Wednesday, October 31, 2007

NO CONTEST - chapter 1

Chapter 1
By: Mr. Shhh

Krissy Snow abruptly entered her dorm room to find her roommate Sue sitting at the computer. The busty undergrad looked up from her work to see a nervous Krissy holding a letter in her shaking hands.
“Oh my god Krissy, is that…?”
Krissy took off her coat, revealing her abnormally broad shoulders and thick, pit-bull neck. Sue stifled a gasp – no matter how many times she saw her, she never got used to her friend’s unbelievable size.
“I’m so nervous,” Krissy giggled, her soft, feminine voice contrasting her extremely dense shape. “All this work convincing the board to take me seriously and I can’t even bring my self to open it. Here – can you read it?”
Krissy passed the letter over. Sue tore it open and read it aloud.
“Dear Ms. Snow, we congratulate you on expressing such a singularly dedicated interest in the sport of bodybuilding. The achievements you have presented us are, for a lack of a better word, remarkable.”
The cute young bodybuilder kept her fingers crossed. So far so good.
“However, we regret to inform you that we must turn down your request to compete with the male bodybuilders at the heavyweight level, or any level within the federation. We hope this decision does not discourage you from continuing to compete as you are surely an inspiration to the many female athletes within the international federation of blah blah blah…”
Sue crumpled up the letter and tossed it into the garbage can.
“Screw them, Kris! They’re just trying to keep you down. Those assholes know you’d blow away all those swinging dicks out there.”
Sue watched her friend’s jovial expression disintegrate. Slowly, Krissy reached down and picked up a coiled resistance trainer. She took each end of the item and began doing angry reps.
“I don’t get it…” Krissy thought aloud. “I meet every single qualification that a man would need to gain admittance to the same contest.”
“Hell, you destroy most of those stupid requirements.” Sue added. “You’re big enough, heavy enough – you’ve won every single female competition there is. Even the most juiced-up girls look like twigs next to you. There’s not a woman on earth who’s even in the same ballpark.”
Krissy continued working the resistance coil. As she pulled the heavy spring apart, Sue could see her massive chest swelling in size.
Faster and faster the beautiful young bodybuilder worked the coil. Veins began to snake up her neck and temples.
“Uh… Kris, are you okay?”
Krissy didn’t answer. Her face was now tight with anger. With each rep, she was pulling the coil to its very limits. Her chest swelled larger still, until the two girls heard a loud ripping sound.
Just then, the resistance coil snapped. Metal and screws flew everywhere as Krissy’s hands shot apart.
Sue looked at her friend with unbelieving eyes.
“Damn…” She muttered.
Krissy’s gigantic football jersey had ripped open at the traps and shoulders. The rest of her monumental upper body had filled it up to the point where it looked like spandex.
“Crap. That was a triple XL.” Krissy noted.
The huge muscle girl walked over to her closet and pulled out another parachute-sized top. Sue bit her lip as Krissy pulled the torn jersey off, revealing a back that was beyond description. Heavy, ultra-cut muscle mass was piled on top of itself in seemingly never ending layers. She was so wide, Sue couldn’t see most of Krissy’s arms or head. She looked like a meat refrigerator.
Krissy pulled the new top over her shoulders and turned around. Sue caught a fleeting glance at her overdeveloped six-pack before it was covered up. Even if she had an hour to stare, it wouldn’t have been enough to take in all of the roiling detail that covered her.
“I’m going to the gym.” Krissy stated as she grabbed her bag.
“Kris, I know you’re upset – but take it easy over there.”
Krissy looked at her concerned friend.
“Don’t worry. I won’t hurt myself.” She smiled.
“Actually, I’m more worried about the equipment!”

As Krissy walked across the busy campus, she ignored the dozens of boys staring at her. Krissy was the kind of girl who was too caught up in her own world to realize how drop-dead gorgeous she was. Her long, brown hair framed a face that could sail a thousand ships. Deep blue eyes, strong cheekbones and a set of fat, succulent lips made her a stunning creature of pure sexuality. It was ironic then that while any girl would have killed to look like her, she would have killed to look completely different.
It wasn’t that Krissy was uncomfortable with her looks – she was fine with her features. She just wanted muscles. Huge, bulging mega-muscles. Ripped, vein-popping freak-show muscles. She wanted to be an Adonis – a he-man – a total mass-monster. In her mind, girly things like breasts and curves only got in the way of big, hard biceps and heaving pectorals. She wanted to become a beats, and nothing was going to stop her.
Which brought her back to today. Her goal since high school had been to get big enough to complete with the men. Her last dozen professional victories had made it clear that she already put the biggest women in the world to shame. She’d even been involved in a few illegal, unregulated competitions where she was up against some really butched-out muscle freaks. These were the girls who had roided so hard that they had jaws like Dick Tracey and sounded like Randy the Macho Man Savage. Some of these so-called females were seriously gigantic, yet Krissy absolutely murdered them. In one pose down, Krissy pumped herself into such a flurry that one of the girls burst into tears.
Now, here she was in the best shape of her life. For the last six months, she had worked herself harder and longer than ever before. She had turned herself into a living, breathing muscle factory. Her conditioning bordered on the obscene. Her face was tight and gaunt like she hadn’t eaten in weeks. Veins pulsed through her forehead whenever she spoke and when she actually exerted herself, forget it – she looked like someone had injected her with snakes. Her skin was thin like tissue paper and stretched tight enough to snap. She hadn’t had a period in months.
Had it been all for nothing? Now that the official bodybuilding federation had shut down her request to challenge the men, what was left for her?

