Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Anyone who's been coming here for a while knows that I'm a huge admirer of the artist formerly know as FemXman. With the great one retiring from the muscle scene last year, it seemed appropriate to do a retrospective top 10 of my all-time favorite drawings. Let me tell you, limiting it to just 10 was damn fucking hard. There's a lot of talented artists out there, but few have shared such specific tastes with me as Fem. For the sake of protecting his art, I've posted reduced resolution images. Please don't ask for the original files. Here we go!

pic 1 - For slim, (reasonably) realistic muscle, this pic is just about perfect. Her arm holding that pistol is incredible - maybe my single favorite bicep of all time. Fem's rendering of her pecs is almost tactile. The uniform is a little weird, but sexy none the less. The strategically placed straps are pretty rad. Truly a hot female Rambo and a big inspiration for my War Inc. stories.

pic 2 - This is the only version I ever saw of this drawing which is a shame because it's my favorite picture of Fem's character Jewels. Her size is truly gargantuan but just shy of deformed or chunky like most super-gigantic muscle drawings. I love the veins going up her legs, under the posing suit and continuing along her abs. The nip slip is hilarious and sexy (what's the point of the bikini top, anyway?). Her brother gives it great scale, as do the dozens of bottles of oil. Awesome!

pic 3 - I wanted to include an older drawing because I think Fem did some great ones right from the start. While his later stuff is light-years ahead of this, I still find this one fantastic. She'c cute and ripped, massive and dainty all at once. Great mix of size and definition without going too far (for a FemXman pic). Love the pigtails and tiny breasts.

pic 4 - I remember when I first saw this one I almost flipped my lid. It's such a provocative image - as if the barbell wasn't big enough, Kitty's CHAINED extra weights to it just to get a challenge. I think the legs and chest sell how hard she's working. A great expression too. I've always loved girls pushing themselves to this limit and this drawing captures that concept perfectly.

pic 5 - Carmella is one of my favorite FemXman characters. I love every drawing he did of her, but this one is off the charts. The angle he chose gives a clear sense of her ridiculous thickness and bulk. On top of that, Fem was hitting his stride in terms of detailed definition and vascularity here. She is scary huge, yet still "macho" shaped. It's interesting that many of Fem's girls are submissive given their strength - a theme that runs across much of his art. I prefer it to the cliched domination chick.

pic 6 - My #1 Carmella pic. Holly shit balls is she ripped! This has to be the pinnacle of striations and veins in a muscle drawing. FemXman started putting vascularity in his character's faces here which amazingly he make work! And check out that shoulder to waist ratio! His choice of dresses and rendering is stupidly hot. Carmella's not only flaunting her muscles, but challenging anyone who looks at her to accept the craziest physique in the world. I love it!

pic 7 - One of my favorite early FemXman drawings was "Kitty on top", but this upgrade is even better. It's a common fantasy of mine to have a female BB flex to impossible dimensions at the height of her orgasm and this picture nails it. Fem's character Sarah is totally scary here. Manly really - even beastly. But it's the extremity that makes it awesome. Fem's pictures often pushed the envelope, sometimes past common sense or good taste, but that's why I love 'em. I never quite figured out the eyes though. Are they rolled back in her head? Are they closed?

pic 8 - A great all around picture - solid sense of mass and definition, plus look at that arm! Love the shirt ripping from her explosive pump. But it's her expression that makes this one a winner. FemXman perfectly captured the animal spirt to grow. This is a moment of desperate, savage determination. I also love that her head is being swallowed up by her traps and pecs. Even the butch haircut works for her.

pic 9 - I consider this drawing to be the pinnacle of pure giga-mass (a term coined by Fem). Whoever this chick is, she's so over the top that it's stupid. I don't even know what's going on here. Why is that guy's coat ripped? What's with the microphone? But it doesn't matter, the girl is pretty much the culmination of FemXman's experiments into ludicrous size and detail. It's the fact that she's SO disgustingly humongous that this pic works (she's a cutie too, which helps). I found Fem's later giga-mass pics to be bubbly and malformed, but this one retains a semblance of human anatomy while amping to the absolute max. I don't see too many artists beating this one anytime soon. Fem's really the only one who's ever made muscle at this size work.

pic 10 - This was a later character of Fem's named Amanda, which I fell in love with immediately. He didn't get many pics of her uploaded, but what was there were excellent. Fem's best pictures aren't just girls flexing, but stories unto themselves. I figure the story behind this one is "Shy, glasses-wearing office chick gets huge and wins a male BB contest." That's hot - so hot that I started writing the "No Contest" stories. Great overall shape and cute expression. Glasses + muscles = awesome.

That's it. Let me know what you think on the boards!