understood my feelings completely.
Talking with Tina, I became surprised by how cool she was.  Despite her directness she had a fun personality that made being with her easy.  Still, I couldn’t shake the tension I was feeling.  My heart was racing and I felt a cold sweat on my skin.  It was like I was still realizing in waves just how completely mental her physique was. 
I continued to pick out details while we conversed, like how I could see fat wads of vascularity pressing through her clothes.  The fact that I could literally see veins moving beneath her outfit made me question whether I could handle what she was packing under those sweats or even behind those sunglasses.  When she did finally removed her sunglasses, what I faced made me seriously consider ditching her then and there. 
It was pretty clear that at some point Tina had been a knockout and on some level she still was.  She had beautiful, sultry eyes and a set of clearly super-fake porn lips.  But the combination of torture-level conditioning and liver-wrecking drug abuse had mutated her into a leather-faced horror.  Her forehead and cheek bones were hugely over-grown, her eye-sockets were sunken and her skin dry and tight.  I could see abnormal muscularity in her jaw as if she’d been lifting dumbbells with her teeth.  She had a receding hairline with a few large clumps missing that revealed enormous veins pulsating across her skull.  The entirety of her face was dominated by straining, bloated, writhing vascularity – almost like she was lifting a boulder with all of her might.   
I’d never in all of my years seen a woman so thoroughly ruined by bodybuilding.  Tina was like the worst, most ugly steroid-soaked bodybuilder cliché taken to a hysterical extreme.  She was a hideous creature from head to toe. 
I don’t rightly know what kept me there talking with her.  I’ll admit that the revulsion I felt was actually kind of exhilarating.  It was clear that this girl did ANYTHING to grow her muscles, and that was sexy.  As we continued to chat, I sensed Tina was into me as well.  It was kind of a dream come true as I’d always assumed female bodybuilders were into macho manly-men, not normal guys like me.  Unfortunately, my dream was shattered quickly. 
Two bulky jocks had spotted Tina and came over.  One of them literally stepped between us and started hitting on her.  Both guys were football player good-looking and probably 225 pounds of muscle.  But they were also assholes who started telling Tina what she needed.  My guess is that they were too drunk to notice her scary Frankenstein vein-face. 
Tossing me a sly smirk, Tina replied that she only dated guys with biceps bigger than hers.  Right away the blustery jocks started egging each other on and pumping their arms.  They were both pretty built but the mouthpiece between us had some serious guns.  After a dozen grunting flexes, he held his straining bicep before us.  It was nicely cut and popping veins from his exertion. 
“22 inches.” He proclaimed. 
Tina played coy.  She pouted her ridiculous fake lips and doubted aloud that her little girl muscles could match his big, tough bicep.
Slowly, she raised her outstretched left arm to his.  Both myself and the jocks could hardly believe the Godzilla girth of her unflexed bicep.  It was already double the size of his and had more veins stretching her sleeve than his naked arm.
She then slowly cranked it upward - her bowling ball, then basketball, then beach ball bicep rising until she locked it in a flex.  In direct comparison, her arm was now 3 or even 4 times the size as the jocks’.  It was unreal.  The fibers of her sweater were so severely stretched that Tina’s tanned skin changed the color of the material.
“Wait, I’m not done yet.” Tina teased in her raspy baritone voice and tightened her fist. 
Skin audibly groaned and veins bulged as thick as my wrist, desperate to burst.  She craned her fist around causing monstrous muscle fibers to snarl.  She then lowered her arm again and with a light grunt, flexed it hard.  A freakish watermelon bicep blew apart her sleeve from shoulder to her elbow.   
“I guess you don’t measure up” Tina gloated to the emasculated jocks.  They muttered a few exasperated slurs before promptly ditching us.
All I could do was stare at Tina’s arm.  Looking at her torn sleeve, she complained playfully that she’d ruined “another” shirt.  Then, to my mind-melting delight, she unzipped her hoodie and peeled it off.  All at once the totally of her chiseled bronze physique was revealed to me and nearly blew me off the deck.
A dainty string bikini was pulled hilariously tight across not only two CRT monitor pecs, but also a set of huge, super-fake stripper tits so artificially firm and spherical that they screamed silicone with a capital S.  Yet despite being double D’s or bigger, they did almost nothing to feminize her hulking mass.  She was just He-Man with big plastic tits. 
Tina turned around to adjust her bikini straps and gave me an eye-full of her naked backside.  I was immediately gut-punched by her lats.  Even the largest swells were striated and vascular, which continued to speak to her inhuman conditioning.  She seemed even more massive from behind and like a concrete wall made of muscle, blotted-out my entire view of the deck.  But what struck me hardest were the giant black letters tattooed across her upper back and triceps.  With all of the swelling peaks and valleys it was difficult to see in its entirety what seemed to say “MAXIMUM”.  Glancing to each arm, her craggy triceps read “MUSCLE” and “MASS” in chiseled rock text.  FUCK this girl was hardcore.
Next she pulled down her sweats revealing the bottom half of her bikini.  I could go on for hours about her thighs and calves, both of which were more than a match for the rest of her, but to be honest, I never even noticed.  I was far more concerned about the big, bulging tube steak Tina had packed in her overburdened swimsuit.  To my horror, she looked like some big-dicked stud with a 10 inch cock straining against her panties, to say nothing of the shocking orgy of veins squirming all over her crotch.  There was so much veinage and mystery meat jammed into her underwear zone that her bikini bottoms were audibly groaning with strain.  Her barely-covered crotch was more like a pouch of muscle-cock so huge and swollen that it ballooned defiantly a half-foot in front of her.
“What the FUCK!”  I thought.  “She’d a DUDE?!”  
