Monday, May 3, 2010

HARDBODY - chapter 10

Chapter 10 – Maxed-out

Linus couldn't get Jenna out of his head.  After witnessing the teenaged she-hulk  flex through her clothes in front the entire English class, his school boy crush had officially accelerated into rampant, rapturous lust. 
In his horny, sex-crazed mind, Jenna was a goddess in human form.  It only added to her unbearable appeal that she didn't seem to realize it.  He adored her mousy personality, those cute little glasses and her simmering, steamy mix of brains and brawn.  He marveled at her name - "Jenna Steele".  It was like she was destined to become a bulging high school Hercules. 
No matter how hard he tried, Linus couldn't figure out how cute little Jenna – shy, bookworm Jenna, had managed to build such a freakish physique.  Her brutal, bulldozer dimensions were so completely masculine that he was almost ashamed of his endless supply of  boners.  Almost.    
The school bell rang and Linus shuffled between classes, his head filled with erotic images of Jenna's pumped-up body.  Ignoring his English lecture, he poured his deviant mind onto paper.  He sketched with reckless abandon, tearing through gender boundaries and drawing the grossest, most demented muscle-mutants he could imagine.  They couldn't possibly be women, even with the misplaced pigtails and glasses he gave them – but that was the point.  To his frustration, he still couldn't produce anything that even came close to Jenna. 
Math class was spent picturing Jenna’s beastly dimensions squeezed into the entire Victoria's Secret catalogue.  Just the thought of something so dainty forced over Jenna’s straining bulges was hugely perverse.  He imagined her walking out from the bathroom, a see-thru one-piece strangled to death by her swollen, linebacker shoulders.  Her behemoth chest would utterly destroy the small cups meant for a normal girl’s bosom.  The outfit would be forced to its breaking point across the big, boiling muscle-furnace between her legs exposing every inch of twisting vascularity needed to feed her the monster muscle pussy he'd had a glimpse of.
He went on to imagine her blushed face - equal parts aroused and humiliated, peering at him wantonly.  Her lips were wet, lustful and hungry with desire. 
She'd be a super-freak in bed, the very definition of a horny bodybuilder.  He’d have her dance at a stripper pole while he watched her lean anatomy dance with sinew.  Her movements are awkward and clumsy - the cost of so much bulk, yet the mind-blowing extremity was massively enticing.
The bell suddenly snapped him out of his daze.  It was good timing – a minute more and he might have blown a load in his pants.  He looked at the clock and realized it was three o’clock.  He snatched his bags and shot out the door.


