Saturday, November 24, 2007

NO CONTEST - chapter 2

Chapter 2
By: Mr. Shhh

Sue stared at her sexy, bodybuilder roommate with an expression of complete surprise.
“Let me get this straight – you want to pass yourself off as a guy so you can enter some male bodybuilding competition and prove that a girl can be just as huge as the hugest men?”
Krissy nodded enthusiastically.
“I hate to break it to you Krissy, but you’re hot. You don’t notice ‘cause you’re so caught up pumping those bulging biceps, but guys salivate at the sight of you. You’re a total babe.”
“I was at the gym a half-hour ago and some guy had no idea I was a girl.”
“Maybe the guy needed glasses,” Sue shot back.
Krissy turned to the mirror and examined herself.
“You haven’t seen me really pumped since that time we went to the beach last summer. These last few months - preparing to go up against he male heavyweights, I’ve pushed myself harder than I ever have, harder than I ever thought possible. There were times when I hurt so bad I wanted to die. But something inside me wouldn’t let me stop. I just kept pushing harder and harder. But the really insane thing is how my body responded.”
“So show me.” Sue challenged.
Krissy looked back. Embarrassment washed across her face.
“I don’t know, Sue. I don’t want to gross you out.”
Sue picked up one of Krissy’s bodybuilding magazines from the floor.
“Are you kidding? No one’s a better judge of whether you can pull this off than me. I love that beefcake look. If you can turn me on then you’ll definitely be able to pull this off.”
Krissy bit her lip sheepishly.
“Or maybe you don’t think you’re beefcake enough?”
“Oh I wouldn’t worry about that.” Krissy responded, still hesitant.
“Then come on, show me what you’ve got!”
“Alright. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.”
Taking the bottom of her shirt, Krissy lifted it over her head revealing her entire upper body. Sue’s eyes nearly fell out of her skull as her cute roommate stood before her topless.
Krissy’s face went beet red. Her gargantuan torso was an unmitigated orgy of muscles. She’d shocked people before with her physique, but this was different. She was so big now she even scared herself. And while that may have been a turn-on for her, what would it be like for everyone else?
“Jesus Krissy…” Sue whispered.
Krissy’s huge, hulking pecs bounced involuntarily as she fidgeted like the awkward teen she was. Sue knew Krissy had always been flat-chested, but not like this. She didn’t have any breasts at all now - just the thickest, manliest pectorals she had ever seen. They looked like two meat watermelons gouged apart with striations.
“Does this look like a girl’s body to you?” The teen Adonis asked before lifting her humongous arms and hitting a double bicep pose.
Krissy’s already sickening muscle mass seemed to double in size. Veins like hotdogs popped out in every direction. Muscles tightened and feathered like knotted rope.
Sue’s heart pounded in her chest like a drum. She’s never seen so much brawn, so much hot, sexy muscle meat. The shape, the size, the conditioning - everything about Krissy was unrelentingly hard and masculine. All her curves were gone, replaced with razor-sharp cuts. Her waist had thickened-out to the point where it was wider than most men’s shoulder span. Her hips had vanished along with any trace of body fat.
Krissy brought her arms down in front of her and crunched out a mind-boggling most muscular pose. She looked like she was crushing an invisible beer keg in her grasp.
The girl from just a moment before now seemed like a gangly preschooler. Krissy’s overall shape became so bulbous and over-inflated that she almost seemed to be drowning in herself. Traps thicker than anything imaginable swelled past the tops of her ears. A chain around her neck snapped as her neck mutated into a veiny tree stump.
Krissy closed her eyes and crunched that pose with a terrifying intensity. Veins almost tore through her skin as her face became covered with vascularity.
Sue crossed her shaking legs to hide the wet stain appearing at her crotch. She felt like she was watching some sort of deep, twisted sex-fantasy come to life. Krissy was way past the point of beefcake. She was a testosterone he-man.
Body parts seemed to blur into one another as her muscle mass became hideously exaggerated. It was almost impossible to tell where her mega-sliced deltoids ended and her cut pecs began.
After a moment, Krissy released her pose and looked at Sue with an expression of utter humiliation. She seemed so ashamed of the Frankenstein monster she had turned herself into.
Turning around, she presented the Great Wall of China that was her back. The simple act of standing there almost blocked the room. From behind, she looked even heavier than before, and not by a little bit. Her lats were solid hunks of muscle-oak piled layers deep.
Slowly, Krissy flared her wings. Sue gasped aloud as her lats swallowed every other part of her body. By the time she hit her zenith, she was a headless, limbless mishmash of shredded back muscles.
Krissy relaxed and turned around. Her arms were now forcefully pushed out at a 45 degree angle. She was like an over-stuffed doll. Her pecs were close to touching her chin. Her traps were squishing her ears.
Sue gawked at her for a few moments before she found the will to speak.
“Forget passing yourself off as a guy…” She muttered. “You’re a Stallion!”
Krissy smiled lightly, her cute features looking even weirder than before on her outrageously macho body.


Anonymous said...

Nice! You leave me anxious for more. I like how you constantly play the delicate edge of massively muscular but still a girl under it all.

I also am definetly in favor of staying away from the domination/humiliation theme, but can see how she may have to play a 'macho' part in the contest to stay in character.

AbyssPlanet said...

I LOVE it. Oh god this story is gonna be awesome. Can't wait for the next part!

Mr.Shhh said...

Glad you guys enjoyed the new chapter. Keeping Krissy sexy while making her butch enough to pass herself off as a guy is tricky business, but also lots of fun! The whole domination thing really isn't my scene, unless it's Krissy dominating the competition on stage. That I can handle. Right now I'm trying to think up crazy situtions that force Krissy to be as macho as humanly possible. The crazier the better!

Anonymous said...

oh my God! really your descriptions are so vivid!


Mr.Shhh said...


Anonymous said...

Wow, another awesome chapter. I love Sue's reaction to Krissy's huge body and can't wait to see her show up the men soon. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Amazing. As much as the concept lends itself to interesting possibilities, I hope we don't have to wait too long for the "climax" (ahem). Can't wait for her to hit the stage.

Darryl said...
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Mr.Shhh said...

Unfortunately, I tend to bounce around from story to story. I'll try to keep chapters of No Contest coming fairly regularly as people seem to be really digging it.