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MONSTROUS MUSCLE - a Made to Order side story

Jeremy Wilson is a name that needs no introduction, nor does this awesome story of Monstra meeting her match - written by the man himself!

a Made to Order side story  

By Jeremy Wilson  shaneomacfan3@yahoo.com

What happens when Monstra more than meets her match?

*Author’s Note: This story is based on another story by Mr. Shhh by the name of Made to Order, in that story a man used a computer program on a dating site to create his ideal female companion, who turned up a couple days later to be even bigger than his specifications. But what happened if there was a much bigger, much stronger, much older woman out there than that? Monstra blew Brian away with her incredible size and definition, what will happen when he and Monstra meet someone who blows Monstra out of the water? This story is inspired by Mr. Shhh, but it is also a request of sorts by a member of Brawna and Deviant art by the name of Neoverseomega, thanks for your praise and inspiration, hope you like this story. Like most of my stories, this story may not be for everyone, so if you don‘t like incredibly enormous, striated, veiny muscle on mature muscle, well, this story is probably not going to be for you, but for those of you inclined, I hope you enjoy.*


Brian awoke from the sounds of huge bangs and thumps that actually shook his house. Living in New York, he knew that it couldn't have been an earthquake, but he also knew it couldn't be the other thing that was capable of making that sound, that was capable of making his house shake. He knew that Monstra was all the way over in California, and was supposed to stay there until next week.


Whatever was making those sounds, whatever was shaking the house was getting nearer. It was unlike anything he's ever felt before, even when Monstra was around the house, it shook much, much less than what was happening now. He had been in California when it was hit with a small earthquake, and this is almost what it felt like, he was banged around in his bed like he was being shook in a snow globe.

Just then, the booming stopped, and the doorbell rang. Brian looked at the clock, it was 7:50 am, he usually woke up at 8:30am, but the shaking and booming had definitely got him all the way up. He rushed down the stairs in his robe, which covered his T-shirt and boxer shorts. He almost stopped when he heard the knock that struck, and noticeably shook the door, he knew it must have been Monstra, no one else he knew could treat the big, solid oak door like it was made of balsa wood. But what was she doing back already? And why was she knocking, they were living together and she had a key.

So Brian walked to the door, gingerly, and opened it, but it wasn't Monstra that stood there in front of him. It was a woman, an African-American woman, but one that completely blew Monstra out of the water! But that wasn't the first thing he noticed. He had to look up and up, to see trapezius muscles that towered 2 feet above his own head! But the eyes that Brian could just barely see behind pecs that spread out so far that he couldn't see the end of them beyond his 4 and a half foot wide door frame, well, those eyes were 6 inches below his own eye level, making this muscle monster 5'8 tall, her traps towered 2'6 above her own head! Brian couldn't stop staring at her pectoral shelf, not only was it wider than the hugely wide doorframe, which he got for Monstra, who could barely fit in it herself, but they were so deep that he knew he could stick his arm in there up to the elbow, with his fingers fully extended and still not hit breastbone. And there were no breasts, Brian could tell, each and every inch of those mammary mountains was complete, one hundred percent, shredded, vascular muscle.

The spell over Brian was broken when this muscle monstrosity cleared her throat. Brian shook his head clear and asked in an anxious voice. "Um, may I - may I help you ma'am?"

"Are you Brian Henderson, sir?"

Brian Nodded. He marveled as the words passed her lips, he knew from experience with Monstra that you shouldn't expect a voice to go with the body, but what came out of this humungous woman's mouth, even if she said 5 words, was so incredible to contemplate. He almost expected her to sound like James Earl Jones or Michael Clarke Duncan, and not because she was black, but she looked roided out beyond all human comprehension. What he heard though, was pure melodic euphoria, it was a husky, though smooth and velvety, if Brian could compare it to anyone living or dead, real or imagined, maybe Jessica Rabbit, low, but definitely feminine, complete audio intercourse.  

