Monday, April 19, 2010

More great ART!

Some really fantastic art has made its way to me over the last few days. First up is a pic of Made-To-Order's supreme muscle girl MONSTRA by artist AYANAMIFAN.

I think this is a fearless and very successful picture. Monstra is an uncompromising mass of muscles and Ayanamifan renders her superbly. Lots of veins, lots of definition and loads of mass! Small details are paid attention to as well, such as her green eyes, short hair and rich, tanned skin. It takes a brave soul to draw veins in a girl's face (writing about it is different than seeing it), but while it detracts from her fundamental beauty, it adds a crazy, erotic intensity. Great stuff!

Check out more wonderful muscle art at:

Next up is a new pic by OZZY.

I'm a big fan of Ozzy's work. He's got a loose, cartoonish style that seems at odds with his intense subject matter, yet somehow he makes it work. In the breasts vs. pecs debate there's no question which side he lands on - SARAH (as the girl above is called) is all naked, sweaty pecs.

Ozzy shares my love of grueling, animalistic workouts and gender-smashing muscle mass. I love the balls-out masculinity of Sarah's physique. My only complaint is the somewhat David Lee Roth looking face and hair. Beyond that, this image is tops!

Check out Ozzy's brand new blog at:


Anonymous said...

Wow, some great pics here, I like Ayanamifan's pic a lot, because of the great detail he puts into it, including the veinage on the face, we need more artists that make even the smallest details like that stand out.

B. Smith said...

I agree with Jeremy. Love the pic. The only thing that stands out, just from the description in the story is the big puffy lips, but that is just nit picking. All in all a great picture for an even greater story.

ayanamifan said...

I am planning on working on a more accurate depiction of Monstra. Initially i had a completely different image in mind exspecially about her face.
I will work on it as a pencil drawing and send it over to mr shhh as soon as its done ^_^

AbyssPlanet said...

Either way that's some seriously fantastic work from both Ayanamifan and Ozzy! :D

Ozzy said...

I'm glad you like my stuff, Mr Shhh!
But I must say I didn't see the resemblance with David Lee Roth! lol


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