Friday, January 6, 2012


One of the best parts of this blog are the enthusiastic people I've met who share my passion for outrageous female muscle fiction.  This past summer I was contacted by deviantART writer up2nogd1, who had some great ideas for the Super Strength Showdown series.  After a few months of back and forth emails, the man delivered what can only be described as a truly EPIC 4th chapter of his own creation.  If you enjoy this take on the ongoing battle of the biggest, buffest heroines, be sure to check out the rest of his writing at  Enjoy!

Challenge 4: The Bicep Blaster

The exhausted superwomen slowly rose up; brushing the sand off their sweat soaked bodies as several horrified men gathered around them.  The weary, beautiful heroines lumbered forward like grotesquely muscled zombies toward the teleportation area.  Each woman breathed heavily, their uniforms succumbing to their ridiculous muscle expansions.  They climbed into the chamber and were teleported to the next challenge.  Wonder Woman ripped off the ruined boots and kicked them unceremoniously to the side, exposing her vein engorged ham-hock calves, still twitching from the last challenge.  Fairchild ripped off her sleeves, exposing fully her monstrously expanded forearms, triceps thicker than Clydesdale’s hoofs and rippling biceps engorged a foot thick.  She looked down at her freakishly striated pectoral shelf and her exposed breasts and sighing, grabbed a fistful of rags hanging at her steel belted abs and tied the strips of material around her neck to vainly cover the center of each breast.  Wonder Woman chuckled a bit at Caitlin’s problem while She-Hulk grunted.  She-Hulk’s suit, designed to withstand her perchance for additional growth was the only one still intact - although with a physique now nearly rivaling her cousin - was at its limit, stretched paper thin across muscles expanded larger than Wonder Woman’s, but her chagrin, barely larger than Fairchild’s.  How could she be losing to either of these two, much less this upstart teenager?
As they reached the next location, the doors opened automatically and the tired but determined contestants walked out.  Barely recovered from their most recent challenge, each woman’s physique had hardly receded at all.  The cameras zoomed in on their sweaty outfits; ripped, torn, or see-through and their vein engorged muscles, still pumped to incredible levels.  Their legs were jacked up to preposterous degrees of massiveness to the point that their inner thighs were all rubbing.  Their quads were insanely separated mounds of ripped beef and their calves were all distended balls of writhing power.  Even more pronounced were their backs, shoulders, traps and pectorals, pushing each costume to the limit, and in Fairchild’s case, already beyond.
As the three she-beasts reached the check-in station, the frightened administrator indicated the next challenge.  As the explanation continued, Fairchild’s eyes widened, She-Hulk grimaced and Wonder Woman furrowed her brow.  This was more than just a challenge - this was a torture device!  If they gave up or could not maintain their concentration, this event could very well rip them apart!
Their eyes now gravitated outward to the Grand Canyon and the gigantic sadistic device staring back at them.  Two massive adamantium-laced beams were embedded deep into either side of a nearly mile-wide expanse.  Large gears and ratchets were attached to ten 747s on either side.  Each aircraft was loaded up and weighed a million pounds.  Two massive adamantium chains from the beams and gears led to a stand in the center.  The stand connected to a long walkway reaching to the edge of the canyon where they stood.  The stand was connected to the walkway on a hinge and would drop once the contestant gave the signal.  At the start, one 747 on each side would be attached.  The woman, hanging in the air with her arms outstretched, would not just have to withstand the pull against them, but would have to curl both airplanes.  Worse yet, after the first curl, the next aircraft on either side would be ratcheted in.  This would continue until 10 curls were completed, the last requiring a 10 million pound curl with each arm!  A time limit of 10 minutes would be set.  The contestant with the most curls in the least amount of time would win the point.
 Caitlin and She-Hulk continued to stare, momentarily unsure if this contest was worth getting torn in half for.  Wonder Woman looked at them, sniffed and started the walk along the long ramp.  It was apparent that she would go first.
Reaching the center, Wonder Woman set her grip on the one inch thick handle fused to the giant chains.  The device, controlled by an administrator on the other side, hit the motor and the chains pulled tight until Wonder Woman’s arms were fully outstretched.  As the cameras focused on her incredibly muscular, vein engorged form, Wonder Woman nodded and the weight of the first planes was ratcheted in.  Wonder Woman’s face contorted a bit as she accepted the force pulling against her.  After a moment, Wonder Woman nodded again and the platform slowly fell out from under her.  She was now hanging in the air.  A huge digital stopwatch above the administrator’s building started counting up.  The contest had begun!
