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HARDBODY - chapter 9

Chapter 9 – Pray for a growth spurt
By: Mr. Shhh

If Linus had been asked whether he felt Jenna could get any bigger, he would have answered in a heartbeat – no way. Particularly after the ridiculous muscle meat she had packed on during grade 11, it seemed impossible Jenna could get any thicker. Hell, she already looked like she ate steroids for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Yet, there she sat – an 18 year old, muscle-engorged monstrosity. Every single skin-stretching muscle group seemed to be pumped to bursting with human growth hormone. Forget thicker - she had added the muscle mass of three hardcore male bodybuilders to her hyper-ripped physique. Six months of god knows what kind of excruciating, non-stop gym torture had transformed her into something that obliterated even the super-human she-beast fresh in his memory.
As Jenna got up, Linus could hear the floor of the classroom groan. How much weight could one body possibly hold? He estimated her bodyweight at over a ton - not in the figurative sense, but literally. She looked like she weighed as much as a SMART car, but without an ounce of cheating fat.
A hush fell over the room as she nervously collected her papers. Walking to the front of the class, Linus watched her gigantic, bulbous calves swell like two angry lions. Each grossly deformed planetoid was bigger than a basketball; their span and swell making her already thickly muscled ankles look like toothpicks. They were so disgustingly over-inflated that they crushed against each other whenever she moved.
Again, Linus marveled at Jenna’s flawless skin. Her tan was crazy. Rich browns painted flesh stretched thin enough to display the actual ropey texture of the muscles beneath. Veins pulsed with fury, strangling her ankles, calves and even coking out most of her knees.
The teacher waited as Jenna prepared her notes. A few of the students giggled at the sight of the ridiculous teen Hercules. Her all-encompassing muscularity threw her proportions completely out of whack. A tremendous, beer keg neck started at her ears and tripled in thickness by the time it reached her collar bone. Her poor head looked like a pea crushed between two malformed traps reaching several inches higher than her earrings.
Somewhere buried in all that veiny beef was a gold chain dug deeply into her skin. A simple swallow would have snapped it. Fat veins obscured much of its length while the stone on the end was forced straight up by the unrelenting pressure.
Standing in front of the teacher’s desk, Linus realized that Jenna’s ogre-like shoulder span was almost a full foot wider than the table. Each beach ball-sized deltoid was actually 3 globe-shaped slabs separated by a chest that looked like the next stage in Human evolution.
If Jenna had spent 10 thousand hours in the gym building her monumental physique, it looked like 9 thousand of them were spent on her pecs alone. Those bursting meat balloons were simply off the charts. Forget tits. Everything was just severely shredded muscle-meat. Striations cut every ounce of flesh like a razor, causing her to ripple with the slightest breath. Veins tore through her skin and covered everything from her armpits to her nipples.
Jenna had chosen a smart dress shirt / skirt combo to presenter herself in, but even her 5th generation custom-made fat girl clothes could barley contain her animal brawn. Her endless man-muscles stretched her clothes in a thousand directions at once. The cotton material of her shirt was fully transparent from the strain, revealing her hard nipples in shocking detail. Every swollen vein from her thighs to her neck could be seen struggling to rip free.
Linus noted that Jenna’s striking features had been accentuated with a liberal coating of makeup. Her sumptuous, overflowing lips were wet with gloss and outlined to give them even more unneeded definition. Mascara and eye shadow enhanced the smoldering eyes beneath her cute glasses. Even her hair had been tied back into pig tails leaving only a single strand falling across her face.
While Jenna’s goddess-like sexuality was undeniable, it was even more amazing given her ghoulish lack of body fat. Simply put, Jenna was hideously, disgustingly ripped. She was shredded to a level that seemed totally impossible. Her poor face was alarmingly gaunt, almost zombie-like. Months ago, Linus had begun to notice ugly, bluish veins appearing along her forehead and temples. As the weeks passed, dozens more developed just below her features. Today, though, Jenna’s face told a terrifying story of obsession taken past any reasonable limits. Her delicate face was leaner and more vascular than most bodybuilder’s entire physique.
Brushing her hair aside, Jenna began her presentation. She was so cute, so feminine. Her soft, squeaky voice was a complete contrast to her crushing brawn. Small, girly movements betrayed her rock hard exterior. She looked silly - like a 14 year old doing the motion capture for the Incredible Hulk.
Linus could tell she was nervous. She continually glanced up at the dozens of judgmental eyes fixed on her. She could feel their disgust – most of them couldn’t hide it. Some of her classmates couldn’t even bare to look at her.
As her presentation continued, Jenna’s breathing became increasingly labored. A blush washed across her face as she soldiered on, but something was wrong. Her heavy breathing didn’t help her clothing situation. With each breath, the structure of her shirt groaned loudly. Kids at the back of the room could hear the stitches straining. Small tears appeared as her rippling shoulders and back started to split the seams.
Jenna fixed her hair again and adjusted her glasses. She could feel her heartbeat making her blood flow. That was bad news.
Cotton weaving frayed at her shoulders, revealing slices of thick deltoid. Then a button shot off her chest. Heavy mounds of pulsating girl-muscle burst forth. Jenna didn’t seem to notice, but the class sure did.
A sharp breath sent another button flying. Linus felt his already stiff dick go diamond-cutter hard. He half-expected the teacher to shut down Jenna’s presentation, but a quick glance backward revealed a woman too hypnotized to act.
A third button shot off. Foot-deep hunks of vein and muscle tore outward. Most of Jenna’s deformed pectorals were exposed now. Horrified gasps broke out across the room.
Never in his wildest imagination could Linus have imaged a chest like that – particularly on a beautiful high school girl. It looked like it belonged on some juiced-up, Neanderthal muscleman twice her height. Her sickening pecs tightened as she lifted her arms, reshaping themselves from fat, bubbly mounds to jagged muscle-rocks.
Glancing down, Jenna finally clued into what was happening. Panic instantly shot across her face. She attempted to cover herself with her arms, but that only managed to flare her ludicrous back. With an ear-splitting rip, the entire back of her shirt tore down the middle. Hundreds of pounds of dense muscle mass exploded into the air.
The teacher finally sprang into action, rushing to the front of the room to help Jenna cover up. It was too late. The class broke out into vicious laughter.
“What’s the matter, Jenna? Eat too many ‘roids this morning?”
“Flex the rest for us!”
In the midst of all the chaos, Linus could only stare. His mind was in meltdown. He had just witnessed his ultimate fantasy come to life - a cute, bodybuilding geek girl shred her clothes with nothing but her over-the-top muscularity.

