Tuesday, September 4, 2007

WAR INC. - mission 2

Mission 2
By Mr.Shhh

Lt. Cronenweth stood in the elevator watching the numbers light up above the door.
“Control…” She spoke, holding her finger to her ear.
“What’s your status?” A voice responded over a coded radio channel.
“I’m in the building. On my way to the penthouse.”
“Remember your mission parameters, Lieutenant –“The voice crackled. “You’re not to take any action until you have secured the guidance chip. This isn’t a demolition op, so holster that over-developed trigger-finger of yours. We wouldn’t have even considered you if it weren’t for the fact that you match Yazin’s particular tastes.”
The beautiful blonde looked at her reflection in the stainless steel wall. Her ultra-stacked muscle-body had been poured into a slinky, Geisha-style evening gown that was just shy of pornographic. The shiny silver material stuck to her like a second skin, outlining every inch of her overdeveloped body.
Cronenweth hated these kinds of missions. She had joined the military to get her hands dirty, not to be painted up like some jiggly Playboy bimbo. Examining her face, she found her stunning features buried beneath a pound of blatantly slutty makeup. Everything had been exaggerated for maximum sexuality - her thick, juicy lips were now glistening dick-sucking machines - her jade eyes were black pools of mascara. Even her richly tanned skin had been given dabbled with glitter, contrasting her newly dyed, and platinum blonde hair.
She looked beyond stunning. Everyone knew that Cronenweth was the hottest piece of ass in the service, but poured into a sexy dress instead of her usual combat fatigues, she was absolutely cock-hardening.
“Tell me again why I look like a total prostitute?” She asked, noting how impractical her 8 inch fuck me pumps were. If the point was to make her melon-sized calves look even sharper, they were working wonders.
“The guy’s got a thing for women bodybuilders, so use those bulging muscles of yours to get close to him. Find out where the missile guidance chip is located and secure it.”
“You think he’s going to buy me as an amateur bodybuilder?” Cronenweth asked, lightly flexing her arm. A double-headed, softball-sized bulge strained against her sleeve.
“Have you seen yourself lately? Your shoulders are wider than a linebacker’s. Just try not to flex through your clothes. They’re designer.”
“I’m flattered. Security?”
“Air-tight,” The voice crackled. “Yazin has a private army guarding him – easily 2 dozen professional mercs carrying the latest firepower plus extra personal for the party, so don’t even think about engaging them unless you want your tight little ass handed to you. You’ve got no backup on this one.”
A ding signaled the sexy operative’s floor.

