Wednesday, November 14, 2007


By: Mr.Shhh

Steve loathed stags. He inevitably found himself at some sleazy strip club and tonight was no different. Being an English professor at an Ivy League university meant he wasn’t much of a party animal to begin with, but it was the cookie-cutter girls that really bored him to tears. He had met a few exceptionally beautiful or buxom dancers over the years, but for the most part they were all the same – skinny and fake.
After a mind-numbing 2 hours, he was ready to make a quiet exit when the DJ announced the club’s hottest new dancer, a girl named “Razor”. The crowd stared going wild – obviously they knew something he didn’t. Maybe he’d hang around for one last dance he thought, though he didn’t expect much.
The lights went down, plunging the room into darkness. Scorpions’ “rock you like a hurricane” came on and the stage exploded with pink and blue spotlights. The curtain flew open and a girl no more than 5’3 marched out dressed in a suit and skirt power outfit. The first thing that struck Steve was how gorgeous she was. With her hair back and a pair of glasses on she was really selling the working professional look, though she couldn’t have been more than 19 or 20. A pair of extremely high heels finished the package in a very pleasing manner.
Most of the audience had already gotten to their feet. Between all the yelling and whistling, Steve could barely hear the music. Okay, she was hot, but why the hysterics?
As the girl prowled the stage, Steven examined her closely. Her outfit was concealing most of her body; though it was clear she had one a hell of a chest given how far in front of her the jacket was stretched.
As the girl strode by Steve’s end of the stage, he got a better look. Jesus… she wasn’t just gorgeous - she was a red-hot heartbreaker. She had a half-Asian look about her suggesting some sort of exotic mix. She caught his stare and locked eyes with him. Her gazed was pure, unrestrained sex. It was so intensely erotic that he felt like she was going to blow him through the back of the club.
The girl brought her hand to her mouth and sucked on a finger. Her lips were out of this world – huger, plumper and more stupendously pouty than he’d ever seen in his life. Each over-inflated life-preserver struggled to find space on her face as she pushed them around. Finally, she released her glistening finger. A string of spit followed it until she licked it up with her tongue.
The girl walked away leaving Steve in a state of euphoria. She hadn’t even shown off the goods yet and Steve already had a boner a mile long. The combination of her short body, baby face and smoldering super-sex was beyond arousing. He watched her work the rest of the crowd into a state of pandemonium before taking a chair and placing it in the center of the room.
As the first song ended, a new one kicked off. The DJ returned and started getting the crowd ready for the main course. As if they needed it. He went so far as to warn anyone with a heart condition to leave immediately.
“Razor” sat down and faced the crowd. She worked her hands up and down her curves in slow, sensual rhythms. Her jacket was bulging over a foot past her collar bone. She must’ve been packing some serious sweater meat.
Suddenly, she grabbed the coat and ripped it open. Buttons danced across the floor as she revealed the most incredible set of tits Steve had ever seen. His jaw nearly hit the floor along with a hundred others. Her tits weren’t just huge - they were perfect, gravity defying sex missiles. There was no bra – none was needed as her tits hardly sagged – a seemingly impossible feat given their magnitude. Both mega-spheres exploded off her chest by more than a foot and a half. They literally doubled her width, and that was before you factored in the swollen red shot glasses that were her nipples. Each one was painfully erect. They were so long and thick, they might’ve given some men’s dicks a run for their money.
Slowly, Razor removed the rest of her top until the audience got their first look at her naked upper body. Already Steve had been floored by her, but nothing could’ve prepared him for what was next.
Steve’s eyes almost burst at the sight of the perfectly bronzed muscle-physique the girl was packing. She wasn’t a monstrous bodybuilder – rather she was more like the leanest, most strictly conditioned fitness athlete he’d ever seen. As she moved around to the music, Steve could see striations rippling beneath a layer of glitter. Her wobbling meat melons looked twice as ridiculous on such a tight, compact frame. In fact, aside from the gargantuan tits bouncing around with every step, she barely had any curves at all. Her extreme definition had left no fat anywhere on her small body to the point where every single angle was cut like a diamond.
Of course, no one in the audience seemed to care. Muscles or no muscles, this slut was one white-hot piece of ass. Steve noticed she did nothing to draw attention to her obvious muscle-mass. In fact, she seemed to avoid hard motions of any kind. But her body was simply too muscular for its own good. As she pulled down her skirt, her traps and shoulders flared with a shocking amount of definition. Straightening up, Steve could clearly see a six-pack any football jock would be jealous of.
As the skirt hit the floor, the awe continued. With her entire body uncovered, it was painfully clear that Razor was totally ripped. Her legs showed hardcore detail with even the slightest movements. Most telling was her ass. As the girl turned to walk back to the chair, her perfectly smooth butt-cheeks tightened into crumpled, highly-striated muscle balls.
Sitting back down on the chair, Razor took off her glasses and put one end in her mouth. Slowly, she spread her legs, revealed a micro-thong just barely big enough to cover her perfectly-shaved mound. Steve had to do a double-take at the hyper-defined ridges she sported from her crotch to her ribs. There were no rolls of fat – not even wrinkles of skin. Her skin itself was barely as thin as tracing paper and almost completely overwhelmed by the task of containing her muscularity.
Razor began gyrating her hips to the music in the most suggestive manner possible. Seemingly without her knowledge, veins began to appear all along her bumpy stomach. As she crunched and uncrunched her abs in a growing frenzy, her six-pack became an eight-pack, then a twelve-pack. Steve was so enraptured by her vastly swelling physique that he hardly even noticed her hand rubbing her panties.
The girl’s smoldering eyes closed into two black inkwells of mascara. Her lips puffed outward with uncontainable lust. She lifted herself off the chair sharply and pointed her ass to the crowd. Her giant tits hung at either side while she spread her crack.
Lifting her shoulders, Steve marveled at her back. She was deceptively wide, not to mention thickly layered. From behind it was even clearer just how jacked this girl could actually be.
Razor continued to pump her hips up and down. She threw her head around releasing errant strands of silky hair. She was building to a frenzy when the music ended. The lights dimmed and the DJ came on.
Steve sat at his seat for a long time. He didn’t hear what the DJ said nor did he register the screams and cheers of the well-frothed audience. He had just seen the most beautiful creature imaginable – a fantasy made flesh.
The determined English Prof spent the next ten minutes searching the club for Razor. He eventually found her near the back of the building. Before he could make his move, he realized she was in the middle of an argument with the club owner.
Steve picked up a pay phone and pretended to make a call. As he fumbled about, he listened intently to the heated argument taking place. He didn’t get all of it, but it seemed like the owner was upset with Razor’s increasing muscularity. The stunning stripper tried to defend herself. She told him that she had to keep in shape and that her body just reacted well to exercise. The owner maintained that guys don’t want to see girls with muscles bigger than theirs.
Steve couldn’t resist turning to get a better look. With Razor only a few feet from him, he picked up a lot more detail than he could see from the stage. She was even smaller than he had thought – hardly over 5 feet tall. Her skin was so well tanned that she almost looked brown. Her incredible definition was much more striking to the point where she could have been mistaken for a light-weight bodybuilder on competition day. Her shoulders and back carried a substantial amount of muscle-meat, giving her a slightly masculine appearance.
Suddenly, the owner shouted at Steve. Razor turned to look, giving Steve one good glimpse of her perfect face. Her beauty was staggering. Slutty sex oozed from every pour. But what really blew Steve’s mind was how tight her face was. It was only then that he realized the full extent of her inhuman conditioning. She was so painfully dieted that Steve could see veins popping through the skin of her forehead.
Before he could take in anymore, the owner called a bouncer. Steve was escorted back to the main area of the club, never to see his dream girl again.

