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HARDBODY - chapter 11 (official version)

Chapter 11 – Jenna’s cam show

Linus was in his room finishing-up the final preparations for Jenna’s internet debut when the doorbell rang.  He quickly glanced at his watch, panic shooting through his body.  She was early!
Dashing into the hall, Linus made a beeline for the stairs, desperate to reach the front door as fast as possible.  Jenna wasn’t meant to arrive until his parents had left for the day.  That had been his carefully orchestrated plan – a plan designed to save him the humiliation of introducing his freakishly hulked-out bodybuilder girl-crush to his family. 
Linus knew he was on thin ice already.  It was bad enough that his mom had recently stumbled across a stack of erotic drawings in his bedroom closet.  Until now, not a word had been spoken on the subject, but Linus could imagine what his parents thought of the pornographic, girl-faced muscle-hunks he fawned over – all thick pecs and bulging biceps barely contained beneath tiny bikinis and miniskirts.  What would they think when they met the insanely hyper muscle-bound Jenna face to face? 
Linus skidded to a halt at the top of the stairs.  Shit - his dad was already at the door.  Linus watched helplessly as his father opened up to greet their guest.    
Beautiful Jenna stood waiting outside holding a large, over-stuffed duffle bag – likely her “costume” for her cam show.  To her father’s surprise, the 5’4 beauty’s preposterously pumped-up shape effortlessly filled the entire doorway and beyond. 
Jenna was dressed in an ankle-length skirt and her largest customer-made fat girl sweater – a well-intentioned attempt to conceal her absolutely monstrous physicality, and also a complete failure.  There was simply no hiding the kind of hyper-extreme, Frankenstein muscularity that Jenna carried.  Even her thick, XXXXL sweater was stretched like overtaxed spandex across massive mutant traps, pumpkin-sized shoulders and arms as thick as battleship cannons.  Heaps of pulsing vascularity surged and strained against the overburdened material and utterly dominated every inch of her exposed flesh.  Her hands and neck were so vascular that the veins stood an inch off her body like gnarly tree roots.  Even Jenna’s angelic face pulsated with dozens of swollen hoses.  Everything seemed so intensely flexed, pressurized and tightly clenched that Linus worried she might burst at any second.   
Linus’ dad simply stared at the ferociously mega-muscled she-Hercules, his jaw hanging open on a hinge.  Like everyone in the neighborhood, he’d heard stories about the local girl with the big muscles, but nothing could’ve prepared him for the explosively bulging steroid-behemoth that stood before him.  Then she spoke – in the cutest, freshest little girl voice he’d ever heard and what was left of his mind was officially blown.
“Oh - hello.  Is… Linus home?”
            Linus appeared in a flash.  He grabbed Jenna’s thick, tendon-packed wrist and pulled her inside. 
            “Jenna, this is my Dad.  Dad, Jenna.  She’s my - um… study partner.”
            Confused Jenna glanced at Linus, who shot her a “play along” look.  She looked back at Linus’ rattled father and adjusted her glasses, a simple motion that caused two-dozen artery-sized veins to pulse through her forehead. 
            “Er - that’s right.  I’m here to… study.”
The dad continued to gawk, eying Jenna’s deep, beautiful eyes and luscious lips.  Beneath her thick-rimmed nerd glasses she was a stone-cold stunner.  He would’ve been proud of his son for landing such a sexy piece of ass if not for the hideous he-body that she was attached to.  He moved his gaze down across the ruthless assault of rippling, extra-strength man-beef straining against her clothes and found himself short of breath.  With her beefcake bulk, contest-cut definition and ultra-rich spray tan, Jenna was like a gender-bending Chippendales dancer, only jacked up on truckloads of growth hormones.
“Soooo we’re just gonna’ get going now...”  Linus rushed in an attempt to hurry things along.  He snatched the straps of Jenna’s bag and tried to hoist it up only to find it seemingly magnetized to the floor. 
Linus’ dad glanced at him.  With an awkward smile, Linus took hold of the bag with both hands and gave it another try.  It didn’t budge.  Determined to lift it, Linus planted his feet, bent his knees and put his back into it.  He could hardly lift it an inch.  What the hell did she have in there – a train engine?
“Heh.  You sure brought a lot of text books, Jenna.”  Linus intoned.
A blush shot across Jenna’s face. 
“Oh – sorry.  A girl can never have too many text books.  I can get it…”
With a nearly effortless motion, Jenna scooped up the bag single handedly.  The sleeve of her right arm instantly groaned as her stupendously swollen upper-arm further inflated with over a dozen inches of massive, meaty, panic-inducing muscularity.  A ferocious two-inch thick super-vein snarled across her bicep and almost tore the sleeve wide open. 