The elevator doors rolled open, revealing a team of four heavily-armed mercs working the door. They all froze in place at the sight of Cronenweth.
The jaw-dropping Brit stepped out and walked towards them. Her dressed covered the majority of her body, yet it did nothing to hide her potent mix of massive man-muscles and stripper curves.
Even wrapped in tight fabric, the density of her hyper-muscular body was obvious. Her broad, masculine shoulders and meaty lats lead down to a sleek waist that gave her a supremely attractive shape. The high slit in her dress revealed the lean, veiny detail of her hips before dropping the atom bomb that was her legs.
The brown flesh of her thighs was incredibly thin, almost transparent. It was clear Cronenweth carried a body fat level that was extremely dangerous for a woman. She looked ready to step onto a contest stage. Everything could be seen beneath the surface of those huge monsters. Ropey muscles rippled in waves. Striations were everywhere. Her stems were brutally developed, plain and simple.
The cute blonde was quickly stopped by the closest merc.
“Invitation,” He snorted from beneath a dark goatee.
“Oh – of course.” Cronenweth answered, adding her best air-head giggle.
The merc took it from her and examined it.
Just then, another voice drew everyone’s attention.
“Wait.” The gravely, accent-heavy growl ordered.
The mercs froze in place.
Cronenweth turned to see a frightening mountain of a woman appear from the next room. The operative had to crane her head just to reach her face, which sat high atop a mutant, 7 foot body carved from living granite. The gigantic Frankenstein woman was more like an ogre than a human being. Every limb was disturbingly oversized and packed to bursting with unimaginable muscularity.
The voice in Cronenweth’s ear chimed-in.
“Olga Damanov -Yazin’s head or security. Word around the intelligence community is that she’s the product of a Russian special breeding program from the end of the cold war. Gene splicing, radiation treatments, steroids, growth hormones – you name it, they used it on her.”
Cronenweth noted dozens of brutal scars across her neck and arms. They hardly had an affect on her butch looks, which could barely be classified as feminine.
The towering warrior-woman stopped in front of Cronenweth. The height difference was astonishing. Cronenweth’s face barely reached Damanov’s heaving man-pecs.
The freakish Russian analyzed the smaller Brit’s impressive bulges. Cronenweth could see her teeth grinding with jealousy.
“Frisk her.” Damanov grunted.
“Spread your legs.” One of the mercs ordered, holding up a metal detector.
Cronenweth did as he asked, simultaneously spreading the generous slit in her dress even wider. The other goons grinned at the sight of her lacey panties hugging the bulging lips of her sex. The mercs turned her around.
Lifting her thick arms, they pushed her against the wall. The stunning operative’s huge, defiant breasts mashed outward between her chest and the hard concrete.
Holding her wrists, the metal detector ran up and down her muscle-packed arms. The silver dress, which covered her arms from wrist to neck, was clearly under an incredible amount of strain. Her arms were shockingly large and detailed, even beneath the material. Her shoulders looked like two bowling balls split by three clear heads of muscle. Her beefy biceps and triceps tested the limits of the material without the slightest flex.
As the merc continued to scan her, he pushed her around roughly. Cronenweth diligently took the abuse. She could feel Damanov’s eyes smothering her body.
The metal detector ran across her open back. Behind her, the others commented on her rippling mass. None of them had ever seen a back like that, not even on a man. She was cut to ribbons.
Pulling her up, the merc reached around to scan her chest. As she arched her back, her DD tits pressed out from her body to a ludicrous degree, capped by two cork-sized nipples threatening to rip through the cloth.
The merc’s security check quickly became a sexual assault as he filled his hands with as much tit flesh as possible. Cronenweth tried to stifle a moan. Even the merc’s big hands could barely grasp all the sweater meat Cronenweth had stuffed in her dress.
As he squeezed his hands, Cronenweth barely noticed her thighs rubbing together. To the merc’s surprise, he felt her giant nipples stiffen noticeably.
Continuing on, the metal detector traced the tightly packed coil of muscles that made up her ass before pressing into her crotch.
Again, Cronenweth held back a moan. The other mercs came closer to see the obvious outline of her lacey g-string beneath the tight dress. Turning her around again, Cronenweth was back to facing the guards.
“Spread ‘em wider.” The merc ordered.
The undercover operative reluctantly moved her legs apart. The slit on her dress opened up completely, fully revealing her entire crotch.
The guards were utterly floored by the insane degree of muscularity evident around her underwear. Even Damanov was taken aback.
An inhumanly sliced 8 pack lead down to a carved set of rippling obliques. Even the minor muscles in Cronenweth’s hips and crotch were hyper-defined and pumped to bursting. A dozen finger-thick veins stretched her panties as they ran up her stomach or down her inner thighs.
“Enough.” The stoic Russian barked.
The mercs immediately released Cronenweth. Damanov signaled her to enter the party.
As the muscular operative walked away, she felt her Russian opposite’s eyes still clinging to her. Grinning slyly, Cronenweth brushed the lower half of her dress aside and gave her ass a tight flex. Her womanly glutes instantly erupted into two hyper-striated meatballs. Veins snaked up her ass crack and joined a writhing network covering each rippling brown cheek.
Damanov glared furiously.