Staring ahead, Wonder Woman’s steely blue eyes focused straight ahead as the wind whipped around her silky raven hair.  Tightening her stomach, the uniform molded around her abs of steel as she tensed hard to strengthen her core.  Wonder Woman flexed her legs, causing her thighs to balloon back up with bullish, separated quads.  She pointed her toes down and her calves jumped and bubbled into soccer ball sized mounds of strength.
But it was her upper body that was receiving the brunt of the initial punishment as she pooled her strength.  Her back widened with huge blocks of writhing beef across her massive lats.   Her traps bulged upward and her flexing expanding football-sized shoulders upward like twin loafs of bread as her body accepted the weight of two 747s.  She mentally prepared for the pain about to come.  Her chest, already beyond the size her outfit was built to accommodate, surged forward as inch thick steaks of additional super-powered meat stacked upon each other.  The top groaned and with a horrific metal tear, ripped down the middle and shot off her body in separate directions like twin bullets, shredding the rest of the bodice as the remaining rags of her top fell around her waist.  Wonder Woman’s globe-sized breasts jiggled for a moment as they pushed back out into perfect spheres of goddess sex appeal.  Her bullet nipples pointed straight ahead as her excitement and anticipation grew.
By now the clock had ticked away nearly a minute as She-Hulk and Fairchild looked on, curious if this challenge was too much for the goddess of strength.  But they wouldn’t have to wonder any longer as Wonder Woman finally began to pull the planes into the air as her ripped, foot-wide forearms neared vertical.  Her biceps leaped upward into twin cantaloupe mounds of shredded pink power flexing larger than anything Superman could hope to match.  It was in fact the thought of Superman that drove Wonder Woman’s through this challenge.  She had long ago tired of everyone’s idea that she was a distant second to Superman in size, strength and power.  By the time she was done she wanted to showcase just how superior to Superman she was.
As she finished the first curl at 1 minute and 10 seconds, she brought her arms down cautiously and prepared for the next curl.  Once her arms were back out to horizontal, the next two 747’s were added to the mix and Wonder Woman grimaced.  But this time she pulled in one breath and with the strength of the gods at her side, began to pull up against two million pounds of weight with each arm.  Steadily, four planes rose as Woman Woman’s biceps did the same.  Inches of testosterone-fueled muscles writhed across her mighty arms like multiplying worms, pushing the tanned peaks up toward her wrists.  Once an audible click was heard to indicate the second curl was completed, Wonder Woman lowered her arms once again as the clock moved toward 2 minutes.
 The third addition of weight was met with equal resolve and Wonder Woman was soon pulling against the weight with thoughts of putting Superman’s head between her raging forearm and her Herculean bicep and cracking his skull.  Veins roared across her bicep as she neared the apex of her third curl and the back bicep head pushed up toward the top of her fist.  As the fourth addition of weight saw the clock at 2 minutes and 40 seconds, Wonder Woman let out a groan for the first time as both arms now had 4 million pounds pulling against them.  Her chest heaved as her pectorals blasted ahead with horrific striated bands, pushing her mighty chest forward to previously unthinkable levels.  Sweat trickled into her muscled cleavage and her raw, naked breasts glowed with power.  With another inhale, Wonder Woman began the fourth curl and grunted as her biceps added even more size to accommodate the weight, bristling muscle fibers up the side in bold display.  Not daring to slow down, Wonder Woman groaned louder as she pulled up the weight for the fifth curl and grit her teeth as her Amazonian biceps looked ready to split her skin and push her vein engorged peak up an inch over the top of her fist.  Letting out a rasped breath, Wonder Woman let her arms extend again as the sixth set of 747s locked into place.
Wonder Woman suppressed the yell she wanted to let out and instead a throaty, animalistic growl escaped her ruby lips.  The clock displayed 4 minutes as her entire body quivered under the strain.  Concentrating to hold her grip, Wonder Woman’s titanic legs moved outward as she flexed her gigantic quads up into shredded mounds of compressed muscle two ungodly feet thick.  Her abs crunched forth tectonic plates pushed together so tightly that they appeared to be fighting each other for additional space.  Her chest rose higher and thicker as striations began to work their way up her golden boobs.  Gasping, Wonder Woman pulled against six aircraft with each arm and her biceps screamed for mercy, but those pleas were ignored as Wonder Woman pulled her fists up and with the familiar click completed the sixth curl.  Barely wanting to continue, Wonder Woman brought her arms down anyway, knowing that time was not just her enemy to complete this feat, but the longer she held the weights, the harder it would be to maintain her grip.
