Saturday, February 13, 2016

"CUTE LITTLE JENNA" by Fatfoxlower

Hey everyone, I've returned from the ether with a new piece of Jenna artwork.  This time it's by the talented artist, Fatfoxlower.  I first became aware of Fatfoxlower about a year ago when he posted a few sketches of Jenna on his Deviantart page.  I thought his sketches were amazing and he said that he enjoyed my Hardbody stories.  He mentioned that he hoped to do a "finished" Jenna drawing one day and wow, did he finally deliver. 

Fatfoxlower has an incredibly unique style to be sure.  His angular drawing, use of textures and hard, defining lines make his work stand out.  He's also fearless in his depiction of extreme muscularity, which I love.  Like Ayanamifan's drawing, this is Jenna at her most pumped, freaky and huge.  Fatfoxlower also isn't afraid to get monstrous with Jenna's face, yet he retains her sexuality and beauty.  And those veins - so thick and substantial!  He's definitely got a way with vascularity.  

If you like what you see, check out more at