Thursday, April 24, 2008

NO CONTEST - Chapter 4

Chapter 4
By: Mr. Shhh

Krissy found a quiet corner in the noisy auditorium and sat her bag down. She glanced around at the hundreds of men pumping away furiously. Every one of them was stripped down to their posing suits revealing their muscle-bound physiques in all their glory. It was an intimidating sight to say the least – even Krissy hadn’t expected the competition to be so fierce.
“Well, here goes nothing…” The nervous hard body whispered.
With a deep breath, she slowly unbuttoned her overburdened shirt and peeled it off. Almost instinctually, she moved her hands to cover her chest. Her beautiful face was red with embarrassment - the result of going topless in a room full of strangers. It took all of her willpower to slowly uncup her hands and lower them to her side.
Krissy’s gargantuan pectorals twitched softly causing their veiny surface to crumple with striations. No one seemed to notice – and why would they? She had long ago pledged to build a thick, masculine chest like the kind she saw in magazines. Today, there was no evidence at all that Krissy’s upper body had once resembled an ordinary girl’s. Her pecs were swollen masses of muscle-beef that projected off her frame by a foot and a half. It was a testament to her supreme muscular development that no one even sensed a female in the room.
Moving down to her jeans, the bulging college student unbuttoned them and slid them down. To her dismay, she found them unwilling to budge from her legs. Upon closer examination, she realized they weren’t able to cope with a pair of thighs that looked like they belonged to a champion thoroughbred.
Still bent over, Krissy glanced around. Everyone was too busy getting ready to pay much attention to her. She slowly straightened up and put her hands on her hips. With a strong flex, a jagged earthquake of striated thigh-meat exploded through her jeans. The poor pants literally ripped open as Krissy’s eye-popping legs violently expanded. Denim fluttered to the ground leaving her two vascular, oak-colored behemoths naked to the world.
The teen finished pulling off the tattered remains of her pants. She was now fully naked save a small black posing suit. It felt weird to be wearing a man’s suit. She had briefly considered stuffing her crotch, but her obsessive training had already provided a solution to that problem. As she adjusted the barely-there posing suit, it was impossible to ignore the unnatural package straining against the material. Only upon closer inspection was it clear that this bulbous swell wasn’t a dick but actually her staggeringly muscular vagina. Krissy almost wished that she did have to stuff her suit, as her sex was so abnormally developed that she was worried if material could contain it.

Sue returned to the floor a while later. She worried for her friend. Her tour of the competition had revealed some of the mostly grotesquely muscular human beings she’d ever seen. Worse still was how determined they were. The noise of weights clanking together was almost deafening. Everywhere was an ocean of sweaty, greased-up sinew flexing and flaring as they pumped themselves to bursting. She watched men grunting through clenched teeth, veins exploding through their faces as they hefted dumbbells the size of television sets.
She kept her eyes peeled for contestant 197. Rounding a corner, she heard a distinct voice among the crowd. It was higher pitched, almost boyish. She traced the voice to a quieter part of the auditorium where she found a massively disproportionate steroid super-freak furiously crunching out reps.
“Oh god…” She whispered as she felt her stomach twist. This sweaty science-experiment was easily the worst she’d seen yet. His back was a meat-colored wall painted with an impossible amount of ever-shifting detail.
With a huge “crash”, the weights he’d been working dropped to the floor. They actually cracked the concrete beneath them.
The gargantuan muscle man stretched his arms and turned around, revealing a set of soft, Asian features.
“Can I help you with something?” The voice asked, noticing Sue’s stare.

A nervous Krissy stood in a lineup of 9 other greased-up guys just off stage. All of them towered over the diminutive upstart by a full foot or two, yet all of their eyes were fixed on her.
Krissy hardly noticed, so fixed on the moment to come was she, but there was no denying it – even just standing there, it was crystal clear she was in a class by herself.
A couple of guys behind her were in total awe of her body. Another few were nearly in tears. These were the most hardcore muscle men in the world - pumped, oiled and nearly bursting through their skin - yet none of them could believe what an insane monstrosity Krissy was. One particularly over-inflated gorilla flexed his arm, producing an unquestionably impressive bicep that still barely compared to Krissy’s unflexed guns. She was that big.
Just then, a voice called out over a speaker.
“Contestants 190 through 200…”

