Thursday, September 11, 2008

The results are in!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the very first MUSCLE MACHINE readers poll. Watching the votes roll in was a real blast, as were the unpredictable final results.

The big winner wasn't too much of a surprise. Your favorite series (by a large margin) remains HARDBODY at 36%. The story of a shy, introverted cutie with a raging hunger for muscles? What's not to like?

More surprising was the adventures of juiced-up bimbo TANYA DANIELS ranking second at 17%. Who says steroids can't be fun? I always imagined the glamorous and aggressive Tanya as the polar opposite of Jenna (except in the muscle department), which might explain the 2nd place finish.

THE CLUB got the bronze at 15%. This is the series I voted for since it has a bit of everything. Plus, I can't wait to see who's strongest, the leanest, the horniest...

It was nice to see that every story has a few fans. DANCER ranked lowest, but that's what you get for featuring ONLY fitness-level muscularity. ... Right? (Check out the 2nd MUSCLE MACHINE reader's poll to answer another burning question.)


bigpr0n said...

Hehe, These polls are so tough.

I really like all the stories, but if I HAVE to pick just one....omg.

I think the thing that I really like is your writing!

I don't know exactly what draws me to female muscle (insanely huge female muscle), but all your characters are friggin fantastic! Both you and reaper from amazons are just masters at this.

However as you proceed, I'd like to make one request:

Hot musclebabes, demonstrating their strength, giving in to carnal desires, meting out justice, flexing beyond human comprehension, crushing, scissoring, dominating, bending gender lines, whatever! lol

Jeremy Wilson said...

I think all of your stories have something for everyone to like, that's why I picked The Club in your poll, because frankly it has featured just about every one of your characters, so it has something for everyone.

Anonymous said...

you know what i like more than new polls?

new chapters! :D

Mr.Shhh said...

A new story is finaly up. Yay!

Bigpron and Jeremy - Thanks for encouragement guys. I'm not sure about the crushing and scissoring, but the rest is a 100% certainty!

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