"The same Brian Henderson who went on to Made to Order Muscle.com about 5 months ago and maxed out every specification in order to find your perfect muscle match?"

"Y..yes, that was me, but I already got a response from that website, someone who was beyond the max, her name is Monstra."

"Well, as you can see already, I am well past the max as well, I thought that I would pump myself up to an even higher degree for a couple extra months, lifting 16 hours a day with weights so heavy that even 5 of the World's strongest men put together couldn't lift it off the floor for more than 10 seconds. And that's just my warm-up weight. My name is Gargantua, and I'm your fantasy times 10. Now where is this Monstra, I want to see what flimsy little soft girlie you settled for before I showed up."   

"She's away, in California, she isn't supposed to be back until the middle of next week. To tell you the truth, I can tell you that you're much taller than her, she's only 5'1, so you got her in height, and I don't doubt you have her in weight and size. But when I was making my application out on the site, I did put down that the girl was supposed to be white, not that I have anything against black women at all, in fact I did waver back and forth between clicking the link for black for a while, I can tell you that I'm attracted to black women, for sure. But how old are you, if you don't mind me asking, Gargantua, I'd put you at 35, maybe 40?"

"You know a man should never ask a woman her age, especially a woman who can turn you to mush, but since you asked nicely, I'll tell you. Last year I celebrated my 51st Birthday."

"Well, if you saw my profile, you know I selected the 22-30 option. But hey, you know, I like older female bodybuilders, some of my favorites in fact, are around your age, Annie Riveccio, Colette Guimond, Trudy Ireland, so to tell you the truth, the fact that you are well over my decided option, the fact that you're 51 in no way turns me off."

"Well, that's good, so we're already agreed that you are attracted to older black women, and I know that enormously huge, ripped muscles turn you on, so how about we get to know each other better, sweetie?"

"Um, uh, Gargantua, I already have a relationship with Monstra, I have been dating her for 3 months now, while you are exactly the kind of woman I would fall for if I wasn't already dating someone exactly like that..."

"You think I'm exactly like Monstra? Are you saying you think that puny little girl can compete with a real woman like me? If she was here right now, I'd show her a thing or two about size and power. You think this is as big as I can get? You think this is as ripped as I can get? Do you think that that bimbo is the personification of big? Well, boy, you gonna get an education into the personification of enormous. I suggest you invite me into your house now, or I'm going to have to invite myself in, and that would be much more fun for me, but not as much fun for you."

To emphasize her point, Gargantua took a grip of brick near the door frame with her forefinger and thumb and without any sign of effort on her face, crushed it to dust. Brian quickly stepped back and invited her in. She took some time to get in, though, it was like watching an 8 foot giant get into a little car, she had to bend down to get her traps under the door frame, then turn sideways diagonally to get into the door, even then, her torso was so frickin' thick that there was barely a millimeter of space not taken up by her enormous frame! But she made it in, just barely, and Brian discovered that she seemed to take up a lot of space, her shoulders, which he couldn't even see behind her enormous pecs, were even wider than her pecs! They had to be wider than she herself was tall, that kind of thing is incredible to contemplate, not even Monstra could boast that! Brian put her at 6 foot by 4 and a half feet at 5'10 tall. Considering the room was 15 by 15, and a normal human being took up about 12.5 percent of that, this woman by herself took up nearly 45 percent of this room's space! Her traps, towering overhead at over 8 feet tall were very close to the 10 foot tall ceiling, and I had a feeling that had she chose to flex them, that space of less than 2 feet would be as extinct as the dinosaurs.

Brian was standing 10 feet away from her, and now that he was away from her beach ball sized pectorals, he could see her abs, which at rest looked to be a 10 pack of softball sized blocks, with feathered striations and veins running all over them. Not to mention her intercostals, which were ripped to a degree that even Monstra couldn't match, and he'd been there on Monstra's abs day, he saw her fresh from pounding her abs with brutal exercise after brutal exercise, they still didn't come close to Gargantua's "relaxed" abdominal wall! God knows what it would be like if she was flexing!   