This was the day he been building towards for the last two weeks.  Linus felt a knot in his stomach - it was his old friends panic and dread. 
There was three and a half months left until prom.  He knew that he had to act or risk losing her forever.   The plan was to confess his undying love for Jenna and ask her to the dance.  She'd be so taken by a guy who worshipped her rippling body that she'd drop that deadbeat Ed in a heartbeat.
 Standing at her front door, he reached for the bell.  As his finger approached, it slowed and shook. 
Nope, he couldn't do it.  He was a big fat pussy who couldn't talk to girls.  He hated himself to his pale, doughy core.    
Glanced around, Linus had another idea.  Perhaps what he needed was the proper motivation.
 Hopping over the fence, the nervous high schooler snuck around to the side of the house and found the basement window.  His heart was already racing, not from his brash actions but from the mere thought of seeing Jenna’s delicious biceps flexing into soccer balls of stone.
Even before he knelt down he could hear furious noises coming through the window - grunting, screaming, crying - all of it rattling the window pane.  Every so often, a massive impact like an industrial pile-driver shook the walls to the foundation.     
The glass was fogged-up, frustrating Linus' view.  He tried to wipe away the condensation to no avail.  He could make out Jenna below, her immense back to him working two stacks of weights each as large as a dishwasher.  The foggy glass obscured the finer details, leaving him with shape and motion only. 
Immediately Linus' eyes widened at the sight of Jenna's super-human wingspan.  She was an endless concrete wall of she-meat wider than the machine she was using.  Her lats looked like enormous wings reaching almost to her outstretched forearms.  The massive set of traps piled high on her shoulders covered most of her head making her seem weirdly misshapen.
Linus pressed his face against the window lusting for a better view.  It must have been a trick of the glass - even Jenna wasn't  that wide.  She was as big as a car!
As he watched her work the weights, the endless clanging metal was a seismic event to his eardrums.  Jenna herself was a growling, spitting animal forged by determination.  Every agonizing rep seemed to inject her with outrageous volumes of muscle mass.  Right before his eyes her back thickened-out alarmingly- her shoulders swelled beneath visibly over-taxed skin.
After a five-minute flurry of punishment, Jenna released the weights.  They hit the ground so hard that Linus was knocked off his feet.
He could hear the freaky muscle-teen breathing like an animal.  After a moment, she got up and started hitting poses in front of a mirror.
"Look at me, Mr. Penguin.  I'm pathetic!"  She cried to a couch full of stuffed animals. The contradiction between the cute, cuddly characters and Jenna's utterly ripped man-muscles was almost too much to take. 
"I'm barely growing anymore.  I don't have enough weights to give me a proper workout.  How am I going to fill out that dress Ed gave me by prom?"
Jenna hit a side-chest pose that inflated her entire upper body like a balloon.  Her body effortlessly produced muscles beyond Linus' wildest  imagination.  He gasped out loud, almost giving himself away.  He'd never seen anything so demented in his life.  She looked like another species.  That she thought she could possibly add another millimeter of muscle anywhere on her body was totally mental!
"I'm such a loser!"  Jenna continued.  "I can't even afford to buy supplements, let alone new gym equipment.  What am I going to do?"
Linus turned away from the window for a moment, the gears of his mind starting to turn.  He hated to see Jenna so upset.  What could he do to help?
The peeping Tom's train of thought was quickly interrupted by Jenna's next words.
"I guess I'll hit the shower..." 
Linus' neck turned so fast it almost snapped.
He gawked as Jenna took the bottom of her enormous muscle-shirt and lifted it over her head.  It dropped on the floor beside her in a wet pile.
The testosterone-jacked girly-freak stood topless before him, her every tanned, beefcake inch gleaming and slick.  She looked at the mirror again. 
"Wow, girl.  Your pecs are starting to get big."  She noted, tensing each beefy, tit-less mass.  She bounced them alternatively in a shocking display of man-shamming muscle-control. 
Linus started to drool.  He'd seen some of the bigger male bodybuilders bounce their chests like that but he never imagined a woman could do it, and do it better than any of them.  It was so twisted!
Other than her barn-door back, Jenna's chest was the most gender-bending part of her perverted body.  Her chest muscles simply erupted like a volcano from her over-sized torso and completely dominated her.  Even under the baggiest tops there was no mistaking her for a 'roid-raging muscle-man, except that she was an eighteen year old girl.         
Jenna twisted and turned in different directions, marveling at her unnerving masculinity.  She was absolutely butch to the core, even beast-like.  Tensing her stomach, she willed dozens of ugly, squirming vein-hoses all the way up her abs to her arm pits.  The jagged edges of her carved-from-steel chest crumpled under further flexation, becoming almost impossibly striated.  Claws of beef-jerky sinew dug deep into her flesh.  A blank space as wide as three fingers separated each pec-planet in a screaming monument to her gut-wrenching condition.  
"Ooooohhh....."  Jenna moaned, somehow aroused by the grotesque extremity of her own bursting muscles.  She ran her hands down her wet stomach feeling every jagged ridge and squirmy vein.  It wasn't long before those hands vanished down her baggy workout pants.   
Moving closer to the mirror, Jenna gazed into her own eyes.  She looked at her massively fat lips and licked them lewdly.  A few bites made them even thicker and juicier until they seemed ready to pop.  She started to kiss the mirror, slowly at first, then ever more forcefully until she was flat-out frenching her own reflection like a horny, bodybuilding slut.          
Linus leaned against the window to get a better look, his heart beating like a drum.  He knew from the internet how freaky female bodybuilders could get but Jenna was off the hook!  As he pressed his weight against the glass and the window snapped open.  He yelled and fell into the room.
Jenna pulled back from the mirror - strands of spit dangling from her mouth, and turned around.  She cutely covered her nipples in embarrassment - her tiny hands dwarfed by the sheer immensity of her over-muscled he-chest.
"L-Linus White?!"  She squeaked, her voice so weirdly soft and feminine.  "What are you doing here?!!"
She grabbed a blanket from the couch and threw it over herself.
Linus tried to fight through the burning in his head but he was too slow.
"Were you... spying on me?"  Jenna blurted.  "Oh gross!" 
Now the panic was really hitting.  Linus got to his knees and started pleading.
"No, it isn't what it looks like!"  He rambled, his sentences delirious.  "I came to ask you to the prom and I couldn't find the nerve to ring the doorbell but I heard some noises and came to look and saw you working out and leaned too hard against the window  and -"
Jenna's surprise waned a little as she cherry-picked a single thought out of his rambling madness.
"...You came to ask ME to the prom?"
Linus nodded.  He tried to concentrate on his story but he could still see most of her ultra-cut eight-pack peeking out from the blanket.  It was so tanned and vascular that it didn’t look real. 
"W-why would you want to go with me to the prom?"  Jenna asked shyly - a trait that seemed totally ridiculous from a girl that looked like she could bench-press a jumbo-jet.  "Everyone thinks I'm gross looking."
"Are you kidding?  All those other people are idiots!"  Linus blurted.  "I think you're the hottest thing ever!"
Jenna smiled cutely.  She seemed unconvinced by the notion that someone other than Ed could find her extreme muscularity attractive.
“That’s really sweet, Linus, but someone has already asked me to the --“
Before Jenna could finish, Linus butted-in. 
“—I couldn’t help overhear that you need some money to buy more weight or whatever.  I- err, think I know a way to help you.”
Jenna peered at him in surprise. 
“Sure!  Lots of guys on the internet pay women bodybuilders money to admire their muscles.  They do it over webcam right from their own houses.  You have no idea how many men would kill to see muscles as big as yours!  I could set the whole thing up for you – post a profile, make a PayPal account – I even have a really high-quality webcam at home.”
Jenna adjusted her glasses.  She was clearly intrigued, yet hesitant.
“That sounds really great, but why do you want to help me so badly?”  The titanic muscle-girl asked.
Linus paused.  What was he going to say – that any excuse to stare at her sexed-up mega-muscles was a gift from God?  That he whacked-off to the merest thought of her big, bursting bulges?
“I just feel bad about the way people treat you.”  He lied.  Hey, it was sort of true.
Jenna’s face wrinkled with happiness.  Linus felt his heart skip a beat as she leaned in and hugged him.  It felt like an industrial-sized car-crusher gently eclipsing his comparatively tiny frame.
“Thank-you so much, Linus!  How I can ever repay you?”
Linus tried to hide the instant hard-on that had sprung to life in his pants.
“Oh, don’t worry.  Helping a sweet girl like you is thanks enough.”  He muttered.
“What do you need to get started?”  Jenna asked excitedly.
“Well, like I said – we need to make a profile that advertises how… er, gifted you are.  Do you have any photos of yourself I can scan?”
Jenna walked over to a dresser and dug around.
“I don’t think I have anything recent.  My uncle’s away on business most of the time.  I only see him a couple of times a year.”
The red-hot hard body returned with a few dog-eared pictures.  Linus looked through them anxiously.  They were mostly shots of Jenna in long dresses and heavy wool sweaters.  Amazingly, she was still sporting some serious Olympia-level bulk in all of them – clearly evident through even the baggiest items - but nothing that was going to drive traffic. 
After examining a few more shots, he finally came to a picture of Jenna on the beach that took his breath away.  The smiling teen was wearing a modest one-piece bathing suit that was obscenely deformed on her over-muscled body.  The picture was totally demented - like someone had Photo-shopped Jenna’s adorable, pig-tailed head onto the kind of grotesquely flexing heavyweight muscle-men he’d seen on magazine covers.
“That one’s pretty old.”  Jenna noted with a hint of embarrassment in her voice.  “I was only about 300 pounds back then.”
Linus’ mouth dropped open.
“Do you think it will do?”  She asked.
            “Definitely…!”  Linus answered.