Tina didn’t even acknowledge the Ron Jeremy elephant meat threatening to break loose and stab me in the eye.  She simply asked me if I wanted to hang with her in the pool like some ordinary girl in the middle of an ordinary hook-up.  I was at a loss for words but somehow found myself following her anyway.
It was easy to find a secluded spot in the pool as Tina generated a highly-vocal repulsion field around her at all times.  Now that she was showing a lot of shredded skin, people were practically puking at the sight of her. 
We sat opposite one another in the water and chatted for over an hour.  I learned that Tina Brody was a 29 year old personal trainer by trade, though obviously that was a day job.  Her age came as a surprise to me as her shriveled and veiny face made her look about 50. 
She was in a lot of ways a very normal woman.  She like chocolate and romantic comedies and TV’s The Bachelor.  We didn’t talk a lot about muscles or bodybuilding for a while and there were moments that I almost forgot what a muscle-nightmare she was.
Eventually, our friends tracked us down.  My guys couldn’t believe the sight of Tina’s bikini-clad muscles and I could hear the giggles and snickers.  We were almost forcibly pulled away by our respective groups but Tina held back long enough to ask me to dinner.  In a daze I suggested the formal steak restaurant, to which she agreed.  We’d see each other again in a few hours.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

HARDBODY - chapter 12

Chapter 12 – Jenna’s cam show – the BIG finale

Linus drifted through a serine world of wispy clouds and soft, flowing wind.  He felt sluggish and safe as if his mind were swimming in warm milk. 
In the distance, a soft, sweet voice trailed through his thoughts, urging him out of his haze.
“Linus… are you okay…?  Linus….!  Linus…!!”
Linus’ eye lids batted and opened.  To his surprise, he found himself on the floor of his bedroom.  He looked up to see a heaving, hulking, horrifying mass of python veins and bull-stud muscularity looming threateningly above him.  The bulging he-beast was literally faceless – all bronzed swollen pecs deep and heavy enough to blot-out any signs of a human head.  In fact, all Linus could see no matter where he craned his neck were nightmarishly ripped beefcake muscles throbbing with terrifying sexual power. 
“Whu- what happened…?” Linus moaned to the indescribable muscle-behemoth before him.
“I think you fainted!” Jenna’s voice answered from somewhere atop her revoltingly shredded chest.  “You suddenly collapsed and hit your head!”
Linus fought through his foggy mind and tried to remember what had happened.  All he could recall was flexing – lots of flexing.  It had been Jenna.  Jenna had flexed so hard that she’d busted some chains – chains she’d been wearing.  Huge, powerful chains wrapped across her chest – her ultra-muscular stud-chest!  He remembered that it had blown his mind and made his dick so hard it hurt – and apparently drained all of the blood from his brain at the same time. 
“Let me help you up,” Jenna offered, holding out a dainty hand with cute painted nails that was absolutely crawling with pulsing blue veins. 
 With an effortless tug, she lifted him to his feet.  Once above the foot-deep shelf of naked, heaving chest muscle, Linus was reunited with the teen’s young face – a face so hilariously out of place on the steroid barbarian he’d just been staring at that he could hardly believe it was the same person.    
“Jenna – your cam show…!”  Linus shrieked, suddenly remembering that she’d been streaming herself live over the internet just moments before.  “They can hear us!”
“I put it on mute.”  She answered, her voice growing soft.   “It doesn’t matter anyway.  I’m not going to continue.  Not now...”
“What are you talking about?”  Linus spat.   Why not?”
“Look at what I did to you.  You fainted at the sight of me!  You must think I’m a disgusting monster…”
Jenna removed her mask to wipe away a tear when Linus gasped.  He gazed at her in pale-faced shock, unwilling to believe what he saw.  It was too outrageous, too insane, even for a walking muscle-orgy like her.  Jenna’s face – her beautiful, sensual, teenaged face was absolutely, unmistakably and revoltingly – RIPPED! 
Jenna’s gorgeous visage had always been a reflection her torturous contest-level conditioning and given how painfully lean she kept herself, how could it not?  Linus had recalled watching her luscious features become tighter and more gaunt over the years as she viciously cut-up and shredded her bloated muscle-man body, though none of it was enough to extinguish her incredible looks.  In recent months she’d taken it to a new extreme, with even her face becoming unmistakably vascular, but this - this was something else. 
Glaring at the visible striations in her jaw-line, the snarling, inhuman veinage exploding through her demure forehead and temples, he was at a loss.  Jenna had taken her entire steroid physique to such hysterical extremes that even her face was just another muscle to shred.  He knew then that he could never understand how deeply her muscle-lust ran – and how much of a turn-on that was for him.
With a strong, sudden motion, Linus grabbed Jenna by the neck and gave her the most lustful, passion kiss he could.  He barely realized what he had done until they released their mouths and he saw Jenna’s surprised face and her fat, sensual lips wet with their saliva.   
“L-Linus….!” Jenna whispered, her voice shaking.  Her deeply-tanned skin became instantly flushed. 
Linus’ wits suddenly returned and he became just as shocked as she was. 
“Jenna -  I… I’m so sorry --!”
But before the wimp in Linus could backpedal further, Jenna grabbed his neck, her small grip like a steel vice and returned his affection with a kiss that was as powerful as a napalm blast.  Her swollen lust-pillow mouth crushed his, kissing and sucking and chewing so hard it hurt.  She effortlessly dominated him with nothing but her sensuous mouth while her incalculable strength washed over him like an ocean.   
After what seemed like an eternity, Jenna released her grasp and gazed at him with eyes full of aching passion.
“Holy shit.  That was awesome!”  Linus spat.
“I don’t understand…. ” Jenna questioned, panting lightly.  “I pumped-up my muscles so big that I made you pass-out.  Don’t you think I’m a freak?”