She knew what Brian was looking at and smirked. "I see you like my abs, well jus' wait, baby, you gonna see them a whole lot, after I defeat your little itty bitty muscle girl Monstra. But until she gets here, I'm gonna keep my body to myself. But to pass the time, how about you tell me a little bit about her, and I'll tell you all about me."

Before Brian even got to start the phone rang, Brian got up and got it.

"Really, that's great, I mean that you're coming home tomorrow, I'm sorry your client fell through, but I can't wait to see you. Oh, and honey, there's a surprise that I bet you're gonna be blown away by, I can't tell you what, but you'll see for yourself when you get home. No not even a little clue, but believe me, it'll be worth the wait. Okay, love you too, bye."

Gargantua raised an eyebrow. "Was that Monstra?"

"Yeah, that was her, she said that what she went out there for got cancelled, so she'll be coming home tomorrow, I guess you'll be able to meet her much earlier than you were expecting."

"Really? How do you know that? I know you said that she was supposed to be gone, what another 5 days? Well, sometimes things happen that you don't want to wait for, I know what Monstra was doing, and I knew who she was set up to meet, so I decided to pay him a visit myself, and showed him that he didn't need a skinny little cow like Monstra, when he could have a grade A Angus bull like myself. Of course he cancelled all of his appointments after the day I gave him, he came so much from masturbating to me that he won't be able to produce sperm again for 2 weeks! So little Monstra went out there for nothing, and while she's away, I'd thought that I'd introduce myself to you, and ruin you for any other woman just like I did him."

"Why? Why would you do something like that?" He asked fearful of her intentions.

"Because I like to dominate, not mentally, but physically, I like to see people who think they're such big deals realize the truth, that no matter how big or powerful they are, there's always someone bigger and stronger out there. When Monstra made her big news out there on that bodybuilding stage, blowing away all the men, I saw that in the news, on TV, how she dominated that stage with her size. But she doesn't hold a candle to me. As big as she was there at the contest? I was that big when I was 31 years old, and I've been pushing myself harder since that time, to become what you see before you. Well, actually, what you see before you is not even close to as big, as ripped, as chiseled as I can get when I'm fully pumped. But you get the point. When Monstra became the fantasies of so many guys with her performance, her body, I knew it was time to reveal myself to the public, but not all at once. No, I decided to visit men that have had sessions with Monstra, men who have professed their undying lust and loyalty to her. That guy in California wasn't the first, nope, but you, I plan on making the last. Because you have fallen in love with Monstra and she has fallen in love with you back, so taking you from her, and her from you, that would be my ultimate act of domination!"

"You're a horrible person, I can't stand for this, I want you to get out of my house right now!"

Gargantua smirks in response, "Oh, do you really mean that, boy? You're not curious to see my fully flexed physique? You don't want to know how strong I am, how much bigger and stronger than your little girlfriend I happen to be?"

Brian takes a deep breath. He knew she was right, he had been wanting to see her body in all it's glory, he wanted to see the comparison between Monstra and Gargantua, there was no denying it in his mind that he couldn't send Gargantua from out that door without seeing her flex her insanely huge muscles just once.

"Okay, I don't mean that, but I don't like your attitude. It is meant to be for Monstra and me, she is everything I ever wanted in a woman. It's not just her body, because to tell you the truth, even I can see, without you even flexing, you're bigger than her, you're better than her, but it's her personality, she's loving, caring, she has a kind heart, and her determination is just about second to none. In the 5 months I've known her, I feel she's helped me become a better man, I want her to be my wife. Even if you destroy her body, even if you get 3 times as big as her, and can lift this house off it's foundation, I won't leave her for you. But I can tell you that it will be intriguing to see what you will look like in your fully flexed state, exciting even, to see your body in comparison to Monstra, but I can't see myself leaving her for you, ever. If that's your plan, then I can tell you right now, you're going to fail."