A month had passed since the night of the stag. Razor had been on Steve’s mind every minute of every day. He had returned to the club a few times but only saw her once. She was busy coming and going from the VIP section all night so he never got a chance to approach her. Still, his fleeting glimpses had revealed an obviously larger physique. She was still quite dainty, but that subtle sense of macho masculinity – the wide shoulders, the heaving back - was ever more pronounced. Even more surprising was how much leaner she had become. Steve had been floored by her flat-out cut appearance the first time, but now she was ripped to the guts. Veins were popping in abundance just about everywhere, giving her a shocking, hardcore look.

A few weeks later, Steve was asked by a colleague to cover his first year lit class while he was away. Steve grudgingly agreed and prepared for a day of fumbling through an unfamiliar lecture.
The morning of the fill-in class, Steve arrived and let the students into the auditorium. While he prepared his notes, he caught a glimpse of a smokin’ hot student in his peripheral vision. He instantly stopped and did a double take.
The girl was dressed in a tight sweater that did very little to conceal her incredible rack – a rack that would have easily extended to her elbows if she put her arms out. As she passed by on her way to her seat, he noted her absurdly rich tan and tight, flawless skin. Her make-up was also whorishly exaggerated. A slight sideways glance clinched it – it was Razor!
Steve’s dick sprung to life so fast it almost smashed through the podium in front of him. Razor was a first year college student!
He watched her walk up the steps and noticed her thick back straining the dimensions of her sweater. He could even see the bulges of her well-defined deltoids. Best of all, her tight jeans were doing nothing to hide the swell of her quads and her tight, well-cut glutes.
For the rest of the class, it took all of Steve’s effort not to gawk at her directly. Every now and then he was able to sneak a peek while she jotted down a note. She wore a pair of glasses and had her hair was tied in two short ponytails. It only made her even more sultry.
Finally, the class ended. While Steve collected his things, the class shuffled out. He watched the girl leave with the rest of the students, noting one more time how her steamy bod looked as good going as it did coming.

That night, Steve returned to the strip club. He asked the door man if Razor was performing. He told him she’d be on at ten.

