Friday, January 6, 2012

WHAT'S WHAT ON MUSCLE MACHINE: THE SEQUEL - This time it's personal!

Hey all, Mr.Shhh here back from the shadowy ether of real life.  Given the length of time since my last update, I wanted to drop everyone a line and update the status of this site.  While I've been procrastinating like a madman, a couple of actually productive writers have been in touch with me and pitched their own take on my ongoing stories.  I know a good idea when I hear one, so I've taken them up on their offers.  First up is writer up2nogd1, who's awesome contribution to the Super Strength Showdown series has just been posted below.  

As for myself, I endeavor to finish something and get it posted, but we all know I'm a dirty liar so I can't promise when that'll be.   As a consolation, here's a new piece of art by Female Muscle Factory that I found in the wild.


BP said...

Hey Mr!

Good to hear from you. Don't worry about us, we'll survive. Although, not as awesome as when you're able to post.

I know the malaise too well. Don't feel obligated to revolutionize your work EVERY time. I'm completely happy with more of the same. Also, during that process you would more than likely stumble on something that truly inspires you! Just part of the process.

Anywho, hope life is at least treating your fairly. Look forward to any updates. Take care.

Mr.Shhh said...

Thanks, BP. Your kind thoughts are much appreciated.

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