Both Linus and his father gawked at the preposterously pumped-up arm straining Jenna’s sweater to the max – a sight made even more unbelievable by her apparent lack of effort.  The individual fibers of the sleeve, suffocating beneath the unrelenting tension of the pretty teen’s overinflated basketball bicep, were forced nearly transparent.  Jesus, Linus thought – Jenna’s biceps were literally bigger than her head!            
            “W-what are you two studying… exactly?”  Linus’ father asked, unable to tear his eyes from Jenna’s superhuman pipes.
            Linus looked back at Jenna and cracked a knowing smile.
Back in his bedroom, Linus fiddled at the computer.  He found the cam site he'd signed up with and logged in.  Jenna and Linus had solidified their plans weeks ago but Jenna insisted on some extra time.  She’d wanted to intensify her training and more specifically her diet so she could get herself into “contest shape”.  Linus used the intervening weeks to “market” Jenna by plastering her pictures all over the internet.  He knew her pics were absolute game-changers but the question remained if anyone would come to the show.  To be honest, he wasn't even sure people would believe she was real and not some Photoshop science experiment.  He hardly believed it himself, even as she dressed for the show in his bathroom.
What really burned Linus up though was knowing that his efforts were only helping drive Jenna into the arms of the school’s premier jock douche bag, Edward Scott.  For some unfathomable reason, Jenna was smitten by the handsome, charming, socially popular quarterback and determined to win his attention at any cost.  It was even more ironic that the purpose of the cam show was to finance Jenna’s transformation into Ed’s super-freaky bodybuilding prom date.  With the money she hoped to generate, Jenna would upgrade her home gym, ramp up her supplement intake and pack on enough brand new muscle mass to fill the circus tent dress Ed had given her.  Worse still, if Linus didn’t do something soon, he’d be left out in the cold while Jenna and Ed rode off into the sunset.  He needed to make a move, and soon.
    Linus was snapped back to reality by the sound of the bathroom door.  He turned to see Jenna timidly step out.  The clicking of high heels was an alien presence in his nerdtastic bedroom – a veritable den of geekdom that repelled gorgeous girls like Kryptonite.  Yet there Jenna stood – the most gorgeous girl of all and the object of his deepest desire.  To his surprise, her fantastic physique was draped in a long black cloak and hood.  She’d also concealed her eyes, as well as a portion of her raging facial vascularity beneath a small white mask.
            “I’m ready.”  She spoke softly, her heart clearly racing at the mere thought of the event before her.
            “Y-you’re going to wear a mask?”  Linus asked.  “But you’re so pretty.”
            An embarrassed smile curled across Jenna’s lips. 
            “You’re sweet to say that, Linus – but I need to protect my identity.  I’ve decided that on the internet, I’ll go by the name HARDBODY.”
            Linus felt his underwear zone tingle at the sound of that word.  Hard body.  It was the hottest thing he’d ever heard.  Still, an obvious question remained.
            “Aren’t you worried that people will think you’re a… I mean, with muscles as big as yours you kind of look like a…”
            “Boy?”  Jenna answered.
            Actually, Linus had stronger words in mind.  He-Man.  Beefcake.  Steroid muscle-freak.  He noticed Jenna bite her lip - a light, unconscious tick that suggested she was turned on by the notion of being mistaken for a vein-popping Flex Magazine muscleman.       
“Linus, I’ve never told anyone what I’m about to tell you… but I think you deserve to be warned.”
            Linus perked up. 
“I know this is going to sound strange but… I like it when people are… surprised by my muscles.”
            “Surprised?”  Linus questioned.
“Well, more like frightened… or disgusted… or worse.”
Linus swallowed hard.  He watched Jenna struggle for her next words.
 “People have treated me differently ever since I began lifting weights.  In the beginning it wasn’t so bad – people thought it was cute that I had muscles.  But as I spent more and more time in the gym, the reactions changed.  When I first reached 200 pounds, people didn’t find it cute anymore.  People on the street started to look at me funny.  Kids laughed and called me names.  Women seemed repulsed by me.  I wasn’t how a girl was supposed to look.  My muscles were too big – too hard and masculine.  I remember how I’d run home every night crying, hating myself, thinking I was a freak.  I nearly gave up bodybuilding forever, but something stopped me.  Slowly I realized that deep inside - I liked it.  I wanted to be a freak – a big, strong, bulging muscle-monster.  I realized that the more I frightened people, the freakier I had become.  After that, shock and disgust were like steroids to me.  I became desperate to be humiliated.  By the time I reached 300 pounds, I was the most talked about girl in school.  Everyone thought I was disgusting – even the teachers.  The principal forced me meet with psychologists and guidance counselors because I getting so muscular.  Every night I’d lie in my room crying, yet overwhelmed by the desire to get even bigger.  I’d flex in the mirror, horrified by the swollen, unnatural body before me and desperate for more.  When I reached 400 pounds, it became impossible to hide my muscles.  No matter where I went or what I wore, I caused a scene.  I started tearing through my clothes accidentally, usually ripping my pants or sleeves or even ending up topless.”