Jeremy Wilson said...

Man, so great to see Hardbody finally make a comeback! Hardbody was probably my favorite story of yours since Battle of the Sexes stopped years before Hardbody came out, but Hardbody took that and just slaughtered it, I was waiting and hoping that you would pick Hardbody back up and now that you finally have, I can't tell you enough how awesome it is! I have always loved Jenna's obsession with growing bigger and more ripped, and now she has 2 guys who want to help her and motivate her do exactly that. Not to mention all those guys on the internet who will probably pay unreal amounts of money to see her even for 30 seconds because of her incredible her body is. Great job on this, you know me, I cannot wait to see more.

Ozzy said...

Yes! I'm really happy to read a new chapter of this fantastic story!
I particulary love the moment when she seems to want to fuck herself!
You're still a inspiration to me to write!


Mr.Shhh said...

Thanks for your encouragement, Jeremy. I don't know what the fem-muscle fiction community would do without you!

Ozzy - once again, love your site. I need to start posting some comments (like the recent pic of the girl unbuttoning her shirt. Awesome. How about a shot of a girl lifting the bottom of her shirt to reveal her abs?). As for Jenna wanting to screw herself, I'm hoping to get more oppurtunites to show how horny the pumped-up super girls get.

Hatour said...

I second all of the above statements. I am glad to see your back in saddle!

Anonymous said...

Damned, I missed this story! I hope you continue it soon. Also the other ones you stoped publishing. This one was a bit short and not as descriptive as you usualy write.

Mr.Shhh said...