As the sweat beaded up on her furrowed brow, Wonder Woman finally yelled out as the seventh gear ratcheted into place and seven million pounds threatened to rip her apart.  Her palms started to sweat, threatening her grip, but Wonder Woman only tightened her fists in response, causing the nearly indestructible material to squeal under the pressure.  With her arms shaking, Wonder Woman powered the weights upward, causing her quivering muscles to punch even more mass into her oversized biceps.  Wicked veins snaked their way around her forearms, across her deep-bellied triceps and back up her expanding biceps, pumping the blood of the gods into her aching muscles.  As her peaks soared above her eye level, Wonder Woman completed the seventh curl as the clock hit 5 minutes and 50 seconds.  Letting out a quick sigh of relief she fully realized that it would be short lived as she allowed her arms to extend once more and add yet another million pounds to each arm.
The groan from Wonder Woman was one of torment as even her seemingly unlimited endurance once again waivered, if only for a moment.  The vision of a crushed Superman slumped over her gigantic Amazon bicep caused a cruel grin to etch across her tortured face.  Her eyes stared straight ahead to focus on the task as her arms shook violently.  But through the pain Wonder Woman slowly powered the weights back up for the eighth impossible curl and with another terrifying scream back down to accept another 747 on each arm.  Every exhale was now an anguished scream as each muscle on her magnificently over-muscled body now quaked as though she were receiving electric shocks.  Yelling once again, Wonder Woman powered up the chains and her biceps built up stronger, more massive and ripped to shreds.  Looking like something out of a horror movie’s anatomy book, her biceps distended outward and upward as forearms riddled with pulsing, writhing veins and sinew blew out over a foot wide while her otherworldly bicep peaks pushed up to the top of her beautiful head as she completed the ninth incredible curl at 7 minutes and 45 seconds.
As her shaking, overstressed arms lowed once again, Wonder Woman pulled her knees up as the pain began to overload her system.  Her gigantic swollen thighs bubbled outward as they flexed and her abs pushed out more muscles than were previously even known to exist.  Her arms nearly locked as she gave the first tug and her arms remained outstretched - torn with excruciating pain.  Looking up to the heavens she hollered out at the top of lungs “Hera, give me STRENGTH!”
Her arms shook uncontrollably as she pulled with her final reserves and twenty fully loaded 747s began to move upward as twisted, dark-purple veins vainly tried to pull the lactic acid from her muscles fast enough.  Her entire body was on fire with gut wrenching pain, but she would not be denied!  As her biceps towered up for one final, seemingly impossible curl, Wonder Woman swallowed and put the last of her strength forward.  She pulled the chains up and slowly reached the apex as twin watermelon-sized, muscle-laden, vein-engorged, ripped to shreds biceps quivered and condensed into twin mountains of God-shaming power.
The last gear clicked and the clock stopped at 9 minutes and 2 seconds, the stand pulled into place quickly and the weights were released.  Wonder Woman’s arms fell like lead weights to her sides and she fell to one knee on the stand.  Pulling in pained breaths she struggled to release the death grip she still had on the handles.  Once she did the imprints of her fingers were clearly seen.  She imagined squeezing Superman with such a death grip and this gave her enough energy to rise up.  Not wanting to give away her pain to her opponents, Wonder Woman turned around and slowly walked back to the other women.  She reached up and with a wince, tore off the remaining rags of her top and let them drop into the canyon below, leaving her naked save for her blue starred mini tights that at this point barely acted as a thong.  Without a concern, Wonder Woman’s sweat soaked, insanely mega-muscled form strode forward like the goddess she was.
She Hulk had her arms crossed, knowing full well she would have to do better.  Fairchild bit her lower lip with growing fear.  They both couldn’t help but stare at Wonder Woman’s muscle-bloated, nightmarish arms as veins still pumped wildly and the muscle fibers twitched.  Once Wonder Woman reached them she smiled wickedly.  “Next!”