“Oh my god Jenna, you’re the ultimate freak!”  Linus answered with unbridled enthusiasm.  “You’re so fucking muscular it scares the shit out of me!  I mean, I didn’t think it was possible but you’re TOO built!  You’re retardedly huge!  You’re an entire one-girl bodybuilding contest! “
Jenna bit her lips.  To anyone else, Linus’ words would have been incredibly insulting but to her, it was everything she’d ever fantasized about hearing.
“Y-you mean you LIKE that I’m… THIS muscular…?”  Jenna asked cautiously, her unbelievable beefcake man-muscles rippling and bulging in bizarre contrast to her fragile feminine sexuality.
“I – I don’t even know.  I mean, your insane muscles almost make me sick.  You’re barely even a girl anymore you’re so huge and hard.  You don’t have any tits at - not even those shrunken little nubs that the really big steroid-freaks have.  You look like a fucking man!” 
Jenna peered down at her naked chest.  Two monstrous slabs of masculine pec-meat bounced with the lightest twitch, their gargantuan expanses viciously cut to shreds and completely covered in horribly swollen veinage.
“… But something about you makes me more excited than I’ve ever felt.”  Linus continued, the words now pouring out of him.  “You’re such a babe yet you’re a disgusting testosterone man-mutant.  You’ve got huge, wide shoulders, your neck looks like a redwood tree stump - I think your arms are like 30 inches around!”  
Jenna let out a cute little giggle.  “Not even close…”
“…are you serious?  I mean, it’s scary how much huger and more crazy-ripped you are than literally any other bodybuilder on the planet.  You’re completely terrifying and – and – It’s so fucking hot!             
Jenna could hardly contain the excitement she felt welling up inside of her.  Could it be that in Linus she’d found everything she’d ever wanted – a kindred spirit who’s incalculably-depraved bodybuilder super-fetish was nearly the equal of her own?
To his own astonishment, Linus began to notice something happening to Jenna.  There was a new glow to her face, a sort of unspoken shift in her attitude that was impossible to miss. 
Linus noticed Jenna opening and closing her fists, a tiny unconscious tick that was pumping buckets of blood into her balloon-thick veins and causing her poor skin to stretch loudly.  To his further disbelief he could see whole new wads of freaky arterial veins popping up through her arms and chest.  What the hell was happening?  Was she still growing?  How could Jenna still be growing after the flexing-feast she just gorged herself on?  She HAD to be maxed-out after that – didn’t she?!  I mean, LOOK AT HER!
The chains wrapped around Jenna’s arms and neck, already stretched to their structural limit saw increasing strain thrust upon them as her jagged and inhumanly hard muscles swelled with each fist-pump.  Dark copper skin as thin as tracing paper stretched to breaking over inches and inches of ballooning mass.    
“Holy shit, Jenna…”  Linus muttered, unable to comprehend what was happening to the rippling muscle-beast.  There was literally nowhere on her overwhelmed frame to pack more muscle meat, yet it just kept coming.
Jenna was reveling in the depraved muscle-lust.  She felt like she was tapping into some rich new vein of muscle-swelling power she never knew existed.  Linus’ terror and disgust mixed with his uncontrollable attraction was the ultimate turn-on and it was absolutely jacking the shit out of her.   
“Linus, I NEED to finish this cam show... right now” Jenna stated as her monstrous bodybuilding physique bugled out of control around her.
Linus could only nod, his voice lost to him as he was eclipsed by her girl-muscles.
Squeezing her mask on over her vein-stuffed face, Jenna returned to her place in front of the webcam and nodded to Linus.  Linus unmuted the live feed and the chat box sprang back to life.  The counter read 298 logins remaining.  Linus was surprised that even that many had remained and wondered how long they could possibly last.
Jenna ignored the newly appearing comments, most of them demanding to know what the hell was going on and readied her pile-driver arms.  Linus could feel Jenna’s revitalized enthusiasm from across the room as she brought her upper arms parallel to her body.   She moved her rippling and vein-covered lower arms horizontal and locked her palms together at her belly.  She was unable to suppress a smile as she began to press her hands against themselves, funneling the immeasurable pump-power of her shredded, globe-sized biceps and triceps up through her body towards her hulking, meat-slab neck.
Linus wasn’t quite sure what Jenna was attempting until he detected a light “groan” from the chain around her neck.  It then struck him as he watched the 2-foot thick Roman column Jenna called a neck flex - veins and tendons rapidly multiplying as its sheer mass grew exponentially.  It wasn’t long before her massive Neanderthal neck protruded almost a foot past her ears on either side of her, to say nothing of the extra inches added by the over-stimulated veins ripping through her skin. 
Jenna’s head began to shake as she cranked-up her pseudo crab-flex.  The over-taxed metal groaned painfully louder, every forged-steel chain taught as inches and inches of testosterone-drunk neck-muscle bulged out around them.  Soon the chain was almost completely buried beneath bloated ballooning swells of veins, freaky neck-striations and rippling, roided-up girl-rock. 
Jenna flashed her perfect white teeth, a gleaming grin busting loose as she imagined how completely mental she looked.  Ironically, even Jenna couldn’t know that her humongous muscle-neck alone had become nearly as thick as Linus’ whole body!  
Pop!  The chain suddenly shattered, busted wide open by nothing but the beautiful young bodybuilder’s god-damn ogre neck.  The frenzied Chippendales she-jock stood surprised, bulging and rippling hysterically in a flurry of unconscious muscular movement.
Jenna appeared somewhat disappointed that the chain had given up so soon and presented so little a challenge.  She was now totally topless save the two chains wrapped around her upper arms, both of which suddenly seemed in mortal danger.   
