Friday, April 6, 2007

By: Mr. Shhh

Beads of sweat rolled down Jenna’s flawless skin as she curled the heavy dumbbells. The intensity of her tan was incredible. She looked like a bronze statue come to life. Her rich brown flesh was completely at odds with her pouty pink lips and green eyes.
Soft, sexual grunts escaped through her gritted teeth as she worked the intimidating hunks of iron over and over. The wet layer of glistening perspiration highlighted every ripple and cut of her inhumanly shredded musculature. With each rep, veins boiled and thickened, turning her every curve into a hideous perversion of nature.
Jenna looked down at her own arms. She seemed utterly turned-on by the shockingly masculine muscles exploding off her body.
“Look at my big, thick man arms…” She moaned, lust oozing out of every pore. “They’re so ripped. Look at all the disgusting veins.”
Jenna groaned and wrenched the weights up. Her arms erupted with a hideous amount of definition. A single garden hose vein wrapped across her dripping forearms, over her distended, football-sized biceps and up to her shoulders. It eventually made it to her tightly flexed pecs where it fed those monstrosities the gallons of blood they thirsted for.
“God, every pump turns me on so much. I can feel my muscles stretching my skin. They feel like they’re going to rip right through.”
Throwing her head back, Jenna cranked out another mega-crunch. Her chest swelled to the point of bursting. Tendons flared through her giant bull neck.
“I can’t wait any longer. Fuck me, Linus. Fuck me, Linus!”

“Linus! LINUS!”
The skinny high school student snapped out his day dream to find his English teacher glaring at him.
“Welcome back. Glad you could join us. Now, do you have your presentation ready?”
Adjusting his glasses, Linus looked around the room. Most of the kids were grinning at him. He could hear laughter and whispers. He hoped they couldn’t see the raging woody in his pants.
“Um, I’m going to need an extension, Ms. Miller.”
The middle-aged teacher let out a disappointed sigh.
“Why am I not surprised? Let’s move on to the next presenter. Jenna, are you ready?”
Linus perked up at the sound of Jenna’s name. He swiveled his head fast enough to beak it off.
Jenna was sitting at the back of the room in a thick steel chair. One glance made it obvious that the shy teenager had no chance of fitting in the usual desk/chair combo deal.
Linus almost gasped aloud at the sight of her. No matter how hard he tried, his fantasies could never quite match the reality of Jenna’s indescribable body.
Sometimes, Linus felt like he had to pinch himself. After all, sitting right there was the most beautiful, most erotic, and most outrageously over-muscled human being imaginable.
Having grown up through the public school system together, Linus had been blessed with the privilege of watching Jenna “develop”. Starting as a gangly pre-teen, Linus had watched her sprout small, wiry muscles. By the time they were in junior high, Jenna was unnaturally lean. Not even a teenager, young Jenna had the muscles of a dedicated light-weight bodybuilder, only shredded to a degree that should have been impossible for a girl. Linus remembered hearing her classmates teasing her any time she wore short sleeves, though it hardly mattered – Jenna’s veiny-muscularity sneaked up her neck or across her forearms in any outfit.
Then the bomb hit. Jenna arrived back from summer break with a pair of jaw-dropping, c-cup breasts. To make matters worse, they looked even bigger on her lean frame. She was immediately the envy of every girl in the school.
Jenna should have been proud. As the weeks followed, more curves came in until she was an official, full-on sex symbol. Only Jenna hated it. She fell into a deep depression, refusing to speak to anybody. At recess, she would vanish. Linus heard stories of people finding her in the woods screaming as she did excruciating, wide-grip chin-ups from a tree branch. Sometimes she would be found pressing a massive log or struggling to rip a tree stump out of the ground. She would often return to class wet with perspiration. Linus himself would sometimes observe dried tears on her cheeks.
For months this went on. Jenna was sent to one counselor after another. It only seemed to drive her harder.
By the final year of junior high, Jenna was a changed girl. This time she arrived back from summer break wide, thick and utterly ripped. No one could believe the change in her. Her tits were almost completely gone, replaced by the kind of manly pec muscles you’d find on Rambo. She had lost the girly, playboy bunny look and replaced it with a macho, Mr. Universe shape. Her shoulders were like a liner backers, wide and thick. Her neck was like a tree trunk.
Even in baggy clothes, Jenna couldn’t hide her powerful shape. She became the target of every petty prank and mean-spirited bully in the class. Yet the bigger she got, the more she retained her shy, bookish demeanor. It seemed like for every pound of muscle she gained, she grew even more beautiful.
Observing from a distance, Linus watched Jenna’s muscularity steadily progress as they moved into high school. With each passing year, he thought that she might hit her peak, yet she just kept growing. By grade 11, there was no hiding her muscles. Linus was certain the constant barrage of ridicule would dissuade her, yet the opposite seemed true. Jenna re-doubled her efforts and added more muscle than seemed humanly possible.
At the end of that year, Jenna was officially a freak of nature. It was impossible to guess her weight. 500 pounds maybe? 600? And every inch of it sliced within an inch of her life. She was disgusting. Her face had become so gaunt that her cheek bones had begun to show. Veins snaked up her forehead and temples 24/7. Her shape could only be described as monstrous. Those breasts that she had hated so much were completely gone, as were any hint of hips or curves. She was masculine to a disturbing degree – all pecs and biceps.
Yet the beautiful, shy bookworm Linus had crushed on for years was still in full bloom. Somehow, she was even more gorgeous, more sexy. Her lips had filled out and filled out and filled out some more. Her silky skin and straight, almond hair were heavenly. A single glance from her mysterious jade eyes would melt his heart.
The idea that a quiet, delicate young woman could posses such a ferociously muscled physique made Jenna the ultimate dick-springing sex goddess. The agony she must have endured to build that brawn. The torture. She was pure strength, pure will power – a warrior.
Now, six months later, Jenna had done it again.