Yeah, it's a bit short. It ended up being a bridging chapter to get to the good stuff. I figured it was best to post it as is rather than wait until the webcam stuff was finished (that might've taken a while).

Anonymous said...

I hope that in further chapters you might finaly add a little romance and not concentrate on the usual raunchy sex stuff. It is getting a bit old, reading every time of the "bulging veins leading to her sex" etc. I would also like to see some descriptive situations where she has problems with normal day stuff, because of her size, like busting doorframes, cracking walls and testing out her strength, because Linus would like to see how far she can go. Nothing super heroic and unbeleivable, but on a level of what she can benchpress and lift. Thanks.

Mr.Shhh said...

Good suggestions, anon. We may not get the things you mention in the next chapter, but I'll see about putting them into future ones.

Anonymous said...

This was a great chapter, keep up the great work!

Mr.Shhh said...

Thanks dude.

ayanamifan said...

Ah i am very happy youre bringing the hardbodies stories back.
And it seems like youre planning on developing the relationship between Linus and Jenna a bit.

I think a bit romantic stuff and "everyday life" problems would be really nice.
Exspecially those problems would be a good way to work as "teasers", showing that she grew even wider and bigger without having to have a typical flexing scene.
I loved to read this chapter. At one point i was a little confused though, cause the change from being very insecure and disappointed about her muscles, site and gain, to her being all horny about her body came a bit too quick.
Just a detail i guess in the otherwise absolutely lovely story.

I have not started on my new Monstra drawing yet, but im planning to do some sketching this weekend, and Monstra is definately on the list ^_-

One thing i wanted to ask you about... i have an original chara on my own and wondered if i could request a very very short story or a scene description about her.

I dont have anything in mind yet, but i pretty much can imagine that Kira is the kind of girl you like to write about ^_-
If youre interested, tell me... either via email ( or via note on deviantart.
Would love to brainstorm with you about ideas. Even if its just picture ideas for her, when you dont wanna write anything for her.

Always like idea exchange with artists i like.

Keep the good stuff up ^_^

hope to hear from you

Mr.Shhh said...

Thanks for the notes, ayanamifan. I'll send you an email.

Anonymous said...

Hoooray, I was just glad to see you still writing, but more hardbody, bless my stars, this is amazing, keep up the spectacular work

Mr.Shhh said...

Much thanks, Diten. Glad you liked it.

Anonymous said...

When might we see the next chapter of this, or The Club, or Made to Order? I can't wait to see how these continue. Keep up the great work Mr.Shhh

Petter Falch Rasmussen said...

It's still great, but I feel it has lost some of its dark feeling. Whereas most muscle stories are very happy go lucky, I liked that this also had parts focusing on the torture and sacrifices Jenna must make for her obsession, and how hard it was for her when someone said they thought she wasn't muscular enough, showing off a deranged, little girl, actually. Stuff like that (that gives it a somewhat realistic flavor, and I do enjoy when I can almost feel the torture these extremely muscular girls endureø). I felt chapter 9 really laid the ground for even more of that. With Jenna it was intense). I felt chapter 9 really laid the groundworks for even more of this, where she needs to grow thrice as big in only weeks, and all of a sudden chapter ten has skipped two years, and Jenna seems like just your average shy, but happy girl (with a divine body, of course, but nothing that makes me feel it).
A body like hers is gonna cost, and the price paid is part of the reward, I think :D

Mr.Shhh said...

You've made some very astute observations Petter (though only 2 weeks have passed between chapter 9 and 10, not 2 years). I've always been attracted to the will and drive of female athletes and Jenna is the epitome of this concept. Effortless muscle and strength are not my thing, I like women who have to fight for it. I'll make sure to keep that notion at the forefront as I finish the next chapter (I swear to God I WILL update this site eventually).

Petter Falch Rasmussen said...

Thanks! :D
I read your stories with great passion, and I'll say if I think there is anything that can be even better.
I think I have not read the chapters 5-8. 1-4 are on, and I can't seem to be able to open the compilation offered on this site. Last I remembered, Jenna used to be 16, and perhaps some time has passed during chapters 5-9, without me noticing, so I was just a little bit surprised when Jenna was suddenly 18 in chapter 10, haha.

But having to lift three times as heavy (perhaps more? :D), working out non stop, and maxing out on every single exercise, must no doubt make Jenna put herself through at least a ten times as painful hell as she has ever been to previously, even at her most extreme *blush*

I don't know if you're open for ideas and input for the story itself, but I just have this fantasy I can't seem to shake off. What if a mysterious new girl started at the school, a little younger than Jenna, but much, much, much more muscular?

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for the next chapter.

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