The beyond-hulking she-teen was absolutely bursting at this point with pure bodybuilding he-sex.  Heaving, tendon-shredded pectorals bounced and twitched as if electrified.  Her six-pack was a smashed-together mess of too-huge meat-blocks.  Her barrel-sized arms stuck outward from even huger, heavier and meatier lats without an inch to move.  Absolutely everything on Jenna’s revoltingly muscular physique way beyond severe, past audacious and STILL not at the limit of her unimaginable potential.
Another 100 viewers had left – so thoroughly disgusted by Jenna’s overwhelming man-body they were likely ruined for bodybuilders forever.  Yet the remaining 80 or so were exploding with crazed enthusiasm.  The chat box was overflowing with gushing, lusty comments – all of them pushed to the razor’s edge of their female bodybuilder muscle fetish by Jenna’s unbelievable teenaged physique. 
Both Jenna and Linus watched the comments scroll up the screen faster than they could read them.  One comment that Jenna did catch called her a shredded sex nightmare.  Another begged her to dominate him.  She then caught one comment asking to put her muscles to use, which gave her a mischievous idea. 
“So some of you want to see me USE these muscles, hmmm?”  Jenna teased, posing like a teen fashion model with the body of the world’s most repulsively-extreme Mr. Olympia photo-morph.  “Well as it happens I need a good challenge to get a REAL pump, so let me see…”
Glancing around, Jenna noticed the barbell Linus had brought up from his brother’s gym.  Hungry to keep feeding her voracious pump-lust, she picked it up and held it at chest height with a firm, wide-handed grip. 
   Massive, swollen veins squirmed down Jenna’s sinew-packed forearms and covered her knuckles and fingers as she focused on the task at hand – a feat of strength so completely ridiculous that only a comic book superhero would even attempt it.
“No way…”  Linus muttered, quickly catching onto what Jenna was about to do.  The mere thought turned his steel-hard erection into diamond. 
“Mmmmfffffff…..!”  Jenna grunted as she began applying her crushing female strength to the two ends of the bar. 
The comments on the computer also couldn’t believe what Jenna was trying to do.  “She’s gonna bend that bar?  An Olympic weight-lifting bar?!  What kind of fucking maniac is she?!”
But as usual, Jenna was dead serious about the outrageous task at.  As she turned up the power-dial, event huger, more hysterical reams of nauseating vascularity violently erupted out of every inch of skin on her muscle-flexing body.  This wasn’t just another determined flex by the over-developed muscle maniac.  Against the unyielding strength of the hardened steel bar, Jenna’s Herculean physique was forced into overdrive to meet a challenge that shouldn’t have been possible. 
If any of them had thought Jenna’s previous flurry of flexing had pumped her muscles to their skin-splitting maximum, they now realized how wrong they were.  As Jenna grit her teeth and squeezed, no body part was sparred a total-body vascular eruption that threatened to turn the sexy teenager into the most horrific muscle-abomination in existence.  Even her hard, painfully erect nipples, each over an inch long already were popping with veins and getting more jacked by the second.
As Jenna fought the bar with increasing effort, the thickest, most gnarly vascularity Linus had ever seen in his life pulsated up her neck by the fistful.  He could even see massively super-swollen veins pushing from beneath her mask with such brute force that they were stretching the string holding it on her head.
Some 60 seconds of awesome, sweat-producing, body-shaking strain saw Jenna’s utterly obscene muscularity mutate to another level. 
“HHHHHHHHH……. g-gonna get so jacked for you…… g-g-gonna get rippppppeeeeddd…..” Jenna muttered in painful, delirious gasps between her teeth-grinding efforts.  Her own words seemed to be turning her on even more and feeding right back into her nuclear-level pump.  But these weren’t words meant for her or the web broadcast or anyone else.  As she looked up at Linus and locked frenzied, passionate eyes, he knew they were meant only for him. 
Linus could feel his head getting faint again.  This was too much.  It was way beyond overkill.  It was actually making him sick to watch his beautiful high school crush literally hulking-out before his eyes.  Linus instinctively knew that no matter how much he loved the hugest, craziest muscles, that there had to be some feminine sexuality at its core.  That’s why he had lusted for Jenna for so long and why he was so god damned terrified right now.  He could literally see Jenna’s last ember of sexuality getting flexed, pumped and crushed beneath literal mountains of man-muscle.  She just kept getting more pumped and swollen, her every measurement ticking upward by inches every second.  Her striations had striations that were growing out of control.  Even her voice itself was changing, becoming deeper, raspier and more guttural – as if the mutant bull-hormones in her blood were changing her very gender. 
Two full minutes into the teen bodybuilder’s attempt to bend the barbell, Jenna had officially become the most contest-cut, vascular and inhumanly ultra-massive bodybuilder in existence.  Linus was certain that there wasn’t any two men alive who combined could match Jenna’s sheer, unholy monstrousness.  From the moment she had switched on her webcam to right now, she was completely unrecognizable.  She’d gone from a cartoonish Mr. Olympia caricature with 3-foot thick arms jacked on every type of steroid to something utterly inhuman.  But what really scared Linus, and simultaneously made him cream his pants like a champ was that there was no end in sight.
            Between roaring snarls and animalistic shrieks, Jenna was continuing to spew drooling, lust-filled challenges to him.
            “GGGGGGGGG!!!!!  ARRRRRRGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!  NNNOOOOOOTTTT ENOUUUUUGHHHHHHH!!!!!!  NNNNEEEEEED M-MMMMMOOOOORE MUUUUUSCLEEE!!!!!!!!  NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDD TOOO GGGGGEEEEETTTTT SSOOOOOOOOOOOOO JACKKKKEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!”  The teen screamed, drool rolling down her chin and disappearing into the sweat slickening her gleaming, he-brute physique. 