Linus stared, slack-jawed.  Jenna’s heartfelt confession was the most erotic thing he’d ever heard - and she wasn’t done yet.
“I… I’m not going to hold anything back today.  I want everyone to see my muscles.  I know you like female bodybuilders but I… I’m afraid that I’m going to scare you.  I – I… want to scare you.”
Linus watched Jenna turn away in shame.  Holy – fucking – shit.  Was he dreaming?  Was this some kind of crazy acid-trip?  Was the hottest girl on Earth actually warning him that she was more jacked than he could possibly handle?
With that, Linus shot over to his closet and whipped open the door.  He dug out a shoe box, tossed off the lid and pulled out his collection of female muscle drawings. 
“Jenna, I fantasize about huge, bulging girl muscles!” Linus confessed as he flipped through drawing after drawing of the most disgustingly over-developed girl-studs imaginable.  They were warped, hideous creations, each one a hyper-exaggerated she-hulk more impossibly muscled than the last. 
“I always thought I was a weirdo for getting turned on by this stuff.  I mean – I keep making them bigger and bigger – and then I stopped drawing breasts and now they barely look like women… but no matter how hard I try I just can’t make them as ripped as y--” 
Linus cut himself short.  Jenna looked up at him and suddenly realized a single common detail among all of the drawings – they were all her. 
Jenna stared at most extreme drawing of the bunch - a stomach-churningly insane block of hormone-bloated muscle-meat.  There was no shape, sex or discernible gender – just a fanatical eruption of veins and striations screaming and spitting and flexing like an animal – and perched atop it like a grain of sand in a churning ocean of testosterone, a cute girl’s head in glasses and pigtails.
“Er- like I was saying...”  Linus continued; his voice suddenly dry and uncertain.  “No matter how hard I try, I just can’t imagine anything as muscular as… you are.”
As unfathomable as it seemed, Linus was correct.  It was painfully obvious that even the repulsively muscle-bound girly-thing on the page couldn’t capture a tenth of Jenna’s indescribable physicality.
Linus and Jenna stared at one another, lost in a timeless moment that seemed to exist apart from the world.  He gazed at her luscious lips and felt drawn to them.  His mouth moved towards hers, just inches apart. 
The moment was quickly broken by a chime from the computer behind them.  Jenna blushed and looked away.  Linus cleared his throat.  He tossed his drawings back into the box and zipped over to the computer. 
“L-looks like the first customers have logged in and – HOLY SHIT!” He shouted.
Jenna glanced over his shoulder at the computer screen.  She was as shocked as he was to find over 1000 users logged into her account. 
“A thousand users!  That’s awesome, Jenna!”  Linus cheered.  “The pictures worked!  You’re going to rake in the cash!”
But as he turned back to her, Linus found Jenna scared stiff. 
“No… don’t be nervous.  They’re going to love you!”
Jenna smiled weakly.  Linus took her hands in his.   
“Look – you’ve totally got this.  I even brought up my brother’s old barbells from the basement just in case you need them.”
Jenna glanced over to a hefty bar loaded with 50 pound weights. 
“Just remember, once the show starts they can hear you through the microphone, so just talk to them.  Tell them about yourself.  They’ll type responses in the chat box at the bottom of the screen.  Ready?”
Jenna adjusted her mask and took a deep breath.  Linus stepped out of the way.  He adjusted the webcam and activated the feed.  She was live.
For a moment, Jenna was a deer in headlights.  Slowly, chat box lit up.
-Looks like Halloween.
-This better not be bullshit.
Jenna cleared her throat and forced a smile.
“Hello.  I’m Hardbody...”
-Hi Hardbody.
-Love the name!
-Don’t be nervous. 
“S-sorry.  I’m not going to lie – I’ve never done a cam show before.”
-That’s okay. 
-What’s your story, Hardbody?
Jenna glanced at Linus, a shot of apprehension behind her eyes. 
“I’m a… um, 21 year old college student and amateur bodybuilder.”
Linus watched the chat box cautiously as Jenna pulled back her hood.  Her silken hair flowed out like water.
-You’re cute!
-You’ve got a sweet voice, Hardbody.
            “T-thank-you.”  Jenna answered.  “Um… is there anything you’d like to know about me?”
            -What’re your measurements? 
            -When did you start working out?
-How big do you want to get?
            -Is that picture you posted for real?  It’s crazy!
Linus noticed that users were still logging on.  She was up to 1100 and showing no signs of slowing down.
            “Um – well I first began lifting weights when I was about 9 years old,” Jenna explained.  “I remember that I’d come across a bodybuilding contest on TV.  I knew by the time it was over that I would do anything to look like them.  What else?  I haven’t measured myself in a few months so I don’t know what I’m at but my goal is to reach 1000 pounds –“