She Hulk stared at the walkway and without even looking at Fairchild for acknowledgement, started walking down the long aisle toward the stand.  Shaking her arms, she knew that it would take all of her resolve and anger to win.  The upstart teenager may have gotten lucky on the last challenge, but Jennifer feared that it was Wonder Woman who was the serious challenger.  As two workers changed the handles, bright welding lights flashed.  The men scurried away on a flying transport as She Hulk made her way to the stand.  Pulling in a breath Jennifer reached down and settled in on an acceptable grip.  The chains slowly pulled away until her arms were outstretched and she could feel the weights pull against her.  She grimaced with pain, but knowing that this was only the beginning, held her anger in check.  With a simple nod from the green giant the stand slowly moved down until She Hulk was now hanging in the air.  The clock started counting up.  She Hulk’s challenge had begun!
 She Hulk accepted the resistance against her body and let out a quick roar as she allowed her building anger to fuel her strength.  Even in the midst of battles that could mean her death, Jennifer always held her dark side in check.  She would use that dark side; those barely contained emotions when needed, but she still feared the consequences of losing all control.  However, if she were to win this challenge and this contest, she would have to push her anger right up to that limit.  So as her eyes started to glaze over and the pain in her body shifted to fear and up to anger, her entire massive, 7 foot tall frame began to pulse.  Gigantic muscles burst forward, rippling in green waves across her skin, pushing every muscle fiber to the surface.
With a cruel smile across her face she slowly powered up the twin jets for the first curl, almost gleefully welcoming the pain and the threat to her very existence.  As her arms pulled upward and she completed the first curl her bicep peaks blasted half way up her expanding forearms as what looked like green rebars built up across her shredded, striated hulking muscles.  The clock read 40 seconds and She Hulk grit her teeth with the realization that she was already ahead of the Amazon bitch.
As she pulled her arms back down, the second set of jets clicked into place, She Hulk grunted with pain as the resistance against each arm doubled.  Tensing her mighty green form her gamma fueled muscles blasted across her upper body in a frenzy of expansion that overcame the material on her stretchable outfit.  Her back blew out to ridiculous thickness and preposterous width and twin cubes of pectoral fright burst forward, shredding her top as if it was ripped by a thresher.  As the rags fell around her hips her breasts also burst free, building back up to round, nigh impenetrable balls of female power and lust as the connective tissue, muscles and ligaments of her breasts took on a new, super human hardness and power.  But even as her magnificent breast pushed outward, they were still dwarfed by the massive, striated, ungodly pectoral shelf that pushed outward as large as anything the Hulk himself had ever flexed!
Ignoring the pain as best she could and reveling momentarily in her small victory, She-Hulk powered the four 747’s upward with a steel resolve and the thought of her mighty cousin.  With a tortured grunt her biceps build back up even higher with insane bumps and valleys and a bicep split etched across the expanse.  Another click indicated she had completed the second curl at 1 minute 18 seconds, well ahead of Wonder Woman’s standard.
As Jennifer’s arms moved down and the third set of planes locked into place, she leaned her head back to accept the weight as her thoughts pulled to Bruce.  He would be her mental grounding, the one thing keeping her from going over the edge.  But not due to her love for him, but due to her anger.  She Hulk was tired of playing second fiddle to her cousin and was looking to use this event to push herself beyond her previous limits to out muscle, out flex and out power the Hulk!  So with her anger at a near boil and her resolve set, Jennifer pulled against the massive chains and six 747’s moved upward.  Her biceps build up ever higher with her pulsing peaks near the top of her fists as she completed the curl.  The clock hit 2 minutes and 10 seconds.  Her arms moved back down as the next planes locked into place.
She Hulk let out a labored breath as she set herself down, squeezing down hard and pumping her swollen chest even larger.  Sweat trickled down the side of her face and beads of sweat pushed out across her shoulders and into her deeply striated pectorals as she pooled her strength and grit her teeth.  With another terrifying roar, She Hulk pulled up four million pounds with each arm with fluid resolve as her strength continued to ramp upward.  The pause had cost her time for this curl as the clock ticked to 2 minutes and 55 seconds, but She Hulk barely slowed down to catch her breath as the next two planes locked into place.
 Pictures of her fists slamming into her cousin’s chest with destructive force pushed her forward and she powered the ten jets upward even as her arms shook from the effort.  Her biceps were now nothing short of a nightmare.  Veins as thick as snakes were leaching to the surface and her peaks were nearing the top of her head, fueled by geometric, gamma-powered growth.  Reaching the half-way point, She Hulk spat as she allowed her arms to head back down and click in the sixth set of planes.  The clock hit 3 minutes and 30 seconds, still ahead of Wonder Woman!