Steve milked a beer for over an hour. He looked at his watch every five minutes until ten o’clock finally rolled around. The DJ came on and gave his usual introduction. Steve realized that the club had gradually filled with guys who’s sole purpose was to drool over the stacked Asian-American hard body. It was shoulder to shoulder on the floor to the point where he was sure they were violating the state fire laws.
The lights dimmed and the music kicked in. The curtain flung open and Razor marched out. Steve was ready for the explosion of screaming – yet instead of cheers and hollers, Razor was greeted with pin-drop silence. In fact, the only sound was a hundred jaws hitting the floor at the same time.
The gorgeous stripper had painted herself head to toe in green body paint – literally transforming herself into an Asian She-Hulk. She had on a skin-tight white and purple PVC unitard just like in the comic books. Matching thigh-high pumps and gloves finished the job. Her should-length hair was dyed green to match and tussled in curly waves.
The mind-melting sex-machine stopped at the edge of the stage and gave the audience a good long look at her stupidly hot body. She wasn’t She-Hulk – she was a sexed-up, fuck-slut version of She–Hulk – a version she pulled-off effortlessly. Her make-up was so sinfully exaggerated she made Carmen Electra look like a nun. Her explosive lips were wet, glistening, dick-sucking vacuums. Her eyes were swimming in black mascara. Her arms and legs were sprinkled with sensual glitter and shining beneath a layer of baby oil.
Steve blinked for the first time in a full minute. He had a boner so hard, it hurt. As the jade slut-fantasy paced the stage, Steve’s brain tried to comprehend her staggering dimensions.
Even the most perverted comic book artist had never drawn She-Hulk with a body like Razor’s. Her huge, gravity-defying tits erupted off her chest and past the edges of her body by a half-foot on either side. Amazingly, her breasts weren’t the heavy, watermelon-sized weights that most mega-stacked porn stars possessed. She looked more like a chesty anime character come to life, only chestier. Her tits were waaaay too big for her boyish figure, yet they were impossibly youthful and shapely. They protruded so far in front of her that a grown man could have kneeled beneath them and been sheltered from the rain.
As she walked back and forth, those over-stuffed milk-factories tested the strength of her costume. They bounced around so much that Steve was worried she’d knock herself out. Turning around, they swung past her chest and almost hit her back.
Yet as outrageous as her tits were, her muscles put them to shame. Razor stopped and put her hands on her hips. As her tits slowed to a jiggle, the crowd began to notice just how jacked she was.
From head to toe, Razor’s conditioning was downright obscene. Every muscle on her body was sliced and diced – every angle was hard as a rock and she wasn’t even straining yet. Turning around, she gave the audience an eyeful of her rippling glutes. Her thong unitard left her two shredded meatballs hanging in the wind. As she started back to the center of the stage, they rippled like a musician strumming a harpsichord. The shocking lack of any fat had shrunk them to half the size of a normal women’s ass while revealing every single detail of the underlying muscle and vascular systems.
Razor bent down and ran her finger along her legs. Her jagged calves looked sharp enough to cut her, even through her PVC boots. They tripled the thickness of her dainty ankles before dissolving into her powerful quads.
Up her leg she went, highlighting the beefy, vein-fueled muscle that was packed on her stems. She finished up at her hips. They were boney angles devoid of any womanly fat. In fact, the swell of her hips hardly changed from upper to lower body. She was like an I-beam.
Razor looked at her forearms. She twisted them slowly and a thousand muscles stretched her skin. She then brought that arm up to a 90-degree angle. An apple-sized bicep swelled outward from her skinny arm. Steve almost lost his shit right there. Where the hell did all that muscle come from? Tightening her fist, a second head appeared on the bicep, along with enough veins to drown in. Her shoulders sub-divided and swelled until her arm looked like it belonged to a middle-weight bodybuilder. This girl had incredible morphology.
The first song came to an end. The entire audience let out the single breath it had been holding for the last three minutes. Before the next song came on, Razor took a microphone from backstage and arched her back. She held it to her outfit, which was under siege from her unstoppable mega-tits. The entire room filled with the sounds of plastic stretching and straining. The girl took a deep breath and the outfit groaned in agony. It began making strange, desperate noises. Finally, with one loud riiiiiip, the front of her outfit tore open. Razor let out an orgasmic gasp as her unbelievable super-chest split the poor outfit right down to her belly button. The swell of her tits increased by another few inches as her bulging breasts effortlessly filled the extra space.