Krissy followed her lineup on stage. She was immediately hit by the blinding stage lights.
She could feel her already racing pulse quicken further. Her heart was pounding. This was it. What if they saw right through her? What if everyone in the audience could tell that she was just a scared little girl? They’d see her topless, television-sized muscle tits, her over-developed pussy with its unnatural striations – everything! They’d laugh at her and call her a freak.
As she settled into place, she could hear out a series of gasps from the audience. A few sharp voices cried out in astonishment. A glance at the judges revealed a panel of unsettled faces. Krissy’s eyes darted around for some other source of commotion, but there was only her.
The nervous teen’s heart went from pounding to exploding. She clenched her fists nervously, sending a surge of purply-blue vascularity up her arms and across her already veiny shoulders.
The audience, meanwhile, had no idea what to make of this demented abomination of nature. Standing there in direction comparison with the other bodybuilders, the true, perverted magnitude of her physique became startlingly clear. No one was questioning her masculinity – that thought couldn’t have been further from their minds. Instead, their shocked systems were trying to process how contestant 197 could even be part of the human race.
The posing should have started right away, but as the seconds ticked by, the judges remained completely derailed. They could only gawk at this monstrous collection of popping veins and tendons that stood before them. Krissy was terrifying. She looked like she could tear a 250 pound plate in two. She was easily twice as wide as the next biggest competitor and maybe three times thicker. She was all veins, from her face to feet. They were everywhere – aggressive and angry. She looked like a post-apocalyptic mutant.
As she stood there, she was already more ripped than an Olympia champion flexing their brains out. Her tanned skin, oiled and slick and glistening under the hot lights, looked like darker than chocolate. It was seconds away from snapping under the relentless strain of her muscles.
Krissy kept waiting. She bit her lip until she tasted blood. She was ready for someone to walk on stage and tell her what a fool she was. Instead, the judges finally shook themselves from their shock and began the posing.
One by one, instructions flowed. Front, side, back. Krissy and her fellow bodybuilders presented themselves like sexualized objects. They were pieces of meat – studs and stallions bred to become perfect human specimens.
Slowly, the shaken muscle girl realized that they had bought it. She was big enough to stand side by side with the heavyweights and no one was the wiser.A rush of confidence filled Krissy. On the instruction to do a lat spread, Krissy felt her lips curling. She’d show them a lat spread alright. Clamping down her hands, she put them at her waist and flared the biggest, meatiest back anyone had even seen.


Jeremy Wilson said...

Hey man, its great to see you writing again, and may I say, this was even better than I was hoping it was going to be, no doubt, Krissy is the biggest and best competitor on that stage, even more amazing when you consider that many of her competitors are much, much taller than her. I can't wait to read more!

AbyssPlanet said...

Like always, this is great stuff! It's awesome to see another chapter from you, even if it took a few months :)

bigpr0n said...

What a way to make an entrance hehe.
Thanks for this next chapter.

You have a way with this style. Writing enough detail to steer the imagination without limiting it. Bravo

Mr.Shhh said...

Thanks guys. Sorry I've neglected the site for so long. I'll try to get some more content up when I can, but time in in short supply these days. More Krissy to come!

Anonymous said...

the asian had best be female, and there had best be a concluding three-way

Anonymous said...

FemXman made a pic that fits to a scene of chapter 2 of this story (Sarah_go_time) of Krissy and Sue.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Shhh, please have Krissy show off by standing on something right behind the tallest male so that her arms are even with his and then matching biceps and lats poses - describe in detail

Mr.Shhh said...

Thanks for the sugestion. I'll see what I can do.

Anonymous said...

The things that "bother" me slightly is always the reference to her moistening her suit with "girljuice". I also don't get why a BB judge would throw up seeing her. I mean, thats why they are judges, no? Why would such perfection and mass turn the stomach of a guy whos job it is to view & rate such bodies? The crowd should be going balistic and cheering her as the new star. It would be cool if she wins this competition and then crowds of girls fans would come to her and stick her their phonenumbers, female judges being turned on ect.

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