She Hulk teetered on the precipice of giving into her rage, but she gulped in some fresh air and imagined herself flexing up her biceps next to the Hulk’s and seeing them grow beyond even his incredible size and strength.  Her arms ached as acid boiled in her veins and her mighty muscles twitched from the strain but she swung her bloated, horrifying thighs upward to gain momentum.  Her calves bunched and jutted, tearing her boots down to her ankles as the muscles pushed out to volleyball-sized balls of power.  Her abs, already jammed with muscles few even knew existed, throbbed under the strain and separated deeply as she breathed deeply.  And with her wits back again, She Hulk powered up the 12 planes with icy concentration until her muscle-bloated biceps contracted fully to complete the curl.  Letting out a labored breath she grumbled and roared deeply as she felt the seventh set of jets lock into place.  The roar became a scream as she tightened her grip and the adamantium metal groaned.  Steeling herself, She Hulk pulled against 7 million pounds with each arm and cried out in victory as her massive, bloated biceps pushed up above her head with the apex of the completed curl.  Holding the curl for a moment, another harder breath was released as she lowered her arms.  The clock hit 5 minutes and 30 seconds.
She Hulk grunted.  She was slowing down, so she pulled in her reserves of strength as the eighth set of planes locked into place.  Her distended pectorals writhed like living cubes as even more muscle pushed forward blasting her incredible pectoral shelf and her porn star breasts nearly three feet in front of her face.  Her arms now shook uncontrollably, but Jennifer ignored the spastic nerve endings firing wildly into her pulsing, shaking muscles and threw her head back to concentrate on the task and not lose control.  She then let out a tortured breath and pulled against the chains, raising 16 jets upward until she had completed another curl.  She Hulk gulped from the pain and bit her lower lip until it bled, knowing that more pain was to come.  Looking ahead ferociously, Jennifer allowed her arms to outstretch again and the ninth set of planes clicked loudly into place.
Hanging on the edge of defeat, She Hulk could only keep her grip and focus on Bruce, fearing a loss of control would cause her to rip the chains apart and forfeit the event.  She imagined placing him across her massive shoulders and bending him to his breaking point, destroying the indestructible body against her infinitely more powerful, freakishly muscular form.  Even as her arms continued to spasm under the strain and sweat burned into her eyes, Jennifer spat out blood and pulled against the jets with the biggest, most hideous arms the world had ever seen.  Jagged muscle fibers, mounds of muscle meat and garden hose veins pounded against twin green mountains of throbbing, tortured biceps the likes of which had never been flexed before.  And as those gigantic arms reached another curl, the green skin looked ready to split against the onslaught of super she-muscle.  With the completion of the ninth curl, the clock sat at 6 minutes and 38 seconds.
Barely able to focus on the large clock, She Hulk knew she was ahead, but was about ready to black out or give in to the monster inside her.  Holding on for dear life, Jennifer paused to maintain any semblance of control.  As the entire viewing audience sat on the edge of their seats in anticipation, with another dreadful scream, She Hulk lowered the weights down and allowed the final jets to click into place.
Jennifer’s entire body now pulsed and jerked against the strain and the unspeakable pain.  She Hulk’s inner voice screamed for her to unleash the demons, but with only one more curl to go, Jennifer maintained control even as sweat dripped off her overheated muscles and her body convulsed.  Staring ahead, she roared with the fury of a stampeding elephant herd and yanked, pulled and jerked against the chains with the last of her controlled strength, the 20 planes rose.  Her biceps towered up with horrifying muscles that peaked inches above the top of her head, reaching a ghastly height of over three feet from the bottom of her shredded, insanely thick tricep belly to the top of her pulsing, horrid bicep peak.  As she completed the final curl, the clock stopped at 7 minutes and 55 seconds - a good minute better than Wonder Woman!
She Hulk lowered the weights as another loud click finally released the weight of jets.  The stand quickly rose up and She Hulk fell backwards, landing on her muscle-laden behind.  Her hands held the metal with twitching grips and it took several seconds for her to pry them open.  Once she did, Jennifer sucked in deep breaths as her muscle spasms slowly calmed down.  With a final breath, She Hulk rose up and turned to walk back to the edge of the cliff.  As the camera zoomed in, her oversized, gargantuan muscles pushed out across her body so large she could barely walk.  Her arms hung down painfully and continued to twitch as her superheated muscle fibers pulsed across boulder biceps.