            -1000 pounds?!
            -Yeah right! 
-That’s like 4 times more than a male heavyweight!
-Even Rene Toney is only 200 pounds! 
-This is bullshit.
Linus quickly looked to Jenna.  She was visibly shaken by audience’s suddenly shift. 
“N-no, I really!”  She defended.  “If I can make enough money to buy the right equipment, I think I can do it!”
-If you’re going to lie to us, at least pick a reasonable number.
-I knew this was a scam.
-Hey guys, I believe Hardbody.  Go to MadeToOrderMuscle.com.  There’s a FBB called Monstra who’s like 500 pounds.
-THAT is bullshit.
-You’d have to be on steroids to get even half that big.
- ALL the steroids.
-Linus watched Jenna’s confidence crumble.  It was high school, the shopping mall, the laughing faces- her entire life all over again.    
            Then without a word, Jenna got up and walked to the back of the room.  Linus caught a look of fierce determination in her eyes.  He watched her plant her feet firmly and turn around.  In one swift motion she threw off her cloak revealing the staggering entirety of her humongous, hyper-muscled back.    
The chat box went instantly silent.  Linus gawked, his eyes widening to cartoon character dimensions.  None of them had ever seen a body so fanatically ultra-muscular.  It couldn’t have – shouldn’t have been possible. 
Shy, demure little Jenna – the cute girl in glasses he’d crushed-on for years now stood before the webcam dressed in the sluttiest, most outrageous costume he’d ever seen.  It was in essence a female bodybuilder’s posing bikini, only made entirely out of thick, heavy-grade industrial chains.  No wonder her duffle bag had been so heavy – she’d been carrying around 200 pounds of forged-steel!  The chains were wrapped across her chest to strategically cover her nipples like a metal tube top.  Her bikini bottoms were an uncomfortable-looking thong of chains squeezed deep between her ass cheeks and up over her crotch and hips.  She also sported a thick chain choker necklace and two armbands of chains wrapped around her bulging upper arms.  The outfit alone would have been an eye-popping, pre-ejaculating super-fantasy had it not been for the utterly, unimaginably insane giga-physique it was adorned on.
Any question of Jenna’s unrealistic bodyweight was suddenly and unequivocally moot.  She was, unquestionably, an unstoppable female muscle-monstrosity, full-stop. 
Linus couldn’t believe his eyes.  Staring at Jenna, he felt genuine terror and even repulsion.  Impossible as it seemed, Jenna’s warning had been right.  She was so fucking muscular that it made him sick.          
Even with her arms at her sides, Jenna’s back was wider than a car.  From behind, her bloated traps swallowed her entire neck and all but the very top of her head.  Only her tiny elbows and enormous triceps emerged from the smothering swell of her ridiculous elephant lats. 
By Linus’ estimation, Jenna’s shoulder span was over 6 feet across.  Given her crushing, gender-destroying bulk it was even more alarming how simultaneously shredded she was.  The extra weeks of dieting Jenna had insisted upon had taken her water-retention and body fat levels to a grotesque new extreme.  The detail in her back was simply preposterous, even by her own standards.  She was disgusting to witness – a gorgeous teen beauty who had turned herself into a creature composed entirely of feathered muscle bellies and pulsating vascularity.  No part of her was spared the brutality, from her ass to her lats to her neck and ears. 
This was it.  There was no more hiding.  Jenna had turned the spotlight of the entire world onto her uncompromising physique.  The ultimate humiliation for the ultimate super freak was about to begin.    
Without a word, Jenna placed her dainty hands on her hips and began to spread her wings.  What was already a fortress of heaving muscle-meat swelled alarmingly outward.  As Jenna’s elbows arced, an eruption of hulktastic she-girth consumed the space around her.  6 feet, 6 and a half feet.  With her arms at their near apex she was somehow wider than she was tall.  The chains of her heavy metal tube top groaned as they were pulled increasingly taunt.  Finally her arms locked at their furthest point producing a jaw-dropping sweep of epic lat mass the defied scientific classification. 
Linus felt his brain going into meltdown.  Jenna’s arms had disappeared completely into that roiling continent of hilariously butched-out man-muscularity.  They suddenly reappeared again as she brought her fists up for a rear double bicep flex.  As she locked her elbows into place and without shrinking an inch, Jenna’s back transformed again, this time detonating with harsher-than-harsh, sicker-than-sick definition and impossible amounts of hardcore muscle. 
Holding her straining, fist-shaking flex, the sheer barbaric muscularity before Jenna’s audience crossed the line.  Of the 1200 customers logged on, over 300 disconnected right then and there, probably to crawl into a corner and have a panic attack.  As if disappointed by the merely terrified reaction, Jenna releasing her fists, grunted determinedly and flexing even harder. 