The next song kicked-in and Razor turned back to the stage. She walked to the middle and stopped at a large, velvety sheet. Neither Steve nor the audience had even noticed it there which was funny since it was the size of a phone booth. She pulled the sheet aside, revealing a huge set of weights. Steve’s heart nearly stopped at the sight of all that iron. This wasn’t the girly three pound dumbbells that most women toned with – these were hardcore, cast-iron monsters. The though that she’d even attempt to press some of that weight made him almost blow his load.
Razor rubbed herself against the heavy metal. Her big tits mashed against the steel like two bulgy pillows. It was the ultimate contrast – her beautiful body against the unyielding strength of the machine.
Oh so slowly, Razor picked up a stack of plates. She slid one over each side of a racked barbell and looked at the crowd. Her expression seemed to ask whether she should put more weight on. The response from the crowd was an enthusiastic “yes”. She slid on a few more plates. Steve marveled at her arms as they flexed to carry the heavy disks. As if they weren’t sliced enough before, all the work was bringing even the most subtle definition into stark view.
Again, the girl seemed to ask the crowd if they wanted more. The crowd cheered even louder. They couldn’t believe that this hot little slut was even going to attempt lifting that barbell. Razor wiped her brow in mock fatigue. Stretching to pick up another disk, Steve could see etched muscularity evident in her armpits. Her armpits!!
Razor eventually stacked a half-dozen disks on either side of the barbell. Steve wasn’t certain how much weight was on there, but it sure as hell was a lot.
Razor formed an underhanded grip on the bar. With her back to the crowd, Steve could see her strong back dancing with tense detail.
Then, she hoisted the bar off the rack. Lowering it, she began doing slow, sensual curls. Her back blew up to twice its previous size in an instant – every ounce of new mass popping with blood-engorged veins. Her shoulders went from being baseballs to cantaloupes. Even her neck thickened, giving her the enviable upper-body of a serious bodybuilder.
Razor turned to the audience so they could see how ripped her arms were becoming. She looked at her own body with intense, animal lust as she cranked out rep after rep.
Steve thought he was going to have a heart attack any minute. This bitch was off the charts! With every rep, her arms became more massive, more ripped and vascular. At ten reps, Razor let out a ragged breath. She was gritting her teeth now. Serious veins had started to pop through her face – signs of the intense strain she was putting herself through.
As she worked harder, she began to breathe heavily. Her well-defined pectorals lifted her super tits up and down like over-filled water-balloons. After only a few more reps, it became clear that she was in pain. She looked at the crowd again, somehow maintaining a sexy smile while her arms trembled to hold the weight at the halfway point. Again, her expression seemed to ask whether she should continue. The crowd was almost climbing on the tables. They were screaming to see her finish pumping that huge hunk of iron.
Keeping her eyes on the crowd, Razor started cranking out more reps. Her shoulder and biceps detonated with gigatons of detail. Veins were now running up her chest and around her neck. She did three more reps with the bar shaking loudly before pausing again.
Somehow, the hyper-ripped bimbo kept her smile while she egged on the audience. She was straining so hard that even the guys at the back of the room could see the veins in her face. She wanted to know if she should do more.
Steve got to his feet so fast he knocked over his drink. He started screaming at the top of his lungs for her to push herself to the limit. He must have been pretty loud because Razor turned her gaze and zeroed him out. Her smiled faltered as she instantly recognized him. Steve’s heart stopped upon seeing her embarrassed reaction.
Razor didn’t have time to worry about being recognized by a school faculty member. Instead, she lifted her head to the sky and blasted a half-dozen super-fast reps. The audience was floored at the inhuman strength this mega-chested Asian goddess was displaying. Her arms were a blur as she pound out curl after curl. Her unitard started to split open at he chest and shoulders as her now disgustingly ripped physique outstripped its ability to contain it. Stitched popped open shooting bits of material into the air and revealing harder, denser chucks of anatomy.
Finally, Razor racked the weight. She quickly turned around and grabbed the top of her outfit. With one savage pull, she tore the damaged unitard off her body. It dropped to the stage floor leaving the huge-titted powerhouse naked save her gloves and boots.
Panting like a marathon runner, Razor looked directly at Steve. She lifted her arms above her head and crunched out the most mind-boggling double bicep flex the planet Earth had ever seen. No one had the combination of perfect beauty, animal muscles, anime super-tits and distilled, liquid sexuality that this girl possessed. It was like her flesh and blood body couldn’t fully contain her.
As Razor stood there flexing her brains out, she was literally all breasts and muscles. Her tiny little head was all but consumed by an overwhelming tide of perfect, green-tinted flesh. She was the kind of woman that didn’t exist in the real world – an actual She-hulk come to life.