Krissy pounded away at the weights with a terrifying intensity. She grunted and screamed as she threw around enough weight to crush an elephant.
Just then, a voice snapped her out of her daze.
“Hey buddy, are you going to hog that machine all day?!”
Slowly, Krissy lowered the weights and looked back. She found an angry jock glaring back at her.
“Yeah, I’m talking to you, dick head. You’ve been on that thing for like an hour.”
A puzzled expression washed over Krissy’s face. She turned to the mirror and realized that she had tucked her hair under a baseball cap. She never wore make up to the gym, and her big, baggy muscle shirt was hardly what one would classify as girly. Factor in her extremely masculine physique and could it be that this guy had mistaken her for a man?
Slowly, the sweaty, pumped-up muscle girl got to her feet. At 5’2, the angry jock towered over her by over a foot.
“Jesus…” The jock muttered, stunned by Krissy’s hideously muscular body. Even at the best of times, Krissy was ripped as hell. In her current state of pump, she was downright terrifying. Veins were popping everywhere – her chest, stomach – even snaking out from her crotch.
Krissy watched the jock’s flabbergasted expression and realized he still hadn’t clued in. How far could she push this?
Clearing her throat, the over-inflated bodybuilder lowered her voice as many octaves as she could.
“What’s your problem, jerk?” She barked, sounding more like a twelve year old boy than the brawny beef cake she appeared to be.
The jock took a step back.
“Uh – sorry dude. I-I didn’t know you were a bodybuilder…”
Krissy tightened her face.
“Yeah, that’s right. I’m a bodybuilder. A big, beefy… MAN… bodybuilder.”
The jock’s face wrinkled with confusion.
“Yeah. I can see that…”
Krissy pulled her baggy muscle shirt down and flexed her chest.
“Look at these pecs. Do you see any breasts anywhere?”
The poor, overwhelmed jock watched her pecs crumple into two over-striated balls of veiny meat.
“Okay…look, I’m sorry dude.”
Krissy lifted up her arms and went into a mind-numbing double bicep flex. Her body exploded with a completely obscene amount of muscularity. Her neck vanished, as did any space between her shoulders and fists. Her lats became so wide that they looked like a pair of meat wings.
“Crap! Please don’t cream me man! I’m a bleeder!”
Krissy tried to stifle a laugh. Lowering her huge arms, she pulled off her hat and let her long hair fall out.
The jock’s expression changed again as he suddenly saw her in a new light. She pursed her lips and gave him a kiss.
“Thanks for cheering me up!” Krissy squeaked in her normal, high-pitched girl voice.
The jock dropped his things and ran off.

Krissy returned to her dorm room like a whirl wind.
“Sue, you have to answer something.”
Her roommate turned to her with a puzzle look.
Krissy fixed her long hair and posed sexily.
“Do I look like a girl to you?” She asked.
Sue didn’t know what to say. With her big coat on, Krissy mostly looked like a normal teenager.
“Are you kidding? Kris, you’re… you’re totally hot.”
Krissy smiled. She immediately took off her coat, revealing a skin-tight tank top painted over her heaving upper body. She pulled her baseball cap from her bag and tucked her hair beneath hit.
Turning back to sue, she struck a dramatic tough-guy pose. Her shoulders feathered with huge, bulbous muscles. Her chest expanded by a half-foot until it was the size of two watermelons.
“What about now?” Krissy asked, deepening her voice again.
Sue’s mouth opened in awe.
“What’s this all about?”
“Krissy Snow isn’t allowed to compete with the heavyweight male bodybuilders at the up coming Mr. Testosterone competition – but Kris Snow can.”Sue’s mouth nearly hit the floor.


Anonymous said...

Oh Wow man, I can't tell you how cool this story is, although it does seem a lot like Battle of the Sexes, and just like that story, I would love to see more and more of this story, to see how massive she is, how ripped she is, your description of her is so great, I hope you can put out another chapter of it really soon! Great Job!

Anonymous said...

I liked the Helen of Troy reference ;) Nice to remind the reader that its still a pretty girl under it all (or so I read it anyways heh).

Anonymous said...

amazing story....

Mr.Shhh said...

Thanks guys. I wasn't sure how well this idea would go over.

I think the challenge with this story is gonna be keeping Krissy sexy as a girl while making it reasonably realistic that she could pass herself off as a guy.

Jeremy, we'll definately be getting lots of descriptions of Krissy super-huge physique. If anyone else has ideas they'd like to see incorporated into the story, let me know.

AbyssPlanet said...

Awesome stuff so far. Definitely looking forward to the next part!

Anonymous said...

Really nice beginning so far. It'd be cool to see Krissy kind of enjoy passing herself off as a macho dude and really get into being a cocky bodybuilder verbally and physically dominating the guys.

Mr.Shhh said...

I've never been much into the domination thing but I agree that seeing Krissy's behaviour become more agressive as a "guy" would be really cool. There'll certainly be some strength feats in the future where Krissy illustrates just how strong she is, even compared to the biggest men.

Anonymous said...

Very intriguing angle. Off to a great start. Wonderful descriptions. Can't wait to read more. Hope the on-stage excitement gives her a growth spurt -- would love her to become your biggest girl yet!

Mr.Shhh said...

Krissy's definately going to be very, very big (though in my little universe of stories, Jenna Steele is the absolute biggest there is - period).

Anonymous said...

Awesome story, can't wait to read about Krissy, er Kris, destroying the competition at the Mr Testosterone contest.