Linus opened his locker and grabbed his math textbook.
“Dude, did it really happen like they say?” Dean asked, fidgeting with his glasses.
Linus tried to ignore his tubby friend.
“What are people saying?” Linus muttered, avoiding eye contact.
“That the bulging nerd actually ripped right through her shirt and ended up topless! They said she’s so crazy jacked that she doesn’t even have any breasts – just disgusting veins and shit.”
Linus clutched his books angrily.
“Would you leave her alone? So she works out. What’s the big deal?”
“Works out?” The pudgy Dean continued. “The Rock works out. Jenna’s a steroid freak. She’s juicing it like there’s no tomorrow!”
“So now you’re an expert on fitness?” Linus spat, his ire rising.
“Hello? I sit beside her in English? I swear to god her biceps are bigger than my entire head! I wouldn’t be able to get both hands around even one of her arms. And did you happen to notice that she’s like five foot nothing? You think it’s natural for a girl that small to carry around 900 pounds of muscle mass? I’m telling you, she’s freakin’ injecting gallons of that stuff. Look at the veins popping out of her face. She‘s one twisted bitch.”
“Shut up, already!” Linus suddenly barked, slamming his locker.
Dean stepped back. After a moment, a sly grin appeared on his face.
“No way. Are you crushing on her?” He smiled.
The embarrassed Linus didn’t answer.
“Holy crap, you are! You’ve got a thing for Conan the librarian!”
Panic hit Lenny like a freight train.
“I-I do not…!” Came his feeble response.
“That is messed up! Seriously! I mean, Jesus – she’s practically a man, dude!”
Linus felt sick to his stomach. His shameful secret had somehow slipped out. After years of hiding his obsession with Jenna and her massive muscles, the high schooler has suddenly been thrust into his worst nightmare.
“What, do you fantasize about her lifting weights or something?” Dean continued, laughing. “That’s like the gayest thing ever.”
Linus grabbed his bag and stormed off. He could hear Dean’s taunts following him down the hall.
“I’ve got some baby oil at home if you want to oil up Ms. Arnold Schwarzenegger while she poses for you!”