Cronenweth entered the posh dinner party to find a bourgeois crowd of hundreds mingling among a towering glass penthouse. The sultry British muscle-machine eyed the security among the guests. Pairs of mercs were all over the place. Many of them didn’t even try to hide the fully automatic machine guns they carried.
As Cronenweth moved through the crowd, she drew the attention of everyone in the room. Few of them could believe the size of her thick arms or wide, masculine back. Others marveled at the twin chest boulders testing the limits of her dress. Her hard nipples, engorged from the rough handling outside the elevator, were still painfully erect.
Yazin spotted her almost instantly. He quickly excused himself from his other guests and made a beeline towards her.
“Can I offer you a drink” The suave Egyptian started.
As Cronenweth turned, Yazin was floored by her mixture of beauty and brawn. He didn’t know what was more arousing – the sight of those fat, overstuffed lips or the seemingly superhuman strength flowing in her massively pumped arms.
“Thank-you, mister…”
“Aresh Yazin. I thought I knew everyone on my guest list.” He answered.
Yazin snatched a pair of champagne glasses from a passing server and handed one to Cronenweth.
“Chrisy Rain. I’m friends with one of your guests.” Cronenweth explained, sipping her drink.
“Forgive me if this seems too forward, but you have one of the most impressive physiques I have ever seen.”
Cronenweth giggled.
“Only one of?” She toyed, lifting her arm.
Yazin’s jaw dropped as the sexy blonde flexed her right bicep. A dense ball the size of a grapefruit strained against her sleeve. The billionaire could see the outline of several veins struggling to tear through the material.
Yazin swallowed hard.
“You are a bodybuilder, obviously.”
“I compete in England,” Cronenweth toyed. “I haven’t won a show yet. All of the judges think I’m too muscular. What do you think, Mr. Yazin?”
Yazin scanned her powerful body. He could make out every individual lump of her pool ball abs through her dress.
“I must admit, I’m something of a bodybuilding enthusiast – I believe there’s nothing more arousing than a powerful woman.” He answered.
Cronenweth smiled, her eyes locked on his. Yazin could feel her overwhelming sexuality burning a hole through him. He noted the small veins running up her forehead – suggestions of the inhuman conditioning waiting beneath her dress. They did little to spoil her staggering beauty.
“My dear, would you like a tour of my little abode?”
Cronenweth’s earpiece crackled.
“That’s it. You have him, Cronenweth. Now do whatever you have to and locate that guidance chip.”
“What about your other guests?” The agent toyed, playing with her glass.
“Let them wait”
Cronenweth strolled beside her target through the impressively sprawling penthouse.
“This place must cost a fortune.” Cronenweth cooed.
“When I find something that pleases me, I take it.” He answered smugly, his arm wrapping around the agent’s wide shoulders.
“What exactly do you do, anyway?” She pressed.
“I sell stolen military hardware on the black market.”
Cronenweth seemed taken aback by her host’s candor.
Opening a door, Yazin guided Cronenweth into a large master bedroom. To her surprise, several mercs were already waiting inside.
“Now my dear, I would very much like to see that powerful physique of yours.” Yazin spoke as he closed the doors. He locked them and pocketed the key.
Cronenweth looked at the men alarmingly. They openly gawked at her big tits and protruding nipples.
“Don’t be intimidated, Ms. Rain. Behave like a woman and there won’t be any trouble.”
Yazin walked towards Cronenweth. He ran his hand down her smooth cheek.
“So beautiful. You truly are perfection.”
Taking her chin firmly, he pressed his mouth into hers. Cronenweth struggled as he sucked and gnawed on her oversized lips.
With a crackle, the voice in Cronenweth’s ear returned.
“Stay calm, Lieutenant. Don’t blow your cover – repeat, do not blow your cover.”
Finally, Yazin broke his forced kiss. He gazed at her stunning features with lust.
“Take off your dress.” He commanded.
“Mr. Yazin, I don’t know what you think –“
The tall Egyptian interrupted Cronenweth with a hard slap to the face. Shock hit the blonde like a bucket of water.
“You westerners… all the same. Prancing around like whores, cheaply flaunting your bodies to anyone willing to look”
Another slap. Blood smeared across Cronenweth’s cheek.
“Perhaps I need to teach you obedience.”
The British agent watched with alarm as Yazin undid his pants.
“Please me, whore.”
Cronenweth looked at the mercs. They got to their feet, clutching their weapons menacingly.
Slowly, Cronenweth kneeled down. She reluctantly reached into Yazin’s underwear and removed his large, semi-hard penis.
“Good…” Yazin moaned.
Parting her overstuffed lips, Cronenweth ran her tongue down the entire length of his member. Saliva oozed down his flesh. As she pulled away, a long string of spit hung from her mouth. She looked up at him like a depraved whore, her mouth wet and sticky.
Taking him in her hand, she smeared her wetness all over his shaft. It wasn’t long before he was fully erect, his cock a supremely impressive 12 inches in length.
“Take me in your mouth.” Came another command.
Cronenweth did as he asked. Inch by inch, she swallowed his giant rod.
Suddenly, Yazin grabbed her head and smashed her into his crotch. Cronenweth gurgled as his thick pole plowed all the way down her throat. Two buttons popped off the neck of her dress. Looking down, Yazin could actually see the girth of his huge cock painfully deforming the shape of the operative’s neck. Her eyes were tight with pain.
“All that effort to build your body, all that pain – and here you are, reduced to a cock-sucking whore.”
Pulling her head back, Yazin slid most of his member free from her burning esophagus. Spit bubbled out of Cronenweth’s mouth as she gasped for air.
Crushing her head tightly, Yazin wrenched her down his cock even harder. Cronenweth gagged loudly as another button popped off her neck. She clenched her fists, sending waves of throbbing vascularity squeezing against her clothes.
Yazin’s humongous dick was now buried more than a foot down the gagging operative’s throat. Veins strained against her neck as his monster pole threatened to rip through her skin.
“Don’t you realize how pathetic you are? No matter how much iron you pump, you’ll never be as strong as a man.”
Saliva poured down Cronenweth’s chin. Her lips were stretched so pencil thin that they almost ceased to exist. Even her jaw looked ready to unhinge.
With one cruel motion, Yazin pulled Cronenweth off him completely. He looked down at her thick, muscular body. The sight of her on her knees made his dick surge.
“I want you to swallow every drop of my seed, you disgusting cow.”
With that, he yanked on her hair and rammed himself down her throat one more time.
Cronenweth was literally impaled on his shaft when he finally went off. A potent blast immediately filled her devastated throat. Squeezing her poor head with all of his might, he fired a tidal wave of cum into her.