Anonymous said...

Another great story, Mr. Shhh, another great way of describing her muscles in detail and of course her unreal sexiness of her character, also, this is like the first story I have seen were you actually have the character being busty, and it was very cool, that enhanced her sexuality even more.

amontagne said...

Like the previous poster said, it is a great story with vivid descriptions and situations from the master himself. I especially liked how the club manager was getting onto her about becoming too muscular. Glad to see a multitude of various stories from you here and keep up the good work!

Mr.Shhh said...

Thanks guys. Like most people I'm sure, I find a variety of body types attractive. Busty is definately on the list (Cronenweth from War Inc. is also meant to be quite buxom). The She-hulk fantasy thing was also a blast to write.

Vincent Rose said...

Big, bronzed and busty. In a nut shell, Razor. All I wanted to do is draw while reading this story. So much happening in my mind while reading this and any descriptive story of Mr. Shhh.

Awesome stuff dude.


Cowprobe said...

Makes me wish you still drew, Mr.Shhh.

Great story with a glimmer of characterization on Razor. She's a little addicted to her own sexuality and seems willing to ham it up for more college funding.

Quite an erotic story you've spun.

The AOS picture is perfect for this as well. Perhaps you two might combine efforts on another tale?

Mr.Shhh said...

Thanks, Cowprobe. Since Razor didn't utter a word, characterization was tough. I'm glad what little I could squeeze in was enjoyable.

Vincent, welcome to the blog! I'm thrilled that the story got your imagination going since your artwork has been a huge inspiration to me. I hope you don't mind all the pics I've used for various stories, but your art just gives a great "snapshot" of what the characters should look like. Thanks for the comment!

Vincent Rose said...

That's cool Mr. Shhh. This helps others visualize a character in the stories which is cool because that helps to create other characters. Well at least in my mind any ways.

Anonymous said...

Love your work! I'd like to see more--much more--of Razor in particular. Any hope of a few more episodes of "Dancer" in the near future?

FemaleMusclesFan said...

Wow! Such a fantastic story! I love it!