Finally reaching the end she smirked at Fairchild, who looked terrified, and over at Wonder Woman who scowled back to her superior smile.  While Jennifer knew she hadn’t won yet, she also knew that she had beaten Wonder Woman two contests in a row.  And considering the look on Fairchild’s face, she felt confident that the teenage slut wouldn’t be able to match her mark.  Grunting, She-Hulk tore off the remains of her outfit and seeing Wonder Woman’s nearly naked form, kicked off her ruined boots too.  Both women were now in nothing but thongs packed with massive, bulging, super-powered muscles and giant, impenetrable boobs of might.
Turning back toward Fairchild, She Hulk pulled her right arm up and flexed her still oversized bicep into a wall of intimidating muscle.
“Your turn girl.  Try and match THIS!”
Fairchild looked up and up at the giant bicep, pulling her neck back to see the peak.  If she was nervous before, this was making things worse.  Pulling her eyes away, she turned on her heels and headed down the long bridge to take the stand with She Hulk chuckling behind her.  Even though Wonder Woman and She Hulk had bulked up further from the ordeal, Caitlin still looked like a female bulldozer.  Her own outfit was barely covering anything and she pondered just ripping it off now, but instead concentrated on the task ahead.  If she were to survive, she would need to utilize her high intellect.  Any physical activity had a mental aspect to it, she reasoned.  This one was no different.  If she thought she could succeed, then she would.  Her thighs bulged hugely as she walked and crackled with strength, each footstep bulging her cantaloupe calves.  Her broad, muscle laden shoulders gave her the look of an oversized linebacker and her massive back and chest did little to shake that thought.  It was her generous curves, muscle-loaded but a narrow waist, large firm breasts, long gorgeous red hair and killer looks that still showcased the fact that she was a young woman.
Reaching the stand, Fairchild looked down to see a fresh set of handles welded into place.  She took in a breath and bent down to get a satisfactory grip.  Staring at the large time piece in front of her she nodded her head and the chains slowly pulled away until her arms were fully outstretched.  She stifled a scream as two planes were pulled into place and one million pounds was held against each arm.  She looked ahead nervously.  After watching the pain and anguish displayed by Wonder Woman and She Hulk she knew that this would be the most difficult challenge yet.  So she once again focused on something to keep her focused on her task.  Smiling weakly, she thought about Black Cat and her absurdly muscled form.  She had already nearly matched her size and the thought of exceeding it was already getting her wet.  With a twisted thought of muscle lust, Caitlin nodded her head and the platform fell below her.  One million pounds was pulling against each arm and Fairchild yelped with pain.  The clock started and her contest had begun!
Gritting her teeth, Fairchild shook her head to focus.  This was only the start and she couldn’t give in so soon.  No, think about Felicia.  Think about growing bigger and stronger.  As Fairchild breathed in heavy breaths, the tied strips of her outfit popped unceremoniously and fell down to her hips.  Her upper body was naked once again, but that no longer even bothered her.  She tugged at one chain and then the next, swinging a bit back and forth, psyching herself up.  The crowd staring at the hulking teenager began to wonder if she would ever start.  A minute and half had gone off the clock and Fairchild had not even attempted her fist curl.  But then, just when people thought she had given up, Fairchild closed her eyes.
And smiled?
Her generously pumping muscles began to surge across her body in waves.  Her massive chest plowed forward and her incredible, missile-proof breasts seemed to harden and shine.  Her excited nipples pushed out an inch as her entire chest bulled forward under the strain.  Fairchild’s arms surged from her wrists to her widening, thickening forearms to her rippling deep bellies triceps to un-flexed, outstretched biceps that appeared to be growing upward like twin loafs of rippling bread with too much yeast.  Her shoulders bulged up like massive footballs, her back widened and thickened with inch after incredible inch of muscle.  Her breathing picked up as though she were running a race and her abs grew denser as each muscle block pushed against the next.  More muscle popped to the surface as pebble obliques roared up the sides of her massive lats.  She flexed her thighs and obscene quads blasted outward.  She pointed her toes down and her calves surged forward like massive distended steel balls.  The onlookers all gasped.  She was hulking out to ridiculous levels without performing one curl.  What would happen once and if she started?