            Amazingly, after 3 full minutes of agonizing crab-squeezing, the eye-popping teen hard body actually started to bend the unbendable bar.  By the 4 minute mark she’d managed to move it into the slightest start of a U shape – a feat that would normally take a 700 pound load of iron weights.  It was too bad that only 30 viewers remained to see it.  Jenna’s awesome and painful to witness muscle-flex and the sickening growth still wracking her had sent another 70 of the internet’s most hardcore muscle-admirers running home to mommy.
But Jenna didn’t seem concerned about her viewers or even the barbell itself.  With her hungry eyes fixed on Linus, her only desire was showing him every single centimeter of hard-earned muscle. 
As if willed entirely by Jenna’s absolute lava-lust, Linus was met with an impossible, extinction-level explosion of fanatical arm-thick vascularity straight through her vein-brutalized flesh. 
It was now as if Jenna had no skin at all.  So much veinage protruded multiple inches off her body - individual veins piled ten on top of each other – that Linus couldn’t possibly imagine anything more extreme.  Then, as if fate itself were slapping him on the wrist for the notion, the struggling string holding Jenna’s mask in place could no longer contain her fanatical face-flexing.  It suddenly snapped and the mask flew off with enough force to hit the webcam across the room. 
Its destruction revealed Jenna’s straining, grinning, purple-faced visage in the midst of its unholy flex to end all flexes, and holy fucking shit did the fright Linus felt earlier pale in comparison to what he saw now.  Half of the teen’s face was completely cut to ribbons with feathering and striations as savage as an Olympian’s fully-flexed pecs.  The rest was a devastating vein super-orgy of sausage-thick Frankenstein-arteries surging and squirming everywhere there was space.   They were in her hair, behind her ears and even coming out of her nose.  There wasn’t a spare millimeter of her formerly beautiful face that wasn’t completely ruined by the ugliest, most animated, most hormone-stuffed horse-cock veins. 
The entirety of Jenna’s head was just a bulging, arterial muscle-mass getting more defined and shredded with every heartbeat.  She could hardly keep up her own smile as the muscles and veins around it pressed cruelly against her big, pouty lips.  If things didn’t stop soon, her own face muscles would bury her features entirely.
  By now Linus was paying as little attention to the barbell as Jenna was.  Yet some 5 minutes into her apocalyptic crab-flex bar bend, Jenna’s tiny white-knuckled and vein-spasming hands were coming closer and closer together as the bar yielded against her incalculable strength.  It would’ve taken industrial-strength hydraulics to achieve what this cute 18-year old girl was doing right before his eyes with her bare hands.  But even that wasn’t the real special effect.  A team of ILM effects artists with a 100 million dollar budget wouldn’t have been able to model a hyper-ripped bodybuilding muscle-titan more ferociously muscular than Jenna had made herself.
“HHHHH…..  HHHHHNNNG…….HHHHAANNNNNNGGG…….!!!” Jenna panted, her sweaty, spit-covered boulder-chest rising and falling, rippling and shredding.   Tears rolled down her cheeks despite her shaky, twitching smile.  She seemed to want to say something but was struggling to maintain her unimaginable effort and also speak at the same time.   
“H-h-had e-eennnough…..  –o-or dddddo y-you…. D-doo  you…”
Jenna broke her clumsily strung together sentence in a forced moan of agony.  More tears streamed down her veiny face mixing with all of the sweat and spit and saliva everywhere.
“What Jenna?  What?”  Linus encouraged. 
“D-ddddoo….. y-y-yyou….”  She fought as more and more veins pressed through the others up and down her nose and temples. 
“Do y-y-you want t-t-to…… seeeeeeeeee…… m-m-m-m-meeeeeee get……..r-reallllllyyy…….. pppppuuuummmmmmppppp…..???????”
Linus’ jaw hit the floor.  Holy shit-balls!  What the fuck?  How could there be more in her?!  Jenna was a MACHINE!!  She knew no limits at all!!!
10 more viewers dropped out and likely went straight to their psychiatrists.
Meanwhile, Linus was faced with a dilemma.  His god damn heart couldn’t take anymore sweaty girl-muscle.  Jenna had taken his hand and led him straight into the heart of his wildest female muscle fantasy.  Then she’d taken him past it to the furthest outer-limits of extreme fetishism and then smashed right through that.  He didn’t know where the hell he was now or how he was still standing.  All he knew was that the most incredible female bodybuilder on God’s green Earth was asking him if he wanted her to get REALLY pumped. 
“Jenna…” Linus started, at first uncertain, but quickly finding his confidence.  “W-why don’t you show these internet pussies what REAL girl-muscles look like!”
That was it.  Linus had lit the fuse and the powder-keg that was Jenna’s will to grow went off like the fourth of July.  He knew it because he suddenly saw her squirt a 2-liter bottle worth of steaming-hot girl-jizz all over his carpet before throwing her head back into her beyond-bloated meat-traps and screaming into the sky. 
The only way to explain what happened next is that a hundred invisible personal-trainers jabbed a hundred syringes of the highest-grade human growth hormone in the world into every one of Jenna’s muscles at the same time.  Everything that had come before, no matter how extreme or twisted it had seemed in the moment looked a bean-pole pre-teen compared to her muscles right now.   
First – size.  Everything doubled, tripled and quadrupled.  Biceps that had been fibrous, split-headed basketballs became distended 50-pound medicine balls made entirely out of laser-etched feathering.  We’re talking arms thicker than the diameter of bus tires.  Abs were almost volleyballs unto themselves.  Jenna’s head vanished beneath pecs, neck and traps too huge for her own oversized body, even swallowing up her hair as it fell down her back. 
Next – definition.  Despite how big she was now, and to clear, she was like 5 male heavyweights – she had also become ghoulishly defined to point that it hurt.  Every fiber of muscle, every individual tendon in even the most delicate of areas were fully defined and razor sharp.  Her skin had even torn in a few places as Linus noticed blood mixing with sweat.