"We shall see, little man, we shall see. You may not like my attitude now, but when you see what I have in store for you, and for your dear Monstra, you may change your mind." Gargantua raised her hand and told Brian to kiss it. Brian was struggling, a command from Gargantua carried a lot of weight, and his loyalty to Monstra was seemingly on the line, he resisted with all the force he could muster, but something in her eyes drained him of whatever will he had left and he marched himself forward and reluctantly leaned down to kiss her hand. Gargantua burst into an evil laugh as she made another unwilling subject do her bidding.

"Next comes your little girlfriend."

The laughing echoed around the room, accompanied by agonized sobs coming from Brian. He tried, only Monstra could save him now.


Gargantua's story

When Martha Jackson Lee was born, the doctor's found out that she had no myostatin receptors, meaning that there was no turn off switch when it came to how much muscle and strength she could achieve. This made her naturally athletic, and any exertion that she put her body through, from a very young age, made her muscles grow and made her stronger. By the time she was 12 years old, she was 5 feet tall, but weighed an amazing 160 pounds, and she hadn't even lifted a weight in her life. She was just your typical tomboy, who played sports against boys, and never ever lost. Her biceps were 18 inches already, and she found that boys, and even some men consistently wanted to arm wrestle her. Even men as big as 6'4 and 300 pounds couldn't put her arm down to the mat. She amazed with her muscle and strength. At 18, she reached her current height of 5'10 and weighed in at 250 pounds of muscle, her arms were 23 and her chest stood out 5 inches in front of her rib cage, her chest measured 58 inches around... and she still hadn't taken up weightlifting.

Her nickname, the name to which she now answers only, came about when she was 26. It was then that she finally decided to join a gym, she weighed 400 pounds and was bigger than any male bodybuilder at the gym. A male trainer approached her and asked how she got her muscles, saying that they surpassed huge and bordered on gargantuan, this made her smile widely. She said she just piled on muscle naturally. He asked if she took any drugs, she shook her head, saying absolutely not, this muscle is 100% natural. She flexed her biceps, which were now 28 inches around, she said that she was interested in pumping those monsters up bigger than anyone in the World has ever seen. Not realizing that currently, her's were beyond a shadow of a doubt, the biggest in the World. But the trainer didn't tell her that, he was mesmerized by her and decided to take her under his wing and try to get her as big as possible. He even decided to see how her body reacted to steroids, and it so happened that as big as her body grew naturally, when it was exposed to steroids, it grew bigger faster.

After 5 years of intense, steroid filled workouts, Gargantua was now 680 pounds, her biceps were 40 inches around, and her chest was over 100 inches around. She couldn't find any decent weights in the weight room, so she went outside, and decided to start lifting cars and trucks to get a pump. This only went so far, at 36, she could lift a full sized bus above her head with barely any effort. At the time she was 800 pounds and could barely find clothes enough to fit her, but that is nothing compared to how big and strong she became over the 15 years since then.

Currently, the only thing that she can wear is black colored masking tape over her nipples since no top could ever be made to fit even her relaxed super muscled torso. She often wears a robe, made out of a full sized extra double wide camping tent that just barely covers her whole body, during the rare times she goes out in public. For her bottoms, she wears a black thong, one with enough material to be a bedspread on a queen sized bed, but because of her enormous gluteal muscles, it just barely covers her. Because of her immense lat and arm muscles, she can't bend down to do it herself, so she has one of her many slaves do it for her. Her weight is 1345 pounds of incredible dense muscle, and we'll go through her measurements when Monstra joins the party in a little while.


Monstra unlocked the front door with her key and entered.

"Honey, I'm home! God that sounds so cheesy." she said under her breath.

"I'm in the kitchen, babe. Welcome home, I'm sorry again about you having to come home so early."

"Don't worry about it, baby, so where's this big surprise you have for me?"

"It's in the basement, darling, just waiting for you to try it out."