Avalanches of bulbous muscularity vomited out from her chiseled, cast-iron core and tested the elasticity of her thin bronze flesh.  Her shoulders and traps simultaneously tightened and expanded, instantly doubling in both sheer immensity and eye-burning muscular detail. 
Throbbing, hyper-freaky veinage burst through her skin adding to a delirious network of vascularity that covered her back.  Linus quickly thought how rare it was to see a female bodybuilder with veins in her back and incredible effort it must’ve taken to get them to show.  By contrast, even the sweeping countryside that was Jenna’s never-ending lat spread could barely contain any of what seemed like ten bodybuilders worth of vascularity.     
Releasing her fingers, Jenna reformed her dainty little fists and screamed out an even harder mega-flex.  Somehow, despite the body-bursting dimensions she’d already produced, she just kept growing.  The longer she held each straining, white-knuckled pose, the more mind-boggling muscular she became, adding inches of ever-scarier triple-A girl-beef with each passing second.  Veins swelled and screamed until they were ready to pop.  Horrible hoses of vascularity tore through her pumpkin shoulder blades and jagged-cut triceps.  Striations multiplied on top of themselves until there wasn’t an inch of her that didn’t look sharp enough to slice through steel. 
Overlapping chimes signaled hundreds of disconnecting users.  Tears began to roll down Jenna’s cheeks as thoughts of hundreds of disgusted faces filled her mind.  Every chime was knife in her heart - a sadistic, howling burst of laughter straight in her beet-red, vein-pulsing face.  But the humiliation wasn’t punishment – not for her.  It was nitrous oxide filling her heart super-charging her libido and turning her on like a jet engine.  She hated herself to her core for what she felt but at this moment, she didn’t care.  At this moment she wanted to blow them all away and be the biggest muscle freak ever.  
Again Jenna released her all-consuming he-flex only to ball her fists and crank out the single most monstrous, stomach-churning super-flex Linus had ever seen. 
“GRNNNNNNNN!!!!”  Blasted a guttural roar as Jenna strained with steel-crushing might.   The three layers of inch-thick chains wrapped across her chest dug deeply into her alarmingly-expanding dimensions and actually began to creak.  Inches of still-swelling lat meat bulged overtop of them like an over-filled dam.  Soon much of the chains were buried beneath her unstoppable muscles.   
Linus was hit by an invisible semi-truck as Jenna’s beyond-shocking metamorphosis literally knocked the wind out of him.  The suffocating totality of Jenna’s fully-unleashed muscularity was simply too much to take – and apparently too much for the hardened steel she’d dressed herself in.
Still flexing her brains out, Jenna’s chain-link bikini began to relent against the total-body muscle onslaught.  Hairline cracks started to appear as the steel shrieked like a wounded animal. 
Impossible, Linus thought.  Jenna was an idiot if she thought she could bust those chains.  Her brain must’ve been drowning in all that testosterone.  
But Jenna wasn’t about to stop.  She was a bodybuilding she-Terminator – unable to be reasoned – unfeeling and remorseless and totally unstoppable.  As she flexed with more determination that a thousand Olympic athletes, every muscle in Jenna’s back went red-line nuclear, stretching her screaming skin well past its limit.  Insane definition continued to wrench through her muscles, mercilessly shredding every bit of she-meat until she was inconceivably hyper-ripped.  Even her hips and ass flexed with striations so nasty and sick that they hurt to look at.  Veins as thick as cigars pulsed through her ass crack, across her harpsichord hamstrings and lost themselves in a thousand webs of even thicker vascularity.
“FFFFFFFFFFFRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!”  Jenna spat, holding her flex at maximum intensity and still cranking it higher.  Her back kept grow right in front of Linus’ eyes - the sickening sound of mercilessly over-taxed she-skin filling the entire room like a lunatic’s torture chamber.  Jenna’s veiny fists shook ruthlessly as she strained out of control and injected unimaginable mountains of the thickest, leanest and most unquestionably masculine muscle-meat into her technically feminine body. 
Jenna managed to lose almost 800 users before a piercing “ping” signaled the surrender of her top.  All three chains snapped at once sending shards of metal flinging like shurikens.  It might as well have been Linus’ mind exploding as he simply could not believe what he’d just witnessed.  His bulging bodybuilder girl-crush had just pulled a “Superman” and snapped three metal chains with nothing but her own huge muscles.
Heaving and gasping – and with rivers of sweat running down her skin, Jenna slowly lowered her arms.  Linus noticed that the swell of her lats had become so stupendously enflamed that her muscle-packed limbs simply couldn’t fit. 
After a few deep breaths, Jenna slowly turned around.  Linus stayed fixated with lustful terror as she presented herself face to face with her webcam audience.  The sight took their breath away.