Finally - vascularity.  Nothing could have prepared him for it, not even the monster Jenna had been 1 minute earlier.  It was officially full-on, projectile-vomit disgusting how huge and hard her every vein popped, even for a vein-fiend like him.  Those nipples?  3 and a half inches long now, hard as steel and wrapped in more veins than bodies’ were supposed to have.  They were bigger, harder and more manly-erect than some guy’ cocks.
Overall picture – a shining, sweaty, almost shapeless meat-balloon built from a million moving muscle parts.  Sweat everywhere.  Carpet soaked.  Also spraying enough saliva and girl-cum to fill a sink.  It was amazing that what looked like 700 pounds of muscle-man meat and pulsating alien vascularity was all piled on a 5’6 frame.
Looking at the muscle-lunatic Jenna had become, Linus had to remind himself that this “thing” was his classmate - a formerly beautiful bookworm too shy to ask her crush on a date.  How he had longed to feel her silky hair, to kiss her full, succulent lips.  He’d wished to gaze into her deep green eyes and imaged the primal lust contained within.  Jenna had been a maddeningly white-hot young woman in the prime of her sexuality and even better, a gifted female bodybuilder.  She was everything he’d ever dreamed of.
An ear-shattering CRACK snapped Linus back to reality.  The 2-inch thick, hardened steel weight-lifting bar, itself probably 25 pounds unloaded, had bent as far as it could and finally exploded into two pieces.
It was done.  Jenna had achieved the impossible and also become the impossible.  Standing there, her massively super-muscular and entirely vein-mutated chest ring and falling, the room filled with as much gasping and panting as an entire marathon, one thing was abundantly clear – Jenna was the ultimate - the total package taken to its preposterous maximum.  She was pure, distilled muscle-sex – her every muscle, every fiber, every molecule.
Somewhere along the way the chains around Jenna’s arms had snapped off.   Neither Linus nor Jenna had even noticed.  Slowly, Jenna’s tiny little head emerged from between the crushing meat continents of her sickeningly ready-to-burst traps.  It was then, as the horrible purple-red drained from her features and her bronzy spray-tan color returned, that Linus was met by one final realization - this one even more painful and heart-wrenchingly shocking than all the rest combined.  
No matter how muscular Jenna had been in the past – originally as a wiry pre-teen and as she piled on more and more mega-muscle, as a jacked-up Mr. Olympia with a pussy,  there had always remained some intensely erotic muscle-babe essence at her core.  It had been her super-power that until this very moment had never failed her.  But this time it was different.  Jenna had invited him to witness her at her most extreme and with that came a cost he couldn’t have imagined.  In pumping herself so fully and furiously to her utter flesh-tearing maximum there had been no compromise, no clinging to some small part of her femininity, no super-power.
Looking at the creature Jenna had unleashed, Linus faced a true bodybuilding mega-horror.  She was absolutely all beefcake muscle-man now.  All rippling he-man meat-beast.  100% shredded, bulging vein-monster.  She was a jagged, unyielding, skin-destroying muscle-behemoth and nothing else.    
Linus stared at the once beautiful teenaged girl and saw nothing he could cling to or recognize – not gorgeous Jenna Steele, not a young 18 year old female, not even a human being.  She had undergone a complete body metamorphosis from super-massive steroid bodybuilder into some kind of freak-show hormone-abomination.
Still high on her gargantuan pump, Jenna quickly saw the repulsion in Linus’ eyes and realized she had made a terrible mistake.  She had originally aimed to get off on his horror but had soon mistaken him for something he was not.  For a few fleeting moments, she had felt like she’d finally found someone who could endure her at her fullest, someone who could withstand her most pumped-up and jacked and whom she might one day even let into her gym.  She had been a fool.
Just then, a chime from the computer broke the silence.  Both Jenna and Linus turned around to see one lone remaining client logged on.  The name was “Mr. Muscles”, and a comment had appeared.
-Congratulations.  You are something special, Hardbody.
Jenna approached the computer cautiously and the messages continued. 
-I would very much like to help you develop.  Look at your account. 
Linus peered over Jenna’s massive meaty shoulder and saw her revenue total jump from a few hundred dollars to over $8000.
“Oh my Gosh!”  Jenna gasped at the sudden influx of cash.
-Just a start if you’re willing to finish the show.  And your pump.
“What do you mean, finish her pump?”  Linus blurted.  “Look at her!  She’s made out of muscles!”
-I think you’re still holding back, Hardbody.
“What the hell are you talking about?”  Linus continued. 
But from behind her, Linus failed to notice a knowing blush wash across Jenna’s face.
-You still have one chain left.
Linus was about to blurt out again when he realized Mr. Muscles was right.  Glancing down Jenna’s back, he saw the jagged chain G-string peeking out from between her viciously striated butt-cheeks – the only remaining part of her sexy chain posing bikini.
-I will deposit another $8000 if you go all the way.  I want to see your muscles at their biggest, even if your friend doesn’t.
Jenna took pause to consider the offer.  Slowly, she looked back at Linus with a mixture of humiliation and still-raging muscle-lust. 
“Linus, I don’t think you should see this.”  She whispered quietly, her sweet, girly voice having returned.
“W-what do you mean?”  Linus questioned, almost hurt by the notion despite knowing he couldn’t possibly take any more muscle.
“I could see it in your eyes just now.  My body, my muscles – I’ve finally become too much, even for you.  I’m just too muscular now and – and I don’t think you should see me get any bigger.”
B-Bigger?  BIGGER?
“BIGGER??!!”  Linus shouted.  “Y-you think you can still get BIGGER?!  How can this not be the biggest you can get?!  Look at your arms, your chest.  Look at your FACE!  You don’t even look human anymore!” 