"What is it? A new weight machine, a new stack of plates, is it that extra strength stair climber that you promised me a while back? I need to get my legs a little bit more ripped and that would help out a great deal."

"Oh, I'm not gonna say yet, I'll just say that it's big, well huge really, and it'll definitely exercise you until you're in agony. Shall we go down?"  

"Wait, let me get my workout clothes on, then I'll meet you down there."

"S..sure no problem, see you down there babe."

5 minutes later, Monstra chugged down the stairs, which were reinforced concrete, luckily for both her and Gargantua, had they been anything but, there's no way in hell any stairs could've held up to that kind of weight coming down on it. When Monstra stepped into the middle of the room facing the mirrors of her makeshift gym, it was then that she noticed a huge object moving, coming out of the shadows, she turned around and fell back in shock at the vision of Gargantua.

"Surprise, little Monstra, my name is Gargantua, and I have come here to challenge you to a muscle off. As you can see, in my current condition, I already outstrip you, but I hear that you have a determination and will to grow that can't be matched, well, you're going to need it if you're going to keep up with me."

"Gargantua is it? I can see that you're impressive, you're the surprise that Brian was referring to? Where is Brian, what have you done with him?"

"Brian is completely fine, but he's under my control, see, Monstra, I get what I want, I have what some might call a magnetic personality, and Brian wants to please me, because if he doesn't, who knows what could happen?" With that, Gargantua punched the concrete wall that she was standing next to, a 4 foot thick wall that was part of the foundation of the house, the punch shook the house so severely that Monstra had trouble keeping her footing, and nearly 2 feet of the brick that held the house up was completely annihilated by the punch. Monstra knew that concrete was reinforced, made up of some of the hardest material created, a grenade could barely dent it, it would take 10 pounds of dynamite to make a mark the size that Gargantua just did. Monstra was taken aback by the power that Gargantua just effortlessly demonstrated, but she knew she had to hold her ground, she loved Brian and wouldn't let this monster have him if she had anything to do with it.

"Gargantua, I accept your contest, you make the rules, if I win, you leave me and Brian alone and go back to whatever hole you crawled out of."

"And if I win?"

"You get me, and Brian, we'll both be your slaves, for as long as you want us, or until we can win our freedom."

"And how would you go about winning your freedom, little one?"

'Little one' thought Monstra, this woman must be insane...then again she did have lots of pounds and inches on Monstra.

"Well, I think that would be obvious, we wrestle each other, if you win, we continue to be your slaves, if I win, me and Brian are free from your clutches and you..."

"Slink back into the hole I crawled out of, yes obviously."

"Exactly, so how do we do this muscle off?"

"Well, it's like a bodybuilding contest, we pump up a little so we get our muscles primed and to their biggest, and then we do 5 poses, whoever's bigger and more symmetrical wins. And we will take my size advantage out of it, I'm 9 inches taller and I probably weigh at least 500 pounds more than you, so I'll leave it up to Brian to decide if you're proportionally as big as me or not."

"But if Brian is under your power he will not be objective at all, he will pick you in every category."

"Alright, Brian, come here."

Brian does without thinking. "When I snap my fingers, you will be yourself again, you will be objective when judging this contest, and if you think that Monstra is proportionally bigger and more symmetric, then you have my permission to pick her in that category." Gargantua snapped her fingers, and Brian seemed to come out of a daze.

"Monstra, I'm so sorry, there was nothing I could do. She's so powerful, not only physically, but mentally."

"Shhh, it's alright, honey. I'm going to get us out of this, one way or another. Just do the best you can judging us, alright?"

"Oh man, I don't know if I can handle this, I mean both of you together, I don't know if I could control myself."

Gargantua giggled, then took a bottle out of a pocket in her robe.