Linus burst out the front door of the school into the afternoon sun. His mind was spinning. What was wrong with him, he thought? Was Dean right? Was he some sort of weirdo for liking Jenna’s giant muscles? There was no doubt that her body was extreme, yet the freakier she got, the sexier he found her.
Suddenly, Linus collided with what felt like a brick wall. The crowd of kids around him turned as he tumbled to the ground face first.
Shaking off the blow, Linus quickly found himself face to face with a pair of girly white panties. As bizarre as that was, what was even stranger was how tightly stretched the panties were. It looked like someone had taken them and forced them across the back of a Mr. Olympia. There were muscles everywhere, bulging through the material like boulders. In fact, there was so much thick, rippling sinew, he could barely tell what was what.
Then it suddenly dawned on him. It wasn’t a brick wall he had run into. Looking up, he found Jenna flat on her back in front of him. His head was right between her legs, giving him an unobstructed view straight up her skirt. Jenna gazed back at him, simultaneously surprised and humiliated.
Looking back down, Linus stared at the beautiful teen’s hyper-muscular crotch. It was grotesque. Her deeply etched abs bled right into a swirling vortex of tendons and striations. Even the smallest muscles were so ridiculously developed that they ended up mashed against each other in a nightmarish jumble of anatomy. With every twitch of her body, muscles rippled and flexed like a symphony of sinew. Her poor panties had already split in several places, suggesting that even simple day-to-day activities put an unrelenting strain on her underwear. Tremendous slabs of musculature pushed with incalculable might against the thin material, threatening to obliterate it any second.
But most disturbing was the pumped-up muscle-thing that sat square in the center of her panties. Linus was far from sexually experienced, but he knew what a woman’s vagina was supposed to look like. The beastly creature straining against Jenna’s undies was something else entirely.
Barely restrained within the struggling underwear, Jenna’s sex was so overdeveloped that she could barely be classified as female. Linus could see layer upon layer of striations competing against each other. Where there should have been smooth, fleshy lips, he only found more muscle, harsher muscle – huge, mega-defined hunks of beef more extreme than any girl should ever possess. Her cunt looked like it could crush steel.
Veins roiled and swelled just beneath her panties, making it look like she had shoved a garden hose down there. A dozen tubes held the edges of the material an inch off the rest of her body as they funneled blood from every part of her to feed that brutal animal.
Suddenly, Linus was grabbed by his shirt and hoisted up. Ed Scott glared at him furiously.
“What are you, some kind of perv?”
“Huh?! No, I --!”
Linus looked down at Jenna, who started to get to her feet.
“I’m so sorry!” Linus pleaded. “I wasn’t looking where I was going and --!”
The large, brawny Ed lifted his balled fist.
“You’re gonna be sorry alright.”
But before Ed could deliver his punch, Jenna grabbed his wrist. Ed’s arm stopped instantly, unable to move so much as an inch in the embarrassed teen’s steel grip.
Both Linus and Ed looked at Jenna. Her outstretched arm was terrifyingly huge. It made Ed’s well muscled limb look like a child’s.
She had changed since the incident in the classroom into a dangerously stretched football jersey. It wasn’t even close to containing her gigantic body. The sheer overwhelming girth of her torso meant the shirt barely even covered her chest. The majority of her stomach was fully revealed in its ugly, vein pumped glory.
“Leave him alone, Ed.” Jenna spoke, concern filling her voice. “He said it was an accident.”
Linus gazed at Jenna and instantly forgot his precarious position. Those luscious lips. Those smoldering eyes. That incredible, superhuman body. She was a goddess.
Ed looked back at Linus. His lip twitched with anger.
“It’s your lucky day, wimp.”
The tall jock dropped him and pushed him away.
“C’mon, babe. Let’s go back to your place. We’ve got something serious to talk about.”
Linus watched the pair walk away. Ed tried to put his arm around Jenna’s shoulder, but only made it a small way across her aircraft carrier back.