“Please – look away now.  This is going to get… ugly”
Linus stared at her, his mind having been blown more times in one afternoon than the rest of his life combined.  He was shaking – with rage?  Terror?  Slowly, he backed up to the corner of the room. 
Jenna angled herself so that her humongous Hoover dam back was to him.  She then picked up the webcam from his desk and placed it on the floor.  She spread her legs so that the camera was facing directly up into her crotch, then placed her hands behind her head. 
Even before she began whatever it was she going to do, Linus couldn’t comprehend the condition that her back was in.  It was a truly ultra-gargantuan swell of meat – hundreds of pounds layered on top of itself, all roiling and alive.  The sheer meaty girth – the wing-like width and beefy density was completely unreal.  But even more than the ultra-masculine, ultra-monstrous muscle rock, it was the brutal conditioning that really fried Linus’ brain.  Every muscle was sadistically shredded down to the fiber.  The entire expanse of her back was just a humongous wall of knotted, textured feathering. 
“Hnnnnnngggggg…..”  Jenna grunted suddenly, her grip on the back of her head tightening.  Linus could see the juicy vein-bulges around her wrists and knuckles surge with new life.  Seemingly hundreds of even fatter, thicker veins popped out of her already vascular back with abusive force.  That there was any more veinage in Jenna’s body that was not yet ripping her skin apart was a feat unto itself. 
Jenna continued to groan, her efforts becoming louder and more intense.  At first Linus was relieved that Jenna’s overall muscularity stilled seemed to have plateaued somewhere around the level of genetic muscle-freak.  Then his feeble reality shattered.
“HGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGG” Jenna fought, her volume rising along with the effect on her physique.  Linus heard a horrible, painful groaning and realized it was her back-skin reaching its official limit.  Sure enough, inches and inches of wet, brown-tanned lat-width began to grow outward.  Jenna’s massively flexing traps also began to grow again, rising up the back of her head by alarming new centimeters.  Then the veins – fatter than ever, horrible-purple in color and virtually shredding her own muscles.  They destroyed her striated shoulders, her cut-up triceps and watermelon biceps.  It all ballooned up more and more, turning a furious muscle-beast into a twisted muscle-horror.
A muffled crack grabbed Linus’ attention.  He’d been so captivated by Jenna’s upper back and beyond-titanic lat-width that he had failed to see what was happening to the rest of her.  It was then that he realized something gut-punchingly ridiculous.  Everything that was happening to her upper body, the brutal growth of her shoulders and traps, the Hindenburg-sized pumping of her man-meat lats – it was all just a side-effect of her real efforts.
Another muffled crack came from somewhere deep between Jenna’s steel-hard butt cheeks.  They were so offensively hyper-shredded that he could no longer recognize it as an ass, to say nothing of the hundreds of monster-veins pulsing everywhere and double that many more pouring out of her ass-crack.  A third snap produced a further tightening of her razor-sharp butt-striations and eye-gouging amounts of even thicker and gnarlier veins exploded out of her crack. 
Again, Linus realized that even Jenna’s ultimate ass-pump was but another side effect of what was really happening.  After all, Jenna had wished to hide him from the overwhelming awesomeness of her final pump - yet here he was witness to science-experiment muscle growth even more merciless than before. 
Minutes into her huffing, puffing, moaning flex-fight, Jenna’s entire body was some 50% more ultra-massive.  She just kept going and going, muscles on top of muscles – piles, slabs and mountains cut deeper and harder - more ripped, more cut and more shredded to pieces.
It was vulgar and horrible.  Linus wanted to puke.  He wanted to pass out.  He couldn’t take another ounce of muscle meat.  Yet he had a giant, raging hard-on the size of a jumbo-jet.  His heart was racing with primal excitement.  He felt like he was on speed.  The thrill of Jenna’s boundary-smashing muscularity was in itself some kind of ultimate aphrodisiac.  He soon realized that it was the total annihilation of her very gender and the all-consuming dominance of her massive muscles that was so erotic.  It didn’t matter that she’d utterly destroyed her own femininity – it was that she HAD destroyed it.  She was truly the ultimate female bodybuilder – the ultimate sex-fantasy – the ultimate fuck-machine.                 
The loudest snap yet pulled Linus back.  Christ was Jenna jacked to hell.  Her ass was shredding deeper and tighter still, those coiled meat-balls the only part of her body shrinking in the face of so much tumultuous expansion. 
Even with her back to him, he could see the veins pulsing right off either side of her face.  Her vascularity itself was more muscular than a normal bodybuilder, and it seemed like even her veins were flexing.
Then finally, an ear-piercing crack signaled success - whatever that meant.  The final chain, Jenna’s uncomfortable metal G-string shattered and fell from between her bloated brown beef-thighs.  The crushed and mangled metal hit the floor revealing multiple cracked links and even a few that had been crushed like a pancake.
Linus took a moment to collate in his muscle-damaged mind what had just transpired: Jenna had smashed-open a forged-iron chain by flexing her pumped-up vagina muscles!  Weirdly, that much made sense to him.  He recalled how he’d tripped a few weeks back and ended up with his face between Jenna’s legs.  The monstrous muscle-cunt that he’d briefly been exposed to, that frenzied hormone-orgy of converging vein-arteries and shredded sex-muscles, had just barely been contained inside her ready-to-burst panties.  It wasn’t too much of a stretch to imagine a good, solid cunt-flex popping stitches and probably even ripping open her panties completely.  But to break a heavy-duty chain with her vagina muscles alone – that was pretty alarming.  And even crazier was that given everything he’d seen, all the flexing and muscles and lunatic veins – given what she looked like right now - it was her huge, ultra-developed, inhumanly over-muscled girl-crotch that was too big for him to handle.    
Jenna ceased her flex, once again panting and gasping like an exhausted athlete.  She peered over her bulging shoulder to Linus behind her and revealed a face literally 100% all veins.