Cronenweth struggled weakly, making sloppy gurgling sounds as she literally drowned in cum. Eventually, the ridiculous volume was too much. Yazin’s juice flowed up her wind pipe to her mouth. The seal around his cock was so tight that his jizz was forced through her nasal cavity and out her nose.
After another 10 seconds, the torrent finally subsided. Slowly, Yazin slid Cronenweth’s head back. Cronenweth immediately barfed up a mouthful of slime. He released her and she dropped to her hands.
Her dress was ruined. The panting operative’s cloth-encased breasts were covered in spit and love-gunk. Her face was a mess. Cum was dangling from everything – her nose, mouth, chin. Her whorish make up, now a smeared mess, made her look more depraved than ever.
“Jesus…” was all the voice in Cronenweth’s ear could muster.
Suddenly, one of the mercs grabbed a fistful of sweaty blonde hair.
Cronenweth was yanked to her feet. The large man holding her began to painfully knead her impressive rack. She grabbed his hand out of anger.
“Now, now. Don’t be rude, my dear,” Yazin toyed. “Surely there’s enough of you for everyone.”
It took every ounce of her being for the cum-drenched Brit to fight her instincts to dislocate the merc’s shoulder.
Soon, the other mercs were fondling her. She could feel their hands roughly squeezing her muscular curves.
“Jesus, she’s built!” One of the men exclaimed, barely able to dent her steel-hard physique.
Two of the men marveled at her exposed back. She looked like a human anatomy chart, only wider and meatier than any girl had a right to be.
The largest man held her throat in a suffocating grip. To his surprise, he could barely get his large hand around her thickly muscled neck.
“I don’t care how jacked you are - you don’t breathe unless we say so.”
Cronenweth gurgled as the man squeezed harder. Cum bubbled out of her mouth.
One of the mercs already had his dick out. He pulled Cronenweth down and began to flat out face fuck her. He held nothing back.
The overwhelmed operative moaned as her mouth was smashed into the merc’s crotch. The hard plastic of his armor pulverized her lips. His large erection felt like a fist being rammed down her bruised throat.
Behind her, another man pulled out a combat knife and began to cut away the lower half of her dress. He grinned at the sight of her long, powerful legs. Each brown pillar was a rippling orgy of sinew. Veiny tendons flared as the rest of her body was assaulted from all directions.
Yazin grinned at the sight of his men viciously assaulting the erotic young bodybuilder. In a few short minutes, they had reduced a proud athlete to an overly-muscled cum repository.
The man at Cronenweth’s rear cut away the last bits of material covering the girl’s tight ass. Her dress was now the world’s shortest mini-skirt, with her dental-floss g-string almost completely exposed. He wasn’t sure what sexier, her inhumanly tanned ass cheeks or the virtually non-existent piece of t-bar fishing wire she had wedged up her crack.
“Damn! You are one slutty ho!” The merc exclaimed, yanking the skinny sliver of underwear skyward. He could see the bald lips of her pussy bulging obscenely through the patch of material. To his disbelief, dozens of rippling striations surged outward from her sweaty sex.
“Oh god!” The first merc yelled, blowing his load down Cronenweth’s windpipe. “Shit she’s hot! Fuck!”
No one cared that the ultra-buff muscle babe was virtually drowning. As soon as the first merc was done, another one pulled her face off him and shoved an even thicker dick in her. A cock head the size of an orange violently stretched her mouth and burrowed its way deep inside.
“Look at her neck.” The man at the back commented. Every vein in her horribly stretched throat was straining to the max. The unprecedented monster lodged past her trachea looked ready to split her open.
“Think she’s got room for one more?” The third man asked, unzipping his pants. Another giant meat missile flopped out.
“Who cares – shove it in her.”
The third man forced his fingers in her over-stretched mouth and pried it open even father. Cronenweth stifled a cry as he powered another giant dong into her ravaged hole, right beside the first one. Her jaw was on the verge of being violently dislocated. The muscles in her cheeks burned like they had been injected with acid.
To everyone’s astonishment, the unbelievable muscle slut took it all. Screaming through all the meat in her mouth, Cronenweth grabbed the carpet below her. Her dress creaked as her arms swelled frighteningly large, veins forcing a disgusting, crisscrossing outline through the massively over-burdened material.
Somehow, Cronenweth kept taking every inch of cock being forced into her. Her throat was positively deformed. Every vein in her neck was horribly externalized. It looked like someone had shoved a 2 liter Coke bottle into her.
“Fuck! This bulging bitch is unreal. I’ve never seen a slut like take this much meat!”
The two mercs were now ravaging the spectacularly-muscled operative’s face. The man behind her had begun to shove the barrel of his rifle into her bulging sex. To his amazement, the rougher he man-handled her, the wetter she got. It wasn’t long before he had rivers of juice pouring down her rippling inner thighs.
“Oh shit! Oh shit…!”
The first two mercs let out a sudden, simultaneous howl. With fistfuls of hair in their grasps, they smashed her face into their armored crotches as they blew their loads straight into her stomach. Wave after wave, jet after jet, the two men ruthlessly filled the British mega-whore like a cum swimming pool.
Cronenweth flopped to the ground gasping and panting. She was drenched from head to toe in sweat, which glistened off her freakish muscles. Cum gurgled out of her ruined throat into a large puddle beneath her.
Yazin stood over the fucked-out operative and gazed at her dripping body. He watched as dozens of thick muscle-slabs twitched uncontrollably across her meaty back. Somehow, she seemed even more muscular now that when he had first met eyes on her - as if the savage mouth-fucking had actually gotten her pumped.
Even lying limp on the floor, her shoulders were like twin basketballs. The giant hunks of beef that covered her back were now exploding out of her dress to the point where she was more uncovered than covered.
Just then, the roar of a helicopter stole everyone’s attention. Yazin and his men turned to see a heavily armed transport helicopter buzz the window. Yazin walked to the glass and watched the chopper circle the building.
“Well my dear, it seems my business partners have arrived.” The Egyptian cooed, fixing his tie. “I’m afraid this is where we part company.”
Yazin turned to his men, who had mostly recovered from their assault on Cronenweth.
“Do what you want with her, but make sure you dispose of the body when you’re finished.”
A moment later, Yazin was gone.