Letting out a satisfied breath, with the clock hitting two minutes, Fairchild finally pulled against the weights.  The two 747’s pulled up smoothly as Fairchild completed her first curl in mere seconds after she began.  Her biceps bulged ominously upward like twin tanned steel mounds of testosterone fueled she-muscle, pushing up to her wrist and looking super strong and super powerful.  She brought her arms down smoothly and the second planes clicked into place.  Grunting lightly as she accepted the weight, Fairchild paused only for a moment and miraculously began pulling up the chains again, plowing ahead with incredible ease.  Her mighty muscles surged again as her biceps rippled further and her peak inched up toward her fists.  She completed the second curl and with thoughts of out-flexing the outlandish brute Black Cat, shook with an orgasm through the pain.  Love juices trickled down her inner thighs as she let her arms head back down.
Within moments the third set of jets locked into place and a grimace etched across Fairchild’s face.  But like her second curl, she paused for only a moment and with a loud grunt pulled the six jets upward.  Her humongous pectorals surged further forward like living mounds of raw, savage meat, pushing her chest outward to nearly three feet!  Her shoulders and traps pushed upward toward her ears and her forearms thicken and twisted with absurd, writhing muscles to one foot thick.  Her huge triceps jutted lower like twin tanned half basketballs as her mighty biceps rose up even higher!  Her upper bicep was a shredded mass of beef with the back bicep built up like a brick wall above the top of her fists as she completed the third curl.  Squeezing hard to maintain her grip the handles groaned under her unyielding pressure.
Fairchild allowed her arms to head downward and another quick grunt indicated that the fourth set of jets had locked into place.  Her eyes still closed in concentration, her brow furrowed as she accepted the additional weight.  But once again, the pause was short and she began to pull the eight planes upward with incredible power.  Her biceps leapt back upward and surged ever larger, riddled with insane bumps, grooves and pulsing, expanding muscle fibers.  As her fists reached vertical once again and she completed the fourth curl, her mega powered bicep peaks were up to the top of her head!  Exhaling with rushed, uneven breaths, her arms headed back down slowly until she reached the starting point once again.
The fifth set of jets clicked into place and Fairchild’s face contorted with pain.  Holding her deep concentration and picturing her muscle-bloated body out-flexing Felicia and every other he-man who dared challenge her; she quickly accepted the weight and began to pull the chains.  The ten planes moved upward, her muscles continuing to pile on more and more mass to absurd levels.  Veins pushed to the surface across her upper body and down her bristling wall of devastating abdominal blocks.  She flexed her legs and her quads burst forward like steel girder slabs of rippling sides of beef while her calves blasted into twin distended basketballs of unrelenting power.  As her fists reached their apex, her muscle-bloated biceps reached new levels of massiveness.  Her forearm struggled to reach vertical to complete the curl as her grotesquely thick forearms slammed into her gigantic bicep wall whose peak pushed nearly six inches above the top of her head!  With an exhale of pain and pleasure, Fairchild’s entire body shuddered with another orgasm as her sticky sex dripped down to her knees.  For the first time since she began she opened her eyes and stared at the clock.  It read 3 minutes and 28 seconds.  She was on pace with She Hulk, but she also knew that she had cranked out five repetitions in a minute and a half!  If she could somehow keep up this blistering pace she would crush She Hulk’s time.  But she knew that the challenge wasn’t getting any easier as she brought her arms back down and the sixth set of planes locked into place.
For the first time, her body shuddered under the strain and her concentration wavered.  Licking her lips she pulled in a hard breath, pushing her already prodigious muscle pumped chest out even further.  Fairchild’s arms shook as she stared ahead, bore down on her grip and pulled with a loud yell against 12 million pounds.  Her muscle-bloated arms shook and responded with the needed strength as more muscles rippled forward like additional troops called into battle.  Her magnificent sweat soaked biceps exploded upward, glimmering against the sun and rising upward.  As she groaned painfully, Caitlin completed the curl with a knowing crooked grin.
Snorting an acknowledgement of her feat, she lowered her arms back down and in effort to block the added pain that shot through her arms and across her body as the seventh pair of 747’s locked into place, Caitlin continued to fantasize.  She saw her gigantic muscles roll across her body with such size and definition that the Avengers and Justice League combined were left in the dust.  Ignoring the increasing pain and the shaking across her pumpkin-sized shoulders, Fairchild yanked the chains with renewed vigor and 14 jets jerked upward.  Supercharged blood continued to pump forward into Caitlin’s waiting muscles as she completed the seventh curl with purpose, grunting noisily as her muscles continued to surge and blow out larger than ever before.  She yelled out as her steel focus was momentarily shaken with two more planes being added.  Her body hung with her petrified arms shaking and her steel focus nearly shattered.  Fairchild closed her eyes once again and shifting her thoughts to complete her goal of finishing this challenge, began to pull against the 16 planes with laser resolve.  Her monumental biceps bubbled outward and upward, continuing their fantastic, unrelenting growth as she completed the eighth curl.