“C-can you please lend me a pair of your underwear…?  The biggest ones you’ve got…?”  Jenna asked.
“MY underwear?”  Linus questioned.
“I-I don’t want you to see my… really big muscles….”  She responded politely. 
Linus did as she asked, fetching and handing her a pair of big, baggy boxer-shorts.  Jenna at first struggled to get them over her engorged thighs and then fought even more with what was between them.  It looked like she was some well-hung porn star trying to squeeze a massive horse-dick into a tiny pair of panties.  The great irony was that while Jenna was definitely no hermaphrodite, she sure as hell was more infinitely crotch-endowed than any big-dicked animal stud.
When Jenna finally turned around, Linus’ eyes nearly fell out of his head.  THIS was hiding her really big muscles? 
Jenna had taken a pair of boxers that were a tent on Linus and through pure steroid pussy-development, turned them into a reverse G-string.  They were stretched so ferociously thin on her that they covered-up less than a micro-bikini. 
Given Jenna’s small height and frame, her hips were surprisingly diminutive compared to the monumental rest of her.  It was in part what gave her such an over-blown and humongously epic muscle-hunk V-taper.  It also meant that absolutely all of the pressure on Linus’ boxers was coming from her jacked-up fuck-crotch.  It looked like she had 3 Christmas hams stuffed in there.  Not even the biggest dick-stud on the planet packed the kind of meat she had in her too-small panties.
 Anatomically, Linus wasn’t even sure what he was looking at.  Jenna’s rippling thighs and hamstrings seemed to blur right into her muscled-up honey-pot, growing even bigger and more furiously shredded until it went nuclear at her cunt.  Everything was bulging and twitching so brutally that a few stitches blew while he was gawking at her.  She definitely couldn’t have closed her legs if she tried. 
Then there was the merciless, unhinged and utterly perverted veinage.  There was so much vascularity pumping beneath her panties that it was like a creature trying to break out.  All of her craggy, shredded pussy muscle – easily 100 pounds from her belly button to ass crack - took so much blood to feed that the biggest veins in her body couldn’t keep up.  Her hips and thighs were completely covered 5or 6 veins deep with wrist-thick python vascularity exploding from her panties.  It was a veritable tsunami of pussy-veinage in every direction, the sheer repulsive ferocity way beyond belief.   
Jenna tried to hide her obscene muscle-crotch with her hands.  Even with the huge veins crawling all over them, they had never seemed tinier than at that moment.  Like the boxer shorts, her both hands combined could hardly cover up a fraction of her ridiculous underwear-muscles.
“I’m so sorry, Linus.”  Jenna started, her flushed face even more shredded and horribly vein-stuffed than before.  “I’m wanted to scare you – I wanted to feel like a monster and a freak because it turns me on.  But after everything you said, I realized I wanted to turn you on too.  Instead… I’ve disgusted you…”
Linus looked at deeply Jenna – that wet, shiny-bronze human muscle-mountain.  His heart was a machine-gun of smashing drum-beats.  His dick was a cruise missile. 
“K-kiss me you giant bulging muscle-stud.”  Linus spat, no longer in control of his body or mind.
“What…?”  Came Jenna’s reply. 
“Get bigger.  Get huger.  Show me your beefcake monster-muscles you demented he-man!”
Jenna’s eyes widened like saucers.  Was this really happening?  Could Linus somehow actually be… turned on right now?!
This time it was Jenna who reached out and pulled Linus in.  The two locked in a crushing, nasty sex-kiss more pornographic than most people’s full-on fucking.  Linus couldn’t breathe, her grip was cracking his skull, but he didn’t care.  He kissed the shit out of Jenna and tasted those gorgeous fat lips he’d always dreamed of like they were the sweetest candy. 
When they finally broke, Linus collapsed.  He stumbled back to his bed – all of the energy sucked out of him by Jenna’s vampire muscle-lust.
Slowly she approached him and straddled the bed, her SUV body-weight flattening the mattress and destroying the box-springs.  Staring up at her, she was a planet-sized muscle maelstrom without sexuality or identity.  There was no face from his vantage point, nor anatomical differentiation.  It was all just sweaty muscle he-hulk everywhere.
Jenna climbed over him, careful not to crush him with any part of her ultra-butch body.  When her face finally reappeared, she was dripping lusty hormone drool from both her mouth and from between her legs.
Linus still couldn’t believe the face he was staring at.  It was like some twisted fever dream.  Jenna’s raging hormones were even now pumping her up further.  She truly couldn’t help herself or hope to stop all the veins continuing to bloat and pop and protrude.
Jenna arched back and lifted her beyond-colossal arms.  With a grit-teeth grunt she hit a double biceps that from Linus’ point of view filled the entire room with muscles.  Again her face vanished, as did her straining, shaking fists.  Her 4 inch nipples disappeared along with her shoulders and most of the rest of her, all of it gobbled-up by ballooning, bulging muscle-meat.
“More!  Flex more!!  Get even bigger you lunatic muscle-freak!!!”  Linus spat, crazed and delirious.
“Y-YESS!!!”  Jenna cried from somewhere miles away.  “OH YESSSS!!!  TELL ME MORE!!”
“I want more veins you beast!!  I want the biggest, juiciest veins EVER!!” Linus ordered.
Jenna flexed harder, providing exactly what Linus demanded – huger, more steroid-crazy beast veins tearing through everything.
“HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!”  The teen screamed as her mutant muscle-physique created more and more muscle and freakier veins.
Just then, a noise behind them broke the moment.  It was the bedroom door opening. 
“Oh… my… GOD….!!!!”  A voice cried.
Linus’ heart sank like a cold, wet stone. Jenna rolled off him and he saw across from them his parents standing at the door.