"That's why I brought this along, it's full of salt-peter pills, you take these and you mind will be in full control, because your hormones will be suppressed fully. You can judge without having to lose yourself to your libido, by the time the contest is over, you will be able to react to all the awesome muscle that you will have seen. And the winner, whoever it is, (saying 'as if there's any doubt it will be me' under her breath,) will give you a present you will never forget."

Brian takes a pill and immediately it began working, as his erection quickly became flaccid and he took a seat. "Okay, ladies, I'm ready, please take your places."


The Posedown (where the story really begins!)

The basement was a huge room, it took up the whole house and then some, it's dimensions were 50 feet x 35 feet, but because of the level of huge women that took up a lot of the space, you'd think it was a rickety little thing. It's ceilings were 20 feet high, mostly because of the immense weight machines that filled half of it.  

Brian cleared his throat, "Okay, here's the rules ladies, I will be marking you for size, definition, proportionality, symmetry, and performance, you will do 5 different poses, use your own style in performing those poses, but try to keep within the bounds of the pose, no free-styling, you will be judged on that. Okay, starting on the song. First pose, side chest."

Had Brian not taken the salt-peter, I'm not sure that he could've held back, because the display of immense female muscle that greeted his eyes would've drained him in one go. Gargantua's size advantage was pronounced, as her beach ball sized pectorals grew to near double their relaxed size, but it was the definition that really blew Brian's circuits, but Monstra didn't have to take a backseat to her, even though she weighed 550 pounds less than Gargantua, her pecs may not have been as big, but the striations, the veins, the separation between one pec from the other was at least 14 inches deep. Not that Gargantua's 20 inch deep pectorals didn't set her apart, but the fact that the size difference was as big as it was, the fact that Monstra was only giving away six inches was incredible! The thing that put Monstra in the lead was her symmetry, Gargantua was upper body heavy, and while her legs were tremendous for anyone, her upper body overpowered her lower body, while Monstra's lower body was just as proportionally big and defined as her upper body, which is to say extremely defined. First pose Monstra 15, Gargantua 19. Lower score wins.

"Second Pose, front abdominal pose."

Obviously, this was the pose that Brian was looking forward to the most, since he was denied seeing Gargantua’s abs in all their glory the last night. He knew that even looking at her relaxed abs, that was nowhere near to what they would look like when she actually flexed them, and he was absolutely right! While Monstra was straining to get every single bit of definition and veins to appear on her shredded abs, Gargantua actually smiled, as she knew she had this one in the bag, she took a deep breath and crunched down, and anyone who enjoys abs at that point would have exploded in their pants, Brian was lucky that he had that salt-peter in his system, because he would've cum so hard that he'd be unconscious, but with the biggest smile of euphoria on his face. Gargantua's mid-section made brick walls look puny in comparison, she not only looked bullet-proof, she looked missile and grenade proof as well. If Brian decided to count every single different piece of muscle that existed in Gargantua's torso, it'd take him hours, perhaps days. It was with a slightly heavy heart that Brian had to give this round to Gargantua 12 to Monstra's 16. It was tied 31 to 31, one pose won a piece.

"Third Pose, Back double biceps."

Brian had not yet seen the full expanse of Gargantua's back, and he knew that was one of Monstra's strong points, her back was wider than she was tall, she often liked to tease him by not being able to get in the house with her back spread to it's utmost. Gargantua's back, to say the least, was awesome to witness expand in front of Brian's eyes though, he couldn't believe how wide it was, first she did a back lat spread to show it's width, which was well over her own height, I would venture to guess that her bat-like lat wings spread to just about 7 feet! Had he not been objective, he would have given her the points right then and there, but he had to judge the pose, which was a double biceps pose, not a lat spread. Still, her back was even better than Monstra's, but he wasn't only looking at the back, he was looking at every single muscle he could see and also the symmetry and poise. Gargantua's upper body once again took away from her lower body, while Monstra kept her lower body in perfect symmetry with her upper body. Her glutes were awesomely ripped, which Gargantua couldn't say, sure, her's were striated, but Monstra's striations were deeper and more numerous. At the same time, Gargantua's weaker legs just didn't have the definition or relative size that Monstra's stronger legs had. But Brian kept the vote close, Monstra 13, Gargantua 15. Monstra had the two to one lead, which lead to the 4th pose, one of Brian's favorites, the Double Biceps pose.