Tom said...

Awesome continuation of your story! Thanks for all of your super hot stories of huge female muscle!


Mr.Shhh said...

Lots more action with Jenna coming up. Look for updates once or twice a month.

Anonymous said...

Chronogically where does this entry stand in? Is it a new story arc, the one with Jenna trying her clothes ended, or is it part of it?

Anyway, great story!

Mr.Shhh said...

It's the start of a new story arc. I kind of hit a creative wall with the clothes ripping story from part 7, so we've jumped ahead a few weeks. I'll try to tie everything together in future chapters.

Anonymous said...

Hey, great story man, I love how you push the envelope with her size and her intensity to get even bigger, can't wait to see the next one!

Mr.Shhh said...

Thanks, Jeremy. Finding new ways to make Jenna bigger is one of the joys of working on this story. More to come!

Anonymous said...

So its been over two and a half months, what's going on, are you still writing, or are you taking a vacation? I hope you get back to this eventually, I'm sure I'm not the only one missing your unique story writing style.

Anonymous said...

The problem with telling long stories in blogs is that they are very difficult to read.

You go to the bottom, scroll up a bit, and read down.

Then you go to the bottom, scroll up about twice as much, and read down.

After a dozen entries it is a nightmare.

Maybe there is blog software that will publish in a sort of book and chapter sequence.

stmercy2020 said...

Want... more... Jenna!

Great story, Mr.Shhh. I love Jenna's character and her obsession with just getting bigger and bigger!

I can certainly sympathize with the difficulty in creating new and interesting ways to present your material. Is there any chance you could give us a hint about what's in the works, though?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Shhh, I read Hardbody Chapter 2 yesterday and really, I gotta say, you need to continue this story soon, man! I mean even then, when Jenna was smaller than she is now, you described her so well, I hope you get back to writing soon, as we're totally prepared to see Jenna achieve ultimate mass!

HPX said...

I'm curious as to where I can find these stories grouped. You seem to have a number of them.

Anonymous said...

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