Anonymous said...

Finally, the man is back! Its great having you writing again Mr. Shhh, I hope we get updates of more works of yours, Hardbody has sat on the shelf for too long, go for it man, and welcome back!

Mr.Shhh said...

Thanks Jeremy. Good to hear from you. I'm amazed anyone is still checking this blog! I've become very busy the last few months, so much so that I barely have time to write these stories. However, I do still tinker a bit. I'll continue to post whatever I can, however infrequently. I have more ideas for Hardbody and The Hunger, as well as Ms. Cronenweth.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Wow I love your stories. Can't wait until I have some time to sit down and really savor this new addition!

-- Seldom

Mr.Shhh said...

Thanks Seldom. Let me know what you think of it once you've read it.

Anonymous said...

Hot! I tend to like fiction on the more violent side, but you are truly a master of the massive, shredded, uber-muscular sexpots. I love reading your stuff.

One minor nitpick. It is a little distracting when I am envisioning the sheer hugeness of a character and then you compare her muscles with something smaller than I was picturing (like a football). I'm all about extremes! Footballs are too puny!

But it's a minor nitpick. Love your stuff, hope you keep writing, and I'd dearly love to see that really puny nerd from your other story smothered in massive mountains of mega-muscle.

-- Seldom

Mr.Shhh said...

Thanks, Seldom!

Sorry for the confusion. Cronenweth isn't supposed to be as super-huge as some of my other characters, I just get a little carried away describing her. In fact, compared to Jenna or Mercy (or even Tanya), Cronenweth has the smallest muscles by far.

Anonymous said...

Awesome story, outrageous too. Am I reading things right? Our mega-muscular heroine reduced to a sex-toy by a group of thugs!? Unthinkable. Unbearable. Unacceptable.

Our muscle GODDESS should stand up and muster that she is unbreakable and unmerciful. She should not feel satisfied with nothing short of tearing apart those gunslinging cockroaches; showing that even with their armor and toy guns, it is she who has all the ammo. Explosions.

By all means, Ms. Cronenweth should tear all those mercs in half and reduce their bodies to a pulp. And what about their magnanimous leader? A slow dismemberment...starting from where it hurts the most. As for the ogress, saving the best for last and giving her a lesson of true female power!

Nothing less and nothing more.

Great story!

Mr.Shhh said...

Thanks man.

While I'm not planning on turning the next chapter into a horror movie, but our big, bulging heroine will definately get her revenge and then some. Stay tuned.