Ed followed Jenna up the steps of her front porch. A few houses away, Linus watched from behind a tree. As soon as the pair entered the front door, he darted out from behind his cover.
Creeping along the side of the house, he heard noises from inside. He quickly found a small window and peered in.
A half-closed shutter limited his view, though he could make out a few details. The basement was harsh and dingy. The concrete floor and walls looked like something out of a snuff film. He caught the edge of what looked like industrial grade gym equipment. It was intimidating as hell. Stacks of 100 pound plates lined the wall beside it from floor to ceiling.
Jenna and Ed walked down the stairs and turned on a single hanging light bulb. Linus listened carefully.
“We need to talk about us.” Came Ed’s voice, full of pompous swagger.
“I don’t understand. Are you unhappy?” Jenna asked.
“Yeah, I’m unhappy. I’m unhappy about you and your so-called muscles.”
Jenna seemed taken aback.
“When I met you, I told you I was into serious bodybuilding.” Ed continued. “You’re real big, babe. But you’re not cutting it anymore.”
Linus’s face tightened with anger. What the fuck was this asshole talking about?!
“I- I can get bigger, Ed! I can get as huge as you want me to be! I want to be your muscle fantasy!” Jenna pleaded.
“I don’t think so baby. I think you’re as big as you’re gonna get.”
Jenna seemed to fly into a panic. It was as if Ed was confirming her worst fear.
“No! I can work out harder! I’ll drop out of school and train non-stop! I’ll lift twice as much weight, three times as much! I’ll max out on every single exercise!”
Jenna rushed over to a weight bench and grabbed a staggeringly massive pair of dumbbells. She immediately started working her shoulders harder and faster than Linus had ever seen. Linus caught a glimpse of her face. She was nearly in tears. She was in sheer agony as she worked those monstrous weights like an animal.
Both Linus and Ed watched Jenna literally transform right in front of them. Her body swelled with horrible, unnatural muscles. With every torturous rep, her body became even more ripped. After a half minute of furious pumping, Jenna’s shirt split open at the shoulders. The deltoids that poured out were mutated beyond description. Veins pulsed and throbbed like they were alive.
Finally, Jenna dropped the weights. The entire house shook.
Sweat was running down her face, funneled this way and that by the fat, ugly veins popping out of her face.
Jenna looked like a total freak of nature. She was pumped and swollen to an impossible degree. She was nothing but veins and muscles now with a tiny little head fighting to be noticed.
“I’ve w-worked… so h-hard …” The teenager panted, her computer-monitor pecs crumpling into fists of sinew with each breath. “This is… all for you….”
Ed looked her body over.
“Stop embarrassing yourself, Jenna. You’re a skinny little bitch and you know it.”
Linus couldn’t believe what was coming out of Ed’s mouth. It was idiotic, yet it seemed to cut Jenna to her core.
Ed took a package out of his backpack.
“Because I’m a nice guy, I’m going to give you one last chance. Open it”
Jenna took the package with shaking hands. She sniffled and wiped the tears from her sweaty face.
Opening it up, the rippling bodybuilder discovered a gigantic black evening gown. It looked like it was designed for an elephant rather than a human being. Holding it out in front of her, it hung like a circus tent.
“The prom is in 4 months. I want the most muscular girl in the world on my arm wearing that dress. Put it on.”
Linus fidgeted desperately to get a better view. He could see Jenna peeling off her already enormous clothes. She stepped into the black dress and nearly vanished.
Ed looked at the beautiful muscle teen with a devilishly grin. The dress was outrageously large. To his amazement, Jenna filled it out better than any girl on Earth, but it was still a tarp on her.
“What a surprise, your puny little body barely even registers. I guess you’ve got a choice then. Either you hit the iron with a vengeance and build a body that can actually fill out that dress or it’s quits for us.”
With that, Ed grabbed his bag and headed to the stairs. Linus heard the door close a moment later, leaving Jenna buried in that monstrous mound of material. She dropped to her knees and started crying.


Jeremy Wilson said...

My mouth is still open at the awesomeness of this story, Mr. Shhh, I hoped one day to see a new Hardbody story, and it was well worth the wait, as you did a great job, especially setting up the future, my god, I can't believe how big he wants her to be, and I can't wait to see if she achieves it!

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AWESOME. That's all there is to say. :D

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Mr.Shhh said...

The problem with the Hardbody series is that I never had a clear direction, I simply made things up as I went so to speak. Before posting this latest chapter, I wanted to be sure that future installments wouldn't suffer from that problem. Sorry it took so long. I'm glad everyone's enjoyed it so far!

Anonymous said...

Hey, are we going to get some biceps measurements, or did I perhaps miss where that happened?

Mr.Shhh said...

Nope, never did any bicep measurements. The closest thing to that was in the Steele/Dawn story where Jenna armwrestles an equally massive muscle girl. If you haven't read it, you can find it in the "story so far" compilation I put up on Mediafire.

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If I were you, I'd beware of laws regarding exploitation of minors. You're dangerously close to it.

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love the series. more please!

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