Slowly allowing her arms to head back down Fairchild’s breath grew heavy once again as her pulse raised with excitement and growing concern.  She had powered herself through the event by using her intellect to project her thoughts to an ultimate goals and was ahead of She-Hulk’s pace and knew she needed to maintain this focus if she were to finish and even win.  As the ninth set of jets locked into place Fairchild sucked in a new breath as her mighty muscles bunched and pulsed while sickening, pulsing garden hose sized veins pumped harshly across her entire body.  Fairchild jerked the planes up half way and grumbled angrily as she was forced to pause momentarily as her arm muscles felt ready to burst.  With another muscle spasm, Caitlin forced her monstrous forearms up as her ungodly peaked biceps build up well over a foot above her red haired head!  As Fairchild opened her eyes to stare at the clock, the time ticked by 6 minutes and 50 seconds.  Her furious pace had slowed, but Fairchild also knew it had taken She-Hulk over a minute to complete her last curl.  Could she drive herself forward in time?
Her entire body scorched with increasing pain as Fairchild struggled to refocus.  Moving her arms back down, the final planes locked into place and Fairchild’s troubled face slowly calmed.  She would be the biggest, most powerful, muscle bulging creature to walk the earth.  Her muscles would be worshipped, feared and envied.  As she concentrated, her muscles continued to twitch, surge and pump with vigor.  But the clock was ticking and her body was shaking under the stress.  She could feel her grip start to yield and even as she felt an orgasm build up, something had to give.  So with a final, seemingly impossible surge of strength, Fairchild slowly pulled the weights upward as her bicep consolidated into twin missiles of super muscle.  With a final scream of pain and pleasure, Fairchild completed the final curl and as she opened her blood shot eyes, the clock showed 8 minutes and 2 seconds.  She grunted as her arms went back down, the platform rose and weights disengaged.
As her feet touched the platform she released her grip and grimaced.  She had lost!  But she knew she could have done better.  She had allowed her thoughts to consume her, but not again.  As she turned, her arms twitched painfully with sickening growth.  And the pain moved up her arms and shot across her massive pectoral shelf.  Caitlin stumbled forward, finally reaching the other contenstants.  Wonder Woman nodded her head with respect.  She Hulk stared fiercely as she knew full well that had Fairchild focused that the win could have gone the other way.  As Caitlin reached them her once intimidated look had changed.  She now knew she could hang with her contestants.  And to She-Hulk’s chagrin, Fairchild blocked the pain, pulled up her arm and flexed her arm.  Her bicep exploded with gargantuan mass, sinew, striations and jagged, feathered muscle fibers that raced up to a pulsing peak.  She had flexed up a bicep BIGGER than She-Hulk’s and she knew it!
“You may have won Jennifer, but I can match you now!”
With a shudder, Caitlin released her flex and let out a sigh of relief.
Wonder Woman touched the ground and prayed to Gaea, asking for the strength of mother earth, now realizing she would need it if she were to propel herself to a win.
She-Hulk turned angrily to the side and also knew that if she were to win that she could no longer afford to hold back.  To hell with the consequences.
The loudspeaker sounded as a man gave the announcement everyone already knew.
“The winner of the forth challenge is She-Hulk!”


shaneomacfan3 said...

First of all, good to see a new story up on here, after waiting so long, from experience, I know how difficult it is to get comments when you try to put one of your stories against the stories of the original author, no matter how good you are as a writer, a break in style or tone is always going to go against you. But as a big fan of up2ngd1 from way back, when he was known as GBM, and writing stories almost exclusively for my femalepowerstories groups on yahoo, I don't think there could've been a better author for this series. I really enjoyed the story, the muscle and strength description was just great. I can't wait to see what other author took their shot at a Mr. Shhh storyline! Good job on this one GBM!

Black said...

Jen finally taking a victory brought a smile to my face... but I have to admit...this story is just getting more intense with time. Im looking forward to this!

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