"Okay ladies, show me the front double biceps now."

Both huge women turned around, readied themselves and then both hit  their absolute best double biceps pose. Brian again was blown away by the sheer mass and definition that both women had attained. But once again Gargantua's clear size advantage couldn't stop his wandering eye from just devouring her physique. In that pose, he couldn't deny that she was not only far bigger in the biceps area, but she had definition so ingrained in her torso that even her armpits had striations and veins running in them. Monstra, well, against anyone else in the World, man or woman, she would've won hands down, but Gargantua's size, definition, and pure magnetism in that position overcame any deficiencies that her lower body brought around again. Brian was once again sad to find that he couldn't vote against Gargantua, he gave her 14 and Monstra 18. The total score was 60 to 61, with Gargantua claiming the smaller score.

One last pose would decide the contest, a pose that Brian would normally cream over when Monstra did it in front of him, not just because of the size and definition that she showed when doing it, it was in that pose, where Monstra showed her determination, her baser animal instincts, she roared in superiority when she did this pose, Brian's personal favorite, the Most Muscular Pose.

"One last post ladies, this is for the contest, I will reveal that you are tied, 2 poses a piece, so whoever wins this pose will win the contest, I can also tell you that the salt-peter is starting to wear off, so if you're able to make me cum during this pose, that's about as good as a win in and of itself, and I will award it to you, so good luck." He said this in particular to Monstra, who knew of his love of this pose and how many times it got him off in the past.  

Well, my dear reader, as you can guess, Brian was treated to one of the most devastating displays of ripped, huge, awesomely defined, veintastical, mind blowing, cum blasting, sense rending muscle that you could ever imagine in your life. Gargantua took the early lead in the contest, which lingered on more than any of the other poses, just because Brian took time to savor each and every mesmerizing second of it. Well, Gargantua, she blasted the pose hard right from the beginning, her already enormous traps were towering even farther over her head than usual, at least 3 and a half feet over her head, the shoulders they were attached to looked twice as big as a pair of 16 pound bowling balls. Her immense pecs looked so huge and ripped that he knew know that he could stick his entire arm up to the shoulder into the cleft between them! But he knew Monstra was not going to lose this contest, so when he was done eating Gargantua up with his eyes, he turned to his amour, and he was nearly blown back at the sight of her!

Monstra was in her element here. In this pose, she let herself draw into every single muscle in her body, with her intense determination to grow bigger for her man, she allowed herself to expend every single amount of energy into the pose, so she could grow more muscular and more defined, and it damn sure showed! Monstra's own trap muscles were beyond anything Brian had ever seen from her, they towered over her head at nearly 2 feet! Considering the fact that Gargantua could put more muscle on her frame because of her 9 inch height advantage, even the most ardent fans of size had to agree that nearly blew Gargantua out of the water! Her shoulders not only looked harder that Gargantua's, they looked proportionally larger, and Brian didn't think that could be done! Her pecs were incredible from this position, while they may not have been as deep as Gargantua's, Brian definitely could lose a lot of fairly large objects in the enormous cleft that she had. Not only that, the intense striations she had in each of her pectoral mountains just showed incredibly deep themselves, much more of a match for Gargantua. Brian saw her face and it was what finally set him off, because he saw so much determination that the pose was actually hurting her, but she held it and squeezed so much effort into it that large veins were showing from her neck up to her forehead and across her face. He blew his wad with such intensity that his body shook, he nearly passed out from it. After a couple of seconds to catch his breath, he made the pronouncement of the winner.

"That's it, the contest is over, Monstra, you are the champion of my heart and my soul, Gargantua, you were huge and ripped beyond belief, but Monstra just couldn't be beaten today."