ayanamifan said...

I'm stunned about your latest installment as well as really happy to see you still active here. As always the result was worth the wait . Thanks so much for this new chapter

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Mate, you're so talented. Every time I read one of your story, my heart is beating, my stomach make knots... As I was saying, it's like you're going deep into my mind to find somme perverted images I even never thought about...

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Mr.Shhh said...

Thanks for the support everyone, and I'm glad you enjoyed the new story. Believe it or not, I've been futzing with it on and off for over a year. It's funny how some ideas arrive fully-formed (and get written in a veritable whirl wind) while others refuse to come together without a fight. For whatever reason, this particular chapter was a struggle.

In regards to the older "shopping" chapters, I'll try to upload them here or on Brawna.org.

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As for how The Club is going to end - I did have a conclusion in mind when I started it but I often change things as the story progresses. Right now I'm waiting for a few ideas to come together before I attempt to wrap it up.

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Just to clarify I was the "anonymous" that you were responding to, I just totally forgot to sign my post, haha.

At any rate I wouldn't be opposed to a unified "universe", although something to consider is how much any of the characters might steal the spotlight from the others. Like with "The Club" where the whole point is to have the biggest of the big be the "best", it makes sense to have Jenna show up and "win". But if it's just a regular story where, say, Razor is the main character, if she's existing in a world where bigger is universally better, and she exists in the same universe as Mercy, Tanya, and Jenna, why would anyone care about her?

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Shhh;
Love the new Jenna story. This is why I check your page every few days, just hoping for a new installment.

AbyssPlanet said...

Well it's been a year since the last chapter... :(

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