Gargantua went crazy with rage from Brian's pronouncement. She rushed up to Brian and shoved the table out of the way.

"Oh hell no! I'm the bigger, I'm the stronger, ain't no way that little cow is better than me."

Gargantua took a grip on his shirt and drew her huge right fist back. But the punch never came.

"Take your hands off him, you big ass bitch!" Monstra said as she caught Gargantua's arm and turned her around. "You may be bigger than me, but if you threaten the man I love, then I'm going to beat you to a bloody pulp. You're gonna....oof!"

She got caught off guard with a punch to the stomach, but the blow did little more than stun her, it didn't quite hurt. Monstra was high on adrenaline, and when the shock wore off, she herself threw a hard right into Gargantua's plate of muscle abs. Those abs had at time been run into with cars and trucks, they had in fact deflected rubber bullets, but Monstra's power was off the charts because of the adrenaline, and her fist exploded with so much power into Gargantua's immovable abs, that Gargantua fell to her knees and retched on the floor.

"Ugh, noooo, that's impossible, my abs are bullet proof, no one has been able to hurt them since I was a teenager. How?"

"Ever see the Monkees? Well, let me paraphrase a line from one of their shows, a woman in love has the strength of thousands, or in this case, maybe hundreds of thousands. Now, you can leave this house out of your own free will, or I'll remove you, and that'll be a lot more painful for you."

Monstra took a grip on Gargantua's wrist and yanked it behind her back in a hammer lock, she drove Gargantua up the stairs of the basement and out the front door of the house. Then she tossed her on her knees in the front drive way and stood above her, in a supergirl type pose.

"Well, what's it going to be?" Monstra said, with pure power behind her threatening pose.

"Okay, I'll leave, you won this round, bitch. But this won't be the last you see of me, I'll be back. This won't happen again, be sure of it!"

"Yeah, well, we won't be sitting still here either, you big goof, if you come back, I'll be ready."

The End... for now


shaneomacfan3 said...

Thank you very much for posting this story Mr. Shhh, I hope everyone who reads it enjoy it. I tried to use the best descriptive powers I could to try and keep up with your stuff, I hope I did you justice.

shaneomacfan3 said...

Hmmm, from the general lack of comments I'm guessing that the fans of Mr. Shhh's stories didn't enjoy my use of his characters, for that I apologize, I tried my best to put them in the best light. I guess my descriptive prowess was sorely lacking when compared to Mr. Shhh, I can't be any more than what I am. Hopefully the responses will pick up, but if they don't then I know that this was not appreciated by the fans that I thought would appreciate it the most.

Maybe I'm mistaken and some or most of you do appreciate it, silently, but I would really like to know that for sure by actually seeing what the members and fans here thought of it. I hope I'm not asking too much. Thanks again to Mr. Shhh for posting and thanks in advance for any responses this post may receive.

Jeremy Wilson

Anonymous said...

Okay, but no Mr. Shhh. Hard to compete with the best.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the story, very brave and generous of you to do this.

I say brave only because you open yourself up to anonymous criticism, the most dangerous kind.

I actually do like the premise of the story very much.

The part of the story that stands out the most to me is your descriptions of G's abs. I think it is this quality of Mr. Shhh's writing that I find the most appealing. His descriptions are so vivid.

I think it would be a mistake to try to copy his or reaper0002000's style. You have your own way of doing things and you should continue to hone your skills.

Many thanks for your contribution, unlike me and many other visitors, you have at least contributed something, bravo sir.

Anonymous said...

You would do better to not include an "author's note" at the start of every story you write. If you need to include a caveat or apology for everything you write, you should probably re-evaluate what you're writing and why.

Also the biggest problem with your writing style is a massive overuse of commas. It makes every sentence feel like an awkward run-on sentence and it makes it difficult to read.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this story! Great descriptions and I really liked how you used the relationship between Brian and monstra to fuel her muscle growth. Thanks for sharing!

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